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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co lands in London from across the pond. Accommodating 400 customers, over two floors, the restaurant is inspired by Forest Gump and has movie memorabilia throughout.

The menu at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co has an impressive choice of dishes with signature options including coconut shrimp; lobster linguine; and Dixie style baby back ribs.

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"You'll find Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant and market in the history 'Trocadero' building, just a few minutes' walk from Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square. The restaurant is a tribute to the film Forrest Gump and features a menu of comfort food from the American South that reflects the film's setting in Alabama. Shrimp is of course the specialty but there is something to delight everyone on the menu including all American burgers, crisp salads and indulgent desserts. Relax in a fun, casual setting where the friendly staff will welcome you just the way Forrest and his 'best good friend' Bubba would!"

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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co reviews

By Angel R.

Fantastic American experience. Welcomed by a friendly hostess who told us we had a five minute wait, which allowed us to browse the gift shop. Being with a disabled friend,we were escorted into a lift, and was quickly offered a suitable table upstairs. The menu is different to what I am used to. Just Loved the look of the food. The decor was fun, lively and cheered me up.The waiter was delightfully helpful, and provided us with information to help us order. The food was GREAT - and I was salivating at a bucket of crab seen on another table - so I'll be back for definite. Even the next morning, the experience is with me. It was a fun enjoyable eating experience at this restaurant.

By Alexis W.

Customer service is shocking. Was told 40 minute wait it's been 1hr 20 so far. I understand times can change but should over exaggerate the wait time on busy nights. No one is monitoring who goes up to the restaurant as the lady who was doing this is finding talking to her colleague more appealing (general gossip- I'm listening) rather than dealing with willing paying customers. Off we go to tgi Fridays.

By Amanda L.

Absolutely dreadful. Slow service, cold food, very expensive. Gutted having spent so much money on a birthday celebration for my son and family on Sunday. We had been to NYC and there is no comparison. Overstaffed with miserable staff milling around, we counted at least 14 doing nothing much. We had to ask for our main course 3 times after a long wait. Several of the meals we would liked to have ordered were off the menu…they were actually out of one of the shrimp dishes!!! No fun American customer service here, no welcome. Poor.

By Sara M.

I this restaurant is a joke. Managers are there for nothing. They seem not to know anything about the food. Food is disgusting nothing to do with the one in New York.

By Maria L.

Food was Terrible. I personally think it everything was overpriced than it's worth. We had 2 main meal orders and 2 drinks and our bill was £50! The portion wasn't even that big! A bowl of prawns called shrimpers net catch cooked in garlic was already £14. These prawns were tiny and not more than 20 pieces. The other dish wash called Forrest sea food feast cost over £20 (can't remember the exact price). It's just look a lot on pictures because of the cabbage beneath it. The waitress do tell u this but u still don't expect the 3 variety to be just around 7 small pieces each each plus tiny amount of fries.Drinks was almost £8 each but they do let u take home the light up cup. Overall super disappointed with the taste and quality and quantity of the meal. I love eating out and don't mind paying around £50 for twoMain meals and drinks only if I enjoyed the food. But this one was honestly not worth it.

By Emilia D.

Very Disappointing. For a central London restaurant the food portions are ridiculous. The food was completely different to what it said on the menu and once addressed to the waitress, her excuses was that the reason it looks different was because the cones in america are smaller. It was EXTREMELY over priced. The food was completly tasteless. The service and resturant was chaotic plus the food took ages for arrive. Great idea for a restaurant and fantastic theme however they aren't going to last long if your not giving quality food for the prices they are charging.I could have gone to any high street supermartket brought frozen food and fried it myself and got tribble of what they gave me !! HOWEVER !! WE HAD A FANTASTIC WAITRESS AND SHE IS EXTREMELY MASSIVE ASSET TO THE BUBBA GUMP TEAM !!

By Graeme M.

We have been to Bubba Gump in Orlando and my wife was lucky enough to go to the Bubba Gump in Times square New York so when we heard they were opening one in London we had to go........WHAT A MISTAKE!!!The staff are not attentive at allThe food is no where near the quality in America and basically tasted like a deep fried bag of one pound value stuff from Iceland.The Hush pups...a signature Bubba Gump appetiser was six balls of garlic something deep fried and served with half a raw cabbage to bulk out the cone it came in to make it look like what you would get in America....NEWS FOR YOU Bubba Gump London...what you get in America is a full cone of food and cheaper.My main course was again deep fried shrimp, which is what I asked for, but it was greasy...very greasy so the oil was not hot enough...the steamed snow crab had rubbery shell not crunchy so it would not break to eat it which meant it was boiled not steamed correctly.We then had the trio of favourites dessert and were hit by a big taste of SALT!!!!! one of the desserts, the biscuit with strawberries, was so salty you just could not eat it.Drinks are expensive and watered down with the only grace that you can keep the funky glass it came in.But overall I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!!!!Over 100 pounds for two people to eat super market quality fried food is NOT a good deal.Don't even get curious....avoid this place and go to Orlando to get the real thing PLEASE!!!!!!!!

By Lea O.

I really really wanted to love this place. I love seafood, I love Forrest Gump and I love themed restaurants. But I just couldn't :( The food was pretty dire, extremely overpriced and the portion was tiny which was shocking especially since this is an American establishment famous for their large meals. I ordered the New Orleans shrimps with cajun spices and coconut rice. I got a small plate with rice partly hard inside but sticky like it was reheated in a microwave, about ten or eight little shrimps that were a bit hard too and practically tasteless, some tasteless garlic bread (without any spices) and all that was swimming is lightly spiced brown butter-like sauce. This dish was around £17! And then came a very watery cocktail, so watery I thought it was non-alcoholic only to discover later on in the menu that it had some rum in it, and it was £8. So the whole meal knocked me down about £26!! For a lumpy rice, a few shrimps and watery lemonade... Terrible The only reason I gave them 2 stars is the interior design is great. You feel like you're dining on a verandah somewhere in Louisiana. I hope they do something about the food and the portions, but unless I hear they improved I won't be back and will be discouraging friends from going. What a shame :(

By David D.

I have travelled around the world and have eaten pretty much from fancy restaurants to venders on the street, I'm quite easy to please as long as the food is good or at least try to to be. the restaurants itself looked great and the atmosphere was good. Bubba Gump has completely shocked me when attending the restaurant today right in the middle of central London, I ordered a £20 meal which was the prawns dish, expecting a massive order I received 4 cone shape platter and inside were the prawns, looked great but a closer inspection was 2/3 of the cone full of cabbage an about 6 small prawns, this continued for the rest of the cones, 90% cabbage and the rest prawns, the only thing that was fair amount was the chips. We spend around £45 and left hungry, the only thing that was great was our lovely waiter who worked really hard so I guess the service is the only reason I'm giving 2 stars. Its over priced and not good value for money. I hope the owners or who ever is in charge of this restaurants looks at all the review and at least tries to be the great restaurant it can be by listening to the customers that come from all over the world. Food 1 out of 10 Service 9 out of 10

By Kyle S.

Worse dinning experience ever. I try to give it benefit of the doubt after reading the below views but I should of listened. I had to go through 3 different people to seat us. When we got seated the customer in the next booth was walking out because they messed up his order. It took 20 minutes for us to wait and give our order. When they brought us our smoothie the waiter finally decided to tell us he don't recommend smoothies because they fill you up quickly. I don't know why he didn't tell us this before we were ordering them. When they brought the food to us the waiter knock the smoothie all over my friends clothes. I do accept accidents happen but she didn't even apologise and she rushed to push the food on our table with no care. The manager had to come an apologise . The manager did offer us to pay for the dry cleaning but it ruined our whole evening plans to go out. After that bad situation we tried our food which was the deep fried Shrimp basket and the forest Gump basket and the deep fried Shrimp and chicken was stone cold. Also the portion size they gave us which was in cones was very small because they filled most of the cone with lettuce. When we told the waiter he started bad mouthing his own staff. I thought this was not very professional. At the end we spoke to the manager and they didn't charge us for the food but let us pay for the drinks which I accept. overall the whole dining experience was one of the worse and the place was only a quarter full. Big Easy and burger & lobster dining experience beats this place by far.

By Jackie B.

Was a bit disappointed tbh!!!My gf and i dinned here on 8/10/14 being fans of Forrest Gump the movie we was so excited about it finally coming over to the Uk. Staff were friendly enough we asked for a booth so that we could b comfortable and got shoved in the booth next to the toilets it was also the waiters/waitresses drink pick up point so heard the staff talking and shouting huddling around same area chatting so it turned out to be a rather loud disruptive meal. Wasn't too happy about being put in this booth specially when there was loads of free booths in the centre area we didn't complain coz didn't want to make a fuss. Shortly after being seated our waitress came over and asked what we wanted to drink she recommended the mango bay fizz and u get a free cup so we thought why not sounds good she hurries off to fetch the drinks came back shortly after and explained they didn't have the mango one left greeeaattt, so we ordered the cherry fizz instead which was absolutely disgusting watered down drink that tasted like kids diluted drink. We ordered the popcorn shrimp which was actually not too bad we liked it found the coating to be slightly salty but nothing major still enjoyed it. For our mains we ordered the jambalaya which was absolutely tasteless and my gf ordered the new orleans chicken mash and corn said the mash was not creamy and that it had a rough texture said the chicken was fine but again salty. After we had finished our meals they didn't clear the table which was very annoying we waited and waited but no luck didn't clear the table till we actually got up to leave. So overall not too happy food needs improving decor looks brilliant and if we came back we would prob stick to the popcorn shrimp try a smoothie, cocktail or a milkshake and perhaps see if there desserts are any better then there mains.

By Trisha W.

Myself and my other half have been to this restaurant in the States and really enjoyed the New Orleans Shrimp, dish. Unfortunately when ordered from the new London Restaurant, we were extremely disappointed. The actual presentation of the dish was a complete mess, there was hardly any rice and the worst part of it was the sauce that the shrimp were in had a real disgusting tangy taste. When I complained about the dish, I was told that some of the ingredients they use in the US is unavailable here. Excuse me are we living in the dark ages or what. How insulting. Fortunately for Bubba Gumps, myself and my friends and family will be giving them another chance. Hope fully it's just teething problems. We will be going back in the next 2 month so lets see if they have sorted themselves out by then.

By London D.

Avoid! Absolutely terrible! I have been to their restaurants in the US and they were good fun - this one made me want to kill myself. There were 3 people on our table and 2 of us had to pick a different main as they did not have any left. We then later waited for 45 minutes to be told that they did not have key lime pie either... You only have 5 desserts - how can you run out? And 45 minutes to tell us? The food was incredibly poor. How hard is it to make fries? They were so salty they were inedible and even the coconut shrimp was pretty tasteless. At least whilst enjoying my average food and terrible service you could leave me in peace - but instead I have an over-enthusiastic american man who had bad body odour giving me a trivia quiz on forest gump? Note to the manager: maybe reduce the time spent training staff on forest gump facts and a increase training on personal hygiene and waiting tables? Oh and everything is grossly overpriced. £22 for some over-salted chips, deep fried prawns and seemingly mentally challenged people forcing laughter in that classic american way.

By Khepa K.

This restaurant is a joke! Too many staff who do not know what to do. The food was just warm and nothing special. Do not go there unless you want a good laugh. For this price I prefer a good comedy. Never again! No stars! -1000 points

By Woolley J.

After reading all the reviews I was weary to visit the London bubba gump restaurant. I have visited New York and Hong Kong bubba gump restaurants and enjoyed the food and the service, so I had high expectations. When I first walked through the door into entrance/gift shop I was greeted with a friendly smile and was made to feel welcome I browsed the gift shop first then I went upstairs I was shown to a choice of tables and offered to pick one I wanted to sit at and was told my server would be with me shortly she arrived and was friendly took my order with ease and very quickly brought my drink then soon after my meal just how I asked it to be (I have had many problems In restaurants where waiting staff/chefs not sending me food I have ordered ) after I had finished I was given my flashing glass back cleaned and was thanked and told I could have 50% off in the gift shop. I went downstairs to the shop and was treated exceptionally well offered great discount on some gifts and given a free gift as I had brought a meal and gifts. Later in the day I went back to the shop to browse again and was greated with a hug by the lady who had served me earlier and she said how nice it was to see me again. I would definitely go there again as I was treated like a valued customer unlike many restaurants in London. In regards to prices, the menu is approx the same cost in the states and it is in Central London where most restaurants are higher prices and as for the expensive drinks you do tend to get to keep the glass which is very americanised and I like that touch. I went on Tuesday 9th December at 11:45am. I was a lone dinner

By Tracey C.

We visited bubba gumps for a friends 40th ,I was a little apprehensive due to the reviews on here but was pleasantly surprisedThe decor was fabulous and the staff warm,friendly and professional,the food was very nice the only negative I could say was it could have been hotter It was warm at best but still tasted lovely, there was ten of us to serve and it was also busy so maybe that was why,the cocktails were fantastic, all in all the whole experience was great and I fully intend to eat there again even thou I live in devon it will be worth the journey

By Kim P.

A HUGE thank you to the team at Bubba Gump!!! We had the most amazing dining experience ever! Simi, our Jamiacan New Yorker was spectacular! The food was amazing, we ordered a wide variety of items off the menu and had them all as table sharers (this is they way I believe you should eat at Bubba Gump) the food was delicious with generous size servings.Have to say the Spicy Cajun Prawns is in a league of its own!!! This was a birthday celebration that without question has to be the best one so far in a restaurant!!. This is definitely an experience that every person should try!!!

By Steve M.

Bubba gump restaurant is such an amazing experience, my wife and I love the food here but it's the atmosphere and friendly staff that really make it. Don't expect to pay McDonald's prices though we had a starter, main and desert and a drink each (all delisious) and it came to £70 total. I would advise everyone to try this fantastic restaurant and pass on there positive feedback, look out for Thomas people like him really make this restaurant!

By Lisa T.

Poor quality , bad service , staff didn't know what Parmesan was! We waited for over an hour and then food came out cold ! Disorganized . Staff were away with the fairies. And some very dismissive and rude. I would recommend to go in a small Group . Definitely not the same standard as American one!

By Naveen S.

I was apprehensive on reading the reviews but decided to try it as I am a shrimp fan. I was pleasantly surprised! The ambience is amazing and well thought through on the theme of Forrest Gump. The waitresses gave good advice and actually seemed like they enjoyed their jobs. The food was good, we ordered the shrimpers paradise which has plenty of shrimps, 3 kinds and fries. There was no cabbage beneath the fries which is what some Reviews say. The prawns had cabbage but it was still very filling. Prawn linguini was nice with a generous helping of shrimps. The shrimp popcorn not so amazing but the rest of the food was very good. The desert we ordered had a trio and we replaced the bread and butter pudding with brownie and it was yummy. I wasn't a fan of the cookie though. Overall a great visit and I will definitely go back!

By Valerie P.

Dissapionting.Expected it to be like the one in NY.It was far from it.Over priced,tastless,chaotic service.The cold food took ages for them to replace once we had complained.Never again.

By Sally W.

I dont know what all the fuss is all about. A group of us went for my friends birthday over the weekend. It was busy but the staff were very friendly and polite and we didnt have to wait too long for a table or for our food either. Food was tasty and delicious, I would defo recommend the coconut shrimp..yummy! I also ordered a slush type drink (I can't remember the name) which I got told I could take the cup home with me..wayhay! Overall good fun...a nice family type atmosphere right in the heart of London. Only downfall is you cant book a table so you might get disappointed on a busy night.

By Everton K.

I came to the restaurant on Wednesday full of caution after the negative reviews posted on here. However my experience couldn't have been further from what has been described by others. I had the Calamari and Jambalaya. The Calamari was a generous portion, served in a cone - no cabbage. It was tender, tasty and also had small breaded spicy pepperoncini dispersed among the calamari. It was delicious. I had never had Jambalaya before and it was recommended by the waiter. It was a kind of non dairy risotto with prawns and char-grilled chicken. Very tasty and filling. I topped it of with a nice potent Alabama Southern Punch Cocktail. My colleague had the prawn cones with the dreaded cabbage under the prawns The waiter explained that the cabbage was to keep the prawns from collapsing into the bottom of the cone. There were four cones with 5 to 8 pieces of shrimp in each. That's £5.00 a cone or around £1.00 a shrimp - no where near as outrageously over priced, or undervalue, as some have said. The service was excellent, very attentive and really friendly (friendly service in London?) Ok, so the staff engage you in a Forrest Gump trivia quiz which is obviously not everyone's cup of tea, but you can say no thanks when asked if you'd like some trivia questions. I'm sure Bubba Gump isn't everyone's cup of tea and it's just opened so there may have been teething issues but it was miles better than I'd been lead to believe by the comments on here.

By Tracey W.

After reading some rather doubious comments we were quite nervous in going.like others that have mentioned already we were held downstairs for around 10 min before shown up stairs.. the Decor is Just wow. there was a genuine buzz among the staff.. the kind you rarely see in your Average restaurant.we had some gentleman come to out table and informed us about little things regarding a paddle, a sign and told us about the size of portions (something you don't get in a good ole English restaurant)With food and drinks ordered they came quite swiftly. more or less the same time out Garlic bread came out. so far so good.... we were apprehensive and waiting for something for go dreadfully wrong as we had read in previous.the mains came out.. LOADS of shrimp, HOT and Delicious. the waiter came back a few times during our meal and asked if everything was OK and gave us some Forrest gum questions to which I haven't a clue but i left with info though. We feel we had to include the waiter we had as we thought the whole experience was polished off by our American waiter called MARK. With genuine sense of care and professionalism he kept us Laughing through out the evening.it was an Experience we have NOT encountered in London before. I will be going there again.

By Daisy W.

Visited here with my boyfriend on 04/10/14 only ended up here because burger and lobster was an hour and a half wait for a table for two. Staff were really friendly obviously down to good training which is not always something you find dining in london. The food was fairly cheap and reasonable for central London we managed to get the seafood special for £15.00 it was delicious I was highly impressed as I thought it would taste like tgi Fridays. The restraunt has an exciting buzz about it and you will be said hello to by all the staff that walk past. Another plus is the refillable drinks the glass is never half full someone is always willing to refill for you. Will be returning again soon!

By Sherif M.

My husband and I were very excited to try this restaurant and visited on Saturday 4th October. We arrived at about 5.30pm and was told there was about a 20 minute wait. We were directed upstairs to the bar to wait after I asked for a seat due to back pain. The staff were very kind & helpful and came back to tell me they had reserved us two seats. We were then shown to our table and our waitress came over to explain the menu etc. Unfortunately she had a very strong accent and I found it quite difficult to understand her and had to ask her to repeat herself on several occasions. She was trying her best and was very sweet. My issues were: 1) I wasn't asked how I wanted my burger cooked. It came charcoaled on the outside and rare inside. Good job that's how my husband likes it so he finished that off! I mentioned this to our waitress at the end of the meal. Her reply was next time try the soup! 2) When the bill came, the waitress took our credit card and walked off to find a card machine. I asked her to leave the card on the table but she said she wouldn't be a minute. She then came back with the machine and found that it had run out of till roll so off she went again (card in hand) to fill the machine with paper. After mentioning this to a manger he went off and brought our card back to us. I appreciate that this may have been a new member of staff and there may be a few teething problems therefore I didn't like to make a fuss and complain. I would like to eat here again but I think I would like to give them a little bit longer to get settled before I do.

By Sam H.

I’ve been waiting months for a Bubba Gumps to open in the UK and it didn’t disappoint! Upon arrival staff were very friendly, we were advised on a 10 minute wait but were seated after a short 5 minute wait. The restaurant is large, with plenty of seating but it doesn’t feel cramped. We were seated in a booth and met by our server. Yes the waitress was over friendly and quizzed us on Forrest Gump trivia – but this is what makes this restaurant! The food was served hot and delicious – portions sizes were plentiful. I have no complaints about my visit (FYI I visited on a Sunday approx 5pm) and would highly recommend it to any Forrest Gump fan!

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