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By Martha G.

Looks like the person below caught Buena Vista on a bad day, or maybe just one of those customers. Personally i absolutely loved Buena Vista! Its without doubt the most authentic Cuban restaurant and Bar i've been to. As soon as you step in the door it's like you've been transported to Cuban social club! I cannot recommended enough going when there is music on as the atmosphere is great and the cocktails are devine! 5 stars for me!!

By Lauren H.

Not nicei went to the restaurant as my friend had a voucher. Our table was reserved and when I arrived we were shown to our table, which had our name on it. The table was located underneath a speaker, which was fine at first until the manager turned the volume of the music up making conversation impossible. Shortly after asking the manager to turn down the volume, we were told that we had been given the wrong table and our table was out the back. After viewing the table out the back (which looked like a staff room table, we told the waitress that we would not be sitting at that table. However, the manager started shouting and told us that we had no choice but to move as we had been given the wrong table and the table was reserved for other customers. Nevertheless, we held our ground and remained at our original table. Whilst we were seated the waitress again said that we have to move and did not serve us our drinks as we failed to switch tables. The manager also sent another waitress to ask us to move. No further customers came in requiring our table throughout the whole night. Moving on to the food, our voucher was for 4 people, however, the food that was served was only sufficient for about 2 (perhaps 3 at a stretch). Added to the above, the bathroom was in a horrible condition. There was nowhere to dry your hands and there was no soap to wash your hands. When I asked the waitress for the hand soap, she went to the locked cupboard to get the container of bubble bath and handed me tissues from the bar. In my opinion it was very unhygienic. Overall, this experience was the worst I have ever experienced at a restaurant. The one star I have awarded the restaurant is too generous.

By Jamie Y.

A fantastic bar - great atmosphere; friendly, knowledgeable and engaging staff and just off the beaten track which makes it that bit more special. The selection of rum is awesome and the live Cuban music is great. I'll be back soon.

By David J.

I have been to this bar a few times, there has always been a good atmosphere, especially later on when there is live music. The only disappointment is the choice of rum. Virtually every bottle on display was empty, we were poured the cheap rum from behind the bar.

By Louise E.

My husband and I had a great evening the Buena Vista last Friday. Great food, atmosphere and service. We would thoroughly recommend.

By Terry B.

I can only comment on what I saw - the staff knew an elderly man genuinely needed help and they refused to help him.

By Alfred H.

We are very surprised by this review, as we at Buena Vista, in the mediterranean tradition, have complete respect for the elderly. We have the keys of some of our older neighbours so that we can check in on them if we have not seen them in a while. Also we have more than once accompanied one of our ninety year old neighbours to hospital when he had an operation. Many of the staff took the time to visit him whilst his family, who live in London, did not. To say to us that we hold the elderly in anything but high regard is insulting to us. It is true that we are strict on who uses our terrace as we have payed the government so that our clients can use it. It is the government's responsibility to provide seating and shelter at bus-stops. The neighbours have been putting great pressure on for this to happen on Landor Road and the council have failed to act. We are not here to provide to these services in place of the government, but we are ready to act in emergencies.

By Alfred H.

It's been over a year now and seeing as neither you the police or your bank have found any evidence to indicate that we were using your card for payments outside of your two drinks (and because we have no-one on our team who knows how to commit fraud), maybe the time has come for you to start digging deeper and uncover the the real truth of what happened to your lost card. Or maybe you have all the time in the world to continue writing silly emails to us. time for you to find the truth Bobo.

By Alfred H.

We are very surprised to hear this review, we have a good reputation here for helping our elderly neighbours, as is keeping with our meditteranean background (there is no manager by the name of fifi or phoebe, or anything even close). We have accompanied a ninety year old neighbour of ours to the hospital more than once when he had an operation. Many of the staff came to visit him when even his family, who live in England, did not. He lives alone and relies on us greatly. Also we have the keys of more than one neighbour kept behind the bar so that we can check in on them in case we do not hear from them. To say that we hold the elderly in anything but high regard is very insulting to us.It is true that we are strict on who uses our terrace as it has been abused in the past and we have paid a large amount of money for it. It is the responsibility of the government, who we pay our money to, to provide seating and shelter at bus-stops. The neighbourhood has been campaigning for this for a long time and no action has been taken. We will always help in an emergency but we are not here to provide this service.

By Tom I.

Hardly their fault if you're too simple to pay for your tab at the end of the night... This bar is awesome! Small - but awesome!

By Rachael C.

What a pleasure this place is - a unique, independent bar with great, friendly bar staff who are very knowledgeable about the rum they serve. Cocktails are killer and strong and can be sipped against a backdrop of Cuban memorabilia and the band they have on. The food is good as well. A hidden gem away from the grot of the main high street

By Rob F.

Went to this place for drinks. They took my card to pay and never returned it. There was transactions for hundreds of pounds made on my card that night before i could cancel it. My bank is investigating the CCTV and i will be suing the owners of this 'bar'. Avoid at all costs is my advice.

By Hannah O.

Without a doubt, my favourite bar in London! I've been going here for months and it never fails to deliver a quality night out. Tasty cocktails and the friendliest bar staff you'll find anywhere in London. I've introduced many friends to the first class mojitos and everyone has left singing Buena Vista's praises. The food is really tasty and unbelievably well priced. The best thing about it is the holiday vibe -a real taste of Cuba.

By Chloe A.

Mojitos are strong but delicious and the music is great! Breakfast in the morning or live bands at night, and happy hour all week and free shots at the weeekend!

By Rosie C.

I went to this bar for the first time last weekend. It was a balmy evening, the band was playing, and I sipped my cocktail whilst standing outside with a cool mix of people. I felt like I was on holiday - not on Landor Road!! I highly recommend this place as a fresh, relaxed and hip alternative to the high street bars that Clapham has to offer. The cocktail was good too!

By Matt C.

Buena Vista cafe/bar is a brilliant spot. Relaxed, very friendly welcoming atmosphere. Open fire place great food, coffee and . A hidden gem with a unique identify - the concept is a Cuban and Spanish blend with a range of buena vista social club background music. From the 27th of February you can check out a live acoustic band in the evenings (Thurs - Sun). They will be serving a selection of traditional Cuban cocktails: Mojitos, Hemingway Specials etc etc, looking forward to that! You will not be disappointed. Check the venue for details.