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Busaba Eathai is a well established group of eateries that offers Thai food served in simple yet stylish surroundings.

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Busaba Eathai reviews

By Andrew M.

The first time I went to Busaba Eathai I raved about it. The service was quick and the food was great. The last time I went the service was abrupt to the point of being rude and water was only served by the (expensive) bottle. The waiter was almost agressive when I enquired about the possibility of a glass of tap water and said that it was 'bottled water only available'. The food at Busaba Eathai was still good and I hope I caught the staff on an off day. I took two friends who'd not been there before and, after all the raving I'd done about the restaurant, I've not yet been back and I'll have a hard time persuading those two to go with me.

By Amy C.

The food was really tasty at Busaba, we really enjoyed the pad Thai noodles with prawns and the grilled chicken. Service was good and price was very reasonable. Worth a try.

By Kevin G.

Busaba Eathai is a modern mystery- how on earth can a restaurant which serves such mediocre "Thai" food remain so popular and so busy for so long?? It can't be the service. Like the food, that's pretty hit and miss too! Avoid like the plague and seek out 101 better, more authentic, less expensive Thai restaurants London has to offer.

By Richie R.

If you want a quiet evening out then dont go here. The food is great, especially the Kalamari and the chicken butternut squash.

I like the Koh Samui and they do a lovely mint tea. The downside of the place is its service.

Waiters are always and I stress ALWAYS rushing you to order and get the hell out. this is enough to put me off, however hungry I am.

One thing I cannot fathom is why men would make their women wait for hours outside a restaurant only to be rushed to squeeze in to a barrack style layout.

One doesnt even get their own table. Needless to say London has so much of variety and the mere fact of bad service makes me give Busaba a serious thumbs down.

If you can afford to go on Saturday afternoon or a weekday afternoon tho, then you will be treated fine.

By David K.

Have been to various branches of Busaba in London. You need to get there early for lunch or dinner (before the main rush, otherwise you are likely to queue) as it does get very busy. The decor and ambience is excellent, as it the food for the price. It can feel a bit rushed as some reviewers mention, but back to my point about getting there early! This is some of the best Thai food I have had in London, and is great value for money. Try the Thai Calamari side order, and the Massaman Duck Curry which are both excellent.

By Toby S.

I really like this restaurant although it gets a bit busy so we often have to line up for a table. The food is'nt the greatest but I love the set up of the tables. Not the greatest place for a first date but perfect for a group of friends before a night out.

By Sarah H.

Nice decor,convenient location if you are in central london, but thats about it. We felt like we were hurried in, and hurried out. We had no time to enjoy our food before it was whisked away and the mains were brought. Wouldn't really call it authentic thai either. Quite bland. More of a money making venture if you asked me. So no, won't be back there.

By N A.

Decided to have our dinner celebration at Eat-Thai with my other 7 mates last night. Been told about its authentic range of Thai food. A long queue outside gave a good first impression. Yet, the service is rather disappointing. The waiters are clumsy, very reckless they are! Dropped chopsticks, spilled tea on the table, etc. They just couldn't wait for us to leave. Glad we didn't leave any extra tips! I doubt it we would ever come back again. Another thing is that, on why they put Muslim beef curry in the menu, found out that it's not even halal beef! That's quite misleading to the Muslim customers. Other than that, the meals are alright, I'd give 6 out of 10. Cheers!

By Joe

Busaba Eathai is one of the best restuarants I have been to in London. Always busy, the short wait leaves you so hungry for the green chicken curry, muslim beef curry, or.. or... where do I stop?!

Definitely order the calamari starter - it's delicious. The unconventional table seating adds to the charm and all this means Busaba Eathai is a personal favourite of mine.

By G.

Busaba Eathai was absolutely the most awful experience I have ever had! After being hit on the head by my starter, I thought, okay, this isn't the nicest place. I then inspected my prawn pomello to find there were no prawns and absolutely no pomello. I did hope the main course would be better, but what I asked for was a tom yam soup and what I actually got was verging on barbeque chicken ramen, which wasn’t the nicest.

The food was far from authentic, being bland and skimping on spices. After we had our bowls swiftly taken away, whilst still finishing our drinks, we were asked how long we would be! I was incredibly polite and said 10 minutes at most.

A minute later we were asked to leave as they needed our table! I didn’t want to cause a scene so we paid and they never brought back the change. We were rudely ushered out the door. I think it’s safe to say we shall never go back to Busaba Eathai.

By S.

Everything at Busaba Eathai was great apart from the rude, sarcastic and unprofessional manager. I wouldn’t eat here again purely because of this. I’ve never come across anyone in his position who is so rude and with such poor customer service.

By A.

Weirdly you aren't be allowed to sit down at Busaba Eathai until your entire party has arrived. So if 5 of you are eating all the other 4 of you will have to wait outside in the cold until your last guest has battled with the tubes to join you. Crazy!

Then we got asked when we'd be leaving as queues were forming outside. Will never return to Busaba Eathai.

By A.

Busaba Eathai is a nice place, with a very informal and laid-back atmosphere, reasonable prices, yummy food and nice staff. Plus Busaba Eathai is open until late.

By S.

First time we visited Busaba Eatai last year we were so pleased that we were determined to go back. We could not forget the quality of the food, the nice atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff.

We found exactly the same quality on our visit to Busaba Eathai last week, and look forward to when we can visit this restaurant again.

By L.

Busaba Eathai is my most favourite (affordable) restaurant in England!

Busaba Eathai has a buzzing atmosphere, quick and friendly service, lots of choice for veggies and the most authentic and tasty Thai food I've had outside of Thailand.

By C.

Hmm, the first (and only time) I went to Busaba Eathai I was shocked by the queue. It was extremely long and it was around 9pm! As a friend insisted they serve good Thai food, we persevered. After a 40 min wait, we got in. And what was the whole hype about?

Nothing. Coming from Malaysia, I have tasted Thai food from many restaurants from back home and in London. This one isn't even in my top 10. Busaba Eathai is just overrated and another one of those restaurants where the young and so-called "cool" crowds flock to, just to follow the bandwagon. And I'm not at all into caucasian people serving oriental/East Asian food (like at Hakkasan et al). It's silly since they can't even pronounce the dishes correctly, let alone know what it's made of!

By A.

I was introduced to Busaba Eathai last Saturday by the most amazing lady I know but even without my bias of a nice evening out following nice walks, the eating experience was excellent. Friendly and quick service, the food quality is on a par with Hakkasan (although with perhaps less decoration) and we had lovely seating at a little table outside just for the two of us. I will definitely be going back to Busaba Eathai soon.

By Georgina C.

A stylish budget option for weary shoppers and the pre club crowd.

The Venue
Dark woods and low lighting transform the large shared tables from cafeteria to chic – this place is infinitely sexier than your average Wagamama. However, the toilets require a degree in symbology in order to decipher which is the appropriate door and a finely-tuned sense of navigation to safely enter without taking out the entire queue with your handbag. Those who habitually use the ladies for emergency conferences and regrouping be warned, the long stone sink is shared with the men’s toilet.

The Atmosphere
The long queues that usually stretch the length of the restaurant-front and the large shared tables make for an atmosphere of camaraderie in this restaurant and although the London etiquette is mostly observed (if in doubt pretend other people don’t exist), it’s not the place to go for a private conversation or intimate dinner.

The Food
This place does possibly the best fish cakes in the city, heavy on the lime and coriander and delicious for it. For mains, the classics are wonderful – a far cry from the usual bland Thai chain offering – with both the pad thai and green chicken curry zesty and aromatic.

Pandan chicken, which is marinated in coriander root and garlic, then wrapped in pandan leaves and deep fried, tastes incredible – if a little chewy on the outside. Beef Penang is too hot even for a chilli fanatic – the heat could be toned down to make way for the naturally rich flavour of the braised beef, coconut cream and kaffir lime leaf.

Sides of jasmine rice compliment the curries perfectly and morning glory is well worth a try, crunchy, fresh and served in a broth it lifts the meal from naughty to nice.

The Drink
A small selection of international wines and beer is on offer. The rose is fruity and fresh on a summer’s evening but the jasmine tea and fruit smoothies are the real draw on the drinks list.

The Last Word
Good value and worth the wait – this is the perfect antidote to the more sterile chains that flank Oxford Street.

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