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Cafe 1001 is located on Brick Lane and as you would expect attracts a colourful mix of media wannabes, ironic haircuts and those who just want to have a good night out.

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Cafe 1001 reviews

By Alex S.

I have never been to 1001 bar in the evening, but to be honest - every time I have been here in the afternoons, I have had a great time. Chilled - good music and you can have a coffee or a beer. No fuss. You can eat if you want to with a happy selection to choose from. I come in with a laptop to escape my office sometimes, and it's always been a cool hang out where you can work if you need to. Interesting people from all walks of life - and good for those who like people watching! I can only imagine this place to be fun in the evenings.

By Usha L.

1001 would have been a great place to chill out if it wasn't for the rude bouncers. They just make you wanna not go in. First point of contact and they just put you off! If you're lucky enough to get pass the ridiculous bouncers and manage to get in the place is quite cool and non-pretentious.

By Usha L.

It would have been a great venue to chill out if it wasn't for the IMPOLITE or should i say RUDE bouncers. They just make you wanna not get in! First point of contact and they just put u off. Once you get in the place is quite cool and non-pretentious!

By L B.

I rather loooove it!!! it's the best place i know in London. always amazing vibe and great interesting people, fantastic cheep food (fresh burgers from the grill outside and nice salads and yummy wedges), friendly staff and incredible music!!! i would not fault it for a thing!!!Where is the cloak room? There's no cloak room in this place so you must confuse it to another bar. the fact that it's free entry makes it soo much more appealing and easy on the pocket! why complain?

By Kenneth R.

Visited there last Sunday, Had a great time, Good music friendly atmosphere and everyone was chilled out either chatting, dancing eating, drinking reading or on there laptops. this is definitely going to become a regular spot to chill out and unwind. Also to those that don't like the place there are plenty of other venues on brick lane so take your pick.

By Dean Clayton E.

I had a moment's trepidation on entering when I thought that this was going to be an achingly trendy place for desperately trendy people. It turned out to be a very chilled out venue. I went there in the afternoon for a Little Episodes event and it was perfect for this as it was large enough to be open and relaxed, yet intimate. People were reading, watching the bands, clicking on laptops, enjoying beers and coffees and juices. Comfy chairs and sofas. Tables. Unobtrusive decor. A library (Book Orphanage) for those who want to chill out and read. I thought the drinks were a bit pricey, but it is London. I got over it. The staff were helpful and friendly. In the afternoon and early evening at least, this is a cool place to do your own thing and be your own person, with or without a book.

By Chada C.

Absolutely atrocious. Despite the upbeat techno and Dnb the atmosphere was dead, was very disorganised and just altogether not worth 25 quid. Cloakroom attendants were lovely, noticed they had dropped someones scarf whilst taking it to the cloakroom. Told one of the clerk to pick up the scarf and it was very apparent it wasn't going back to it's owner. Manager was absolutely discourteous. Came into the main venue to find him dragging a guy by his wrist outside. Didn't know who he was at this point so told him to leave the guy alone and just sort it out verbally rather than physically. Manager then started pushing me and repeatedly shouting 'right now I want you the fuck out'. Incredibly unprofessional and 25 quid definitely not well spent. Wasn't worth a penny.

By Edmund K.

This has to be the coolest club in London Ive ever been to. Im in 2nd Yr at uni in London and ive done all terrible student nights at terrible west end clubs (cough on anon cough). Trying to explore new and better places I discovered Cafe 1001. The main room is spacious to rave to DnB, electro etc. and then the indoor cafe area is nice place to relax from the music which then opens up to massive outdoor seating where u can enjoy a chat and a smoke. The vibe at this club is incredible and it's full off social and interesting people. No entry cost is great and drinks aren't too dear. The bouncers are very chilled and don't follow you into toilets. I live in Hammersmith which is ages away from bricklane but this doesn't bother me, I catch the morning tube!

By Lizzie M.

When did not having to pay an entrance fee become synonomous with crime? Indeed, if only there were more places in London that charged £20 for the privilege of walking through a door. Cafe 1001 is a gem; I honestly couldn't fault it.

By Lizzie M.

When did not having to pay an entrance fee become synonomous with crime? Indeed, if only there were more places in London that charged £20 for the privilege of walking through a door. Cafe 1001 is a gem; I honestly couldn't fault it.

By Roger S.

I loved this place. The barmaids were very helpful. I am a dwarf you see and i had a problem with this big good-looking guy twirling my girl but luckily he left. Thanks Cafe 1001.

By L.

Cafe 1001 is one of the most gorgeous places in which I ever been in London. I'm not talking about elegant restaurants or snobby clubs, Cafe 1001 is a relaxing place where you can listen to very good music, from reggae to house or electro house, and just rest in the faboulous sofas, all lit by aromatic candles.

By Z.

Cafe 1001 is the crappiest place I have ever been. It's just awful. Please people if you dont wanna get robbed and or killed, I would advice you to not go there. There was no entrance fee, so anybody, even a homeless person could enter. Cafe 1001 is an awful place!

By A.

Cafe 1001 is a great retreat for an afternoon coffee, where you can sit upstairs in candlelit comfort or relax outside with a beer and BBQ. The food is all very reasonable and delicious and available throughout the evening as well.

There's always exciting events going on at Cafe 1001, with free jazz nights on Wednesdays and short films on Mondays. I go there whenever I'm in the area, or head out to Brick Lane just to have a drink with friends there. I love it!

By W.

Cafe 1001 walks of life mingle like buffalo on migration - a great spot for a cheeky beer ;)

By Roxanne R.

The party never stops at this coffee shop-cum-cocktail-bar-cum-rave spot.

The Venue
Situated in a huge converted warehouse just off Brick Lane, you really can't miss Cafe 1001 – the barbecue area with picnic benches at the front takes up most of the street. And, made up of roughly four inside areas, the place is huge and there's way more than first meets the eye. In fact, walking from one section to the next, you almost have to remind yourself you're in the same one venue. Enter through huge glass doors at the front and you'll immediately hit a cafe-like area with deli-style foods and a coffee counter and, if you turn to your right there's a mini bar that serves cocktails during licensing hours. Head up some stairs and you'll find yourself in a large – almost student union-style – room with slouchy cushions, tatty sofas and booth areas, graffiti artwork, open piping, a TV screen and even a piano, too. Places like this are a rare find in London and it's a lot like somewhere you'd find across the channel in other European cities.

Head through to some black doors and you'll hit a very large warehouse space where events and parties take place – the area is used for everything from salsa classes and exhibitions to day raves. It's pretty dark and can be decorated according to what's going on. If you need the toilet, remind yourself you're in a warehouse in effect – they consist of metal toilets with no seats, so people after a sleek venue should probably head elsewhere.

The Atmosphere
The venue is one of the most laid-back in the area and you definitely don't have to be dressed up to get in. Staff are friendly and up for banter, while the venue attracts twenty- and thirty-something east London creative types as well as tourists on the hunt for “alternative London”.

The Music
This varies considerably from day to day. There could be someone playing the piano in the top room, a band playing downstairs in the cocktail space or a top DJ act in the back room. The venue brands itself as a "creative space" and it certainly matches up to this. Cafe 1001 is keen to encourage new acts to play at the venue and 90 per cent of the time it’s free to go and watch these bands.

The Food
Whether you're after a breakfast from 7am to 3pm, a sandwich or jacket potato from the coffee area or a barbecued hot dog, there's lots on offer and it's good value, too. Expect to pay around £4.80 for a beef burger and £5 for an aubergine and halloumi burger, while breakfasts start at as little as £2.90 for eggs on toast. The venue prides itself on the fact everything is made from scratch on the premises.

The Drink
The venue is much more about what's going on than the drinks you're drinking. While the coffees, teas and juices are at a pretty standard cafe price for a couple of quid each, Café 1001 could improve a lot when it comes to the alcohol offering – beers are pretty much limited to cans of Red Stripe (at a painful £3.80 a can) from a bucket outside. The cocktails vary depending on who is making them, but they're about £7 a glass. There are shots and jugs available too.

The Last Word
Creative, eclectic and full of character, this east London venue looks to be a Brick Lane institution for many years to come.

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