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Cafe Chula on Camden Lock is a Mexican restaurant with a focus to bring authentic cuisine and drinks to the heart of Camden. A selection of traditional dishes such as tacos and tortillas are available alongside a selection of flavoured margaritas.

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Cafe Chula reviews

By Anna G.

Came to Cafe Chula a couple of weeks ago for dinner on a friday night, delicious food, (the tacos were yummy!) lovely warm atmosphere and great cocktails! Go for the Grapefruit Magaritas! ;) the staff are very friendly too, definitely a place to try if you lovvve mexican food! X

By Mariana M.

I've heard about this place and went with few friends to check out and I've found the best Mexican food I've ever tried! The selection of margaritas are pretty tasty and the fish, carne asada and chicken tacos are to die for! The service is also great, the staff is very Camdem style and not formal what makes the place even more comfortable. With low lights and good music just made my night and I highly recommend and defintely will get back! This place got my heart!

By Lilian R.

A small, cosy place in a remote corner of Camden Lock Market that you definitely have to try! I go there often with my friends. They serve very tasty, simple and authentic Mexican food; my favourite is the chicken quesadilla. Cocktails are amazing too: the hibiscus margarita is to die for! The thing I love the most about Cafe Chula is the great atmosphere; the staff is lovely, professional and it actually looks like they're having fun! Must be really good working there! Needless to say that I'll go there again.

By C.

Just a note to the reviewer, deep fried fish in a taco is an incredibly authentic Mexican dish which you can eat all over Mexico and most of the USA as well. It's just in this country where tacos are all beef or chicken...

By Tacita V.

If Wahaca has made Mexican food trendy, liberating it from the slightly grubby stereotype, the burden to elevate the concept further has fallen on the inconspicuous Café Chula. Here knowledge, selection and service all beat the price expectation. Highly recommended.

The Venue
Camden is not about high dining: street food is what the Lock does best. Café Chula both partakes in the trend and refines it, by providing West End standards to a cuisine tailor made for street food. The venue is small and not particularly noticeable, surrounded many colourful establishments within West Yard. The first impression is that this is most definitely not a tourist trap (and in Camden there are many…): pre-frozen dishes, haphazard service, greasy tables, random entertainment of disputable quality and the ubiquitous fish and chips have no place here. Café Chula keeps the décor demure but warming, just slightly spiced up by the Mexicana graphics (a Mexican spin on '50s Americana). Earthy colours and materials mingle with simple furnishing: basic square tables and chairs with a shared tall table in the middle, metal garden furniture in the heated patio and a wonderful glass wall looking onto the canal.

The Atmosphere
Perfectly informal, Café Chula works as a relaxing pause at any hour. This is one of those rare places where couples and groups work well together: the restaurant can be intimate enough to have a chatty couple's dinner, but it's also well suited for catch-ups with friends. In the evening, when West Yard is otherwise quiet, the restaurant is full with a nicely diverse clientele, speaking for the venue’s broad appeal. A key contribution to the atmosphere is the staff: you may not visually recognise the difference, but here the service is more attentive than many West End establishments (and certainly many Camden eateries), even when the restaurant is full. The strikingly energetic and engaging staff and passionate owners are a goldmine of information: their knowledge of Mexican food is pretty extraordinary.

The Food
The kitchen staff are bona-fide Mexican, bringing in flavours, recipes and tricks which are very much the real deal and not the British bastardisation. For dinner, within the 'antojitos' (generously portioned starters, £3.50-£8) the tortilla chips with guacamole are excellent - and huge - but these cover just the basics. At Café Chula, the devil is sneakily hidden in the smallest of details. Look on your table and find three different bottled salsas: get the staff to explain and you have a totally different flavour experience at your reach. The salad of oranges, grapefruit, rocket, radishes, cheese, pumpkin seeds with chile and lime is fantastic (and, again, huge): fresh, sweet and refreshing, the oranges are a truly inspired touch.

The tacos (£8) are soft rather than hard and are served as three little mountains of filling over a small taco: you can pick from steak, chicken, shrimp and more (the battered fish the only suspiciously British concession) but the changing combo is the best - the spicing perfect. Even within the sides (£2-£3), Café Chula surprises: be experimental to squeeze Mexico out of your dining experience. The cebollitas (grilled spring onion cooked whole) are (perhaps?) new to London: they are hard to cut and too fibrous, but still enjoyable thanks to a Valentina chili sauce, delivered at your table only when you order this dish. Why? Because so it is in Mexico.

Even if you don't have room for dessert (£4-£5) you can still fall back on Mexican hot chocolate with cookies, or on their wonderful wintery hot toddy: marvellously aromatic and not advertised on the menu. In fact, at Café Chula you need to dare: ask to try something new and the devilish details will all become visible in their glory.

The Drink
Everything seems worth of a special mention, from the spiced coffee (£3.50) to the hibiscus margarita (£7), to the flights of tequila - another point where Café Chula excels: get advice from the staff and experiment with Blanco, Reposado or Anejo. Even with the good selection of Mexican beers (£3.70-£5) or their range of syrup infused water, you can't go far wrong.

The Last Word
It’s hard to find fault at Café Chula. In fact this little spot is pretty much perfect as everything has been curated extremely well. Did we mention they serve breakfast, brunch and lunch as well? Soon there'll be a long queue at any hour.

By Alasdair D.

A great little place with authentic mexican food & fantastic drinks to match! Caught the debut of their supper club last night & will definitely be going back!

By M S.

One of my favourite places in North London. Perfect place to eat, drink and have a wicked time. The food is straight up delicious. To those who care, I know it's authentic mexican food because my girlfriend (a massive foodie) grabbed the chef on his break and had rinsed him for recipes. So yeah, the chef's mexican and a very cool dude. Just as memorable as the food is the drinks/cocktail list though. Mexican beers, an ingenious variety of margharitas and many high end tequilas.

By Dominic O.

When i first heard cafe crema was turning into a Mexican restaurant i was very skeptical as i loved their hot chocolates and it was really cosy. Now 5 months down the line i find that that skepticism has been delightfully quashed. Cafe Chula aswell as maintaining their high hot drinks standard, they have added really good food, not fake mexican food liek you would find in chiquitos or somewhere like that but food that seems to be made with care and passion, the carnitas are my favorite. The drinks are also excellent, everything is made from tequila which might sound off putting but honestly the drinks a really nice even a firm tequila hater i think would be pleasantly suprised. Cafe Chula is a place i would take a date or just go for food after work it suits most occasions.

By Johnny G.

Terrible service. Barely noticed when I went in despite it being quiet. Had to order at bar. Waited 40 mins and left without eating. Congratulations!

By Guy T.

We went with children recently who are not big chilli fans.The food turned out to be fresh and original.Gently warming and not overwhelmingly ''sapic.'' The soft drinks from Mexico are worth trying. Lovely place and a one-off.Check out the original posters ?! Guy Dapper

By Ashley P.

The food and drinks were great but the staff were terrible. Our server wrote on the receipt her suggested gratuity -- which I find quite rude to begin with. When I went to pay she basically trapped me into paying the gratuity even though I received nowhere near exceptional service. I will not be going back to this restaurant purely on this fact. Otherwise, it has cute decor, a nice atmosphere, and a good location just off the Camden Lock.

By Emily C.

Coming from NY where Brunch is a weekend ritual I've seriously missed it here in London until I found Cafe Chula! They do an amazing brunch Saturday and Sunday with fantastic cocktails... bloody marias (with tequila instead of vodka), mimosas and amazing margaritas of course. The food is superb traditional Mexican street food. Try the chilaquiles or the huevos rancheros..YUM!

By George E.

I love the fact that Camden Town has a Mexican restaurant and it absolutely rocks! Best margaritas I've ever tasted...I swear! The food is devine...we went for brunch on a Saturday and I had the pancakes and fresh fruit whilst my friend had the Chilaquiles (shredded chicken, corn tortillas, tomatillo salsa, creme fraiche and cheese)...we'll be going back for dinner this week!!

By Daniel C.

There are only a handful of decent Mexican restaurants in London and this is definitely one of them. The food is fresh and original and the margaritas- to die for! The portions could be a little bigger but the prices are low. I'd definitely pay more for a bigger helping. Delicious!

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