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Cafe de Paris is one of the most exclusive clubs in the West End, famed for its opulent decor, sense of old-school glamour and celebrity patrons. The venue features an indoor balcony and a selection of bars near the main dance floor area.

Ranked #5 of 225 clubs in London
"Café de Paris is a stunning venue is an iconic grade 2 listed building that has magnificent rooms which are sure to make your jaw drop, especially with an added 21st century twist of the newly installed state of the art sound system and staging. With its grand sweeping staircases and beautiful eye catching chandeliers, Cafe de Paris has thrown some of the most extravagant parties London has ever seen as well as exclusive and intimate events. The exquisite main ballroom is the centre piece of this stunning space. For exclusive hire events, the venue can accommodate new and exciting events, from immersive brand experiences to alternative corporate conferences and away days. The venue has a standing capacity of 715, banqueting capacity of 286, multiple rooms and beautiful original features. The mezzanine level forms part of the main ballroom, perfect for a drinks reception before a dinner or can just be incorporated into the main space. Private hire clients will always have exclusive access to the venue in its entirety including all three private rooms, Red Bar, Blue Bar and VIP room. Cafe de Pairs can cater for all types of events from film premiere parties to catwalk spectaculars, music showcases to award dinners and Christmas celebrations. Cafe de Paris has a desirable track record of delivering the perfect event. Cafe de Paris is also licensed for weddings and civil ceremonies as well as being a creative director’s delight when it comes to film or photo shoots."

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Cafe de Paris reviews

By Chris B.

I recently returned to Cafe de Paris for a cabaret night which was great fun! Door staff were friendly (which was a huge improvement on the last time I visited) the food was okay, drink prices are reasonable for Leicester Square. It's a great events space, the venue itself is beautiful.

By Chris B.

I recently returned to Cafe de Paris for a cabaret night which was great fun! Door staff were friendly (which was a huge improvement on the last time I visited) the food was okay, drink prices are reasonable for Leicester Square. It's a great events space, the venue itself is beautiful.

By Chris B.

the venue has so much potential but is let down by woefully poor staff. bad attitudes, bad service... a real shame.

By Anna G.

I came here on Friday night with my boyfriend and had a lovely time. The show was brilliant, my boyfriend hadn't really seen any cabaret shows before and really loved it! our favourite was the juggler, really talented, but all the acts were super and were excellent entertainment! Food was delicious, I had the goat's cheese for starter, seabass for main and strawberry and vanilla mille feuille for desert (to die for!). The wine was great too and the staff were really friendly. Overall a really enjoyable evening, throughly recommended!

By Zack S.

Very expensive place so be warned. Make sure you ask the price of a drink before you buy as you can get stung and that can be painful, believe me! Very luxurious though!

By Adam J.

Love Café de Paris with all my heart. Bring anyone here, family, friends, lover, clients, they will all agree that this is one of the finest clubs in London!

By Aaron P.

Not normally one for cabaret but thought id give Café de Paris a try as I fancied something different. Had a good night but didn’t blow me away. Nice surroundings but food not great and bland dancing.

By David M.

Im not a big fan of west end London but I got dragged down here on a night out and was pleasantly surprised. Had of course heard of the Café de Paris but was amazed by the lovely treats that were to be found inside!

By Andy P.

Wow Café de Paris is without doubt one of the nicest venues I have been to. Me and my mates were dead impressed with the luxurious décor and for one night only we felt like kings. It was fairly expensive but I guess they can warrant it given the rich history of the place.

By Tori J.

Ooh La La is all I can say! :d This is great for cabaret. And, well, my bf loves the burlesque shows (i guess that goes without saying!). And Saturday night's Wam Bam Club has dinner with cabaret, burlesque etc, so I can tuck into some good food while he's eyeing up the ladies. Perve!

By Oliver H.

Cafe de Paris oozes decadence from every highly preened paw, I came here with a big group of friends as the weekend and lapped up the atmosphere like a newly fed babe! Will definitely be recommending this tour de force club to friends, can't wait to get back here to bask in lavishness once more!

By Lily M.

Fairly ok, depends on the crowd. Better than a lot of West End club. Music ok, decor quite fun but too big.

By Chris S.

If I could I would leave a rating for this pretentious, shabby, horrid place without any stars - but the system doesn't allow it unfortunately. We were on the guestlist - what a scam - so we queued for about 20 minutes (i thought guestlist means your queue is shorter than the ones who are not on the list, but clearly, my mistake). Then we were greeted by a horrid little gay man, who thought he is God or something. He was extremely rude in talking to us, though he had no reason, as we were very polite. Then came in a tall attitude-problem-chick, also very rude. After this we decided to say byebye to the whole thing and ended up going out somewhere else. I don't know if management reads these reviews, but woooow wake up! Change your staff, otherwise u'll end up closing this dump soon enough. We Certainly hope so.

By Stephen F.

Don't go to Cafe de Paris coz staff in there is really rude and it not worth it at all. I will never ever go that club again!

By Sophia B.

Amazing night for my friends birthday! We went for the show and dinner - both of which were excellent! I told the waiter it was my friends birthday and he brought her dessert out with sparklers and made a real fuss of her which was nice. We then stayed on for the club - our table was cleared which was explained to us in advance so we made our way to the bar to get some more drinks before the dancing begins. Drinks prices pretty much the same as all other clubs and bars within the west end area, music fantastic and atmosphere superb. Staff were great! We will most definitely go back!

By Emilie M.

Went for a family member 70th birthday party. Food and drinks are way overpriced when you taste the quality of what you get. Also, staff is just rude, security rude and manager hasn't got a clue. We were evicted for no apparent reasons, and when spoke to the manager he agreed to let us back in and apologized. As we walked back in the bouncers jumped on our group to push us out. That was just disappointing, will never recommend to anyone. Sad as the actual show was really good...

By Suzanne J.

I went to the Café de Paris on a Saturday night with 4 friends and honestly It was the best evening that I spent! The interior is majestic and prestigious with a huge crystal chandelier in the middle of this spacious nightclub! This is really a good place to go out with friends !! People are really fun and The atmosphere is CRAZY ! I'm not surprised that apparently many celebrities go there ! When the nightclub is fills up, you can see people on your left, on your right and at the top thanks to upstairs ! Plus, we had a very good plan : we were enter on guest list thanks to London Lux Guest List and we could enjoy many advantages like free admission and free drinks! It's an incredible experience! Try it really is a great plan! Sure I will return soon ! It's an incredible experience!

By Kamie S.

I went to Cafe de Paris last Fri and had an amazing time. The food was superb, I had smoked salmon to start, my main was lamb & brownie for dessert it was all cooked to perfection. The burlesque and cabaret show was such an enjoyment, I was never bored and always waiting to see what was next! The cocktails were gorgeous my favourite was the Dita Von Tini. I will defiantly be recommending to all my friends to come here for a night out and I shall be returning for sure!

By Zoe D.

Still trying to ride on its historical relevance on the London club scene, Cafe de Paris is nothing more than an outdated, worn out hell hole with abominably rude staff who seem set to ruin what should be a good night out. Please be warned they may not let you in if they simply do not like 'the look of you' - but actually, they are doing you a favour, because once inside it gets even worse. Sour-faced hostesses, over-priced drinks and decor which may have once looked impressive all add up to a mediocre night out at best. Avoid at all costs and spend your hard earned money somewhere which actually seems to want custom.

By Jodie M.

One club in London that I find myself going back to. A lot of rude staff and overpriced drinks, but it kinda goes with the territory. Great decor, very spacious, and overall a good night out.

By Shaun J.

Ive had some crazy nights in Café de Paris over the years and I keep coming back as it is one of the best of its kind. Me and a buddy frequent here fairly often and we regularly enjoy the great food and service that the venue boasts.

By Robert G.

Ive heard Café de Paris has a bit of a celebrity following and this keeps me coming back as I love a good sighting now and again. Great venue also I must say, come to Cafe de Paris and you wont be disappointed.

By Nick T.

The moment you walk into Café de Paris you will be blown away I can assure you. Everything screams opulence and a rich history that this 90 plus year old establishment boasts. Come to Cafe de Paris and you will love it.

By Bob J.

I regularly take my clients to Café de Paris as it never disappoints! Im on first name basis with many of the lovely waitresses and that alone impresses my guests. Food is great, if slightly limited but heck that’s not what you come to Cafe de Paris for is it.

By Pete B.

I love Café de Paris have been there many times and it continues to impress my during every visit. If you like luxury then you will love Café de Paris, the dancers are beautiful, the food good, and the champagne expensive. What’s not to like!?

By Nick T.

Café de Paris has managed to avoid becoming too over commercialised despite its prime tourist location. I salute the place for this and will definitely be coming back.

By George L.

I have been to the Moulin Rouge in Paris and Café de Paris certainly compares in terms of spectacle and quality of service on offer. The cabaret show was very good indeed, and the food was decent. Only offering set menus, as many cabaret clubs do, there wasn’t much choice but there you go.

By William S.

Café de Paris is a great venue period. The sweeping staircases scream opulence as do the wonderful chandeliers and expensive fittings everywhere. The cabaret show wasn’t one of the best I have seen but you should come to Cafe de Paris just to experience the building itself.

By Josh A.

Having never done cabaret before, Café de Paris was somewhat a shock to the system. The fabulous décor made me feel like I was in a building rich in history (which I know it is) and I am told that it is largely unchanged from its early days, some 90 years ago! Definitely worth a visit.

By Jericho W.

I just love the performances on this club! Circus acts on my first visit, then fashion shows on the second one! Amazing place! I just can't help but compare it to the higher end clubs out there, but this one for me is the best! I was hooked up by the guys at London Night Guide, and boy, I was so impressed. Cocktails are not too pricey, but they taste amazing. The people are also so friendly. I would definitely come back.

By Max K.

Cafe de Paris is the kind of place perfect if you're looking for somewhere central that's just a bit glamorous. It's not quite as nice as once it was, but it's really not bad - and the staff are lovely: I think Cafe de Paris trains them well, from what I hear.

By . ..

Some friends of mine have been raving about Cafe de Paris for the longest time to me and after attending recently I can now see why. The cabaret was amazing to watch and the vibe of the whole place was very cool. Definitely Recommend!

By Roxy S.

i went to the Wam Bam Club last Saturday and the show was above excellent. The venue was nice but the show was the winner. I went to the Black Cat Cabaret the month before and it was dreadful. terrible cheap show. the club after is ok but better in the small back room with the wam bam people. I would go back for Wam Bam but nothing else.

By Jordan H.

I was more than impressed with my night at Cafe De Paris. The entertainment available at this delightful gem in the West End is second to none. Live dancers and great music combined for an epic night for my friends. Top notch from Cafe De Paris!

By John M.

WOW! Cafe de Paris has to be the hot spot in West End! I went last weekend with my friends for my Birthday and had the most amazing time! Everyone is so friendly in their and the Cafe de Paris team defiantly knows how to throw a party! If you want to go to a club where you can guarantee to have a good night then go to Cafe de Paris! Thank You John x

By Kalvin W.

Wow! I eventually got around to visiting the Cafe De Paris for the evening and it is now one of my favourite West End spots. I went with some friends on a Saturday night and the entertainment didn't disappoint, there was comedy, singing, plenty of dancing and even some impressive burlesque. Will definitely be back

By Kay S.

Cafe de Paris was amazing this weekend, I was part of a Hen party and went to the Wam Bam show and then stayed in the club till after. I had a wicked time, its an cool venue and drink prices weren't that bad either.

By Imogen H.

Had a hen party and was not sure where to go so went to the dinner and cabaret at cafe de Paris! The venue is beautiful, the entertainment first class, the food was OK but the night was a success!

By Claire K.

Love Cafe de Paris! Such a beautiful place and the cabaret nights are such good fun! So looking forward to going back.

By James B.

Went to the dinner and cabaret at cafe de Paris last night, really good night. Food and show was excellent. Venue is amazing, such a beautiful room and really well maintained. Stayed on later for the club night afterwards. Quite nice customers and good atmosphere. All staff we encountered were really polite and helpful without being stuffy. Food and drink prices quite reasonable, in line with my expectations. Overall really impressed with Cafe de Paris. I did not have high hopes for a venue on the edge of Leicester square. Happy to say I was wrong. Definitely worth going back.

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