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The Captain Kidd is a traditional pub offering classic pub fare in the upstairs dining area. Open air seating is also available overlooking the Thames.

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Captain Kidd reviews

By Mark K.

On Saturday 12 November a group of mostly gay friends and I walked in to the Captain Kidd public house on 108 Wapping High Street E1W 3SJ and were immediately refused service and asked to leave. The staff/management were rude. We were told that if we had “more girls in the group” then we would have been allowed to stay. One of our friends was asked “are you with THAT lot?” When asked why we were not welcome, we were told the venue did not accept groups as a policy and had been mandated by the brewery “by memo” and since we had not booked, we would have to leave. I find this hard to believe. When I challenged the unhappy and aggressive barmaid and noted that some of our group had already been served she said we could have one drink but then would have to scram. Having been treated so badly and so unwelcome, we didn't see why we should put ANY money over the bar. We did not take up the offer and left as requested. While I can understand that groups can pose problems when on stag nights, hen nights, football after parties, heavily under the influence and a disturbance to customers, on this occasion our group was NONE of the above. We were a mixed group including female friends, though majority male, majority gay. Many of the gay boys present were in fact members of a well-established London gay social community group. We clearly posed no threat to anyone! Since it would have taken 3min to observe how the group were interacting with each other (which was friendly and not rowdy), how they were engaging with the staff (which was polite not brash) and what impact the group had on the venue (which was minimal), I do not understand why we were met with such resistance.

By Radu M.

It's a great pub and the staff and managers are great! They really offer a great service! No wonder they are so busy!I'll certainly recommend it to all my friends !

By Oliver M.

Nice pub and location but a shame the landlord is rude and offensive to customers at no provocation whatsoever. And I have to agree with previous comments about the food. Terrible. If you come, come for a beer and check the view. But then move on.

By Laura A.

very happy to have found a true traditional pub in London! they've got only one real ale but it's extremely well kept...

By Laura A.

very happy to have found a true traditional pub in London! they've got only one real ale but it's extremely well kept...

By John S.

There is nothing wrong with the pub itself. I think is one of the best with a great beer and not to say about the location. I actually do love to go and gather there with my friends. My only issue is the management. More exactly the landlord. He is rude without any customer service skill at all. He is so arrogant that he couldn't find his belly bottom. Since the new management took over the prices went up and obviously the management-customer relationship is right on the rubbish bin. I can make any comments about food as I have never eaten there. To be honest I hardly would go back again and obviously wouldn't recommended anymore.

By Mark S.

Very good pub with great views over the Thames and I really enjoyed my roast on Sunday. I can't speak for everything they had on the menu but the roast was good value for £7.95! The staff are very efficient and the ale is top class!

By John M.

What a shame. The Captain Kid has a great location and serves one of my favourite beers. But the food is simply awful. This is pub grub at its worst. Do not go here to eat no matter how hungry. You will be served sloppy microwave food. That is all they do. Additionally, the management have no people skills whatsoever and know nothing about customer relations. That said, the manageress was at least honest enough to agree that their food was awful, saying "what else do you expect for that price". Silly me. Don't make the same mistake.

By Mark U.

This pub serves the worst pub food I've ever had. And to top it off, the staff - particularly the manageress - are completely ineffectual and terrible at customer service. Went there this evening with my partner for a meal thinking that since the decor was good & the beer had been good on previous occasions that the food might also be nice. Big mistake! I got the Thai Green Curry & it was not like any Thai Green Curry I've ever had before. It was more like some kind vegetable soup with a tiny bit of chilli in it. I took 1 mouthful and decided it was so substandard that I'd take it back & ask for a refund - usually something I'm too embarrassed to do but on this occasion it really was required. The response I got was incredible. According to the manageress they are a pub, not a restaurant, so they do not serve good quality food. Apparently no "real" pub does. It's always bought in, microwaved food. Because they gave it to me hot and there was not something wrong, such as piece of - I quote - "plastic" in it they could not give me a refund. To be honest, with the low price of the food I really wasn't expecting wonders but I was expecting something akin to a Thai Green Curry. She also suggested that I was not the first to complain, particularly with regard to the green curry, but the impression she gave was that the food was so bad that if she gave me a refund for it being substandard she would have to give everyone a refund. The manageress also seemed to think that a refund to me would result in the money essentially coming out of her pocket, which is something I sincerely doubt. So, this is a warning to all those who are considering a meal at the Captain Kidd... even the management think their food is rubbish. You're better off going to McDonadls & you'll probably get better service by a manager who actually has a clue. I'd also welcome any comments from any other publicans out there re real pubs not serving decent food?

By Collette G.

The Captain Kidd is a lovely, friendly pub in a nice location with great views, the food is fab and the staff are welcoming, especially the management maggie and Craig who are professional and freindly and they create a fantastic enviroment to drink or eat in.

By M.

Did you know that Captain Kidd was Nick Lesson's local hang out when he was working at Barings + living in Wapping? Captain Kidd is easily the best pub in London plus the £1.70 a pint foreign lager is superb!

By C.

The Captain Kidd is a fantastic pub. I travel from across the river in Canada Water to drink here as it's miles better than my local pubs. The beer is great and very reasonably priced at about £2 a pint, and the service fantastic. They also do great food as well, and in summer the beer garden offers lovely views of the Thames & Canary Wharf.

By P.

The Captain Kidd is my favorite local and has great food upstairs at "The Gallows" with fantastic view of the river Thames and Canary Wharf!

By Knight H.

It's great to be by the Thames on a pleasant evening and few pubs are as well situated to appreciate her charms as Captain Kidd.

The Venue
From the street, Captain Kidd doesn't look like much with just a sign hanging over a doorway. Once through the door, you pass through a small, attractive courtyard until you come into the pub proper.

Once inside, it opens up into a handsome large space with a central bar. Plenty of exposed brick and big square timber posts emphasise its former warehouse heritage. However, the real magic is outside on the L-shaped terrace. When you sit out there smelling the sea air and watching the boats go by, it’s hard to imagine how life could get any better. Especially as the sun starts to set and reflects its pinky hues off the towers of Canary Wharf to the east – who needs to holiday somewhere exotic?

The Thames is quite narrow at this point, which brings all the river action even closer to your perch. Named after a pirate who was hanged in 1701, Captain Kidd has long ago shed his peg leg and eye-patch and is now a comfortable upmarket pub.

The Atmosphere
Captain Kidd is very relaxed and chilled. It's hard to stay pissed off at anyone or anything with the water gently sloshing against the shore below. There is no canned music to drown out the sounds of the river or the hum of conversation. Bar staff are mature, efficient and friendly.

The Food
The bar menu is divided into light bites, main meals and puddings. Nothing breaks the £6 barrier. Mains are heavy on pies and pastas - classic stodge that will stick to your ribs but not break your bank. There is also a proper restaurant upstairs.

The Drink
Captain Kidd has a range of Samuel Smith draught beers: Alpine Lager, Organic Wheat Beer, Pure Brewed Lager, Taddy Lager, Sovereign Best Bitter and Old Brewery Bitter. Bottled Samuel Smith Organic Cider and Cherry Cider are pleasant substitutes to beer. There are also wines by the glass and well-priced bottles to share outside.

The Last Word
Captain Kidd has one of the finest riverside patios in London. Get yourself down there the next time the sun decides to make a rare appearance.

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