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The Carlsberg Sports Bar is open within The Empire Casino and shows all the latest sporting events including Premier League football, Wimbledon, UFC and the Olympics.

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Carlsberg Sports Bar reviews

By Eric C.

I watched the West Ham v Chelsea match here last weekend. I thought the atmosphere was amazing!! Apart from the benefit of having matches on multiple screens, the food was quick, good and well priced. Defo become my spot for matches from now on!

By Padraig C.

The Carlsberg Sports Bar provides comfort food, frothy beers and plenty of screens for that big match experience.

The Venue
Situated as it is in a casino, the bar is lit in electric greens (keeping up the Carlsberg theme) with thick carpets and glass and chrome fixtures. The layout is ideal for big sporting events, with one main screen, and plenty of smaller screens on the periphery of the viewing floor.

The Atmosphere
The Carlsberg Sports Bar is clearly targeting a male demographic, although not necessarily in an exclusive way. The courteous and highly efficient cohort of waitresses perform feats of gymnastic excellence by bobbing and weaving out of sports fans’ lines of vision, as they deliver pitchers of beers and platters of food through the viewing area. Staff wear uniforms emblazoned with the Carlsberg logo, with the proprietors making sure a good branding opportunity does not go to waste.

As with any casino, there is a strong security presence, which does give the venue a somewhat edgy feel.

The Food
Given the location on Leicester Square, the food is remarkably good value for money, with breakfast priced at £8, and a rib-eye steak competitively pitched at £16. American style platters are the order of the day. Try the Carlsberg Platter (£16) of pork and beef ribs, fish goujons and onion rings. The fish in particular is delectable. It’s hardly a healthy option, but that’s hardly the point.

Patrons also have the option of ‘building their own burger’ (£7.50) by choosing from a range of cheeses, toppings and condiments, and a discernibly American theme to the food is continued with hot dogs, wings and nachos.

The Drink
The wine list is limited to one red, one white and a single rosé, but the cocktail list hits the mark with all the classic blends such as mojitos and margaritas (all £8.50). The beer list is extensive, but is dominated by mid-flavour lagers, and the inclusion of a couple of weissbiers wouldn’t go astray.

The Last Word
Although not for everyone, the Carlsberg Sports Bar achieves its aim of providing a decent venue for big sporting events. The food is a cut above most similar venues, and competitively priced too.

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