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Carnaby Zebrano is split over two floors with the upstairs hosting a small and cosy bar where guest can hang out and relax, whilst the downstairs has two large bars and DJs playing through the weekend. Carnaby Zebrano also has an extremely popular outdoor area where guests can soak up the unique Soho atmosphere whilst enjoying fantastic, modern international food and drink.

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"Zebrano Carnaby is split over two floors, with the ground floor hosting a casual dining brasserie and bar. The menu is a mixture of delicious, mainly European dishes along with sharing platters and smaller dishes. Zebrano Brasserie also has an extremely popular outdoor terrace, where guests can soak up the unique Carnaby ambience. Downstairs has two large bars and DJs playing through the weekend, while an extensive drinks menu caters for every palate. The expert bar team serves up an inventive, colourful range of the venue's speciality - cocktails. From innovative takes on the classics to the bespoke signature recipes, Zebrano cocktails deliver both artistry as well as a delightfully subtle kick where needed! With an amazing happy hour deal offering 50% off cocktails, £2.95 for selected beers and wines, and double measure of house spirits for the price of a single, Zebrano provides the perfect opportunity to sample both the cocktail list and the great selection of house wines. Make your booking now and see what all the fuss is about.... Share the magic!"

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Carnaby Zebrano reviews

By Chris B.

A great bar/restaurant just off of Carnaby Street - highly recommended!

I popped into Carnaby Zebrano for lunch today, it's a great bar/restaurant just off of the main Carnaby shopping street and I have been for drinks before, but never eaten. I had the crab linguini today and it was absolutely delicious! The food is all reasonably priced and the staff were really friendly. I will definitely be coming back for lunch when I'm in the area.

By J.

I LOVE the cocktails in Zebrano, me and the girls are in there nearly every Friday and I just can't get enough of the great drinks and fun atmosphere. Head down to Zebrano, it's worth it!

By Ben K.

I went here Thursday with a group of friends. First of all they did not find us seating, A waitress told us she will come and serve us in a few minutes we had to wait 30 minutes to be served! and three groups were served before us! then we complained, and while we ate, the trainee waitress asked for us to pay the bill while we eat!!! we then complained and a staff member offered free drinks on several occasions, but we declined.I would come to the summation that things run at the top are flawed with inexperienced staff and an extremely extremely rude manager. I feel that this place would appeal to drunken hipsters and hoodies, it has less class than a brothel, not relating to the decor and location, but relating to the rude staff, inadequate managerial style and behavior. It was horrible service. One of the worst bars I have ever experienced, with rubbery steak, salty drinks and 3 day old waitresses on training. I have already made small against the manager for his services, and hopefully they will be investigated.This place will always remain a very bad memory that turned my night around, Being an accountant maybe puts me in the 'boring' bracket on a night out. but in all my life I can honestly say I have never ever experienced anything as bad as this in my life.

By M M.

Been to Zebrano twice now. Always got invited by someone in the street with a half-price cocktail offer. Both times were allright. The cocktails are tasty (tho quite expensive on regular price) and the decor looks nice. One night there were not too many people and me and my bf could sit down and drink kinda intimate. The other night it was totally packed with people. It's not a place I'd totally fall for, but its allright from time to time...

By Lucie G.

Came here last Saturday and had a brilliant night! The staff were lovely and helpful, the food was gorgeous, cocktails were lush! Cant wait to be back next Saturday, I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a good time!

By Jess Nicole C.

I have previously been to this bar a few times and I have always had a really good time. I went again last Saturday and again I really enjoyed myself. The food was really good and there was a nice atmosphere. I also likeed the music, they have some good DJ's on Saturday.

By Simon P.

Zebrano is a must go to! I went last week with work colleages and the atmosphere, food and drinks were on point, and made our evening!

By Abi D.

I went here on Saturday , The night started off with a few beers with some friends i hadn't seen in a while we only meant to stay for an hour or so but stayed for the whole night, it was easy to stay! we had good service the whole night and went downstairs to dance for the rest of the night! Try Zebrano out it was alot of fun!

By Tom M.

I come here all the time after work and on the weekend, never ever had a bad night here or anything other then 5* treatment and service whilst at zebrano amazing cocktails and great deals on happy hour!

By Sophie T.

Went here for the first time the other night. Had a fantastic time. Friendly staff and great drinks deals. A brilliant night!

By Alexandra M.

Went to Zebrano this weekend for a couple of post work drinks. I'm a big fan of the drinks and food deals and the music was good too. Was my first time there and will 100% be returning again soon!

By Phil H.

A night with great potential was ruined here by appalling service at the downstairs bar. I was ignored by bar staff for half an hour and passed over for other customers. The music was so loud I couldn't hear my friends so didn't stay long. Doorman was friendly but wouldn't recommend it if you value being treated with respect.

By Sofia S.

A little gem in the heart of Soho, conveniently located by Carnaby street and a great place to take a quick break from shopping. Go back in the evening and it's so lively! Lots of dancing, fabulous drinks offers. I've never been disappointed by a night spent at Zebrano :D

By Sophie P.

This place is amazing! So glad we found it. The first time we went was after a hardcore day shopping and was so nice to chill with the delicious cocktails and food. The weekend after we returned for a night out and it was still amazing! The music and atmosphere was perfect.

By Justin E.

Without a question had one of the best nights out at zabrano in a while, the place had a really really good atmosphere.

By Rachel B.

Had the best night here on Friday. Great cocktails, food and atmosphere and the staff were really friendly. The venue was even dressed for their monthly themed night. Love Zebrano!!

By Jasmine M.

Lovely place and great location.....however, as we all arrived for my sisters 30thy their were a few problems. Firstly we all said in advance we wanted the cocktail making classes. Now with a large group of us, really we should have been doing them 5 at a time, instead it was 2, and people got bored very quickly. The cocktail making itself should have been a long drink, a short drink, a shot and a champagne cocktail for who ever won the cocktail making competition. We arrived and all had a shot of sambuca, which they later said was our shot, fair enough, but then they said we could only make one cocktail each as we were using more than normal measures. A lot of the guest had spent a lot of money for this evening, and charging basically 25 pounds for one cocktail was stupid. A few hours later after the music was playing and drinks were flowing, we were surprised to see people in our private section. Because it was a burlesque theme, we were all comfortable with our coats and bags everywhere until people came to the top bar. Then an hour after that, they literally turned the lights off, even though we hadn't asked for it. People had to ask why they were switched off and to turn them on, but they refused. A lovely place but horrendous service

By Amanda W.

Didn't really want to go out but was dragged here by a friend. So glad I was though - I ended up having such a great night! Cocktails were amazing and the music was perfect to throw a few shapes to - I can definitely see it becoming my favourite haunt!

By H M.

My regular post-work haunt. Mostly because they have some of THE most mouth-watering cocktails I've ever had. Food is also surprisingly good for a bar. Nice for a spot of lunch.

By Sheena R.

A really cool place, with good music and a good crowd, major downfall is the poor customer service! Something to beware of if you book an area! I celebrated my birthday at Zebranos and was asked to give up one of my tables half way through the night. I had received booking confirmation and spoken to the staff securing my area - this didn't seem to be enough. Recommend you spend your money elsewhere, there are plenty of cool places in London without this unnecessary hassle.

By Matt S.

I don't know what Sammy must have done to wind the bouncers up the wrong way, but I've always found the staff at Zebranos to be really welcoming. I don't think I've seen anyone turned away (unless of course they were under-aged or the place was full to capacity). It's a great little spot just around the corner from my office in Soho and it never fails to deliver for a fun night out.

By Sam C.

Great view from outside, design ok, music same as every place in soho. But the success (or whatever) has made the staff very arrogant! Last time I went, the service (bouncers, barmaids and manager) was very rude. They did not allow my friends to get in, pretending they were drunk and it was completely wrong. I cant believe they lie! Another thing, this place attracts a lot of chav and perverts!

By Tally W.

One of the best value and friendliest bars in Soho! Amazing for post work drinks, and the club is amazing at the weekends. I recommend going down for happy hour - AND try out the food, its delicious.

By Ciukas C.

Superb! Had a night out with my friends and all can say - will be comin back because of service!! Sometimes you have to wait, but if you want to see something amazing when it comes to service - go to your left when you go to the bar downstairs. Even if you'll have to stand for a minute of five - observe the Zimbabwean guy that works there. Pure quality. Happy hour means £3.5 for a cocktail - what more can yo uask for? Was goin there, will be goin to!

By Hannah R.

Given that Zebrano is a late night bar and club, I wasn't sure how well it would do as a lunch venue but I was pleasantly surprised. We dined here more due to the location than choice, but the venue was clean with a great ambience and they welcomed children. Most impressive though was the food. Far from the style of mass-microwaving, Zebrano's menu included large, fresh dishes such as Pappardelle Pasta with Spring Onions and Pesto, Cajun Spiced Chicken Caesar Salad and a Mackerel Nicoise. What's more, we could use our View Card which guaranteed 50% off everything on the menu, making lunch for 3 just less than £17 including soft drinks.

By Tacita V.

Great food and great cocktails are a rare thing indeed, and yet Zebrano Carnaby manages to pull it off with aplomb.

The Venue
Even though Zebrano Carnaby is just off the world-famous Carnaby Street, it is inconspicuous at first. A tiny outdoor patio area – this is Soho, after all - and a modestly-sized room past the entrance door do not prepare you for the venue’s large basement, with its dim lighting and sultry decor.

In the club, deep red walls with black floral motifs decorate a split-level drinking area. Just past the entrance there is the main bar, long and attractive thanks to deep red lights and a classy bottle display. A smaller second bar is tucked away at the end of the dance floor, average in size but grand in popularity.

In the sultry darkness you may not notice the shiny ceiling and wood paneling (the venue takes its name from the African wood used on the walls), but the overall impression is one of class without any snobbishness.

The oxblood and wooden decor is also prominent upstairs on the ground floor bar but it doesn’t have the same success - here the old wooden floor, non descriptive square tables and mix and match of chairs clash with the contemporary wooden paneling on two walls. This is a minor flaw, though, as overall the venue looks great without emanating pretentiousness from every corner.

The Atmosphere
If the downstairs is definitely a club, the nature of the ground floor is somewhat indefinable: part bar, part restaurant, the loud music does not belong to either but somewhat introduces you to the large underground den. Central London venues are notoriously full of tourists, office parties and those new to town, often over or under dressed for the occasion. Zebrano Carnaby is no exception and if glittery, skimpy dresses worn with sandals in winter are less evident in the club, they can be very noticeable in the bar and patio areas while the exact opposite is true for the occasional fleece jumper with trainers. However, Zebrano rightfully attract some Londoners in their late 20s and early 30s, and they’re not lairy party animals - this crowd is engaging and pleasant. In fact, the atmosphere in the club is somewhat perfect and it is very easy to enjoy yourself.

If the music in the bar-restaurant is a bit too loud, in the club it is more than acceptable and you will not need to shout at the top of your voice to order drinks. The chart-topping selection will get you moving and the dancers in sexy outfits strutting their stuff on the tables add a dash of extravagance that make nights out worth remembering.

The Food
What surprises about Zebrano Carnaby is the astonishing quality of the food. Perfect presentation, high quality ingredients and a good variety at decent prices secure the popularity of a venue which would do well regardless.

The menu doesn’t lavish lots of hyperbole on its descriptions so when it arrives it’s a pleasant surprise. For light bites (£4-£6), the wild mushroom bruschetta is a tasty introduction to the exquisite presentation of all the dishes. Served on a large square plate, a thin slice of toasted bread with a layer of pesto is buried under a tower of vegetables. Plenty of warm mushrooms are stacked with grilled peppers and cooked cherry tomatoes, with a garnish of Julienne salad and a single line of balsamic dressing. The goat’s cheese salad with rocket, cherry tomatoes and croutons is just as delicious; the contrast between the sweet vinaigrette and the goat’s cheese works very well and there are plenty of vegetables to bulk up the dish.

For mains (£7-£10.50), you can choose from grilled salmon with roasted vegetable cous cous, Cajun chicken with Caesar and bacon salad and many others. Otherwise you can opt for a platter (£11-£13.50) to share, which are particularly popular here. The grilled platter includes a variety of meats of excellent quality. The ribs are exceptionally tender and literally fall off the bone. The honey and mustard sausages are very good and so are the tasty mini burgers. The jerk chicken skewers are generously seasoned and for this reason could be too spicy for some people, although they make up for it by being cooked to perfection. The vegetarian platter, instead, offers roasted cherry tomato and mozzarella balls skewers, dips with fresh vegetables, roasted vegetable skewers and falafels, which are slightly dull in taste and very crumbly. Everything is presented on the same large square plate, which hardly fits on the table.

The desserts (£3.50-£4) are presented to just as high standards. The chocolate truffle cake with strawberry coulis is soft and hard to resist, whilst the fresh fruit salad is freshly prepared and works well to refresh your mouth after your meal.

The Drink
On the ground floor you can choose from a handful of cocktails (£7 or £20-£22 by the jug) and a good selection of Champagne bottles (£25-£195). They also serve a dozen wines (£13.50-£28.50 by the bottle or £3.50-£4.80 by the glass) to go with your meal as well as bottled beers (£3.25-£3.40), soft drinks, coffees and teas (£1.50-£3). Even a banal tea shows quality here, since the mint tea is made out of a generous handful of fresh leaves. When it comes to serious drinking, downstairs is where you want to be. The cocktail list is much longer and includes short and long drinks, Martinis (all £7), Champagne cocktails (£8-£9), mocktails (£4.50), shooters (£6) and everything else that’s available at the bar on the ground floor.

The cocktails are prepared with care, and presentation plays an important role. The Carnaby Caipirinha (fresh raspberry, blackberries and strawberries with Sagatiba) has plenty of fresh fruit, left whole for you to see it is not frozen. The Zebrano (apple and cucumber vodka, passoa, fresh cucumber, passion fruit, fresh apple juice and ginger ale) not only looks great but it has an interesting new flavour from the mix of the sweet passion fruit and the distinctive cucumber.

The Last Word
The cocktail bar and club in the basement are Zebrano Carnaby’s biggest selling point, so it is perhaps a little surprising that they go to so much effort to produce such elaborately-presented food. It is to their credit that they strive to produce such quality food and drink and this combined with the unpretentious and friendly atmosphere makes Zebrano Carnaby a great place for a night out.

By Elizabeth F.

Fantastic club. We actually saw in the new year here as well due to a high opinion of the place. Prices are very reasonable, music is on top form everytime. Would definitely recommend this club for a great night out with your friends.

By Kai B.

I recently visited London and found myself around Carnaby Street and Richmond. The food was good and the cocktails and service was relaxed, friendly and unobtrusive. It was children friendly. In fact I went there twice in two days. Partly because I had a 50% off food voucher, but I could have chosen many others. They were welcoming and it was a nice quiet escape from the busy streets outside. I would go back.

By Rosie L.

The extensive cocktail at Zebrano in Ganton Street is enough to guarantee the best night out. I was dancing all night on a dance floor which was heaving.

The atmosphere was buzzing – I really did enjoy myself. In fact, I enjoyed myself so much that I cambe back the next day and saw that teh food menu had an extensive list of delicious dishes – I didn’t know what to choose.

In the end I got one of the platters to share with my friends and I ate so much I was so incredibly stuffed afterwards!

By Kai J.

this is the worse bar i have ever been to and i have been to quite a few. Would never return or recommend.

Had an appalling time and the only reason we stayed was that our barmen made good cocktails but i've had better elsewhere.

Utter rubbish, you could only order cocktails upstairs however you couldn't order food downstairs so unless you want to traipse up and down the whole night as you weren't allowed to take your cocktails upstairs! what a hassle for some drinks and food!!!!

By Paul W.

Had a great night out here yesterday! Good drinks, nice atmosphere, good music. Ask for Nathaniel. He'll look after you.

By Cri L.

Excellent food! Good lunch deals too... proper homemade food for an average of £7.

Ask for Nathaniel who has always recommended me the best dish to order.

By Laura D.

Really enjoy this place for any time in the evening, whether its for after-work drinks, pre-drinks or a late nighter.

Good location, nice inside design and friendly staff. They've got a decent selection of drinks and the food is quite nice as well if you're just after a small bite.

Especially in the summer, it's always nice to sit outside and enjoy Soho's buzzing after-work atmosphere.

I've never got disappointed and will surely come back more often.

By Tanya F.


Worst place ever. 5 of us went here for lunch, not only did they take our order down wrong, but got aggressive with us about it argued with us about what they thought we ordered & wouldnt give us the correct food, the waiter started shouting at us and this is not acceptable behaviour as the customer should always be right.

They didnt even bring us cutlery for our food & we had to ask twice for the bill. Definately the worst place i have ever been. They treated us appallingly.

By Anna K.

I just came here for lunch with a bunch of friends from work and i have to say the service was truly appalling.

It took them ages to give us a menu, and then, when we ordered the server wasn't really listening to what we were saying and being as slow as a snail.

Our food then arrived quite quickly, but we didn't get two of the dishes that we ordered and when we informed them of the error, one of the waiters had the audacity to argue with us and tell us we had made a mistake.

We told him what had happened and he continued to argue with us, quite aggressively, i might add and patronise us all. I visit A LOT of cafes/bars for lunch in London and work within a large team of people, all of whom listen to my views about where to eat/drink.

Under no circumstances would i recommend ANYONE going to this place unless you're into long waiting times, rude and obnoxious staff and zero atmosphere.

If i wasn't someone to stay within the law, i would have walked out and not paid...very very disappointed and if i could give minus stars i would.

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