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Catcher in the Rye is a lively and friendly pub in Finchley. They offer a menu of traditional pub food including burgers, salads, vegetarian options and daily changing specials.

Ranked #255 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
Part of the Faucet Inn group
"A beautifully designed pub in Finchley with a patio area for sunshine drinking.

A fantastic local with friendly staff, cosy interior and delicious home made food. With its laid back atmosphere, the Catcher is the perfect place for a bite to eat or a couple of drinks with family or friends."

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Catcher in the Rye reviews

By Jaquie S.

We came her on Sunday with the in-laws after hearing the roasts were especially good, and they weren't wrong. The food was cooked perfectly and there was plenty of it, the waiter was really pleasant and took care of us really well. Out of all the other pubs in the area, this has to be the nicest. We will definitely be going back again, without the in-laws next time.

By Nilesh L.

Been going to to the Catcher in the Rye for around 4 years. Having lived in Finchley for a while but moved away a few years ago, I like to use to it meet up with friends when I'm in the area. Look, Its a good place, changed very little in ambiance and decor but that's not a bad thing as it generally has a good vibe (although can attract a slightly rowdy lot on Friday/Sat eve) but where doesn't? However, what has really gone downhill is the food. Times gone by I would look forward to having lunch there and spending a good few hours in the afternoon/evening. Unfortunately, the food is unrecognizable compared to what I used to eat there in previous years in terms of quality. I have felt very embarrassed the last two occasions I've been there and taken someone and the food has been pretty poor (as I've chosen the place to meet). I dont know if its a change of chef or management but the food has been disappointing. I can honestly say that as things are, I would rather eat at a Wetherspoons than at Catcher in the Rye anymore, and I cant believe I am saying that.

By David M.

This is a nice enough pub but the food is disappointing and over priced. I ordered a salt beef starter and I got a thin slice of cold processed beef dressed with a little sald. I ordered the Burger for the main. Nothing special. It came with five large reheated chips.What is so difficult about making fresh normal hand cut chips. I would call there for a drink again but definately not go for food.

By Kur O.

Went there for lunch today ordered a chicken and bacon sandwich WITHOUT the bacon, the lady taking the order was very polite and said that this was not a problem. Yes, surprise surprise it came with bacon, took the plate back and the manager assured me that they would quickly knock up a fresh one without bacon.They had the gaul to give me back the same plate with most of the bacon missing. Then gave me the most ingenuine apology. The guy was a complete idiot.

By Hayley P.

I went to this pub around August 08 and did find the staff a little on the short side and it was quite quiet. However I did go again just before christmas and it was very nice, decorative light for christmas and nice warm atmosphere and despite being a little busy there were a fair few seats and a good service at the bar. Very nice decor too.

By Suzanne B.

This is by far the nicest pub outside of Central London!!! The staff are friendly and helpful, the food is exceptional and reasonably priced (if you have any doubts just try the Sunday Roast) and the atmosphere is very laid back and chilled out!

By Ruth W.

Went to the Catcher in the Rye with some friends for meal and some drinks. The atmosphere was welcoming, the staff well presented, helpful and professional. Good variety of food to offer, didn't have to wait long for the meal and when it came it was spot on. The bar had various sitting areas with nice comfy sofas/chairs to relax in while we ate our meal and wound down for the evening. I will definately go again to try out the Sunday roast!

By James D.

I went to the Catcher in the Rye on Sunday with my mum for a roast. We thought the roast was excellent and good value. The service was good and there was a warm atmosphere.

By Mike E.

I was in this pub about a month ago - Sept 08 and I don't know what's happened between the reviews below and now but I am definitely NEVER going back to this pub !! I think there's new management there but it's a bit of a mess - as in the staff don't really know what they're doing, we were there on a saturday afternoon there was only 1 staff member !! They advertise food at the bar - but when we asked for a menu we were told "oh, we're not doing food today" ?? How can you "not" do food on a saturday?? When a second staff member showed up they decided to turn off all the beer so they could clean all the pipes and the pumps - no beer for about half an hour....We were pretty much the only people in the pub, there was a group of us of 7 and we weren't being rowdy, we're not rude loud people but 7 people talking at once is probably quite loud - anyway, not sure why but we pretty much got asked to leave by this random guy who we hadn't seen all day - and he was really rude !!! so then we were up at the bar paying and the bar staff and him started getting a bit aggro with us and both got very offensive !! So we left - and none of us will go back again. There was no management in sight - actually there was mainly no staff in sight !! There are so many other pubs in Finchley I definitely wouldn't go here

By P.

Catcher in the Rye is very much a gastropub - clean design, excellent quality food, comfortable seating and welcoming staff. I'd say Catcher in the Rye is the best gastropub in the area.

By L.

I used to go occasionally to Catcher in the Rye for pub quiz on Tuesdays, and wasn't sure if the refurbishment would spoil the nice 'local' atmosphere - but it's a great improvement.

Catcher in the Rye is a very relaxed, cool pub that gets busy but not so full that you can't talk or find a seat. I'd agree, one of the best in the area.

By J.

Catcher in the Rye has been recently refurbished and what a transformation it is - this is what a proper gastropub should feel like. Warm, comfortable, leather couches, bistro-style dining areas, gorgeous food in huge portions, rock star photography, elegant wooden floors throughout, open fireplaces and even an outside patio for the sunny months to come. The best choice in this area.

By P.

The Catcher in the Rye normally has a good selection of real ales, with Bombadier, Hancocks and Youngs Special being regular brews. This is one of those pubs where the staff are actually pleasant. Very close to the Two Brothers Fish Restaraunt, probably the best of its kind in North London.

By Jared L.

A stylish little chill out, the Catcher in the Rye’s relaxed atmosphere makes it a good spot to wind down over a few drinks.

The Venue
The Catcher in the Rye is a smart, modern North London gastropub. From the outside it looks to have been renovated and its quaint and subtle styling generates a welcoming feeling.

Inside, you’re greeted by a tidy looking bar area and a few bar stools. The pub is modestly-sized and there are plenty of comfy seats and sofas that are perfect for lounging. Seating areas are reasonably segregated and intimate meaning your space is never invaded and the pub doesn’t feel too packed. There are also a few outdoor seats but they’re a little cramped and no match for the cosy leather sofas inside.

Towards the back of the venue is a larger seating section. This is the most social area of the pub with the seats arranged closer together and a television showing all the latest news and sport. For those travelling from a little further afield, the Catcher in the Rye is easily accessible. A bus stop with links to the city centre sits on the doorstep and, with the North Circular just a few minutes away, there’s plenty of on-street parking.

The Atmosphere
The chilled out atmosphere at the Catcher in the Rye attracts a mix of punters out for casual drinks. The sparse seating layout means you retain your privacy whilst never feeling completely out in the cold. A television at the back of the pub shows news and sports, which gives the pub a little more buzz than usual. This certainly isn’t somewhere for a full-on party but it doesn’t try to be.

The bar staff are well presented and friendly although they’re a little quiet and somewhat casual on service. Perhaps the relaxed atmosphere has rubbed off a little too much on them?

The Food
A look at the menu suggests an exciting range of food, all freshly prepared by hand for great prices but sadly the product doesn’t quite match up. The menu makes the food suffer. Descriptions don’t tend to match what you receive and while the food is tasty, it’s a little disappointing.

When the menu promises hand cut chips it’s irritating when you receive oven chips. This runs throughout the menu with salads, sauces and other extras not quite living up to the menu’s elaborate descriptions. Despite this, the quality of the food is good although the portions are somewhat slender. With main meals starting at £8 it’s not expensive and is a fine choice for a bite to eat. Vegetarians are catered for but don’t expect a wide range of options. Also available are a selection of tapas-style bar snacks.

The Drink
The Catcher in the Rye offers an interesting selection of draught beer and caters to a variety of tastes. Carlsberg, San Miguel, Grolsch, Guinness and Kronenbourg are accompanied by a few bottled beers. With prices starting at £3 they’re reasonably priced.

A good range of wine offers bottles from all over the globe with the prices starting at £13. Several Champagnes and a standard selection of spirits are also available. The pub also has a basic cocktail menu that contains classics and a few shooters.

The Last Word
If you fancy chilling out over a few drinks then the Catcher in the Rye is a safe bet. It’s never going to be bustling with energy but the casual atmosphere and calm aesthetics make for a pleasant and relaxing experience.

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