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Chettinad restaurant offers a wide selection of authentic South Indian fare.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Thu 12:00-15:00
Fri-Sat 12:00-23:30
Sun 12:00-22:00

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Chettinad reviews

By D M.

Abishaa, the point of sites like this is for diners to express their experiences about restaurants so others can benefit from them. Your experience has nothing to do with mine so you should have written a new one instead of signing up just to 'reply' to mine. I see this is your first and only review so you'll probably learn as time goes on. While I'm happy that you had a fabulous time, I still did not and that doesn't change. My friends who visited last weekend didn't like it either and had just 3 pieces of meat in their curry, which according to me is shameful. And it was indeed a 20% tip (even for them) as it it was calculated on the pre-discount amount at 10% making it 20% on the 50% amount. Simple math. Even posh restaurants like Maximini and Seventeen to name just a few, first take off the 50% discount, THEN charge the 10%. Again, just my experience at Chettinad. Glad you had a fabulous time.

By D M.

The dosas at Chettinad restaurant are the only good thing about this place along with the younger waiting staff who are pleasant if not a little confused about what exactly Taste Card offers. There's a middle-aged grumpy Manager who is rude & makes up his own rules about the offers (said 50% isn't on quite a few things despite no mention of this on Taste Card's site). A 20% service was added to our 50% off bill. Service was slow and the curries were too thick and had 3 pieces of meat! About a 1000 better Indian restaurants in London to choose from in my opinion.

By Abira J.

I went hettinad with other friends in last week staffs are warm welcoming us, order the food and relaxed there for a while back music was really superb, good atmosphere food came on time all foods taste amazing and nothing left bit on the plate, price are reasonable and value for money. staffs are helpful and explaining the varieties of food. Highly recommend to everyone. We made arrangements to going back with big groups

By Suga T.

What a find.....South Indian food with very different spice compared to normal Indian Restaurants. Excellent value for money and have a good wine list. If you are looking for a different experience, then would highly recommend Chettinad Restaurant.

By Chris A.

I tried last week. I did not expect professional service, but would be great if there was someone who could have helped us to choose from the menu. It was a quiet evening and not busy in operation. We ended up browsing the IPhone and understand the spices. I have to thank the technology. The waiter was good to understand that we were new to the cuisine. He was pleasant. He told the curry that we chose was mildly spiced. But my wife was in tears after trying the food. The waiter was not concerned about our inconvenience at all. They need to know what they should suggest. It was a mere RIP-OFF with over order.

By Cris H.

Chettinad is very basic I'm sorry to say. I always read reviews before I try restaurants (rarely write them but will start now) so I'm forewarned. I wish I'd learnt from the user below's review who was spot on about the bad service, the tiny amount of meat in the curries and the service charge. I agree completely. Very average food, I make better food at home. When you enter they are friendly but when you mention taste card they lose their smiles and act like they're doing you a favour.

By Sal A.

I been to Chettinad yesterday and i must say that it was a pleasant experience. Greeted by friendly waiter and explained the menu in detail. We went with the waiters recommendation which was fish curry made with 23 spices and prawn curry. Food was fantastic and it was very reasonably priced. Would recommend this restaurant and would certainly recommend to try this out.

By Abishaa M.

i am regular taste-card customer to Chettinad and i totally disagree with this review. taste-card discount only available for the starter and main dish and you must pre book in advance to get the discount. The food is just fantastic, truly an authentic south Indian cuisine. My kids love the chicken dosa. Waiters are very friendly and welcoming. The service charge is only 10% and its clearly displayed in the menu. Would highly recommend this place as this has become our regular restaurant.

By Morris A.

This restaurant is fantastic. We walked in there assuming its another Indian restaurant, as my partner wanted curry. We were wrong, the food is very different from your normal Indian cuisine. The flavours are fresh and very authentic taste. Service was one of the best as the staff was very attentive and i believe the restaurant is just opened for 2 months. keep up the great work.

By Bryony Clare C.

This Indian restaurant ticks all the boxes if you want a tasty curry and friendly, eager-to-please service, but if you’re looking to be wowed, then you may not find it here. However, give it time and it may just surprise with its interesting and authentic Chettinad cuisine.

The Venue
Located between Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road underground stations, Chettinad is quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of shops and offices in the surrounding area. Only recently opened, it hasn’t yet attracted the wealth of diners searching for a place to eat in this popular part of London.

Chettinad offers a very clean and rather minimal space in terms of decoration with simple wooden tables and chairs, and sheets of billowing fabric that cover the skylights for a light and airy feel. There are large, decorative mirrors to make the room feel larger, but apart from that the walls are bare.

The Atmosphere
You’ll find a relaxed, casual atmosphere inside, which makes it a great place to come with groups of friends or colleagues after work. An intriguingly bizarre array of background music plays, from popular songs to a jazz style reminiscent of daytime detective shows. However they're quiet enough so as not to intrude on your evening. Service is extremely friendly and polite, although if they are busy, be sure to remind them if you’re still waiting on something and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

The Food
Chettinad is the name of a region in southern India and its particular cuisine is well-known for its spiciness, as well as its sweet and aromatic flavours. Dishes blend together a whole variety of different spices, which can include tamarind, cinnamon and cloves.

The restaurant proudly bears the tagline ‘Chettinad, the village restaurant where quality meets tradition’, and when you browse through the menu, you’ll discover a range of dishes specific to the Chettinad region and not often found in other Indian restaurants.

The extensive list of starters includes an assortment of spicy snacks, such as chilli eval which consists of large, satisfyingly crispy tiger prawns in a thick, rich tomato, chilli and spring onion sauce (mind out for the green chilli peppers included if you’re wary of too much spice), and chilli paneer, which adds salty Indian cheese to this spicy tomato dish. Other choices include soups and samosas, as well as smaller bites such as fried peanuts and pappadams (all starters priced about £2 - £6.95).

Now the mains get a little bit more exciting. Follow the tagline and go traditional with a Chettinad kozhi curry (£6.95) that combines chicken with twenty three different spices. The result is a warm and faintly sweet dish with distinct flavours of cardamom and ginger. Meen curry, not only has a great-sounding name, but also offers an interesting curry option with chunks of white fish in a tangy yet creamy tomato, tamarind and coconut sauce (£7.95). There are a few old favourites on the menu too in the form of kurma, masala and Madras. Only chicken, lamb, fish and vegetable options are on the menu as beef and pork are not part of the Chettinad cuisine.

You won’t be disappointed by the choice of accompaniments either. There are biriyanis made with Chettinad spices (£7-£9) and interesting rice dishes, including pulliyogare, which combines steamed rice with tamarind juice and crunchy fried peanuts (£2-£4). There are a few bread options too, including chapati and poori, which are fluffy fried flat breads that taste a lot like hot doughnuts, with much of the greasiness too.

After the more exciting main dishes, the desserts may seem a bit of a let-down, as often seems to be the way in curry houses where the main emphasis is on the savoury part of the meal - which is fine if you’ve already filled up on starters, breads and rices. They certainly have interesting names though. Jaggerry dosa is a golden pancake filled with coconut and a little too much butter, which gives it a very salty taste - the ice cream on top makes it slightly more appealing. There’s also kesari bhath, which is a traditional Sevalli semolina pudding made with butter, rice and nuts - it’s a sweet, soothing concoction that has a sensation comparable to fresh, hot towels often provided on aeroplanes, strangely pleasant after a big meal. Desserts are priced about £3.

The Drink
There's an extensive list of reasonably-priced wines (between £12.95-£24.50 per bottle) with a classic French Petit Chablis at the higher end. There are also sparkling options if you prefer, but if you like to complement your curry with a beer, then you’ll find curry house favourites, such as Kingfisher and Cobra. Soft drinks are also provided.

The Last Word
Blending together exciting flavours traditional to Chettinad cusine, this restaurant has the potential to be a hot spot for those visiting the area. However, there is still a little way to go before this place turns into the buzzing little venue it could be.

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