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Head to Chilango for some mouth-watering Mexican dishes where the finest, locally sourced ingredients are used. Enjoy all your favourites and great Mexican beers in this vibrant restaurant.

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Sun-Tue 11:30-22:00
Wed-Sat 11:20-22:30

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Chilango reviews

By Shannon M.

Hey Julia, my name is Shannon and I work at Chilango.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I am happy to let you know that we have reverted back to using the original boxes and the portions should be the same size as always.

It would be great if you could email me so I can make sure your next visit is nothing but Awesome!

By Julia W.

I used to adore their salads and getting a takeaway braised pork salad with guacamole was a lunchtime treat 2 or 3 times a week, until today.

They have reduced the size of the salad container, so now a small salad with a thimble full of guacamole costs £6.70.

I don't know how they can justify it, you could eat out and get a decent sized meal for that.

The service varies immensely, as do the portion sizes on the burritos, and seems to be getting slower.

By Sam S.

Delicious mexican burritos I loved the chicken and seafood options yummy.

The food here is put together in front of you and it all tastes delicious. The atmosphere is great, its a casual dining experience.

It serves a variety of alcoholic drinks and its easy on the wallet too. Chilango was well worth it!

By Shaun F.

I love this place!!!

My girlfriend and I try and visit this Mexican wonder whenever we're in Angel, I'm a fiend for a Burrito and Chilango's doesn't dissapoint....

The food is great and the choices of different fillings for burritos, tacos etc are extensive and tasty....

The staff are so helpful and friendly and I've never seen such a lot of smiling!!!!

Great value and great on the move....

By Sue B.

Chilango is just Mucho Mas with a facelift, I was there on the opening day and chatted to the owner while queuing for my free burrito.

In my opinion yours is the one that sounds like the insider review - for the opposition!

By Megan A.

5 Star Amazingness!!!

Best mexian food ive ever had! very good portions I had to save half of mine for later, which is very helpful in these economic times....!

Great staff! Wicked Atmosphere! Super Food! Extremely Good Beer! And very very tasty margarita!!!!

Go and you will not be disappointed, unless your a bit odd!

By Luna F.

What a rip off!My friends ordered a vegetarian burrito for £4.80 all fillings were included in price.

I ordered a chicken burrito £5.60. The assistant slopped on far too much soured cream before I had a chance to say I didn't want it.

Then I was told if I wanted avocado it was another 80p! This is one of the main ingredients of burritos.

Why should I have to pay extra to get this? When I as asked they said the avocados were imported from Mexico!!!

I was in a production line and felt I would be holding up the queue if i continued to complain so I refused the avocado and didn't actually feel that I had got what I wanted.

I could've gone the market and got an avocado and taken the rest home with me!We're in a world recession. Get real!!

Never again.

By Stephan L.

Went there Saturday night for burritos and margaritas - perfect start for an evening of clubbing! Great food and atmosphere.

By Faisal G.

I love the new Chilango - great food and a great vibe. I recently moved back from near the Mission in San Francisco - the home of burritos - and these bad boys are just as good if not better!

By Dan D.

I Honestly believe that these positive reviews have been writen by Chilangos themselves! Don't whatever you do believe them.

I'm from California so I know a good Burrito... and this isnt one. Mucho Mas was great, (as is Tortilla down the road) but this place was a huge let down.

Small portions, over priced, AND unfriendly staff. Just not a good Mexican place at all, by any stretch of the imagination!!

If you want a Burrito, please do yourself a favor and go to the place down the road (don't want to adverise them too much).

It's not so much that Chilango is dreadful (though it is bad) but it's SO much worse than Mucho Mas, and significantly worse than it's competition in Islington too.

By Julio C.

Im a mexican living in London, and i can really say is one of the best Mexican food I've tried outside Mexico City... Will go back for sure!

By Junior G.

if tap water is so important to you why on earth would you go out and pay to eat?... i have never even asked for tap water at subway, pret, itsu or any other fast/casual diner..

My experience: the food was fantastic!... slick and fast service with generous postions/fillings to match.. absolutely the only place in london to get a real helping of good mex food and much better than Tortilla close by which was not as tasty or authentic...

will be going back for sure... i just hope they open a few more so i dont have to travel to angel everytime i want a good burrito!

By Ali R.

Outstanding value for money, filling, tasty, fun and different... Finally a credible Mex alternative that London has been crying out for! Will be returning for sure....

By Andrew P.

The grand re-opening was wild. The new Chilango oozes fun and quality. Its the full package for affordable and great food. Will go back regularly and hope to see more very soon.

By Michelle C.

The venue formerly known as Mucho Mas gets a bright, vibrant makeover. Chilango, step into the ring…

The Venue
Whereas the decor of Mucho Mas was much more muted, the rebranding as Chilango follows the look of the Fleet Street venue with splashes of colour, colour and more colour. Giant lollipop style flowers crawl up the wall by the entrance and white glossy benches provide seating for a quick lunch. When not white or pale grey, colours are either neon blue, orange, pink, yellow or green.

A bright green spiral staircase leads upstairs to more seating, mainly colourful tables of four with white plastic seats. A couple of painted over fireplaces hold napkins and bottles of hot sauce, and framed T-shirts decorate the walls. Huge photos of luchadores (Mexican wrestlers, one of Chilango’s favourite subjects besides burritos) and plastic luchador dolls hang opposite the framed T-shirts. The loos, down in the basement, are worth a look too, particularly the women’s which is scrawled with drawings of a Day of the Dead style skeleton ad Frida Kahlo in all her unibrowed glory.

The Atmosphere
Although this is a casual place, the tables upstairs allow you to linger with friends a bit longer than the benches on the ground floor. There’s no service, as such, as you order and pay at the counter where the burritos are made, then take your tray to your seat, but every so often a member of staff will come by to check that everything’s ok. There’s a strong takeaway trade, but it’s about even with the number of people who conquer their burritos with only a book for company, or head up the stairs with their friends in tow.

The Food
Burritos are the main draw here but other offers include tacos, salads and naked burritos, which are the whole concoction, minus the tortilla wrap. Order off the menu hanging on the wall and the burrito is made in front of you, assembly line style. Prices vary by a pound or two but the most expensive item on the menu is still under £6 – considering the amount of food that can be stuffed into one of the wraps, you can order a veritable feast and still get change from a tenner.

Filling options include chicken, steak, pork and a veggie-friendly mix of red and green peppers and red onions. The pork is excellent, really soft and succulent, whilst the veggie option is surprisingly good too, fresh tasting, slightly spicy and not too oily. It would be nice to see a few other options though, especially for those who aren’t fans of meat – prawns would work well, especially with the lime and coriander rice.

A choice of beans follow – chewy black beans or creamy pinto beans – along with the options of salsa: mild pico de gallo, which is a mix of chopped tomatoes and onions; medium, made with roasted tomatoes; and Chilango, a vibrant green hot salsa. From there you can choose sour cream or cheese, plus guacamole – although this costs a bit extra, it’s standard practice in terms of burritos.

Sides – or extras – include chips with guacamole, chips with salsa, or totopos, which are basically a nicer version of nachos for about £5. These come piled with nearly every choice of topping – be sure to dip into the guacamole, which is thick and sweet, with big chunks of avocado.

The Drink
A few types of bottled beers are on offer, such as Corona, for about £3, but the real draw, alcohol-wise, are the margaritas (£3.95), which come straight from a churning Jose Cuervo machine by the tills. These are obviously pre-mixed, so there’s no top cocktail bar-style subtlety of flavours here, just the intensely sweet and sour flavour of a regular margarita. It comes served in a neon pink plastic cup which seems a bit dinky – a larger size option would be a great addition for those looking to soak up as much of their burrito as possible. Non-alcoholic options include bottled Chegworth Valley juices.

The Last Word
If you’re looking for a filling burrito – or just need some cheering up – shiny, happy Chilango is a definite contender.

By Kevin M.

Justy went there for the first time tonight and was denied tap water. The girl behind the counter said that she was not allowed to serve tap water to customers because they use bottled water to cook with. This really upset me. Won't be back anytime sooon

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