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Chinawhite reviews

By Sasha H.

I went out to this club on a Wednesday night for a spontaneous night out just me and another girl. When approaching the club we were met by some form of rep who let us skip the queue and get VIP treatment; obviously because we were two girls hoping to advertise to guys. The music was really great and you could tell it was a very high-end style club. Because we had a lot to drink previously we didn't feel the need to buy drinks except we did decide to buy two shots which came to £23, very overpriced although the service was great! Although we had a really great night with free drinks received from the rep too it seemed very superficial due to the fact that we were just two girls. I feel as though if we were two guys we would be treated very very differently and this is why although we had a great time, i could see a lot of other people being treated a lot differently.

By Charlie F.

Wow, where do I start? Turned up with a group of 8, 4 guys & 4 girls, and paid extortionate amounts beforehand for the 'VIP Room' to celebrate our friends' birthday. We were ushered into the VIP room where we were issued black wristbands which supposedly assured us free drinks all night. A member of staff then approached our group and told us all the men would have to move to another table in the VIP room so that more girls could get in. So we stupidly agreed and left our girlfriends sitting alone at the table and moved to the other side of the room. Not 10 minutes later and the same staff member approaches and makes us move AGAIN onto another table, this time near the entrance. More and more women have started entering by this point when our favourite member of staff returns and says that we need to leave the VIP room for 15 minutes so it can fill up, then we can come back. We are ushered away from the room, still containing our girlfriends, into the main 'non-VIP' room and told there would be a large table waiting for us. We are left with no table, and told at the bar that the wristbands could only be used at the bar in the VIP room, and a single vodka &red bull was £14, I politely declined. When we returned to the VIP room, they refused us entry because a football team I've never heard of has hired the room (Nottingham Forest?), and that they don't want any other guys in there. We protest due to paying extra for VIP, but are told to come back in another 15 minutes. We spent two and a half hours trying to get back into the VIP room, until we eventually gave up and left the club, having not had a single drink the whole time. We felt completely ripped off, treated as second class citizens, and humiliated. I've never been treated worse in a venue before in my life, and I most certainly will never be returning again.

By Kelly S.

This club is the worst club you can ever go to in london. Avoid this rip off club at all costs, I am a regular on the london social scene and this club is seriously awful. Do not go there it's so 2010 and not cool anymore.

By Simon C.

Me and my new wife are on honeymoon this Saturday in London and got on the guest list for china white/after reading these reviews we are not going to bother !!

By Grant C.

Chinawhite more like CHINASHITE, my advice do not bother with this club. I paid £20 to get in (women free!) was on a guest list for what i thought would get us upstairs to a promo event. We were shown to the downstairs bar which was packed which felt like i was in a holding pen for people who thought they were moving upstairs. The bar wasn't even anything special and was £6 bottle/half a lager and £12.50 for vodka and mixer,the music was average to say the least. I went and spoke to one of the door staff to be told that we weren't on the list and had no chance of going upstairs and that the bar downstairs was Chinawhite. What a con and waste of time and money in that poxy basement bar, which bears no resemblance to the website.Don't bother folks thats all i can say.

By Marie L.

omg after reading these reviews on chinawhite i'm a bit scared. I too have booked he guest list with my daughter. Am i going to get in? or am i too old? I'm certainly not a celeb but do go out clubbing a couple of times a month. I really want this to be a special night and can't imagine standing in a que and then not getting in. That would be my worse nightmare. Wish me luck guys.

By Julie D.

Wow! I work in high-end members club in central and I have never seen such a response from someone who is obviously Chinawhite staff to a customer complaint. This woman (natbites) is right about the kind of impression Chinawhite leaves on customers. It is an awful awful place where every member of staff has a disgraceful attitude, service is dire, décor is outdated, music is boring and worringly unrealistic drinks prices. Service you can't be serious in suggesting that this kind of behaviour goes on in all London clubs and if you want to go out then just shut up and put up with it!?! This is not the norm in clubs and nor should it be accepted just because a venue used to have a "celebrity status". No customer should be harassed, uncomfortable or intimidated on a night out. The insensitivty shown to this woman when she was physically injured (no matter how big or small that injury might be) is appalling. Im actually quite shocked by a lot of the reviews but this one takes the prize as to why Chinawhite should close its doors and will more than likely soon go out of business. Watch this space.

By Gwen R.

after receiving confirmation some weeks in advance for entry to this club, we joined a small queue intent on celebrating our engagement on that day. however, on approach to the entrance we were asked to give our details and when checked we were told there was no record of us on the guest list. we had an email confirmation on our smartphone but this wasn't good enough for the condescending lady with a clipboard at the door.if you are over 21, or indeed over a size 10 with no fake tan, fake eyelashes or fake boobs this may not be the club for you.

By Sammie C.

I went here with my friends few weeks ago for a girlie night out and had so much fun! We had to wait the queue for about 10 minutes, which wasn’t too long to be honest and once inside we loved it! The staff were friendly and very helpful (i misplaced my handbag beside a table and a security guard was very nice helped me to find it!)We had some very nice cocktails (recommended by the barman) and didn’t stop dancing all night the music was so good!! Yes it is 20.00 pounds to get in but I thought it was worth every penny! I’m sure we will be spending a a lot more nights out in chinawhite.

By Symone H.

The club was horrible, totally pretentious... 2 and a half hours of my life which will never get back! the DJ was awful it seemed as if he had just mixed the sets earlier that day! not impressive and completely over priced, I order an apple sour shot and it was some home made yuck! which the bartender had mixed himself how cheap! I thought that the interior would be mind blowing with a lot of Chinese influences but it looks as though it would do with a lot of refurbishing, nothing special whatsoever didn't even feel tempted to take a picture!Furthermore there was no designated dance floor, so even dancing was somewhat of a struggle because you literally got pushed around from left, right and center. The only nice person there was the woman at the cloak room and the security woman doing bag checks.. £20 to get in, I wouldn't pay 20p I'd rather spend a night in Whetherspoons waste of an outfit and complete waste of my night! Will not be going there again!

By Kay J.

where can I start? If you area a black or asian men then don't bother trying to get in unless you are a footballer,rapper or cricket player. Went there on saturday as part of a group 5 girls and 4 gents. The girl at the door called my friend the (birthday girl) to the side and said if you want to get in drop these two black guys Lol..and I thought wow is this 21st century London or the 1940s. So we decided to go some where else and my friends were shocked.

By Sarah J.

Went in on Saturday 28th April, party of us we'd pre-ordered our food, starters took over an hour to come, then same time for mains, 1 staff member extremely rude to us the whole night, starters were nice, mains weren't, puddings average. we had a mix up with one of the puddings, no offer of another option just told 'I'll get your order and show you what you've ordered!! when we objected wait staff came back with a tumbler of fresh fruit. Watch out if you have bottled water they just keep topping you up without asking, but didn't advise how much a bottle it was we spent £30 just on water!!! Strict dress code on website but plenty of people in club in jeans and trainers, very disappointing night, both the club and restaurant are very small and you are crammed in the club, thought it was going to be much better than it was, wouldn't go back again nor would we recommend it!!!!

By Si P.

We enjoyed a really good meal first and no intention of going to the club after dinner but we ended up having a drink table, eating drinking and spending much more than I thought but well worth it. Husbands birthday only once a year thank god.

By W D.

Staff are rude from the bouncers, to the bar staff. Will make you feel worthless given half the chance. Queuing for ages for no reason. No atmosphere whatsoever in the dance floor. Music is trash. Got table service and had random amounts added to the bill. Poor poor night

By Rachel E.

i liked this club. the queue was a bit long time but the security man made me laugh! inside is really nice and the music was the best i have hear in london since i move here. i will go again many times

By Banginis D.

It is not a bad place to go out- good, contemporary music, easy public....but club's administration is very rude, especially security and bartenders. The whole entry process is terrible- they make you wait ages and then shout at you like in the Army:) Some girls are walking around and ask you to free seats while you are enjoying bottle of wine with couple of your friends, even when those seats are not reserved.

By Janet M.

Went with my friends for the night out, perfect place to forget about outside world! Security staff very friendly even tough my friend was drunk and a bit arrogant! The bouncer on the re-entrance amazing he calmed the friend down in such a friendly manner! Defintly coming back!

By Julie M.

We also went on NYE and it was amazing. We got in at 11.30, had our free champagne and had a great night!!!

By Ben D.

One star is well too much! Long story short, NYE2011, 50 quid each entry, no champagne given on entry as advertised, when asked barmaid where the champagne is was told there isn’t!? Totally overpriced, management went on quantity not quality a roundup of cattle!, I expect much more from the venue like this! Everyone on the pull, we went in two couples, girls went dancing and after 30secs bunch of the lads was trying to pull them out, WTF? A gay barman with mo, rude!!! You should learn your staff basic words like excuse me, sorry, thank you etc! A bold guy totally drank spilled drink on our girlfriends twice, no reaction from bouncers! The only good thing – music and two girls in cloakroom.... not enough to come back, tho.

By Jenny N.

we went to Chinawhite last night, amazing fun!!!! Find the barman called Strawberry, he is the funniest man in the whole club and very sexy

By Julie M.

Just went on Saturday, had soooo much fun! it does take a whiel to get in as the queue was a little long but it was well worth it. really gud music and some very fit guys. the only problem was that the only guy in our group had scruffy converse on but he sweet talked the door girl and she let him in, LOL. we are going on NYE as well now, cant wait

By Moun C.

This club wont suit everyone, at first I wondered if it would be my kind of place, the queue outside was full of good looking guys and girls and as I am from out of London I dont dress quite cool enough London Style, but the girl at the door, ticked my name and gave me a big smile and I was allowed in. The club was busy the music was good, a lot of music I had not heard before but that did not mean it was not good. The staff were nice and friendly, I spoke with one of the managers who was really friendly and showed me round the place. I had a great time. As said it wont suit everyone but then if you dont like it when you are inside, leave. I stayed till the end.

By Kellis K.

This place is nasty! Everyone is on the pull - this is no place for couples - just groups of girls in tacky, shiny cocktail dresses and groups of men pretending they are 'out with the boys' when really, they are there because at this tiny venue, body to body contact is guaranteed... Grim

By Kellis K.

Weird - I gave Chinawhite 1 star but it was pubished with 3. Please note my intention - 1 star - and that's generous, but hey, it's nearly Christmas!

By Kellis K.

It's a tacky pick up joint! Everyone is on the pull - it's no place for couples - just groups of girls and groups of boys. Sad.

By Carol C.

Such a bad experience! Incredibly rude staff, unless you fancy being insulted and assaulted do not go there! They refused to give a coat and bag back to my friend despite she was holding her coatroom ticket in her hand.....

By Anna C.

Great food great service great atmosphere!! - food was lovely, the autumn food menu did not disappoint. would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone.

By Shai M.

As soon as we entered the restaurant we had great feeling. It was intimate and visually beautiful. The champion of the night was the food. My duck starter was amazing as was the rest of all our dishes, it was a menu that was too hard to choose what to have as we wanted everything. The atmosphere was lovely and chilled out and we had great service. I will recommend this to all my friends.

By Mark D.

last Saturday ! had amazing time ! great music, standing girls, a bit crowed but i guess its normal, i loved it!

By Yasmin J.

Went to see Arthur Louis band tonight with friends. Evening was marred by the taking of our drinks while we were on the dance floor. When asked what happened to them, we were told that the staff had removed them. They were not friendly and I had to get the manager who was not forth coming. The manager told me that I must not leave my drink to go and dance while listening to the band. We were in a booth with friends who witnessed their staffs removal of our glasses and then tried to deny it. However, after some raised voice from myself I was able to get it replaced. A bottle of wine now costs £27. Be warned of the taking of drinks by staff members.

By Asli U.

We were in chinawhite last night for dinner and nightclub as well. But i m so disappointed what has happened at dinner. We were 11 people.i ordered chicken kung pao. When it came, it was full of coriander in it which i can not it coriander. And i told the waitress. She said she s goin to ask the chef what to do. She said then they are going to charge whole price which was £18 .i said i dont want to pay then she talked with the manager and then they wanted me to pay half of the price for the old dish and full price for the next dish. I told him that there s no coriander written in the ingredients of chiccken in menu. They said you should have asked us that is there any coriander or not.and we dont want to pay for your mistake. And all this conversations infront of the till I was so straight that i was right. When i turned back to table, everybody was finished their food. I got too annoyed. At the end, i was not charged full price.I advice we shouldnt forget our consumer rights.

By Mark S.

What a waste of time!!! I booked myself and my brother onto the guestlist over a month in advance as I was travelling to London for a night out. I approached the front door supervisor to enquire as to where we should queue and were told "sorry no guys" I tried explaining my situation having travelled from Leeds but to no use. Having worked in the security industry (probably longer than the door supervisor in question) I didn't even want to lower myself and start an argument so just cut my losses and left. Both my brother and I were suited and booted But still were deemed unfit for entry. Yet another case of a brand getting above itself. Still enjoyed my night around soho and Covent, but wouldn't waste my time trying china's again.

By Pheaha S.

Does anyone know if they sell pints of lager in chinawhite, I am not interested in this fancy drinks etc, I jst want lager?? any prices please??

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