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A 9 screen multiplex with luxury seating, freshly popped popcorn, Haagen Dazs cafe, Pick'n'Mix, full air-conditioning, a hearing loop system, outstanding customer service and ample parking.

Ranked #9 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 22 Mar 2019 to Thu 28 Mar 2019

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Cineworld Bexleyheath reviews

By Julie J.

Poor customer care and support

I visited this cinema today to watch the new Dads Army film. It was a spur of the moment decision. I got there and wanted buy a ticket. There was no one on the ticket booth. I had to join a long queue of people with children buying popcorn etc to get my ticket. It took so long to do this that I thought I would miss part of the film. As it happened I got to a seat five minutes before film started. On my ticket I was allocated seat 4 in row G in screen 6. After trying to find my seat in the dark on my own as I could not see row and seat numbers I opted to sit anywhere in the hope I was not in some else's seat. When I got to the cinema it was very busy so busy that I felt I was going to be a problem to very busy staff members which would be unfair on them. The management needs to seriously review the way customer services can be improved

By Zoltan M.

Outdated cinema, out of focus projectors, harsh ceiling lights left on during performance, loud hiss from speakers (screen 1). Despite complaints and other bad reviews for several years, nothing is being done to sort these problems out, they simply don't care. Avoid this cinema and go the London O2 or Bluewater.

By Mary M.

Read my review dated 15/06/14 about wanting to give them some feedback, foolishly, on my way out of the cinema re the state of the ladies' toilets. I was only cross at how the staff sent me from one to another across the lobby area who told me that the Manager would come down to speak to me, in fact, the Manager said she was too busy. The staff clearly do not understand the protocol and Cineworld at Bexleyheath obviously does not care about the customers' experiences. I will never go back again. Every time I go, there is some incident that the staff are incapable of dealing with. That's the last straw! I prefer Bluewater or Charlton too.

By Mary M.

Two of us went to b'heath to see 4pm Maleficent today. Ladies toilets in main lobby were very smelly particularly in cubicles. After film visited ladies toilets in film area and could not wsit to get out because so strong. Decided to give them feedback but manager althoughed phoned by staff's request to speak to me said she was too busy. Not angry before but certainly was after being shunted between two staff to be told that. I cant be bothered to go again.

By Jo E.

I actually really like this cinema, I always find it clean and the staff friendly and reasonably priced. I also find the seats a lot more comfortable than bluewater.

By Dave D.

I have read the following reviews on Cine World Bexley and have come to the conclusion that some of the comments must have been written by employees or the company. No way would any customer who has been to the cinema would ever give it 8 out of 10. (more like 2 out of 10) Every person I know who has been unfortunate enough to visit Bexley Cine world has had nothing but bad things to say about the experience. From the dirty floors, unkept and rude staff, and infamous slow service and waiting times, Please do your self a favour and get the 96 to bluewater of visit a rival chain in Charlton etc.

By Nick S.

It is unfortunate that this is my local cinema because the experience of watching a movie there is just terrible. For the price I have to pay for the ticket and the expensive food & drinks, I get to sit most of the times in small rooms with poor conditions, bad sound and picture quality. But even if I can ignore that, what makes me storm out of the room halfway through the performance is the fact that they insist on keeping too many bright lights on during the showing, and that affects the screen so badly especially during dark scenes that I just cannot see what's happening. I have contacted them about this but they simply tried to shut me up with a pair of free tickets and ignored me, so I guess I'll do like others and just head on to the much better Bluewater cinema instead. Shame!

By Ruth K.

Staff need to be more polite and professional and some look unkempt. they are very slow serving at the expensive food counter with limited staff doing the tickets and the food at the speed of a snail. The ticket machine is random and more often doesn't work. Shame as we always like to support our local area. Seats are big and comfortable. But the adverts are on far too long. Hope management read the reviews and improve the standard before more people go else where to watch a movie.

By Mark O.

If you don't mind most of the staff conducting out their duties with all the enthusiasm of a Zombie, a policy of no food NOT allowed into the cinema, carried out with personal searches undertaken with Nazi-like zeal by the Zombies.

If you don't mind sticky floors and carpets, bucket seats that have all the luxury of sitting on a bunch of nails with no room to stretch your legs and air conditioning that is so swtiched on its like sitting in a freezer this could be your ideal place.

For me, and I'm sure for the rest, the retro decor from the early 1990's needs to be updated.

The food is extraordinary, with prices that require you to ask twice:"How MUCH!"

By Poo W.

The rules regarding food being brought into a screen I think are out dated. The cinema is good for what it is; comparatively cheap and well staffed.

By Fdgdfg G.

hello there. i must say if you want class, bexleyheath cineworld is the wrong place to go. i go there once in a blue moon, and that's only for cheapy tuesdays.. bluewater cinema is just a 96 away. I'd much rather stand in the blistering cold waiting for public transport to take me to somewhere half decent. thank you. over and out.

By Carol S.

I go to this cinema neary every wednesday with the orange wednesdays 2 4 1 offer and have not had any major problems, i think it is a bit silly that the price goes up by £2 after 5pm, and i never buy food from there as it is far too expensive like every cinema

By Sparkly P.

I live in bexleyheath and id rather travel to bluewater cinema ANYDAY. It's so expensive and it's not even a nice cinema. It is in desperate need of redecoration and restaffing. You can't take your own food and drink in which is so bad considering most children come prepared with their own bags of sweets. Seriously, someone should start a petition and give it out to everyone in Sidcup, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Welling, Eltham - all of the surrounding area and I think everyone will agree that for nearly £8 (the price of one ticket) you should be able to go to a decent cinema.

By Marny H.

I use Cineworld Bexleyheath regulary and find most of the staff helpful. The queues are long for refreshments and staff look like they are on A go slow and are far to interested in Talking to each Other. Consequently Missing the start of films is frequent. But the most Distressing Thing that I find at Cineworld Bexleyheath is the lady who Almost Frisks people to make sure that you have not brought in your owm refreshment. As an adult who takes A young child I have been approached often to Share Whatevers in my bag on one time I had to show the lady in Question my raw chicken Breasts to her to prove that I didnt have my own munchies even though I had just spent A tenner on A Drink and popcorn, but its the children I feel sorry for. They go with their pocket Money and Can even Afford tickets or refreshments but not both so they pop across to the pound shop to get A few ThingS and get Stopped by her. She Has Also been quite rude when dealng with these kids. One Poor boy had His Crisps taken from him he had A few and as she counted them she threw them on the Floor so he not only lost them but he had to pick them all up. I felt that there was no need for her to do this. My young daughter Was so shocked that she Was too Scared to take A half full packet of Chewing gums and chucked them away. Pathetic I Think she should Retake her Customer service badge

By Hazel M.

Having been to the Cinema at Bexleyheath a number of times, I would give the overall service 8/10.

As the other reviewer mentioned, I also had an issue with queuing for a while to be told they had no hot dogs in stock.

Queuing for tickets can vary in time, although at weekends and Bank Holidays I would strongly advise to go much earlier than when your film starts due to the amount of younger persons present.

The price of food is roughly the same as most cinemas’s (over priced) but all in all, the number of screens is impressive and the Orange 241 deal on Wednesday’s on some films is advantageous.

By Billy T.

i went to cineworld in bexleyheath and i was really annoyed! i bought the tickets which was fine, but i was queing up for the foyre and missed the beginning of the film because of the que line. when our time came to be served they shut the till up because one of the staffs had to leave as it was the end of her shift. they told my party to rejoin at the back of the only other que line, at ths point i was angry as we had been queing for 25 mins. i confronted the only other staff on till an she said this was not her problem and told us to either rejoin the back of the que or come back later on. i was not happy with this customer service. We decided to rejoin the que, when we were finally served i order my food ( a hotdog and sluch puppy)to find that they had none in stock. now i had waited 45min to find out they didnt have what i had wanted! i have never had this much bad customer service, i have visited this cinema many times before, and never had this problem i dont think i or my party will be coming back to this cinema

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