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UGC Enfield has 8 screens catering for up to 1600 people.

Ranked #2 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 22 Mar 2019 to Thu 28 Mar 2019

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Cineworld Enfield reviews

By Diogo C.

Although I would agree with what reviewers wrote about staff and queues, I actually enjoyed this place. It's a standard cinema, on the bad side, located in the middle of nowhere. One of the bad points for me was the crowd this type of place attracts. Luckily, I was seeing a movie in a screen with only about 10 more other people, so that was fine, but if you go and see a movie that mostly attracts 16-year olds and chavs, then I'm pretty sure, you'll end up wanting to leave and ask for your money back. Anyway, I suppose I'd recommend it to locals who are willing to stand up to the queues, but otherwise I don't plan to go back anytime soon.

By Mark T.

Just seen Fury (ok film) but the experience was awful. Why bother going as you wonder what's going to happen tonight! I have sat on piss ridden toilet seats, boiling hot conditions, 20 minute long queues, ripped seats and endured Enfield's finest ever growing underworld chavs....why do i go back? The reason because the Odeon is worst and it's closer to visit. Tonight's security guard eventually ejected the offending scumbag but it did not take long for him to walk back and continue to spoil the remainder of Fury. And where was the manager or duty manager to complain. Don't bother going,

By Askin E.

Just got back from watching Argo at cineworld in enfield.. the cinema.. (screen5) was so cold spoilt the enjoyment of watching what was a good film.. had to come out half way to get a coffee to warm up.. when I complained the the manager said not much he could..Shame that such a large company couldn't even offer a free complimentary drink on my next return..Suggest you avoid this cinema at least during the day.. it may warm up in the evening.. still I think I will stick with the Vue for next time.

By Joe H.

Not even your god could make this a good cinema. This area is for reviewing the cinema, not for advertising your church.

By Joe H.

It would be fairly simple to update whether the lift was working or not. They manage to tell you lots of other cinema specific information. I have never seen the place have fridges full of beer, the time I went there was no beer at all, draught or bottled. This really is the worst cinema, badly managed and poorly staffed (I don't blame the staff though, it's not their fault that nothing works and they are probably on minimum wage, long hours and crap conditions)

By Elizabeth R.

Just rushed back from a day out with the children to see the 17.30 showing of Mirror Mirror, queued for 15 minutes for tickets, (my husband drove around the carpark for 10 mins to get a space) only to be told the film wasn't on?? According to the listings on this website the film was supposed to be on. No explanation, no apology from the staff at the kiosk.

By S.

Took my children to see Johnny English Q was at least 1 hr wait - after waiting 25 mins ... someone told us we can buy from a machine. Missed the the beginning of the film. When i was raised the issue with manager we got told off saying he is busy and working hard !!! don't we all???? - would not go back

By Paula T.

All the negatives posted are totally true. I've used this cinema with family and friends for quite a few years now as I live locally. The lift rarely works, the toilets are not very clean & general maintenance is virtually non existent. A couple of years ago we arrived after the trailers had started on a very busy night and sat down where we could find a couple of seats together only to find the padding from the arm of one of the seats had been ripped off exposing some very sharp metal work which ripped the new leather jacket my husband was wearing. Ok so the staff may not all be trained to carry out repairs but they are supposed to clean between film and put covers over damaged or soiled seats so that customers do not damage or dirty their clothes or injure themselves! The place is badly managed with inadequate staff and at busy times horrendously long queues. The prepay machines often don't work or as in my case recently having paid a booking fee and queuing for 15 the one machine that was working crashed and I then had to join the back of the queue to the main box office. There was no apology from the management or effort to ease the queues by putting extra staff on the box-office. The managers will always blame their lack of staff on staff calling in sick but it seems a constant problem and more likely that they employ the minimum staff possible. I agree that some of the clientele may be difficult but no more so than any where else and the staff are more likely to feel confident tackling them if the place is well staffed and well managed. So come on Cineworld, you charge high prices for everything so how about providing high standards!

By Lauren K.

This is a terrible cinema. I am an unlimited customer and they cancelled my card for no reason. When it wouldnt go though I had to call Head Office myself as Cineworld dont call other Cineworlds, the manager told me. Head Office told me they would call the Cinema and tell them my card was fine. They never called and the manager told me the phone conversation I had must have been a lie. When I called Head office again, and they confirmed I was right, the manager said it didnt matter, it was all my responsibility. I'm never going to this place again, it stinks.

By R P.

I am a regular to Cineworld Enfield (i watch approx. 15 movies a month). The positives:- Most movies are released there- They try to show all kind of movies: foreign, (a few) bollywood movies, Kiddies stuff, blockbusters and small films.- I guess the parking is ok (free and loads of it - inside and outside)- the restaurants around the cinema make the dinner + cinema experience enjoyable.-it is local. The negatives:- The queues for everything. People who have the unlimited pass cannot pre-book or use their machines.- Having to buy tickets one movie at a time. If I decide to see a couple of movies on the same day, I do not want to queue again. Thank you. We used to be able to buy more than one ticket at a time and then they created their little rule and told me that people were getting tickets for their friends as well on their card. Hummm, I wonder why they do not check the unlimited card at the same time they check your ticket (cineworld West India Keys or in central london, they ask to see it and everybody is happy!)- The food is pricey.- Staff is ok except a few that are plain awful (i. E the guy who shouts the number of the screen "10" and that's it. Customer service can suck sometimes!) Also the staff turnover is amazing. New people everytime. Even the management, never the same people there.- Some screens are too cold or too hot.- It is not the cleanest place and nobody seems to fix anything.- And the worse point is that the actual screens are dirty or ripped & cellotaped. How can a cinema show movies on dirty screens? Why does it take so long to replace them? (i am talking in years here before a replacement is made!) That's so wrong!

By Maxi M.

Plusses + Free Parking Convenient lift from the carpark into the cinema itself Virtually all the latest films released Chill-out waiting area with bar, an entire floor this purpose Minusses - Car park full, so forced to use free restaurant or gym car park Lift 60% of the time not working Queues are so long, you need to attend at least 25mins before film starts Lounge seats ripped & table surfaces etched in to Add another 15mins minimum waiting time to buy anything from popcorn area People talk in the middle of a film People think it socially acceptable to put their feet on the tops of the seat in front of them Staff very defensive when informed of issues I personally have stopped mentioning anything to staff. I know what to expect and get on with just trying to enjoy the evening. I go because it's the only cinema that consistently screens what I'd like to watch and has free parking, even if you have to leave your car in the next car park.

By Adrian W.

I love this cinema. It is my cinema of choice to bring my family to watch movies. It has lots of choice due to a large number of screens. I find the staff friendly and helpful. I am also there every week as part of Jubilee Church which is rapidly growing and enjoys their hospitality. If you come on a Sunday Morning prepare for there to be crowds of people there for church, but some of the screens will still be playing films.

By Alex M.

as this is my local cinema I sometimes have to go there. Generally the place is not maintained as it should be but it is not the worst place in the world. On 2 occassions I had cause to complain, the first time the response from the staff to my compaint was lazy disinterest. I took the issue to regional manager level in the end but quite frankly this organisation has no interest in customer service. Unfortunately some of the customers are what makes this place difficult to run but the organisation should be able to handle their business better. But it is clear the training for the staff is inadequate and they seem to be happy with low quality people (if you pay peanuts you get monkeys). So I always try to go to VU in North Finchley instead. It's further to go but worth it in the end.

By Samuel W.

Cineworld Enfield deserves minus stars due to how awful it is. I'm a wheelchair user, and the lift works less then 10% of the ti'me. Although this drives me insane, its the staff that really kill the place. Let me re-call two instances : One time, the lift was broken, so I asked if there was another way out, as I was stuck on the top floor. The guy looks at me and my chair and laughs and says : take the stairs. Now don't get me wrong, stuff like this doesn't bother me, but the cinema is awful for it, I wanted to believe it was just one staff member, but sadly even the manager is just as ignorant and disgraceful. Another time, me and my friends had rushed to see a film, but we had around 20mins until it started. With Cineworld, people with disability can have a helper for free, in-case something goes wrong (such as a lift not working.) the women behind the counter asked me to prove I was disabled. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm pretty sure if someone is in a wheelchair, there most likely disabled. Anyway long story short, she walks off to get the manager. The women tells me to either prove im disabled or buy two tickets or get out. She followed up by making a nasty comment about people abusing staff. I never made an official complaint, due to the fact that this is the easiest cinema to reach in a rush, but I really hope it gets either shut down or taken over by another company. Due to all the fuss, we had missed the film by roughly 10 - 15mins, although we wouldn't have seen the movie regardless. Never go to Cineworld Enfield if you can avoid it.

By Russell K.

May I point out, the web-site is for cineworld nationwide, so it would cause a lot of site issues to make a list of any technical faults in each cinema. And the cinema is never out of beer, just cause it's not served from a pump, doesn't mean they have none, I've been there on a busy friday night, and there fridges are still filled to the brim with most beer bottles. All broken objects in the cinema itself, is caused by asshole customers who break them, the staff do not have the tools or training to repair everything, most repairs are done from external groups. And I'm pretty sure most staff are just pissed off with wankers like you constantly making them feel like shit for things that are not their fault, Cineworld Enfield, while not the best, is a bloody good cinema, so long as you know when to buy your tickets and food on a busy night

By Joe H.

Would give zero stars if I could. It smells. The toilets are often broken. The bar had no beer. The disabled lift never seems to be working and they do not tell you this on their web-site (a little inconvenient if you are a wheelchair user...). The queues for tickets are ridiculous. Last winter there was no heating - they did not tell you this when you bought your tickets - in fact I'm pretty sure they do not have heating at all. The floors are sticky. The staff are disinterested and bored (probably brought about by a cr*p working environment and being faced by loads of disgruntled punters). It really is the worst cinema I have ever been to. Would go to Wood Green but they are nearly as bad! The Odeon at Barnet is a little better for the few occasions I have been.

By Tamlyn E.

I agree with the previous review. This cinema is filthy dirty, the staff are disorganised and the queues are ridiculous. We pre-booked our tickets but the ticket collection machines were broken when we got there. We had to queue for popcorn etc for over 20 minutes. The toilets were disgusting and everywhere else was filthy. I would rather drive all the way to the Greenwich Odeon which is lovely than ever visit this cinema again!

By Phil B.

er no, churches don't have to be quiet. nothing wrong with a lively vibrant church. theres more than one type. i didn't go there to find the church, we moved there after previously using a local school, because we outgrew it. and trust me, it's not a dodgy sect either, just a church without it's own building. we just believe in the God of the Bible. You are all invited

By Robert H.

Why do you go to a Cineworld to find a church?? What type of a church is this??? I thought the church is a quite place, a place to reflect and have peace. Anyway you must be one of the new beleavers or a different sect of christianity. I like the pluging of your church but please don't impose it on the rest of us.

By Kelsie M.

I was there on that day and and I was one of those children it wasnt due to unreuley children it was due to too many people being let in and a lack of management. It may surprise you to hear so but we were just as annoyed at the fact the film was shut down and we were not getting refunds as you were. The cinema was been redecorated new chairs and now it seems to always be clean and the service is good!

By Patrycja W.

I think this cinema is a great place it is not DIRTY OR SMELLY
It is a nice and people don't have any loud phone cofersations everyone is quiet because everyone whats to watch
All of the Anonymous's review was a lie

By Janine H.

Dirty, smelly and not the sort of place you go if you want to watch a film in peace, there needs to be a guard in the screen to stop people having loud phone conversations during the films. I have never seen a screen that looked like it had been swept between film showings, and the floors are always sticky. I tried Hollywood Green in Woodgreen as an alternative, but unfortunately it is worse!

By Phil B.

this cinema's not half as bad as some people are making it out to be. The staff are fine in my experience, and I'm there at least once a week.

one of the best things about it is the church that meets there every sunday at 10am, in one of the ground floor screens. It's called JUBILEE CHURCH, it's lively, informal, multicultural and about 300 strong, every Sunday. I recommend it

By Sophia D.

toperric02 ive been 2 the cinema loads of times and believe me once they even left
some popcorn just lying on the floor that someone had spilt and had just left it there even by the time i had finished waching
a movie!

By Peter M.

All the reviews are sadly totally accurate. If it wasn't for the convenience of the place I would never go.
The staff are casual and have no idea of how to behave to the public.
The place is untidy, poorly organised and badly managed.
Infact it's all a disgrace. Why isn't something done to make it a decent venue!

By Daf B.

My son and I were unfortunate enough to go on the last day of term for the local schools in Enfield. The cinema filled up, then the police were called to get all the none ticket holders out. The cinema was emptied. I stayed in my seat, not wanting to mix with the rabble. Anyway the police came back and said the film would be about 15 minutes late starting while they got rid of all the kids. Well they couldn't so they had to close the cinema.
Those unruly children should not have got into the building, let alone the room showing the film.
I couldn't get my money back that day. I drove home, got on the tube and saw the Harry Potter film in Leicester Square, very civilised.
I think the least Cineworld could have done was a refund and a pair of free tickets on top.Then I wouldn't be writing this bad review about the dreadful management skills at Enfield. I'm sure the staff just let their freinds in for free, they l;ook no older than a year or two out of school, and so miserable.
The only great employee is the large black guy, he's really helpful each visit, pity the others don't take a leaf out of his book. He's all over helping in different areas.

By Pats C.

I completely agree. When I moved here a couple of months ago, I bought an 'unlimited card'. Had I seen the toilets, the lack of staff and their attitudes beforehand, I would never have committed to a yearly pass.

Compared to other cinemas I have visited regularly like the Odeon and Showcase, the venue and service is terrible. Usually five or so staff are hanging round the foyer and one member of staff serving the huge queue on the popcorn stand. I won't renew my pass next year!

By Stuart W.

When this 15 screen monster first opened, it was a cinema goers paradise. How quickly that has all changed. The place is a mess, and no matter how hard they try, they cannot escape that this has become a den for unruleliness and the disrespectful.

The staff are more often than not, completely unhelpful. If you have a complaint, they look at you as if you are mad. A perfect example was a small problem with the air conditioning, which ended up with the audience covering themselves with coats to keep warm. And yet the staff did nothing.

Most of the time the screens are messy, from previous screenings and seats are always broken. I had the terrible experience once of having to go to the toilets in the ladies (I am male) when all the male toilets were flooded or vandalised.

The underground car park looks and feels like a 70s tower block and the lift up to the cinema usally smells unpleasant and the floor is always sticky (when the lift is working).

I would never go here during the weekend, as the swarms of abusive kids flock there, and the staff, once again, seem not to care.

What could have been a massive flagship for the cinema world, is a place best left alone, particularly if you want to see a film.

By Carmen L.

Inept bureaucracy @ HQ.

Getting really tired of film times on line in no way resembling reality in cinema. Also, about time someone got a grip on the months of the year. It's Sunday, films change on Friday; usually the new details don't appear til Saturday anyway, but THIS week? Nope. Not a thin. All films still showing January. How lazy that is. Some of us have tight schedules, and contacts, to organize in order to see a chosen film & this ineptitude does no-one any favours. Sort it!

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