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Cineworld in Feltham has 14 screens available, showing both Asian and Mainstream film releases.

Ranked #8 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 22 Mar 2019 to Thu 28 Mar 2019

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Cineworld Feltham reviews

By Balbinder T.

It's disgusting How you park your car to watch a movie and when you come out ......your car has a prking fine on it from The Parkingeye. I am very upset to be fined for watching a movie at feltham cineworld....a movie which cost me £70 in the's ridiculous. Can someone from cineworld contact me on07506810217 and offer me an aplogy or pay my parking fine. Mr Gill.

By Sarah J.

I visited this cinema for the first time yesterday, it's even worse than I'd previously imagined. The staff use broken English, which is impossible to understand, and stand around talking in groups. There are bouncers everywhere due to all the fights, the food is over priced, people think it's normal to speak all the way through a film. Without doubt, the worse cinema I've ever visited, still in shock to be honest. One star is very generous.

By Paul C.

A true cesspit of a "cinema complex". Attracts all the local scum who break all the "kermodian" rules of cinema, including talking throughout movie, kicking seats, eating noisily, using mobiles etc Don't even think of visiting the toilets unless you come equipped with anti-bacterial gloves as no-one bothers washing their hands!

By Paul C.

A true cesspit of a "cinema complex". seems to attract all the local scum who break all "kermodian" rules of cinema, including talking throughout movie, kicking seats, eating noisily, using mobiles etc . Don't even think of visiting the toilets there unless you come equipped with anti-bacterial gloves as none of the same local scum bother washing their hands !

By Paul C.

A true cesspit of a "cinema complex". seems to attract all the local scum who break all the kermodian rules of cinema including talking throughout, kicking seats, eating noisily, using mobiles etc etc. Don't even think of visiting the toilets unless you wear anti-bacterial gloves as none of the same local scum wash their hands !

By Mat W.

We sat in this filthy cinema for over half an hour, when a member of staff came along to inform us that the code for the film had run out and they couldn't show it. We were offered another film, an apology and an extra set of tickets for another day. No complaints there. However, this cinema is filthy. The locals act like pigs, throwing food and drinks all over the floor and talking over the feature. Okay, that's not the fault of the staff, but no one seems to muck out after the Jeremy Kyle audience has left. If you like sticky floors, sticky seats, terrible overpriced food and rubbing shoulders with scum, this is the cinema for you. Otherwise, go to Kingston.

By Margaret L.

As noted previously, don't even think about going to a movie and then going to eat, as you would do for a children's birthday party. You will receive a parking ticket a few days later for £70. Save all your receipts to prove you were there spending money as evidence you weren't just using the car park to leave your car to visit somewhere that was less of a dump! Luckily, although not finest of dining, Chiquitos staff are at least pleasant after the indifference of the Cineworld staff.

By David P.

Cineworld, Leisure West Parking scam... Sadly, Should you go there to watch a film or go bowling, then maybe get something to eat. You can then look forward to receiving a parking ticket a few day later saying that you parked there to long. So be warned, either don't eat and watch how long you are parked for, or let Cineworld, Leisure West know you don't like being ripped off and go somewhere else.

By Champ C.

one off the worst cinewold ive been the staff very rude.... when it comes to manager even more worst, i wounder why the manager act like he own the cineworld blody idiots the company has to change there staff im gonna complain to head office lets see wat they up to, are they gonna act same or nt change the sattf and manager they will loose all the bussines if they dnt change them poor company they think its all ok but they dnt no wats goin on behiand ther back. wat can i say abt the securty guard ppl who bought ticket he told us to wait and it comes to his friends he let them without ticket which is very bad for company....

By Ian M.

It is a shame that this review system does not offer a choice of no stars. What a dump Cineworld Feltham is. My partner and I used Cineworld Feltham, scenically sited on an industrial estate in Feltham "home of the Jeremy Kyle Show."my partner and I occasionally use Cineworld Feltham for convenience, preferring to use Hammersmith or Wandsworh when at all possiblle. We used Cineworld Feltham twice this weekend, and it's safe to say will never use it again despite the fact that it is the closest to our home. On Saturday we saw St George's Day which for some reason was only showing there. It was spoilt by a group who clearly did not wish to see the film and were whiling away time until their film of choice started. They thought it perfectly ok to conduct a conversation in full voice to the point where I had to shout at them to shut up. The volume on the film was inadequate anyway and we had to ask for it to be adjusted. On Sunday we went to see Lawless and low and behold the same problem with idiots talking loudly and more interested in their mobile phones and conversation than watching the film. Again I had to shout at them to shut up. The attendant who served us kept asking us if we'd rather see the special showing of Untouchable instead to the point that it got extremely annoying. If you are looking for incompetent staff, rude customers, uncomfortable seats and a dirty environment then this is the place for you. For us - never again!

By J T.

Hands down the worst cinema in the country, a truly truly terrible dumping ground. Avoid at all cost. such a shame, a tragic shame that something could become this bad. Would rather pay 5 times the money and watch one film a month in staines. People think it is genuinely okay to have full blown audible conversations through films, phones going off every second, Majority of bollywood films get all the times and big screens. Every time i went there when i had the unlimited card there was a major problem or i become overwhelmed with stress i just wanted to go home. 15 years ago i actually enjoyed going its a little taste of hell on earth

By Sarah J.

As others have said, one star is over-generous. The biggest problem with this cinema is the staff. Not that it lacks them - far from it, there are frequently groups of staff, standing around chatting. Usually while the queues at the handful of open tills snake all round the lobby, as you risk missing the start of your film. I presume it is a badly paid job, as very few employees seem to have any enjoyment, and there is no evidence of any customer service training. I only remember one occasion when a ticket seller made any attempt at human interaction, and there is just one guy, who generally takes the tickets, who always says "enjoy your film"... The screens themselves are, as stated, for the most part dirty, sticky and littered. The seats are incredibly uncomfortable, and I have taken to bringing a cushion and/or large coat to try and stave off the usual 24 hour of back pain I tend to get after each visit. Admittedly that may be due to my height, but at least the coat comes in handy to keep warm, as there is usually a point when I can no longer ignore my shivering. Why do I continue to go there? Well the Unlimited card is unbeatable value if you like to see 5 or more films a month, and this is the only branch within 20 miles...

By Padder M.

I was there tonight. Screen 14. The film was out of focus. The image was not steady on the screen. The screen itself was filthy, like some moron had, on another night, lobbed a drink at it. I have never had a problem with the staff or with the general cleanliness but this cinema shows no respect for the films they are showing. £100,000,000 to make a film and I would have had a better viewing experience buying a knock off down the pub. Very sad. Cineworld Feltham you should be ashamed.

By Bee B.

My family and I have been going to this cinema since it opened and really like it. I would always go here over an Odeon as i think the whole experience is better and it is cheaper. The seats are much more comfortable and it feels like you have far more leg room. It is a great bonus being able to park outside the cinema for free as well. We never buy the overpriced rubbish food i have to say prefering to smuggle in our own drinks and sweets (easier for females with large handbags i have to admit). Have never found the staff rude - in fact have always found them polite and helpful. I agree that it has gone down hill lately from a messy point of view and they do need to sort that out.

By Kaz S.

When you go to this cinema be aware that people generally think it is ok to talk through the film loudly. There is non existent security to control the generally rude, rowdy element that attend here. Place is extremely dirty, sticky seats and floors covered in rubbish. Seats are not good, no padding and uncomfortable. Often screen turns out to be small.

By Sonia F.

Not even closer to 1star, if you actually see how they make pop corns at the back, you guys will get sick. And bet you will never step inside that place... I have witness it by my self, male staff was cleaning mens toilet and straight after he was put on food counter by his manager. I can tell defiantly he did,nt even wash his hands coz, he walked out front of me from toilet and straight went to the food counter. I reported to the manager, it was Asian looking short height lady, who was rude enough to represent the personality of that shit place.... Will never step inside that place again. Staff is too rude bec they all illegal workers based here as student visa so of course they don,t have any skills. Just rubbish place to wit family to waist time an money. Refreshments are f****** to expansive and it's all rubbish they selling, drinks full of ice, pop cons which are never fresh.. Sweet bag you can buy for £1.50 from outsid and they sell it for £3.00... Just rubbish from staff to managers.

By Misheteen D.

I couldn't agree more than one of the other reviews. This Cinema doesn't even deserve 1 star! Screens are small, lights are left on during the movie, sound quality is so awful that you actually hear the movie next door's sound, the place always has a strange smell, popcorn is cold, service is slow - what more could you actually ask for when you're looking for the most undesirable cinema to visit - it puts the Cineworld name to shame! Only reason I go there is because it's the closest cinema to my house, otherwise I visit the Milton Keynes branch which is emmaculate compared to this hole.

By Danny G.

I really wish that it was possible to give less than one star here. I actually used to work in this branch and though it was much better there than it is now at the time it was still not very good and that was a large part of why I left. The place is filthy - I think I was the only one that ever actually cleaned there - I literally couldn't keep up. There is no stock rotation on the popcorn, no timer on the hot dog cooker, and employees are told to put as much ice into drinks as they can get away with and the cups won't fit into the cup holders. The small are too small, and the large are too large. Prices were high then, but now they're just ridiculous. You can't take in your own refreshments either, forcing you to buy the massively overpriced refreshments from them. Their customer service line is only open from 10-4 so anyone who works and has a problem is screwed. The website charges incorrect prices, lists incorrect show times, and doesn't tell you in advance of purchase that you must produce the card when picking the tickets up. A lot of the time the website won't even function in this "normal" way. It's always freezing cold, even in the summer, spills are not cleaned up, screens are not cleaned properly - the screens themselves are covered in splodges of food and drink thrown by kids - the sound is never high enough and the picture if always out of focus. I could quite literally run a better cinema in my garden shed.

By S A.

It's the worse cinema! Ive been going there for the past 10 years and it's only gotten worse. It is the most filthy public place. U should see the state of their toilets! If that doesn't make u puke then ur welcomed to slap me hard round the face! Staffs are ever so rude with the so popular "i'm not the manager so I cannot help you" and the funny thing is that you never even get as close to the manager's shadow cuz they're never around! I wonder if any of you have ever noticed how ur feet, hands and nose get to freezing point whenever u enter the cinema!?!? Thats cuz they blast the air conditioning even if the cinema is almost empty and during the coldest winter months! I better not start with the nachos story. I once bought a large nachos and only got 8 pieces of jalapenos! When I asked why, the lady told me "we've been instructed to give out only 8 pieces of jalapenos for a large nacho and 5 pieces for a regular one". I am sorry if this sounds hard to believe. This is the truth. Ps: for those wondering why I still go there. It's only cuz I can't afford to drive miles away to watch a movie:(

By A.

I have been an unlimited member of Cineworld for over a year now (and I am thinking of cancelling this membership).

The first year was great, but since January this year the cinema has really gone downhill with films not being run as frequently as they used to and films are not shown for long periods of time like they use to be.

Also the projectionist they have recently hired is terrible!!! Film is being burnt, reels are falling off the projector at beginning of films.

Films are not generally in focus and members of the audience have to inform staff there is a problem.I have been attending many cinemas throughout my life and I have never seen these sort of mistakes before!

This projectionist should certainly have a place in the Guinness Book of World records of shoddy work and if you want to have your film interrupted then I recommend you see a film at Cineworld Feltham!!!!

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