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A converted 60s cinema, with 4 screens, we are very accessible and have a wide catchment area.We have held many business hires and are always in demand.

Ranked #19 of 89 cinemas in London

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Cineworld Hammersmith reviews

By Roger F.

After leaving work early to meet my family for an advertised showing of a film - we arrived to be told that they had decided not to show the film a that time. No satisfactory reason was given and we were totally unimpressed.

By Chris A.

Firstly, I love the staff- young and friendly- work well as a team and always enjoy a bit of banter. It doesn't have many screens but that's the charm of it. This is my local cinema trying to keep up with larger ones in their chain. If competing with two cinemas in Shepherds bush isn't enough. It nearly went under a couple years back and they kept it alive which is important for people from Hammersmith right through to Stamford Brook and Chiswick areas. The reason it survives is because the people working there know what it is, they know it's imperfect, but they do the best with what they have. Here's a tip- you have a problem with the staff, speak to them personally instead of cowering online. Ps. Anyone who disagrees don't write back as I'm unlikely to read or reply-I'm the bald Irish guy but this is likely to go in as anonymous.

By Marcos E.

Worst Manager ever! I had a horrible experience when I bought my tickets and I went to pick them up, for some reason the person at the till couldnt print, she called the manager Aneta Bednarcyk and she told me the movie had started 10mins ago so I had to buy new tickets. I replied that I had already bought my tickets as they could see on the system and she said the system doesnt let them print. Then I suggested to simply pop in the screen but she insisted I had to buy new tickets. After 15mins talking with the square minded manager Aneta I had no other option but going back home without any compensation (tickets, money back or something). I think there were many simply ways of solving this problem but the manager Aneta Bednarcyk was totally unproffesional as it is clear she doesnt know how to solve such a simply problem. She reminded me of the Little Britain recepcionist saying "computer says no".

By A Daisy S.

Torn and broken seats, depressed employees, dirty toilets + smelly stale carpets. I wouldn't have been so annoyed about how gross the place was if it had been cheaper than a nice cinema, but it wasn't cheaper at all. The film we went to see was a good one, but sadly it was ruined by the projection being out of focus at times and the sound constantly coming and going. No apology, no discount on our next visit. (not that we'd ever go back anyway after this). Also, they annoyingly played a 3 min long trailer for the film we were about to watch! Just AVOID this place. Its not a cinema, its a joke.

By Mark B.

I feel I have to step in and stick up for my local cinema - it's getting a right bashing! Perhaps if people know the whole story they will look at it differently - maybe not, anyway.. The cinema and the plot that it's on are owned by Tesco. Tesco bought it to tear it down and build a Tesco Metro, (like we need anotherTesco). . The fact that there was such an outcry from local residents meant that they were thwarted in their plans.. Look i know it's not great, i go there a lot, but Tesco, are deliberately letting it fall into disrepair so they have an excuse to tear it down. It's actually a lovely old art deco building and it's a real shame that it may just vanish from the high street. I'm sorry that people have had a bad experience there, but the staff are not paid a lot, and they have a very low morale having to work in a crumbling building that no-one cares about. If you are local to Hammersmith, or just care about old cinemas, please make your voice heard at Thanks

By Sam E.

First of all the ticket machine charged me for 5 tickets instead of one then it took me 15 minutes to get a refund as the manager could not speak English and one of the younger staff had to translate from Polish how can you be a manager if you do not speak English.Secondly to get a small drink and popcorn was just a rip of I nearly paid over £10.Then I go to my seats In the screen and the to find that most the chairs had foam missing and a had holes in them.And then also to find a finger nail in the popcorn also then In the adverts the sound broke which delayed the start of the film by 20 minutes. Then the film starts and to find that the sound quality was poor. Half way into the film a group of children under ten sneak in making very loud noise and as this film was rated 18 they were not supposed to be there,So then went to the staff to say that they had came in the staff were even more useless in dealing with this as they did not have anyone to go in there and do something,Some time later they are told to leave after the film was stopped. I recommend that no one should ever go to cineworld Hammersmith as the floor is not clean covered in their over priced coke and popcorn and their seats have wholes in the screens are about as good quality as 1 megapixel the sound is awful and the tickets are over priced and just to say that this was not even all of it.I would probaly see better in a third world country cinema. This is similar to almost every cineworld I have been to and I would advise never even look at it as it is so revolting and words cannot explain and describe how awful it is there.

By Marius E.

Avoid Going to this Dump. Place in general is Run down,and located in the sticks (About 20min walk from Hammersmith Station). Went and watch Magic Mike here in July 2012,and what a waste of Money it was. I had the following problems with the place: -Seats where Knackered from being sat on since the beginning of time. (You would be better off sitting on the floor since there is No difference that to sit on the seat.) -Cinema Screen where Way to small... its like watching a film on a 19" tele (Had to move around 3 times just to find a seating position that was sufficient enough to see something (There was a cost involve...above mentioned) -The Seats where all on the same level position(With no Gradient slopping downwards so that you don't end up looking in someone's fat melon that's sitting right in front of you) -Sound Quality was proper Shite (At one stage I though that I was going deaf...since it sounded like 20min the guys in the movie where mumbling) If you think that Im just having a moan about this place because I enjoy doing so...Go and "enjoy" a film then at this Shit-hole..But DON'T say you haven't been warned.

By Amie G.

My daughter and I had a bad experience at this cinema, where some people came and sat right next to us at the front with two babies and refused to move even though the cinema was empty.

The husband became very threatening when I politely asked why would he want to sit near other people (I think they wanted the front of the cinema for their toddler to run around, so intimidated us so we would change seats).

The manager (stand in youngish lady) thought it was funny and so in the end I just asked for my tickets back. I wrote to Cineworld to see if they would apologise but no reply. Haven't been back since.

By Erick G.

Your average multi-plex. 7 screens, so never will have same movie on 2 screens which means the just released, 1st run will most likely be on their largest screen. Relitively clean and comfortable, not the electric but OK. One seat was broken and they had a plastic bag over it. I'm picky about movie cinemas and I will go back because it's near by.

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