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Cineworld in Ilford has 11 screens. The venue features both Asian and Mainstream releases.

Ranked #18 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 22 Mar 2019 to Thu 28 Mar 2019

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Opening Hours

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10:00 - 00:00


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Cineworld Ilford reviews

By Michael S.

Staff are moderately more sluggish than a passive sloth and the clientele have only just learnt to lift their knuckles off the sticky carpets. Good number of screens though.

By Tremendous E.

Try and go during the day and, even then, only choose the Art House releases (by this I mean non-blockbuster). Its your only hope to avoid the pond-life clientele. Personally, I always found the staff helpful and polite. But they cannot fight the tsunami of chavs that pour into this cinema. Personally, I dont want to have to get up during any part of a film and have to go and seek staff to eject patrons. If people cant behave and expect to do what they like....well, then they should expect the same of others. That is why if ever I decide to 'go postal' I will plan and execute it at this establishment. Try me........I'll make us famous

By Jas J.

Crap experience

Absolutely awful!!!! The cinema itself is in a good location but the service is appalling as there's never ever tea/coffee as they always make the same excuse of the machine is not working or we haven't any milk !!!! Really though they just can not be bothered. For the prices they charge I would rather go Greenwich or odeon cinemas. The type of public they let in is awful as there is always people chatting or being stupid and the staff can't be bothered to sort it out. Would not recommend it at all

By Holland H.

Indeed the toilets are worse but normally we still use it as this cinema is the closes to us. But today it was the beyond our expectation too. We were denied entry as we were 25 mins late. Despite explaining the cause of traffic and other issues we were shown the door, they handed us money and sent us back. The person was very rude and only said - speak to my manager who then directed to another person and so on. The reason given us is health and safety! Given that the movie was of 2.5 hours or more and that they always (yes always, perhaps same for other CINEWORLD ALSO) show ads for the first 30 minutes, they could sure allowed us. The other rant that they had was "Rules are rules", cleaning toilet is not a rule, health and safety excluded toilets where from you can catch more deadly deceases. CINEWORLD SHOULD HAVE THIS WRITTEN ON THEIR WEBSITE OF THIS BIG RULEPerhaps the catch is different as they re - sold the tickets . this explain why people do not get the seats allocated. Anyways, enough is enough, surely 4 of us would never buy a ticket here.

By Mahesh T.

The gents Toilets are always stinking with smell. They always leak and remain wet. I can understand if it happens once or twice but it happens all the time. I am a regular user of Cineworld, ilford as I stay close by and see all language movies. It's really pathetic. it's been this way for the last few years that I had been here. Please do take some action!

By Bob B.

The worst cinema i have ever been to. My experience here was absolutely Atrocious how can you treat your Customers with no respect. no wonder there so many bad comments towards this terrible cinema

By Habib R.

The worst cinema ever, if you are in london i would reccomend the o2 cinema(north greenwich) they are way better at everything. Ilford cineworld is just the worst cinema

By Mital S.

Terrible cinema, nobody seats according to seats assigned even though theatre is full! So you you will never get seat that you pre booked, ppl will threaten you and no management ppl to help you out there.

By Vegan P.

Cineworld Ilford was always my 1st choice of cinema (i've been going for years), recently it's really gone downhill as they no longer use the downstairs booking booths but instead you have to buy your tickets in the same place as people buying their food. The queues go on for ages! I can't see myself using Cineworld Ilford any more!

By Syd B.

What the hell are you on about you mad wench? "I like the cinema very much..but it sucks". "Staff are very rude...some are fit and sexy"...Make your mind up!! Okay so it has 11 screens but your uncles has 25 in California, not that you can even spell properly. You sound like a totally neurotic bunny-boiler. We're all glad you live in the States, but its still NOT FAR ENOUGH!!! Find yourself a spare auditorium amongst your uncle's 25 and lock yourself in for good. Dont come here next Christmas attempting to lower the gene pool standard again.For anyone wanting a genuine assessment of the cinema, read on....Some of the screens are a good size (maybe screens 1,2 3) ideal for showing the special effect-laden blockbusters. Seats are comfortable and the stadium style seating means no big lump sitting in front will obscure your view.Staff are not the most intellectually gifted (thats why they're on minimum wage), but they do try and help. Anyone who says staff are rude, try this method - be nice to someone and they'll be nice back to you. Treat someone like dirt and you'll get it back with interest. Its not rocket science.The only thing that lets down the cinema is the chavs who talk and text all the way through the movies. I think the cinema has tried to eliminate this, as I've seen some people being removed, but theres more chavs in Ilford than security staff. So its a case of pot luck over who you'll end up watching a movie next to.Good luck....

By Sarhne H.

I like the cinema very much. Really good films are on all the time, the employees and staff are very rude and stupid at times and the security are very insecure and very very poor at doing their duty. There are some really fit and sexy looking guys there which are really sweet and i know some of them very well. some are useless don't even know how to chat up a girl, anyway my name is hellina i am a great fun lovin person and i love coming to cinewold cinma becuase it is the very best cinema in the world but at times it sucks, and it only has 11 screens.

my unlce owns a cinema in calafornia and he had over 25 screens and cineworld only has 11. i don't live in england i live in te US and i moved to calafornia to my uncles and now i am in england for xmas anbd the news year when ever i come to engalnd i alwya go to this cimea in ilford becuae this is the oinly one i know really ok nice talkin tyo you byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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