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Fri 22 Mar 2019 to Thu 28 Mar 2019

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Cineworld The O2 Greenwich reviews

By Zainab K.

Horrible customer service

My husband and I had recently gone to watch a movie at O2 cineworld.Unfortunately my husband had forgotten his wallet which had our unlimited movie cards. We have been cineworld members for more than 3 years.I understand it's the policy to show the card.My husband showed him the emails, card number, even a picture of our card.We tried almost everything, but the manager Mr Farouk Mian was very adamant and not understanding at all, unlike the other cineworlds,where People are more Polite and understanding. I am very much disappointed with the customer service.If you forget the card, but have a email booking, still there should be a system to allow people. Because of this our entire evening was ruined. Thanks to Mr Farouk Mian :/

By Pat D.

I'm a cineworld pass holder and this is my local cinema (unfortunately). I've been many times and the experience is getting worst & worst, terribly unhelpful staff, there's a horrible smell in the corridors, children's matinee today showed the wrong film! And parking at the entire O2 is a joke! Pay a bit more and go to the odean down the road. That's my advice.

By G W.

Once you're inside the screen the cineworld experience at the O2 is absolutely fine. Good screen, seats etc. However, getting to the screen is one of the worst experiences you can face! They do not have a seperate ticket queue, so you have to queue up with people ordering food and drinks. This wouldnt be a problem normally, but Cineworld The O2 Greenwich is a joke! They have too few tills open, and the ones that are are staffed by 16 year old kids that have no clue what they're doing and are so slow its unbelievable. You wait in line constantly thinking you wont get a ticket in time for when the film starts. Why cant they simply have a ticket only queue!?

By Alicia M.

The O2 Greenwich is local to where we live. This is our regular cinema since it opened under 'filmworks'. I was looking for some info on the vip area that they offer and (from someone who hasn't seen what the Cineworld vip has to offer) we have been always very pleased with Cineworld The O2 Greenwich. There is a good selection of sweeties for the kids (very expensive though) and your usual hot-dog junk. The toilets are very clean and modern (very important with kinds who sit anywhere) and friendly staff. Their Sky screen used to be the largest in Europe. Not happy with that, they've come up with the D-box which is a moving seat that will vibrate throughout the film in tune with the loudest noise such as an explosion. It's brilliant! They have two D-boxes at the entrance for people to try and my kids will always have a go before we go in. We have never had an issue getting in or out of the cinema and I used to take a twin pram with us. It's true that their escalators have been not moving on a couple of occasions but that, I can honestly say, it's not the norm. Daddy and I are due for a night out alone and we will definitely be watching Skyfall on the D-box, after having a child-free dinner at out favourite venue The O2 Greenwich. I would highly recommend Cineworld The O2 Greenwich.

By Ahmet S.

I watched a 3d movie in Cineworld O2 London on a nice Saturday evening. When I was buying my ticket (which was about 12 pounds) they told me that there is a 80p charge for 3d glasses but I can bring it back after the movie. Well I watched the movie and brought back the glasses (I waited another 5 min in the line for this.. well.. I am a patient person) for 80p refund. Guess what? They don't take the glasses back. Then comes the "supervisor" (some Indian guy who didn't introduce himself) and tells me that they can not profit if they get the glasses back. I explained that I was told to bring them back and showed him the huge sign that says "RECYCLE after using the glasses". After five minutes of discussion and argument I left the theater feeling like a liar who is trying to get some cash. Well I paid 12 pounds and I wanted to recycle those glasses which I don't need anymore. For 80p, they made me go online and write this bad review after flying 5 hours back to home. I also own a business and I never treat people the way I was treated here.

By Harley C.

I believe what they meant by this is you can bring the glasses back next time you watch a 3D film so it is a one of charge of 80p. These glasses are used in thr majority of cinemas so you would be able to use them in other chains.

By Michael T.

I paid for VIP tickets the experience was far from feeling like a VIP. They sell the VIP tickets as having a licensed bar, exclusive seating area, premium cinema seating, and great screen. The reality was very different. The bar was closed, the seating area was dirty and tired, and very obviously hadn't been cleaned for a while. The previous showing was still coming out after our start time, so they were running seriously late. No one thought to give us an update, tell us what was going on, so we sat there for 20 minutes waiting. Finally someone came out to say sorry for the delay it'll be around 5 minutes wait. He promised that the showing was already rolling so we could skip the adverts, and it would run the schedule. We were finally let in around 25 minutes after the start time. The seating felt cheap and it felt lower build quality than their standard seats. They wobbled the adjoining seats if you wobbled yours. They definitely didn't feel premium compared to other premium seats I've used at other cinemas. They did have small tables next to the chairs, which was a nice touch. The screen and sound quality were good, with the exception that lighting from the ground floor was so bright the bottom section of the screen was hard to see. This didn't obscure anything important as it was a small section, but was very distracting in dark scenes. When we entered the adverts had obviously just started to roll. Given that they had promised it would be running to schedule, they had obviously lied to pacify us. The show ended around 25 minutes later than scheduled. Do not waste your money on VIP tickets at this cinema. I have visited it on a number of occasions using normal tickets and experience has been good, but I won't ever be buying VIP tickets again.

By Lindsey S.

Cineworld Cinemas are generally quite nice, but this one was a bit of a joke. At least half the escalators were out of order, but staff did not post any signs. It was unclear how even to exit the cinema, with signs pointing to the "way out" leading to nowhere. They ran out of Coke by the Saturday Matinee, which is simply ridiculous. As a result of not having anything on tap, we had to buy bottled Cokes, meaning we paid twice as much for half the soda. They didn't admit anyone into the screen until after the listed start time. The film didn't start until 40 minutes later (after about 30 mins of adverts - not even trailers, just ads). My boyfriend's arm rest was broken and kept falling down during the film. I gave it two stars because it still had the basic Cineworld amenities - lots of foot room, well laid out seating arrangements, good screens. But I'd always choose the West India Quay cinema over this one.

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