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UGC West India Quay has 10 screens availble, ranging in capacity from 109 to 354. Concessions are given to OAP, Children and Unemployed with proof of status.

Ranked #5 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 22 Mar 2019 to Thu 28 Mar 2019

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours

11:30 - 00:00


11:30 - 00:00


11:30 - 00:00


11:30 - 00:00


11:30 - 00:00


11:30 - 00:00


11:30 - 00:00

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Cineworld West India Quay reviews

By Michael S.

Not a bad place for catching a movie but a bit of an odd mix there of council house East Londoners and Docklands suit-types. Good bar though.

By Sheila C.

I'm an unlimited member and this is my 'local'. It's really easy to get to by DLR, right next to the station and in a very good location -plenty of sophisticated bars and a Wetherspoons nearby, also handy for the Waitrose at Canary Wharf underground shopping mall or Tesco store . There's a nice quiet bar area on the top level where you can read in peace before your film starts The staff are always kind and welcoming. They act promptly if you've lost anything and are very polite. The screens are good, and seating is comfortable. No troubles from a well-behaved, mixed audience. The choice of films is good although for the more cerebral choices like The Butterfly and the Diving Bell I have to go to Fulham Road or other central cinema. That said, they do run the popular foreign films, like 'Heartbreaker' One big downside -it's all run on a very tight budget and the staff are overworked. There are often long queues out the door on weekend afternoons, especially for new releases. I've sometimes had to revise my choice of film because of the queue taking so long. Inside there are similar queues for popcorn and drinks -I've more or less given up trying. They often close one of the snacks outlets. The staffing issue is one big problem that needs addressing

By Katie S.

i am only 12 years old and i regularly use this ciniema i use it because its clean and fresh its not horrible and manky. the toilets are clean the screens are big the staff are nice what more could you want. i think its the best one ever

By Judit B.

The West India Quay cineworld is 1 of my favourite. Its a really nice cinema.Big screens, comfy chairs and friendly people to watch the movie with. I only miss they dont show indian films. I really like indian films, even I am not indian. 1 of my good friend just started to work in this cineworld,so I like to visit this cinema even more. :)

By Ekbal A.

This is a really nice, friendly place. Although it hasn't got the largest screens, it has got good sound and is very clean. The seats are generally comfortable, but the armrests are a bit harsh! Overall, its perfect for a quick movie locally but if you're travelling to get here, the Greenwich Odeon is much more of a big-screen experience.

By Ekbal A.

Look, the guy might be right in making an observation about the 'social standing' of cinema goers but why mention it if you're not making a point? Are the council east londoners causing a nuisance? do they harrass you? Or do you just not like the look of them? If they're not causing any particular problems does it matter who they are? Let me just say i've been to the cinema on many occassions where a group of trendy cityboys have ruined a film by laughing extra-loud and making smart comments throughout.

By A S.

Mate, you are totally right in making comment on those that visit the cinema. Worth noting that you did not comment disparigingly on the 'council' guests, you just stated an observation. I can't stand paying good money to watch a film, only to hear a bunch of chavvy sh*tes talk through out the film or f*ck about with their mobile phones. That comment normally applies to the 12-18 year olds. Rather go where it was more civilised. Sadly its these f*ckwits that keep the cinema business alive, irrespective of whether the film is watched or not. The cinema corporates are not about the experience of others. Give me a cinema where only civilised people attend and you can enjoy a film in peace and I'll go back again and again.

By Brian G.

My wife and I visit the Cinema the other day to see MAMA MIA. Great fun well acted the music was great and the film was very funny in places. Some of the male actors gave the impression that they could not sing but tried.

By Mark T.

Come on, I know what he means all the loud mouthed shites, that insist on talking the whole way through. I don't think its right to say Council types coz they're not. I'm a council type. These people are just little F***'s who really have no interest in the film, they have paid to see. The cinema is good to go to , seats are comfy, and refreshments at hand, they even had a usherette bring ice creams around, now thats a bonus.

By Lisa E.

What a tosser! Why are you writing about the people and not the cinema and films? Maybe if you spent more time watching the film and less time looking snootily around you, you wouldn't be such an arse!!!!

By Alan P.

Imagine people from council houses in East London going to watch a film with Docklands "suit-types" what an "odd mix!" what ever next. Heaven forbid two would have to mingle and would want to watch the same film. As the cinema you tried to review is in East London also along with the Docklands was it a huge suprise to see people from both sides of the financial spectrum there together. What a shallow minded indivdual you are. (very nice cinema by the way lol).

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