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Cineworld Wood Green is a twelve screen multiplex showing all the latest British and Hollywood blockbusters as well as classic matinees.

Ranked #13 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 22 Mar 2019 to Thu 28 Mar 2019

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Opening Hours

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Cineworld Wood Green reviews

By Diogo C.

I quite had a nice experience in here. Went there with two friend to see Burlesque a while ago and we got there a bit late, so one of the staff members was kind enough to explain to us how to use the card machines and we just skipped all the queues and went straight in. Got no popcorn, so that was one queue we avoided. The room was nice and clean and we left very happy as we also thought the movie was quite good too. Would recommend if you're in the area, otherwise it's not that good to go out of your way.

By Jacky T.


It was a good film but got charged £3.50 for a drink that we never got because the Sprite machine wasn't working and £1.70 for a normal bottle of water. Am disgusted at their prices!

By Hopeton Fitzroy E.

Too that point good food,music TV displays, customer service (patience!),a natural area like Wood Green London,always futuristic development,no to bad qualities, good is a yes for appreciated entertainment globally.

By Mickey W.

I went to see a film at 12:00 midday so it would be quite n my film started at 12:20. I approached the screen at 12:00/12:05 when a member of staff kissed there teeth at me and said "your to early man!! Come back later init" I think that is so rude and feel I need to make this known

By Eleni S.

Do not go there had tickets pre booked for 4 weeks to go there this evening and greeted by huge rats! In screen 2 mrs browns boys all staff were aware manager not Bothered terrible Customer services!

By Sandip S.

no management,less staff you have to wait for 20 minutes for the tickets,manager dont know some times what he doing.

By Zahid I.

I went to the Cineworld Wood Green cinema today and I was shocked with the customer service that I received from the member of staff there even the manager was as good as a chocolate tea pot, I am an unlimited membership holder for the cineworld cinema I booked two tickets online one for myself and my little brother as he has an unlimited pass as well when we got to the entrance I showed the guys checking tickets both of our tickets and he asked for our membership cards I had mine on me but my little brother forgot his at home I explained the situation to them but all I got back was attitude from the staff, I asked if they could check the system if it has got his picture on there but they refused us entry and now me and my little brother have both come to an agreement of cancelling our membership, just a little tip for anyone that is planning to go to Cineworld Wood Green if you are looking for a cinema where you would be treated like criminals or you would like poor customer service than Cineworld Wood Green is the place to go

By Paul J.

Not only were two of the three ticket machines not working at 6.30pm on a Saturday evening (so there were HUGE queues), but the full house lights were left on through the adverts, the trailers and the first ten minutes of the film this evening. Truly the worst managed cinema in London.

By Rty Y.

I made the mistake of not believing how bad this cinema could be but let me tell you - it really is terrible. The Cineworld chain should be ashamed. Go to the Vue cinema a few minutes up the road - it's much better and the staff are properly trained in customer service

By Fun L.

wood green cinema is re ally no good in customer service i am unlimited card user and what i do i usually watch a 3 different films at different times on one day. so i usually would get all 3 tickets at once, but one day the cashier said i am not allowed to and gave me an excuses , which when i rang an 0845 number on mobile to customer service gave me a totally different excuse, so somebody is lying. i even point out that before u can enter a screen u have to show the ticket collector your card and ticket, so the excuse about unlimited user getting tickets and giving to other people is false as they have so-called security measures in place. i even wasted time and money writing to them and they dont bother to reply, as i had to ring again to be spoken rudely to by their telephone customer service staff. i even suggested why dont you have machines near the box office or where the tickets collector are position, where u can get tickets from for unlimited users instead of having to wait in long queue where they only usually have one cashier on. and i have been told that as i cant obtain 3 tickets at once i would have to come back to the box office twice and most office and the cinema screens are not close and have to take a escalator ride to get to, but in the case of wood green theres are broken for months and harbours a load of popcorn and rinks from customers falling down the escalators. but telephone customer service dont care and just care about making profits. but soon they will feel when when customers go to other cinemas instead.

By Paul J.

I wish I could give this place zero stars. Quite simply the worst cinema I have ever visited. It's all been said in other reviews. Spend your money elsewhere.

By Aliya P.

The customer service is really pathetic. In-fact the staff when asked what kind of customer service they have? have replied saying "we don't believe in customer service".What a shame? I would NOT recommend this place to anyone. I was once told off and refused entry to the cinema in-spite of having a valid ticket and was only refunded the money after the police intervened. The behaviour and attitude of the staff is really arrogant and they just don't care about the services they should be offering which includes being polite and nice to their customers.

By Sabrina M.

People need to complain less and watch the movie.. for the price and location, there's nothing wrong with it.

Yes it's not the cleanest of places but you're not looking to spend a lifetime there. Real movie fans wouldn't put too much thought into where they are watching the screening and make do for a couple of hours.

If you want a 5 star cinema, give the Hilton a shout and see of they've got one on their premisis.

By I W.

The overall ambience of this place is depressing. It is more akin to animal processing than a cinema.

I have gone a couple of times and regretted it. The place smells, staff are unfriendly and you wonder when it was last cleaned.

This is cinema on the cheap and bears no resemblance to a place of entertainment where customers might actually be valued.

By Kathleen D.

This cinema is bleak, unfriendly and unsafe. The security staff are in short supply. On one visit when I went with another woman friend the staff were playing rap music over the intercom in the cinema which left a lot to be desired in terms of language content. The doors were constantly opening and shutting as kids out of school came in and out shouting comments at the audience - no security. Its quite lonely and empty in the cinemas in the afternoons and I am surprised no one has been attacked or robbed. The toilets are an absolute disgrace and you can smell them from the lobby. Bring back the days of real cinema - this is just totally unacceptable!!!

By Daryl H.

The place is a complete dump. I was there last weekend with my wife and as after being 2 minutes inside the screen we left. I've been to other Cineworld cinemas across London before, and frankly I was surprised by the state of the place. We bought our tickets and then we decided to buy something to eat an two drinks, the place is so desorganized and dirty and all the staff look so unhappy and miserable. We tried to get to the screen and we were told that the screen was not ready yet, so we sit down in one of the benches they have on the foyer, we were there for 15 minutes, and we could see "the manager at work" he is one of the most arrogant and imbecile persons I've ever seen, he did not talk directly to us, but in those 15 minutes he was screaming a few times to other customers telling them off to move... (does he know what a customer service role means?), he was very very rude to 2 members of staff and basically most of the time he was showing off himself with his radio telling jokes about people to the security staff.. honestly who choose this people? is this place part of the same Cineworld chain? And that's not the end of things... we got inside and the place is filfthy like a big dump, all the seats are full of hair grease, the screens stink and the walls are not even painted... we tried.. really tried to find a good seat but we couldn't we just left. I could wasted more time trying to get my money back... but after seeing the people in charge we decided to leave. Nice meeting you Wood Green I'll make sure never, never to come back!

By Cock F.

This Cinema is an absolute dump. Its floors and seats are filthy. The Popcorn tastes like shit, the drinks are watered down with what I can only assume is the staff's piss. Try to complain to anyone and you get abused and shouted at by the staff or the so called "Manager". They have security there who are just waiting for someone to complain, so they can have a fight with you. Apart from my own bad experiences here, I once saw a man get refused entry for having a Chocolate bar in his bag that was not purchased from their overpriced bar. They also refused to give his money back. Bunch of Wankers running the place.

By Daisy D.

This cinema is awful, i totally agree with the other review. My visit cosisted of entering the screen to find thick dirt covered on the seats, when me and my friends complained to the manager he was extremely argumentative. He wouldnt understand the point we were trying to make, wouldnt refund us and wouldnt even apologise. He bought along 2 other members of staff who were equally as arrogant and quite frankly i was afraid a fight was going to errupt!!I do not recommend this cinema whatsoever. And it stinks!

By Willy W.

This Cinema is run, and frequented, by divs. I've now stopped going there because every time I took my kids there was a problem: people talking, film starts late, popcorn machine broke, coke flat, credit card machine broke, sound dodgy and so on. The last incident I ended up having to watch a subtitled film because I wasn't told when I bought my ticket that it was a presentation for people with hearing problems. The place also stinks downstairs. The manager is argumentative when you complain. If it wasn't for the fact that I am recently out of prison I would have strangled him on my last vist. It isn't much better accross the road at Hollywood Green, but the seats there are cleaner at least

By Kaylassnath J.

Not worth going to cineworld at Wood Green

It is a very bad experience at Cineworld Wood Green. I recently joined unlimited because it stated anytime any movie. Today I am trying to book for a movie and it stated communication error. So I went to the location and the staff was seemed unprofessional and unexperienced. I feel very disappointed and went home. I will never encourage anyone to go to this cineworld,

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