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Claddagh Ring is a lively, Irish-themed bar on Church Road which boasts regular live music and bands. Claddagh Ring is popular among locals and visitors to the area alike, serving quality food and a wide selection of drinks.

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09:30 - 02:00

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Claddagh Ring reviews

By Andrew M.

The Claddagh Ring is the place to be if you want to have a laugh and drink until the early hours of the morning. It's a large pub that is seperated into two sections: One has the band and a dancefloor, and the other has standard pop and indie music playing, along with a couple of pool tables and more seating. It stays open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays but you need to arrive early if you want somewhere to sit.

It gets packed after about 11pm and sometimes the doormen have to turn people away as it often reaches its full capacity. The entry on a Friday and Saturday is £3, though if you get there before nine it's free.

The Claddagh ring has a lot to offer as a pub, and due to its size and late licence it attracts all sorts of people from all over London as well as its loyal regulars. This always makes for an interesting night, and once you've visited it a few times you'll inevitably catch the Claddagh Ring bug.

Definitely worth visiting if you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere, good music and lots of drinking!

By James J.

A work colleague of mine has been trying to get me in the Claddagh Ring in Hendon for some time now (yes, he's irish) and I finally gave in and went with him. I was met with a real friendly atmosphere and it seems like a real regulars pub.

By Michael K.

As many people have already stated there isn't really that much to shout about in Hendon, Claddagh Ring does well to fly the flag and once inside you could find yourself vacating the bar for many a long afternoon!

By Melvin J.

Stumbled across the Claddagh Ring whilst in Hendon for a meeting. Great little spot for a spot of lunch and the free wifi was great. There's info around the pub about the history of the pub and what the Claddagh Ring means which was actually quite interesting! Would recommended

By Dory F.

I was at the Claddagh Ring in Hendon last weekend for the live music! Have to say it was a top night! Unpretentious staff, great atmosphere and reasonably priced booze! Can't go wrong!

By Ed H.

I went here with a group of mates at the weekend - cheap beer, food and a pool table so happy days! Hendon doesn't have too much in the way of nightlife so Claddagh Ring is worth a visit.

By Tori J.

For Paddy's Day my Irish pal insisted on Claddagh Ring. I didn't know Hendon at all, so wasn't so sure. But once we got there I'm glad we made the effort. This is as traditional as they come.

By Barbara S.

fabulous excellent and supper

went to claddagh ring on the 13th July 2016 as my gt neice had graduated. my i sayit was fantastic there were six of us meals excellent toilets spotless staff really really friendly helpful and very pleasant felt at home there. the meals where value for money and plenty of it. drinks good. really really fab place next time we are in hendon you are defo on my list to call in for meal and drinks well done and keep it up from my husband neice and here husband and my great neice and her partner thank you.

By Kalvin W.

Always start my night in The Claddagh Ring, always a warm welcome and clean pipes mean for a good reliable pint! The food is excellent and have headed here many a time for lunch for mates. Best place in Hendon!

By Wayne K.

I often have the all day breakfast the Claddagh hangover cure in Hendon! I've been to a few of the live events and normally a good crack. Keep it up!

By Dan S.

The Claddagh Ring is okay…it's not doing anything out of the ordinary but okay for a quick pint. Some of the live music is decent so worth keeping an eye on.

By Apple B.

The staff were friendly and the food and drink was great! Had a few nights out in Hendon and the Claddagh Ring is always on the hitlist! Would recommended.

By Lola P.

Seems like lots of others like the Claddagh Ring, have to say my food was average but for the price I can't complain and the service was friendly. I've only been living in Hendon for a few weeks so will give another try!

By Billy C.

Great place for a proper bit of Irish fun and frolics - always used to head here when I lived nearby but not so much anymore. Recently returned and it was still a laugh though.

By Bob J.

I've been to Claddagh Ring a few times now and not been let down so far. Good traditional Irish pub with good honest food and friendly staff. 5

By Gazza I.

Decent bar, lots of students but I went on a Tuesday so that’s probably why! Cheap drinks and food so can't complain. Good option for anyone in Hendon

By Nola S.

Classic night out at the Claddagh Ring at the weekend. Right next to my uni (middlesex uni) so think I will be becoming very familiar with the place!

By Max K.

I went out with an Irish girl from Hendon and her family used to frequent the Claddagh Ring. A decent pint of Guinness and plenty of craic, as you would imagine. I'd happily go back (but not with her, or her family).

By Claire K.

Irish bars arent usually my thing but the Claddagh ring is actually quite a decent pub. The staff are prety cool and they have some good offers on drinks.

By Kalvin W.

Stumbled (literally) across Claddagh Ring over the weekend and I was very impressed with the warm and friendly atmosphere. Sometimes you never know what to expect from an Irish bar but I felt this one was accessible for everyone. Student drink offers are also more than welcome!

By Imogen H.

Love a good student discount and Claddagh Ring delivers!! Had a messy but cracking girlie night out, really good :)

By Dany R.

Really like the atmosphere in this lively irish place! Its full of celtic spirit, with great beers and food. It manages to be really warm and welcoming, whilst having a bit of a modern style to the decor. Love coming to this place, if only for the great live bands they get in.

By John S.

Very well run large music venue/pub.The food is amazing,great too for watching football or rugby due to the many screens they have installed.Real nice interior with wood and also nice led lighting to give that modern feel.It is an irish pub but you don't have to be irish to enjoy a good night out in it.You have live bands that play rock based stuff like the killers, kings of leon, u2 etc.The djs are good and play a mixture of chart stuff plus old school songs as well.Its open late til 2/2.30am.The bar staff are friendly as are the door staff.You need to bring photo i.d if your not a regular though.All in all a very popular place proven by large crowds at the weekend,its around 3 miles or so from wembley to use that as a landmark.Pop in to see for yourself.

By Chelsea D.

This place is a bit "off charts" in a way, as its the only place in Hendon with a proper kitchen and can also boast decent live music. The clientele is however, a mix of students (the university is next door!) and university staff, old timers and anyone who just passed by. Its a nice place, but pricy, expect to pay on the door! As far as I know, this place has one of the most renowned kosher pub kitchens in London. Worth a try, I did - food i great, but expensive. Sometimes this place hosts student event nights for societies at the university next door. If you're travelling from afar to see this place, I'd check beforehand.

By Rabie D.

DO NOT waste your time. this hole is a yob magnet. Disgusting behavior by the patrons outside on the pavement. The women are loose and foul mouthed. A cest pool as an example how the UK has degenerated into the yob culture in Britain. They spent a fortune on revamping but thats all they did. Beer prices are exhorbitant. Lots olf better places.

By Debra P.

This venue is definitely one of the best in North London. It has an excellent, lively atmosphere and attracts the sort of people who know how to enjoy a night out.

The venue has also been recently renovated, with a very large front-area which is handy for us smokers.

This is a brilliant venue and must be checked out.

By S.

I like going to Claddagh Ring because of the atmosphere and there is always a good band playing on the stage. But in the middle of the night it starts to get full with drunk people.

By T.

Used to like Claddagh Ring as it had a good atmosphere and people were friendly. Now you pay £7.00 to get in or £5.00 if before 11 (rip off). Then you pay over the top prices for drinks that are always get spilt by other people barging into you. I just think Claddagh Ring has had it's day and there are plenty of other places to go and have a good night, without having to pay.

The place is always full of blokes who are just waiting to have a punch up or giving you evil stares. Even though it's been done up it's lost its character and is now full of yobos. Stay away if you want a good night.

By R.

This is our local so our views are based on experience you won't read a better review. First and foremost do not wear your best shoes as they will literally be claddaghed. Ruined many pairs of new trainers when inadvertantly ending up there on a night out. Avoid the 46 year old Errol Bown lookalike ladies as he will stop at nothing. Doormen are excellent never seen any trouble have however been carried out by doormen for backing in dancing and general arseing about. Deserved to go, however went to chicken shop directly opposite and then they let me back in, which was nice. Talking of chicken try and avoid. Very hard at 2.00am but I'm telling you now it takes at least three days to exit the system and it lies heavy on the stomach. For a great night out it really is hard to beat the Claddagh me and my mates love it. Perhaps too much but hey, if you can't love the Claddagh what can you love?

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