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Housed within a former Victorian theatre, Clapham Grand is a multi purpose venue hosting live music and club nights at the weekends. Spread over three floors, Clapham Grand boasts four bars and London's largest flashing dance floor.

Ranked #31 of 225 clubs in London
"The Grand is more than a Victorian-era listed building in London: it’s an icon of the city’s cultural legacy. Originally opened as a music hall in 1900, this 1250 capacity venue is a centre piece of London’s nightlife, boasting an electric programme of quality events ranging form club nights, live gigs to comedy, theatre shows and bingo, all set within one of the city’s most beautiful & historic venues. The Grand’s historic interior makes it the best venue in Clapham for any size of party booking for any occasion. Partying at The Grand is all about making the perfect experience for you and your friends, so whether you want to hire a VIP Box with table service, have a private area or a private bar for any size of Birthday Party or any celebration we will do everything to make sure you have an incredible experience here. Email or go to for more details."

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Clapham Grand reviews

By Andrew M.

Clapham Grand is a great night out with a nice mix of people, not too young. Drinks are resonable for a club.

Clapham Grand is the perfect place for a group of girlies to go out and cheese it up! Get on guest list and hire a balconey seat, then you can have a boogie in your own space and there is a waitress to fight the crowd at the bar for you!

By Andrew M.

The Clapham Grand is consistently by far my favourite club in London. Friendly, stylish, with a dazzling dancefloor, cosy private booths upstairs, and comfortable seating on the upper tiers for when your dancing feet can dance no more. Oh go on then - one more dance! 80s pop on a Thursday plays all the dancey classics of that retro era and Friday is Housey Dance night - cool, classy, sexy. Saturday used to be pure 70's disco, although they seem to be experimenting with a few different themes at the moment. It's all good but bring back the disco! No bad attitudes, everyone is there to dance and have a good time. Long may The Clapham Grand rock! P.S. I don't work there - I just go there a lot! Oh, and they have a big screen (the biggest in town, I believe) for showing sport if you like that kind of thing.

By Stephen F.

I also disagree with some of the comments on here. Where else can you go for a completely different night every day of the week! The dance floor and cheesy tunes may not be for everyone especially you boys, but try going on a weekday mon-weds when they have the Caburlesque shows! I went back in November and it was a wicked night! A full burlesque show and your drinks are brought to you! The shows are amazing and lots of sexy girls for you boys! I think they have another one on June 18th so instead of whinging about what you think you know about The Clapham Grand, go and see the show and you'll definitely come out of their a Grand fan!

By Stephen F.

This is not so much a review but I just wanted to ask why the Clapham Grand tries so hard to be Infernos. Same crappy music policy and now there's the attrocious beach party concept.

By Amil M.

Terrible club. Got there, name wasn't on the guest-list even though we'd applied online. Queued up in the standard queue for 25 minutes, only to be told to walk up and down the road to prove we weren't drunk, which we weren't and then for 4 of us to be denied entry by the bouncers because we we're a group of 4 guys. 10 of us planned on going there that night and we're going to spend upwards of £100 each, they need to do the math. Concl: The bouncers are too full of themselves, and management needs to get it's act together.

By James H.

My ode to The Grand. I rate Clapham Grand 6/10 in my survey of 80s/90s venues in Battersea and Clapham. My likes are the excellent 80s DJing on Sats (Fris is club classics and can be a bit empty too ....), cheapish entry costs (especially if coming early but why pay at all when good 2am 80s venues like Lost Society and Peacock down the road are free !) superb sound system and large club space. PLUS lots of rather friendly Antipodean girls who are more than willing to spend some time away from boorish Antiodean males"!. My dislikes are the terrible queuing on Sats (some times upto an hour just because they want to have a queue outside) and completly useless guest list sytem (basically it is pot luck). If it is just you and a few mates going to the Clapham Grand fine but it it is something important like a 30th birthday and you need efficient bookings avoid Clapham Grand at all costs and go for Peacock, Lost Society or even Revolution (Clapham High Street) where you can get a guaranteed reserved area and they email you confirmation too. Clapham Grand wrecked my girlfriend's 30th birthday becasue of their incompetence over bookings somnething which I can never forgive them for or thank Peacock enough for saving the day with a 2nd sitting reserved area at 11.30pm. Basically solid mid market 80s venue on Sats with a strong Antipodean twist. However it is challenged at one end by the free 2am bar clubs like Lost Society (not really 80s though more eclectic whatever that means and seems to shut early a lot too these days), Revolution (gets a bit housey though and Clapham High Street branch much better than Clapahm Junction which is a bit too chavalicious for my tastes), Peacock (80 & 90s girls hand bags flying around type music interspersed with rock anthems for the boys - spot on in my book) et al all do it better. And at the other end by the more expensive but better Chelsea type clubs notably Bungs Bunga The Battersea Club Lizard

By Johnathan D.

What an awful place!

While drinks prices were reasonable, and music just what you would expect, the staff were rude, unhelpful and downright nasty!

We were there early, and right from the word go you are made to feel like the staff are doing you a favour.

The doorman makes it look like it’s an effort even to grill you on the dress code, the bar staff are obnoxious grunting at you every time they need to waste their time getting you a drink!

If the management was even remotely worried about all the poor comments they would have done something about it a long time ago, but obviously getting the drunks when the pubs kick out must be enough. Avoid at all cost!

By Jason E.


After watching the Rugby in a pub across the road, me and my mates decided to check out the grand last Saturday. I was pretty pleasantly surprised! The DJs were playing pretty much party bangers but the mixing was v tight and tune selection 10/10!
Service was pretty rapid, rarely had to wait for a long time to get a round in and the dancers were a great small detail that really added to the night

Will definitely be checking out in future

By Jamie C.

The Clapham Grand is one of the very worst venues you ever see. It's mediocre and tired in the stalls/ground floor area, but if you waste money on the circle you are unlikely to be able to see anything at all of the stage because the front row of audience standing against the balcony obscures the view for everyone else. Very disappointing if there's an act on that you're expecting to see. The bar is crowded with little on offer unless you want Pepsi or red stripe out of the can at £4.50 a go. The venue and staff give you the impression that they don't care, it's tough. You've paid your £30 for a ticket, you can't see anything, lump it or get out. Never buy a ticket at this venue. The place needs complete redesign to be for for purpose, the venue should be closed down. Acts/promoters - please find somewhere else for your performers where they can be properly appreciated instead of disappointing. Clapham Grand - get your act together! Once a beautiful Victorian theatre - now a sad neglected dump.

By Will P.

Londoner who visited the grand for the first time, don't get the opportunity to go out due to work hours, but went with two friends on a sat night. Ok music, have heard both better and worst, main reason for the review is to comment on the terrible bar staff, being almost 6'5 i sstand out but the ignorance off the bar staff a two bars was shocking. Unfortunately other people were feeling uneasy as they were served before me. Train your staff better, if a person can't even remember who is next when five people are standing in front of them, of course your going to get pissed off when 4/5 people get served before you. I had to make a scene at one bar due to being ignored with no eye contact whatsoever.

By Luc H.

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about going to The Grand after reading few negative reviews online, and I had to go this time since the birthday boy wanted to celebrate his birthday there, and it’s true what that say you can never judge a book by its cover, we had a great night out and I was amazed of how well we were treated, half price tickets for all of us with a guest list, my friend got a free ticket and a bottle of prosecco for his birthday, and it didn’t stop there as drinks were 2for1 before 11, so this is a thank you to you guys at The Grand for a fantastic night out, I’ll see you again soon!

By Tallulah B.

I highly disagree with some of the reviews on here, The Clapham Grand is a super fun club where you can have endless fun and make new friends. The atmosphere is great and the staff are very helpful (considering the club is always rammed). It's a great place to go if you want to let loose to some old classics on the flashing dance floor. I spent a night in one of their boxes once which was even more fun as you felt very privileged watching down on everyone's hilarious dance moves. I would definitely recommend this place if you want to have a really fun night out!!

By Salvador G.

My favourite club just got better! OK I admit I love the Clapham Grand, just for the mere fact that everyone is there to have a good time and it's so easy to talk to anyone, and I recently discover that The Grand organizes live events every now and then, and just last Friday we had the privilege to see Soul 2 Soul live at my favourite club, and it was epic truly a mind blowing experience, we obviously stayed there after the concert without paying for the night club which is great :)

By Khalil R.

I go to The Grand quite often and I love it, the music is great and so diverse and there will be something for everyone, the crowd is decent, drinks are reasonably priced and staff are friendly and helpful Especially to me as I became a familiar face over there :) so I would defiantly recommend.

By Khalil R.

I go to The Grand quite often and I love it, the music is great and so diverse and there will be something for everyone, the crowd is decent, drinks are reasonably priced and staff are friendly and helpful Especially to me as I became a familiar face over there ? so I would defiantly recommend.

By Jess D.

I am pretty surprised at some of the reviews on here. I go to the grand quite regulary and I always have a good time. Bouncers are friendly, bar staff helpful, drinks reasonable. It is somewhere to go to after already having a few drinks under your belt but for good cheesy dance-like-you-just-dont-care fun nowhere beats it!

By Bill M.

Saw the Fall there last Friday and was impressed how the staff take your money - short change you and then put up a united front to make you seem the idiot well done - Bad joint please do not play there again MES or any other half decent bands Bill

By Gareth F.

Went to see Larry Graham last night, the place was disgusting, filthy toilets, although we were up stairs in the seated area we had people standing up in front of us. This is the most disappointing concert we have ever been to.

By J B.

Vile vile vile place, if you could find a tramp with some cans of beer and a stereo in a car'd have more fun than this dive. 100% the worst group of bouncers and managers in London. The wholly unqualified 'bouncers' find it acceptable to physically abuse guests as and when they please- Think Putin as a 'door man' and you're half way there. NEVER NEVER NEVER go here- lawsuit waiting to happen

By Cat D.

I think most people who write these reviews just like to have a good moan. This is the first review that I've ever bothered to write about a club. I'm doing so as I feel so strongly about letting people know not to go to the Clapham grand. If you have any class or self respect do not pay £10 to go here. That is all.Disgraceful club, disgraceful manager and bouncers.

By Petra S.

We still really like this venue - okay it is seriously cheesy and uncool and can be a bit leery but still one of the best places in Clapham for a bop in Clapham plus has a 3am licence.

By Emma J.

I live really close to the Clapham Grand and normally end up there on a random whim. It has never been the classiest of venues but always guaranteed cheesy music and good fun. I went on Saturday night, after not having been for around a year. Myself and my friends could not get over how much it had changed. The normally Clapham-ites were nowhere to be seen and instead had been replaced with the drunkest most awful clientele we could ever imagine. The music was no longer cheesy and fun, but was more RnB and Hip Hop. We had been in there less than half an hour when a man tried to start a fight with us (3 girls!), the bouncer managed to pull him off but by that point we'd had enough. It's a shame as it was never a favourite venue of mine but normally guaranteed a fun night out.

By Josie J.

I completely disagree with the recent reviews – I go to The Grand regularly and have always had a fantastic time! I have always found the staff and bouncers to be helpful and pleasant and not at all like how they have been described on here. I am genuinely surprised that anybody can have a bad night out here – I am a firm Clapham grand fan – and proud of it!

By Lynton D.

I can only apologise for your disapointment with the Valentines Comedy, and will pass on comments to the organisers of the evening. Please note that this was an event organised by an outside promoter and not a true representation of The Clapham Grand. By way of apology, I would like to offer you and some friends complimentary entry and a reserved area to one of our club nights on either a Friday or Saturday night. If you would like to take us up on this, please email me at

By Jesse H.

Its called shoulder surfing and happening to much these days people are worried about the bar staff and forget all the peeps checking out their pin behind them. Dont judge the staff judge whoever looks at your pin.

By Katy S.

Went to this club for my friends hen night, after the club we had organised to go to turned out to be a dive(peacock bar - do not recommend!). Was absolutely brilliant, great music, drinks - great prices - bottle of bubbly for 18 pounds! Dancefloor is really fun, the whole venue looks awesome and has a great atmosphere. Staff pleasant and efficient. Can't recommend it enough.

By B M.

Would disagree with "Experienced" (reviewer below) - I went there with a few mates for the 1st England game and had a great time. The place was packed and the atmosphere was huge. Agreed £4 is over the odds for a pint - but getting to watch the game on a screen the size of a bus makes up for it!

By Odi P.

We went to go watch the opening match of the world cup football there last week and what a horrible experience. The cheapest beer in a bottle was £4 to start of with and after we rented a "VIP" area for £50 we realized that they cramped us into one side of the bar and put a rope up on the side. The security staff was rude and extremely disrespectful and the bathrooms was such a disgrace that the girls went to the pub next door to use the loo. Never again!

By Donna B.

Sorry to hear about that - the exact same thing happened to me this saturday night -with £300 being withdrawn shortly after (presumably after they stood behind me and watched me enter my pin-as there is no other way they could have found it out). I don't suppose you heard anything back on this? I can see it happened to you just two weeks ago so whoever got you must have been the same person that got me.

By Jenny C.

I recently moved to south London, and went to the Clapham grand last night with some friends on a whim.

Queue wasn't bad, bouncers ok, £10 to get in - all the usual stuff. Nice atmosphere though, even in the queue.

Lots of little bars dotted around the club, though you still have to wait ages to be served, and, yes there is crap and bottles all over the incredibly cramped dancefloor (with v little air con :-( - but what do you expect?

The music is great - classics, and lots of cheese, and the crowd were great - not pretentious at all, just a really good laugh.

It was a good night - and we got our coats quickly and a taxi at the end of the night really easily. All in all, a grand night!

By Lynton D.

Went to the Grands 10th birthday after not being there for over a year, what a nice surprise!

Its been completely done up and looks amazing - much better! After reading some recent reviews didn't know what to expect but the place was really rocking and full of cool people.

Will definitely be back. Happy Birthday Clapham Grand here's to another 10 years.

By Sarah B.

Disgustingly overpriced drinks (and I have never ever seen a cocktail being mixed there or even being poured so if you want a cocktail, go to B@1 around the corner), rude bar staff and the female toilets have to be seen to be believed - ladies, perfect "the hover" now before you go. The toilet floors are always swimming with water, doors hanging on one hinge and a toilet attendant who tries to be nice (god love her) but where has your life gone wrong if you're a toilet attendant in quite possibly the grottiest club in the UK (and I've been to Merthyr Tydfil). The music is very cheesy (which is a plus for me) and is good for leaping around excitedly with your friends whilst watching your male friends avoid the lecherous advances of larger women in their 50's who don't seem to understand "I'm sorry, I'm not interested, please remove your very large mammary gland from my face". All in all, The Grand would be a fantastic club in downtown Mogadishu, but in reality, it's a terrible cheesy hole that is only generally frequented by the very drunk and the very desperate.

By Sophie A.

Very disappointed for what was a long awaited hen party with friends from school and uni who I had not seen for ages

We had been to the Peacock Bar before for their burlesque night earlier which was absolutely fabulous and I had wanted to stay on as their DJ was so good tooHowever having spent £10 each on advance tickets for the Clapham Grand we thought we should at least give it a whirl. It was very poor indeed.

Djs, bar staff, drinks, atmosphere - the whole lot. Fortunately we were able to nip back to the Peacock and had a great time till homekins back to my beloved

Shame on you Clapham Grand for being such poor value and thank you Peacock

By S C.

grand was the worst night ever. Music was cheesy which was great but the bar staff were unreasonably rude.

One gave one my mates the wrong drink and refused to change it. After complaining she told us to talk to the manager, but wouldnt tell us who the manager was.

Eventually one of the other bar staff noticed how unreasonable she was being and convinced her to let us have the right drink.

She slammed this down saying 'hope you're happy now, that'll come out of my wages!' needless to say, wont be going there again!

Much prefer Infernos....

By Geremy J.

The service in The Grand is Awful. Some nights ago I was having a drink with my friends during the happy hour.

The happy hour was ending at 11pm so I got to the bar around 10.45. After waiting (mins) The bartender instead of serving me served someone else who just got in the bar.

I said it was my turn but I was ignored. Then when I was asked for drinks I was told I had to pay normal prices as the happy hour just finished.

After spending 15 mins in the bar I spoke to the bar manager then the general manager who both ignored what happened and didn't care to appreciate the facts. Very Poor customer service.

By James B.

we went with great expectations but were bitterly disappointed - this place is horrific.

it was the worst night out i have had in London. the aggressive and overbearing bouncers were a sign of things to come.

I can accept that people come to the grand for the music but it really is terrible with a 'DJ' who for some reason is wearing headphones as if is is mixing something....putting a CD in the player does not require a set of headphones - as if he doesn't know what 'sweet home Alabama' sounds like!

people will obviously draw comparisons with Infernos down the road but this place is so much worst for its stale, predictable, '90's party CD' soundtrack that someone has put about 2minutes worth of thought into.

The place is packed to the rafters with up themselves-wanna-be women, and fat, alpha-male singlet wearing men.

we lined up for 15 minutes for a drink, watched the men smear fluro face paint all over each other and throw their hands in the air for House of Pain as if they hadn't ever heard it before,

watched the tough-guy overweight chap suck a shot through a straw, pash some poor victim, beat his chest and hit the d-floor as we grabbed our coats, asked for a refund at the door and left the grand forever.


By Carrie B.

Great night out if you love cheesy music and a laid-back time with your friends. Lots of people up for a good time and not as horrifically overcrowded as Infernos. Only initially set-back by the rude doorman convinced I was underage and seemed quite disappointed and frustrated when I proved him wrong.

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