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Club 414 is based in the heart of Brixton, offering lively nights out with a selection of house, techno, dance, and Psytrance on the menu. The main dance floor is complemented by a chill out area and terrace roof garden.

Ranked #69 of 225 clubs in London

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Club 414 reviews

By Andrew M.

I've been to Club 414 a couple of times and really like the layout. The music was a bit hard for me but the crowd really gets into it so that’s always a bonus. Its definitely a nutter’s night, we met some pretty cool randoms and no one bothered us.

I would recommend Club 414 if you’re up for getting really battered and listening to some quite hard music. Hardly any girls there though.

By Pat C.

414 Brixton What can I say went on the 25th of October 2013 with about 6 others for the new hard dance night fiver to get in best night ever had planned to leave at 5am but we all stayed to 7am excellent night. The club its self is small but it has the best vibe ever you made to feel welcome no attitude in this place. The management and security are on top it but really good people £4 for a beer which I think is good for a place that stays open all night £1 to put you jacket in. If you need a cab the security get it for you all good and very helpful would highly recommend this place we travelled from the other side of London.

By Anonymous F.

Club 414 is amazing! We've been there for the first time and surely it won't be the last. The space is small but well organised, with comfortable sofas in the second floor and a covered smoking area. Toilets are clean during all the night. Nice staffs and reasonable prices. The music is fantastic, for those who really like to dance! Don't expect commercial music. Just the most pure hard house! I loved, best dance floor in London so far!

By Pat B.

I haven't been clubbing for a long time,but this this was one of my favourite places to be... It sounds like its still right up there amongst the best clubs in London. It's a small club but dont let that put you off because the space works,, the main attraction is the awesome music the friendly crowd and the courteous staff who look after you but quickly and professionally get rid of any morons, so i always felt safe there what more could you want..oh and they where never into ripping people off, so unless they have changed their ethos don't believe the review that the drinks are expensive.. It should be on everybodies list...Having read all the feedback I want to go back.... Hopefully that will be soon...Paul o

By Rob H.

I go to loads of clubs and venues in London but there is always one that I return to often! CLUB414 getting it right time after time with spot on promotions it's a fantastic place to meet new friends and have a good time with old ones! Staff are friendly but firm and the girls I had with me felt like they could let there hair down with out any hassle. Kick ass sound system and a wicked light set up this is a club I would say get on your list to visit!

By Isaac H.

Omgwhat an amazing venue. There isn't a club like it. Such an inquisitive layout with great décor. The venue has fantastic lights and laser displays,topped with smoke machines and a very loud and clear sound system. Spread along two floors. Ground floor has the dance floor, the main bar and the wc. Upstairs there is a chill-out area, with a huge fish tank and mood lighting. Plus a cafe with hot and cold drinks and snacks. And a smoking area outside on the roof of the venue, where you can also chill-out and relax with your cigarette. Bar prices are not to bad, with a great selection of larger's bottled or on tap/font. The club stays open till late which is always great when your not in the mood to catch the tube/bus home. Situated right next to Brixton tube on the Victoria Line. Can't say enough good things about Club 414. Compared with other venues. Club 414 is on point for a top night out. I have been coming here for over 3 years now, every month.5 stars!

By Gemma S.

I first went over 10 years ago for 'just Groove' on a Sunday night, I knew it would 'scar' me for life. I now have the 414 logo tattoo. Is the best little dancefloor in London. Without a shadow of a doubt. Will be seeing in my '30th' in April there. My 1st choice of course!

By Louise B.

Hi Just seen this review. Please if you are going to make comment make it truthful. The 414 is one of the cheapest clubs for drinks and they now have draught at £4 per pint. May we suggest you be the one to stay away.

By Mo J.

Generally pretty lousy and drinks are probably the most expensive in London! 2 small bottles of beer + a whiskey and diet coke. £15.50! Stay away!

By Lou K.

Only for the hardcore ravers! It's not about big rooms, expensive effects, podium dancers and over priced beer. It's about the music and the people. There's a covered roof terrace to smoke on. There's never a queue and only one member of security casting their eye over you occasionally. You can pretty much come and go as you please. No frills, no hassle brilliance!

By Katherine H.

It's the first time i've been clubbing in 8 years and we were so lucky to stumble on this little Gem and Zoology's 8th Birthday.

The trance was uplifting, the staff were friendly and the clientele were the friendliest bunch of people i've 8 years!

A great way to spend my 34th Birthday! I love you all and will see you all again no doubt:)

By Nick C.

OMG - I luv this place - it is SENSATIONAL - I always come whenever I am in London and have been for several years when I lived there. If you like to get totally mashed it's the place to be!! Some people complain it's a bit of a sausage factory but I don't mind and my mate Darren always brings his friend 'Jeffrey' anyway so who cares - right!?? Last time we were there everyone got asked to leave at 6am so we could pay to go back in again - incredible...Viva 414 - yeah !

Nick, Edinburgh.

By R.

If you like hard, upfront UK techno and acid then Club 414 is a spot on venue. It always has the right music, the right people and for this kind of place the venue is pretty swish. The upstairs chill out room at Club 414 used to be a pitch black hazard for the inebriated, now it's comfortable and has the right chill out attitude. Long live Club 414.

By J.

Club 414 is a great place to go. It's extremely friendly inside so if you're not a touchy feely person you may want to leave. The after party is a must out in the garden area of Club 414. Once again I have had a few great nights there - it's well worth checking out!

By P.

Have had some good nights here, but came across a gay-bashing bouncer last night. "Trust me, this is not for you batty boys, skirts is for da girls. You haven't been in here before, ain't no way if I'd seen ya."

By Freddy P.

Colourful and comfortable, this Brixton bar and club is a worthy late night destination post-gig or post-pub.

The Venue
Club 414 is one of a great deal of bars and clubs on Coldharbour Lane, just off the intersection with Brixton Road and tube station. The small ground floor is colourful to the point of garishness, from the chess-pattern dancefloor to the DJ booth and supporting pillars which have been covered in CDs. More current decoration comes in the form of LED lights and intricate mirror displays lining the walls. A handful of leather sofas make up the seating, while the main bar is compact and well lit. A narrow, wrought iron spiral staircase provides a treacherous route upstairs into an anteroom complete with an impressive pastoral mural on all four walls, and a couple of fruit machines. From there, customers can access the second-floor bar – with an ostentatious aquarium, mood lighting and red leather booths – or head out onto the modest roof terrace, which doesn't offer much of a view but is equipped with a gazebo and benches for smoking.

The Atmosphere
There are certainly worse late night venues in Brixton than Club 414, and despite the seemingly indifferent door and bar staff, the two floors represent a fun, secluded place to dance the night away in peace.

The Music
House, trance and techno are the usual suspects as far as music is concerned, with an impressive roster of DJs taking to the decks from Thursday to Sunday. After parties for nearby gigs or private functions are commonplace, and the cover charge is often waived before 12pm (rising to £5-10 after that, until dawn).

The Drink
Magners, Guinness and Becks are available on draught (£3.50-4) and prices aren't too taxing across the board – combinations of spirits and mixers (£4-6) are plentiful, red and white wine is passable, and there's even a rather charming selection of soft drinks on offer (including Ribena), although this may be to mask the bar's refusal to serve tap water.

The Last Word
Quirky and intimate, Club 414 isn't going to win any awards but is a perfectly pleasant after party and late night venue in a vibrant neighbourhood.

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