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Found over two floors, Club 49 is a stylish nightclub hosting DJs every night. Upstairs is the main bar as well as the VIP area and downstairs is the dance floor, live DJs and extra seating.

Ranked #6 of 225 clubs in London
"49 Soho
A popular Cocktail Bar and Club hosting Live music and DJ's every night.
Ground floor is a stylish bar as well as VIP area boasting a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere and the Basement is the dance floor.
Club 49 Soho offers an array of beautifully created cocktails, great service with a diverse music policy to suit all tastes. Daily promotions are a feature of this Soho venue making it a reasonable and accessible place to eat, drink and party the night away!"

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Club 49 reviews

By Andrew M.

I was at CLUB 49 with some friends on Saturday night for the third time this year. Where has the house music gone? CLUB 49 used to be great but now looks like just another West End wannabe with a pretentious crowd.

By Andrew M.

Went to CLUB 49 a couple of Fridays ago and the place was amazing. The funky house DJ was one of the best that I've ever heard. The drinks were great and the crowd was very trendy, but not stuck up. Everyone should check CLUB 49.

By Andrew M.

I keep going past Club 49 on my way to the pub and I wonder what it will be like. It looks as though Club 49 will be a funky little place that's good for a groove at the weekend. But we shall see...

By Stephen F.

Club 49's a top bar! Drinks are spot on, the music was uplifting and the service was always with a smile :) See you there soon!

By Stephen F.

I have been going to Club 49 for about 3 months now pretty much every Friday. It's a great place to go and have a really good dance, the two DJs are great - it's nice to see two guys having fun and playing some of the best funky house in Soho. Everything is upto date and mixed perfectly.

The cocktails are great as well, I must say it isn't cheap but where is in central London? I'm happy to pay a little bit more on drinks and have fun.

If you haven't been to Club 49 you should. I've been on other nights but for me Friday is the best night. the DJs are kinda fit aswell ;-) ha ha.

By Sammy C.

Great atmosphere!

I had my 30th birthday bash at club 49 and from start to finish, the experience was great. Milan took care of us and was kind enough to show us the club beforehand so we could pick where we would like to sit. On the night we were treated really well by the hostess Abigail who was very sweet and kept checking we were okay throughout the night. The music was fantastic and had something for everyone's taste. It was one of the best nights I have had in a long time and the vibe was perfect with everyone just up for a good time. Perfect location too- so I would highly recommend this club for a celebration or regular night out with friends. You will not be disappointed!!

By Hody T.

I found this venue through view London, it was one I had shortlisted and Marcello, the manager was so professional and obliging. I went to see the venue, Marcello met me there as arranged and made everything so eddy I booked it. My party was last Saturday, 25th of October, we the VIP section with excellent bar personel, waitresses and security. Marcello was away that evening, Alfonso was in charge and equally as professional. My guests loved it, we all had a great evening. Thank you Marcello and all at Club 49 for th perfect party venue. Definitely recommend. Thank you again from Hody Thum Comtesse Von Buren

By Ken W.

I celebrated my birthday last Saturday and we hired out the VIP area as we had approx 50 guests. The VIP area was reserved to us for the entire night which was superb as we had our own space to socialise. The music and atmosphere was electric and we had an absolutely brilliant night. Top marks to the mgmt for looking after us!

By Nas B.

Celebrated my 33rd birthday and had a really lovely night. Ended up booking two tables in the VIP area and was glad that I did so because other areas in the club seemed quite congested at times. From booking the table to the end of the night, the service was impeccable. All queries to the manager (Milan) were answered quickly and fully in the lead up to the night and when we eventually got there, the staff in the club were super professional too. One of the bar staff managed to spill a little drink over my kid bro but we were offered a round of shots by way of apology. A very unexpected but happy bonus. The doormen/security were also very polite which I think makes all the difference sometimes. Place seems to attract a nice crowd-no attitude or arrogance. Music was contemporary r&b so no problems there either. If I'm being overly pedantic, I would say double check Happy Hour times (they have some gorgeous cocktails-great value) because we were told incorrect times but even that wasn't an issue since the very lovely hostess allowed us to order a few rounds with Happy Hour prices. All in all my friends and I had a really good night so Thank You. :)

By Ellie F.

Held my birthday party here last Saturday. We had the VIP area with about 40 of us all together. It was the perfect size for our group and we had our own bar. The music was great and everyone had a fantastic time! Will be back!

By Priya H.

The night was fantastic. We went there to celebrate 2 birthdays on Saturday 5th October 2013. The staff were friendly smiley and NOT RUDE! although the club maybe on the smaller cannot tell...they didn't let the venue get crammed. The experience from booking our tables to 3am Sunday morning was amazing. We ordered drinks and bottles to the table, although I cannot remember her the lady that brought the drinks over was helpful and always had a smile on her face....even when I knocked a drink all over the floor!

By Mann M.

My first time at Club 49 was a blast! I arrived around 11:30pm and basically walked right in (there were maybe three people in line). Inside there were a few people in the lounge, but most of the young crowd was downstairs on the dance floor. The music was 'on point,' perfectly coalescing with the social dynamics. Overall, the girls were cool (not that hot), the bouncers were extremely friendly and professional, the drinks were fairly priced, and the music was spectacular. I highly recommend this club if you want to a) dance b) have a night out with the guys/girls c)pick up girls.

By Jay L.

I visited club 49 for my 29th birthday with a group of friends and family for the first time. I have got to mention that the management there was extremely supportive in arranging my birthday celebration in terms of booking my table, preparing the guest list, dress code etc which was excellent and stress free! The venue and music was very good and staff including security was friendly and the overall service provided was exceptional, however I must add that that the venue is small but big enough to cater for the mature sophisticated/ lively audience it does. I was even happier that my friends and family had a wonderful night out in a safe environment. Big Thank you again to Milan!!

By Jessie B.

Went to Soho on Saturday and ended up here and we weren't disappointed as the place was rocking!!!Music was great and the crowd was easy going, nothing to pretentious which was refreshing.Bar staff were fantastic, some of the best I've experienced in London.There was a bit of queue to get in and occasionally to go down to the dance floor but nothing major as it gave us opportunity to chat and joke with other guests. Security inside and out were great and so was the lovely hostess on the door, i forget her name!!!In a street that already has so many clubs i'm glad we ended up hear at Club 49 ooze's class and friendliness.Will defo be back.

By Stuart C.

Had a wicked time at Club49, hired tables with no issue and got upgraded to the VIP area for no extra charge. Would recommend this place for a great night out in town with friend bar and door staff

By A H.

I'll be honest, the first night I went here I was too hammered to remember that I made friends with nearly all the staff... but it was obvious then next time as everyone was really cool with me and very friendly! The door staff should be given a medal as they are very tolerant and patient (they get a lot of weirdo’s trying to get in) I love the way you can go outside and have a cig with the doormen and chat - instead of being rudely herded to one side (like other places). The DJ's never disappoint and the only crap tunes I heard were the ones requested by clubbers with no taste :P otherwise I'm always happy with the music in Club 49. Me and my mates are always greeted warmly by the gorgeous bar staff and the bouncer downstairs is wicked! Obviously it helps that we're friendly with them and make an effort to say thank you. In a nutshell this place has great music, relaxed but fun atmosphere, brilliant staff, cool decor and lighting. The only downsides are that it can get very cramped downstairs (don't expect new shoes to stay that way!), the drinks are served as doubles by default so you have to ask for a single - can get pricey if your drinking doubles all night. Downstairs can get real hot sometimes, but I was amazed that when I asked the bar staff to turn on the air con - they actually did it! Other clubs would snub you if you asked. This place has got my vote. Oh and the father and son that run the place are friendly too, far and beyond the arrogant and stuck up owners in Leicester Square bars...

By Mel C.

Celebrated my birthday at Club 49 on Saturday 27th September and I had such a great time! Milan, the bar manager was prompt and really helpful when I called to book a table. The music was great and exactly what I had been wanting - commercial/pop mixed with old skool garage and RnB later in the evening. The bar staff were attentive and door staff actually smiled and had laugh with us! Nice mix of people and not pretentious at all. Thanks Club 49 for a fab bday!

By Gemma P.

This club is absolutely terrible. Overpriced drinks, rude staff, horrendous music. We were told we would get a free shot with the £10 cover charge only to get given a shot of cranberry juice. By far the worst club I've been to in London.

By Vivianem B.

Pretty impressive bar and music! Crowd was very mixed which we liked as it seemed everyone was welcome. Good service and atmosphere, well worth a visit. x

By Alex K.

This place is like a bad holiday bar with music to match and staff that talked about us behind our backs because we asked for the service charge to be taken off. If you don't deserve it you don't get it so don't expect it. Never going again!

By Steve N.

Went to 49 Soho yesterday for the 1st time part of a work leaving party! We were in the bar area and didn't experience the basement which I assume happens later into the night! I have to say the cocktails were flowing and on happy hour prices it didn't leave to much of a dent in my wallet, try the cucumber and mellon martini! Atmosphere was quiet at 1st but didn't last once the place filled up and drinks started kicking in. I thought the bar staff were great, music was spot on (brazilian) and the place was great overall. Its a perfect location I must add, only bad thing I can mention about Club 49 is the service charge if you pay by card or receive table service! Would I go back, definitely!

By Lordine A.

I hosted my fiance's surprise 30th at Club 49 last Saturday. The club is really nice inside and I've never met such enthusiastic waitresses! All the planning was worth it because my partner and I, and all our friends had a fab time. We had the basement area downstairs for about 20 people. It was big enough for dancing and we were right next to the dance floor. Would recommend.

By Athisha L.

Went there for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Booked a few tables for £75 refundable discount. Club manager really efficient. Music was amazing. Bar and door staff massively friendly and helpful. Not like the usual obnoxious, 'god complex' bouncers. Only draw back, club is very small. So a bit disappointed with having to pay for the tables and them being upstairs, not even in the vip section. Anyone could sit at the table so we constantly had to keep getting rid of people. But got my deposit back with no problems. Would defo go back!

By Rianne M.

I went for my 21st birthday last Thursday with 7 of my girls and we all had an amazing time. Milan is an excellent manager, who replied quick to my emails and was very polite. I paid £25 for a table (which is refundable at the end of the night) and we got free entry (even though we were an hour late), we also got upgraded to VIP, so we had our own bar with our own waitress who bought our drinks over to us. The music was on point the entire night, I didn't stop dancing once. The drinks were reasonably prices, but as your in London they aren't exactly going to be cheap. Overall I and my girls had an unforgettable night, the staff were all friendly and I will definitely be going back there again.

By Nicky D.

Went to club 49 may 18 th sat 2013, I went with 13 of my girl friends for a celebrations and we all had a fab time . I booked 2 tables in lounge upstairs then all u had to do was email on sat by 2 pm names for paying guest list which is only £ 5 before 10 pm to get in . Milan who I emailed is a top bloke and always gets bk to you promptly he even upgraded us to vip section so we had are own bar too . In fact all the staff including doormen were nice . Drinks weren't badly priced as your in soho , music good . We did go downstairs for abit of a dance but for most of night stayed up stairs and danced altogether .. We previously went to karokee box for couple of hrs and was a 2 min walk away to club 49 so a perfect night would def recommend . Also taxi place just opposite. Thanks club 49 and to Milan x

By Abbi O.

I decided to go to Club 49 for my birthday after reading great reviews. And I was not disappointed! Milan, the Club Manager, emailed me with details of a package I could choose (but no pressure - I could just get guestlist!) I decided to go for the three tables downstairs as there was a big group of us. He was really accommodating and friendly, I paid a deposit and he only needed the guestlist on the day. I had to change a few names at the last minute and Milan was more than happy to oblige. The great service continued on the night - we were greeted at the door by a friendly host (don't know her name but she was lovely) and equally nice bouncers! If you go out a lot, you will know that 'nice' and 'bouncers' are rarely used in the same sentence! None of the usual 'mean and burly' greeting, instead they were warm and welcoming. We were taken to our area and left to party the night away! I'm not a fan of Soho usually due to the pretentious crowds but Club 49 is completely different! The people were classy but friendly, no stuck up glamour girl wannabes in here and no fights! The music was perfect for a mixed group all in to different genres. All in all a fantastic night and I would recommend it to anyone!

By Deeba A.

I celebrated my 30th birthday at Club 49 on Saturday 2nd March 2013 with a group of friends and family for the first time. The service was impeccable and the club manager, Milan, was very professional and efficient in organising the event. Second to none in fact. I reserved 3 tables in the main lounge and pre-ordered canapes and champagne prior and explained the desired set-up for the evening. All was done accordingly on the night. The staff were very helpful, friendly and accommodating. Again, the club manager was very helpful when selecting from the the vast range of vegetarian, fish and meat canapes to cater for the group. I emailed the guest list prior to the event. It ran like clockwork and the doormen were welcoming and guided us to the area that I had reserved. The music ranged from RnB, house and classics and catered for all which I was also pleased about. The interiors also sophisticated, with good clientele, and an easily accessible location. I will definitely arrange another night out at Club 49 in the future and would highly recommend. A big thumbs up Club 49. Thank you.

By Sarah James J.

Terrible place for a Saturday night with the girls. Staff and security was very rude to us. not welcoming and very argumentative. trouble finding our seats as VIP lists was messedup and disorganised. we left after 20mins and very upset that the whole vent ruined our night and my mate's birthday. Will not go there again!

By Sharon S.

I celebrated my birthday with my friends at Club 49 on Friday 7th Sept and had a brilliant time. Milan the manager couldn't have been more helpful, I had emailed the list of names for the guest list and tables to be reserved the day prior and then had some changes on the day which he sorted out for me, even at that late stage. When I arrived I was walked over to my friends by the very glamourous girl on the door - always nice ;-). The bar staff and doormen were all very friendly. There is a table service charge if you're too lazy to go the bar, but that's standard. Happy hour is till 9.00 so my friends had my Mojitos lined up for me! We even managed a dance downstairs. This is the side of Soho we love, the atmosphere is very friendly, staff are welcoming and helpful, drinks are great and no-one cares what your orientation is. Fabulous! Sx

By Shilpa P.

I went to club 49 for my 25th birthday with a few friends. What a brilliant night we had!I had booked 2 tables at the club, although we arrived an hour late club 49 was very kind to let us in and give us our tables! The staff were friendly and the service provided was good, the club however is surprisingly small so during peak hours it can get really crowded but hey its a club afterall, the music was brilliant- played all the popular and latest tunes. Overall my friends and I had a fantastic night out! Cheers Club 49 xx

By Ghie M.

If you're looking for a classy and good ambiance to hold a party or meet up with friends for a drink and hang out well look no further, Club 49 is the place! The location is good and easy to get to. I celebrated my 30th here last year and we had a blast! So I thought why not have my 31st here again? So I did :) The genre of music pretty much caters for all ages. The decor looks really nice and staff were friendly and nice too! Not to mention good selections of snacks and canape's too! Would highly recommend. So check it out for yourselves if you haven't already!

By Millanovic I.

I celebrated my 30th birthday last Saturday at Club 49 and I loved the club for a few reason but the main being the atmosphere which is so warm and friendly. We ended up booking with a deposit to guarantee some seating and it was as easy as a few emails and 1 phone call, no mess ups like so many other clubs as was surprised to see. Music was the normal contemporary west-end mix of rnb and house, dance floor was pretty packed so we moved between both floors fairly often. Service and drinks were amazing, Petra our waitress was, lovely, helpful and really funny so many thanks to her and club49 for a awesome birthday.

By Emir S.

Went first time this Saturday and I can say I was pleasantly surprised. Although the club is very small, I can say it offers more than many bigger clubs in London. The club's interior is modern and well arranged. The staff is very nice and friendly, especially security guys working inside the club. Also, the bar has a nice selection of drinks with decent prices, while bartenders are friendly and professional. On the other hand, the club is very small and the floor gets crowded easily. Another problem is that the floor is situated in the basement, so you have to que in order to go downstairs. If you go up, then you have to que again, which can be frustrating. Another problem was the DJ who played the usual selection of charts and older commercial hits, so the atmosphere was pretty dull at the moments.Verdict: 4 stars, because of the small dance floor and average music, but I will definitely come again.By the way, the lady working at the door (with the guestlist) was very beautiful, so if she reads this she should know she has another admirer :)

By Jon E.

Fantastic. Door-staff very friendly and more than helpful. Went out for a cigarette and they were getting all kinds of abuse from 'undesirables' they weren't letting in for good reason nd were handling it professionally and courteously. Staff inside are so helpful, cocktails priced perfect for London and Music and atmosphere are great. All in all a great club/bar with a great atmosphere. We went on a Monday and can only guess at weekends and mid week this is a perfect place to go.


It is an amazing club. Very well welcoming in the door. Staff is very kind and cocktails are amazing. I believe Human resources manager choose the staff carefully. After been in London night for 5 years I can say for sure that it is the best one in Soho.

By Charlotte I.

There were about 25 that went out for a joint birthday and I was worried might have problems getting in etc as there were so many of us! But we had no probelms, the club is modern, door staff very friendly and polite. Had a great night would definitely recommend!

By Penny M.

Went to Club 49 a couple of Fridays ago with about 12 friends and we had a great time. The drinks were flowing... and I mean flowing! The staff were very friendly ensuring that we were continuously served throughout the night at our tables. Security on the door were really nice. The music was brilliant, club area downstairs played really good music.....a definate thumbs up if you are looking for a good night out with mates where you can have a laugh and enjoy yourselves!!

By Natashia S.

A friend and I went to Club49 a week ago (Friday night), this was the first time we had visited the club, the club is quite small with a fairly small dance floor but we had a fantastic night which was mainly due to the amazing staff. I can honestly say I have never been to a club where all the staff were so approachable and clearly cared that guests had a good time. My friend and I were particularly impressed with the door/security staff whom were friendly and professional and it was a refreshing change to find door staff who could clearly carry out their roles effectively without the bad attitude guests often encounter on a night out. We will certainly visit again and recommend it to our friends. x

By Sejal S.

Great night - celebrated my 22nd birthday here on a friday night with around 30 friends and had no problems. Happy hour until 8.30pm was fantastic, drinks were tasty and service and food was good. None of our party had any problems getting in on guestlist. Music was exactly what we wanted - commercial and RnB. Would definitely go again.

By Management M.

To guarantee fixed prices and queue jump its advisable to contact us in advance to get on the guestlist. As for the reference to the "Hired muscle" "Door staff" i doubt they were trying to rip you off as charging non guestlist customers is preety standard as well. If you would like to contact us to discuss the issue as we would welcome the feedback.

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