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Club Aquarium is based in Shoreditch, offering relaxing nights out in distinctive surroundings. Highlights include an indoor tropical pool.

Ranked #36 of 225 clubs in London

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Club Aquarium reviews

By Andrew M.

We had a great time out at Club Aquarium for a mates birthday on Saturday night. We all dressed up and made an effort, but I wouldn't go back. It was £15.00 to get in, we waited in line for nearly an hour, it was £5.50 for a single spirit and mixer, £1.00 to put your coat in, and £1.00 to get in to the pool.

The organisation on the door at Club Aquarium was a joke and nobody told us anything. The music was repetitive by the end of the night, so if you can make your own fun with your mates and have a million to waste then go ahead!

By Andrew M.

Car Wash at Club Aquarium is such a laugh. I've taken friends there for many years, going right back to its residency near the Astoria.

Great music, atmosphere and the whole 70s vibe guarantee's a cracking night. If you haven't been to Club Aquarium, you haven't lived.

By S.

I was at Club Aquarium for New Years Eve and it was awesome! I made a reservation by phone for one couple, as we're from Belgium, and the price was £35.00 each for this event but the people were crazy and fun!

The beer was priced at £3.50 and the staff was very, very friendly also. As soon as we can make it to London, we'll go back to Club Aqaurium. Cheers!

By Holly S.

Great venue with spacious rooms, gets very busy and has amazing music! Lovely staff and security are very good. To top it off there's even a swimming pool! It's the club I know in the UK where you can dance and swim under the same roof!

By Meander A.

rubbish! I organised a hen party here only because of the pool and jacuzzi facility! I phoned in advance to ensure the pool and jacuzzi would be open and was told yes! I was told it would open at 12:30. However when we got to the horrible run down club i was told it wouldn't open till 2:30am- this be the time we would be due to leave! Very run down club, very disappointed. Do not come here.

Reply From Club Aquarium

Dear guest,

We had several telephone conversations with your group leader and explained to her over the telephone that the swimming pool was open at 11pm and remained open until 02.30am, we then close the pool for 1 hour for cleaning and water testing and reopen it at 3.30 to 5.30am. We have CCTV footage of the night that can confirm the pool was open as advertised and many of our guests were enjoying the facilities.
Some of your friends who i have spoken to admittedly said they had not been to the pool area or tried to get in they just asked someone and that person (no description given of this person) told your friends that the pool would be open at 02.30.
Because of this you have been trying to get refund for over 20 people and because we did not agree to refund your money we notice you have written unfair reviews on several sites. We have been operating for the last 20 years and on average we have 2000 people visiting the venue each and every week of the year and we are proud of the service we provide. It is such a shame that you have decided to write these unfair comments and we have done our up most to assist you with this query.

By Laura S.

I have to agree with samb999, the door staff have changed since i was there last time (Sep 20th 2014)the new lot are very friendly and nice. i was made to feel special and welcome all night,i was not harassed by no one at all and i really enjoyed my night out.I wont make it on NYE as i will be on Paris, but i will deffo go back when i get back from my short brake.

By Beth G.

Rudest staff you will ever have the misfortune of meeting! I phoned on a Saturday evening asking how much entry was and was told £15, so we went there. When we got there staff didn't know how the queue was working and inside told us it was £20 entry to which we refused to pay as we had been told about 3 hours before by their staff £15 along with that price being written on all the websites. It was at this point a really rude security guard pushed us out of the building and into the streets for refusing to pay the £20. Will never be going back to such a rude and vile nightclub. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone! It doesn't even deserve one start!

By Jodie L.

I agree with the review below, paid £25 VIP price for Q jump and VIP treatment/area but yet we queued for around 10 minutes. The girls on the door with gueslist were lovely and very proactive. However, the swimming pool was locked away and the staff didn't have a clue when it would be open, I kept getting told different times by different people. Aside from that, there was a rude toilet attendant who didn't want to interact at all. Then there was the door staff, aside from one guy, (huge bald headed white guy) the security were disgustingly rude, indecent and didn't have a clue what they were doing. There was a girl on the door (mixed race girl) who spoke so rudely to some members of my party that we ended to reporting it to the police because it then became a race issue and there was no way we was going to drop it. The bar staff were friendly, drinks reasonable, music was great, I felt young again! Good venue too, quite spacious and accessible! I'd give it a 4/10 - I'd never go again.

By Anthony V.

So, I have been attending regular events nights at Club Aqarium and I must say it offers everythnig that I look for when going out for the night. The club is trendy and have orgininal with a swimming pool! There many promotions on drinks and entry every nigh tthat it is open. I feel that they have upped thier game by changing the security staff. Now it's a very vibrant and friendly place to go and dance your socks off!

By Beatm M.

We had a great night for my future daughterinlaws hen night. Even a women of my age (not divulging) had a great time. Probably a negative is the fact that the floors become very slippery because lots of drink gets spilt on them, although they do their best to mop up. The food was very good and there was plenty. Also the cocktail on arrival was very nice. Could I just make an appeal to anyone who was there on Saturday August 1st if they found a sony camera case, it did not have the camera inside just some memory sticks that are very precious to me, with photos of my 90 year old mum and my husbands 50th birthday and of cause the hen night. if you could send a message to this page i would be so grateful. Thankyou

By Rebecaa J.

I went to aquarium last weekend and I loved it Door staff were nice and friendly and very helpfull There was fast service at the bar , good music and a nice crowd I overall had a good nite and definitely will be going again

By Sam B.

Went out on friday 19th with my mates , security has changed ,we were made to feel so welcome and safe from the first step in, nice and friendly upon arrival, the bar tenders are hot and polite, we really enjoyed the night and we are going back for the NYE party there. ROll ON 31st. Highly recommend

By Aasa D.

Worse place I could have ever been full of hood boys and old guys trying to touch up young girls, went with 3 girls and had to leave early because it was intimidating and wasn't safe for us as guys kept trying to kiss us and touch us up and wouldn't listen when we said move. Never will I go and never will I recommend this place !!

By Aasa D.

Full of hood boys and as a group of girls couldn't have fun guys trying to touch every girl and be dirty worse place I've ever been to and makes me sick never would recommend this place especially if a girl goes not safe place ;)

By Anna H.

All the 5 star reviews on here are clearly written by the club themselves. A few reasons not to go:1. I was charged £15 to get it whilst my friends were charged £12.2. There were literally 10 people in there on a Saturday night at 1am!3. We were enticed in by a 'swimming pool' which was locked away and inaccessible. 4. Me and my friends got groped at least 8 times. If you want somewhere you can dance and relax, dont go to Club Aquarium, unless of course, you love paying £15 to get sexually assaulted by men 30 years older than you.5. Music is laughable. How can anyone dance in a near-empty club to what sounds like a 5 year old banging on a drum?6. We, like a lot of others, stayed for literally 30 minutes.7. Drinks are extortionate. And if you go for a smoke without paying, you probably won't be allowed back in to even finish them. So yeah, if you want to sober up pretty quickly, get sexually assaulted multiple times, literally push creepy old men away from you instead of dance, and get ripped off, go to Club Aquarium. I certainly won't be again.

By Frank G.

Club Aquarium is awesome! Every time I have encountered this night club I have had the greatest of times. You need not look any further if you are planning a memorable night out in the heart of London's trendy Shoreditch. This club boasts to be the only night club in the UK that has a built in swimming pool and jacuzzi. For myself this set the club apart from the others. There is a fantastic selection of music from Chart toppers/minimal tech/Deep House. There were also great offers on entry and drinks. I found it very easy to get into the night club, there wasn't much waiting time. Once I got in I also found it easy to get a drink from the bar. Both bar staff and security were on the ball, so everyone was able to have fun in a safe and secure environment. Each night there is something different going on each of the events nights including it's own promotional deals. What also makes this night club great is the fact it is open till 7am! So if you are still looking to continue the party into the early hours of the morning then Club Aquarium is the place you need to be! Happy Clubbing!

By Beat M.

Such a great club. My experience there was so much fun and was made even better by everyone else in the club being there to enjoy themselves and to have fun. Brilliant atmosphere inside and is reassured by the staff being friendly and doing their jobs correctly.

By Onur S.

i have been a regular at Club aquarium since january . They have changed the whole security team and i must say it is a great move by them. They are very polite and professional. Drink prices are very reasonable and for me the most important bit is music and the crowd. Great music when ever i go and really trendy crowd. i would definetly reccomend thursday and friday nights .

By Jason K.

If you want to be treated and spoken to like shit by the door staff then this is the place to go ! Very unprofessional behaviour and just don't know how to talk to people ! A real shame as it has some real great dj's and sound system, bar staff are good at their jobs and friendly. Let's hope the owner or club manager reads up on here to see that there is a major problem with their Stone Age door men. Best bet stay well clear and choose another bar/club. Would never go back again.

By James M.

Nice vibe inside most of the time but very unprofessional door securities, they don’t know who to talk or behave. Management needs to sort this out

By Elizabetj S.

Music is quite nice (my personal opinion) Staff is not so great. They are quite rude. The liquor is ridiculously expensive and over priced. With that money you could rather go to Kensington. Anyway the music is not too bad. If you love house music, I recommend this place. But drink your own liquor before you visit this place.

By Gail O.

Been here a few years ago and it was brilliant nothing better than dancing away thinking phew it's getting hot! And being able to go for a dip in the pool and then dance away again to dry off! Been reading the reviews and am shocked to see the negative reviews I am going again in August for my sisters 18th birthday we r hiring a limo and I am trying to get into contact with the club (to which they haven't replied to any of my emails yet!) so I will see if it has gone downhill since last time I went! Will let u know.

By Emma W.

I went there on Saturday for a hen do and was so disappointed music was rubbish the drinks were very over priced was a very small club. Wasn't happy at all I wanted to go home by 12 and the hen wasn't pleased she also was very disappointed will not be going back that's for sure!!!

By Brian A.

It could have been so good. £12 in £21 for 2 drinks and the club is now really tired. There are so many better clubs in London.

By Anna B.

Drastically improved since the last time i was there, think back in November 2009 at some point..... Amazing sound system that will shiver your body, friendly staff and great atmosphere.. Always worth going to.

By Darren W.

2011 and the club is amazing been there for weeks on end a good night every time security can be very rude though been told to fuck off a few times, just smile and say fuck off back :) good club great pool and good atmosphere lots of women and drunk people, good stuff.

By Gemma C.

I would say giving it 1 star was be too much. Club Aquarium has not changed or been decorated in 15 years! The entrance lobby even has sticky floors! We went in August 2010 and I'm not even sure if the place has air con-it was very, very hot in there! (and smelly!)all drinks were served in plastic glasses, and the barman was shocked when I said I wanted real glasses with the bottle of bubbles I just bought! After 5 minutes he came back with a couple of champagne flutes and a couple of wine glasses! Great! The smell of the pool was overbearing when you ventured out that way and I cant remember seeing a lifeguard - although none of our group went in! The event is great, but please carwash go somewhere else! 15 pounds is far to much to get in Aquarium, the music is great and so are some of the guests, but if you moved venue it would be much better. Aquarium do not care about the event and were quite rude when I called them with an enquiry. Nice atmosphere is what were looking for. I used to live 10 minutes east - down the road from the club so am comfortable in the area but there is an uneasy feel in the club, like it could just kick off? I don't know? It was the end of a fantastic hen night that I had organised and to be honest I was left a little disappointed. We left at 3am and continued the party at my house. And to be honest again we had a better time there! So I would recommend somewhere else to go for your night out. But not reflex either as the manager there is really rude! Come on club night organisers we want a new great 70's and 80's night out!

By Anna J.

I went there last Friday and was very disappointed with this place. We came there at 11pm after paying £10 for ladies and £15 for guys which was obviously far too early as there were 10 people in the club (including bar stuff). It got fuller at around 1ish and the people seems fine. They played russian techno until 3am as it was a eastern-european night and some funky house afterwards. Would not recomment this place to my friends for Friday night out. Apparently is a bit better on Saturday, through.

By Edele M.

this club is dire!!!! i don't even want to give it one star.

We booked the venue in February for 'VIP' only to get to the door and be told we were not on the list.

Then when finally we proved it through an email, she acted like she was doing us a favour by letting us in.

Once in there the staff were very rude, the place was really dirty and they even charge you 50p to have a smoke. cannot believe people pay money to go into this place..its a disgrace!

By Naomi A.

Had a very surreal night here on Thurs and ended up in the pool - lets hope there is no CCTV..

Could not tell you much about the music but the people in the club were friendly and I had no issues with the staff.

By Freddie N.

I am afraid that the bouncers at Carwash are a weak link in an otherwise strong chain.

While the club itself is an enjoyable venue, the agressive attitude of its door staff would lead me to recommend that lovers of a relaxed and fun evening out head to an event such as Guilty Pleasures at Koko instead.

As a long time clubber in London, the Aquarium is the only venue where I and my friends have been exposed to such treatment and I would advise other clubbers to seek alternative venues as a result.

A great shame, because the tunes and the costumes have much to recommend them!

By Yog M.

I'm a club photographer and I like to dance and get involved with the shenanigans. Some clubs, the crowd can be really stand off-ish and cold.. not here!

What an awesome venue. Happy shiny smiley people all up for a wicked good night. Although the lighting in this venue keeps me on my photographic toes.. if you're just there to dance,,, u'll love the lasers and the glitterballs as well as the quality projections and voluptuous swathes of material draped and hanging on the ceiling.

Drinks are reasonably prices for a club in this location.A great mix of people in the crowd.. from the city boys in their suits whov just finished work.. all the way to dread-locked 'saucer-eyed' minimal techno ravers.

What can I say... diverse - straight, gay, bi... its all happening here.Bad points- as with most clubs... the neanderthal empty-headed doormen.

Once inside.. although some of the bar staff are a little non attentive - you don't really have to wait long to get served.

By Scarlett L.

despite being shocked by the lack of knowlege from the bouncers and the que, it was cheesily great fun. great to go for a laugh with your friends.

By Iqen T.

I do agree with everyone that the organization here is a joke! None of the staff seem to know what they are doing! In spite of this, my mates and I still had a fantastic night listening to the DJ and dancing the night away!

By Nessa S.

We just happenend to be going past on Sat nite and thought we'd take a look .. What a great nite, music was fab and the crowd even better. Will deffo be going again!! Would like to know who the DJs were?

By Gemma F.

The club might have some 'questionable' nights held there Fridays and Saturdays.. personally not to my taste.... but their minimal techno afterpartys 3am-11am Sat and Sun mornings more than make up for some of the other dodgy partys Ive heard about that they have earlier in the evenings. Every afterparty Ive been to there has had quality dj's (and a very good soundsystem too in my opinion) Im personally not fussed about the pool, but go back again and again and have never had a bad night there. Drinks are expensive in almost ALL clubs in London..... £1 for putting your coat in is not expensive..

By David P.

While the Hoxton/Shoreditch area has changed over the last decade, this place remains a confused mess. Friday night is a Russian night which speaks for itself, Saturday is rehashed disco nonsense and dancing to the same repetitive disco that your parents used to is sad in itself. One place to avoid unless you're a tourist or don't have a clue.

By K.

I went to Aquarium on saturday for a mates birthday. There was 36 of us and we all had a great time, as we all made the effort. I was disappointed that everyone wasn't in fancy dress in the club, as the club made out that it was a very strict policy. I definitely recommend going to Aquarium in a group and dressing up, as it's a great laugh!

By E.

I went to Aquarium for a mates 18th birthday. Oh my word, what can I say? It was full of trannies and old men and old women who were so drunk they didn't know where they were and it was so expensive. The club was dirty and the music was just way too cheesy it really was the most boring place in London. I wouldn't waste my money on Aquarium again!

By L.

Went to Club Aquarium for my 18th birthday way back in April and it was fantastic! Pulled up in a 25 seater hummer, got VIP tickets into the club and didn't have to queue at all. All my friends dressed up for the event.

It was a great night, although near the end, the tunes became repetitive. The drinks were not that expensive and there was a great crowd of people from various age groups. All my mates still rave about it and the swimming pool really made their nights.

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