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Cork and Bottle Wine Bar is an intimate, cosy venue with an amazing wine list that offers over 40 wines that are available by the glass. A wide selection of dishes are also available across its extensive food menu.

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Cork and Bottle Wine Bar reviews

By Andrew M.

Anyone who doesn't believe there were such things as The Good Old Days needs to spend a little time here. This is "wine bar" as it used to be when they first became fashionable back in the 1970s - great list, no fuss, honest prices, wholesome grub and a place of character.

Stuffed into a basement next to a sex shop (what do you expect of the zoo they call Leicester Square?) this is an oasis in an area gone mad. There are booths carved into the walls for the lucky ones who get here earlier enough and want a quiet (or not so quiet - it's literally your choice) corner to have a conversation and a glass/bottle/case of wine in.

It won't be to everyone's taste (THANK GOD!) so you can guarantee no horrendously loud music, no painfully trendy poseurs, no hassle and loads of wine, food and fun. Enjoy it.

By Jack U.

Hidden gem!

A hidden gem away from the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square above it, the Cork and Bottle is an absolute London institution. Go for a quick evening meal pre or post-theatre, or spend a few hours getting lost in one of their cosy vaulted booths, grazing on delicious cheeses and sampling their enormous selection of wines. Full of charm and character, fine dining this is not, but if you want good, honest food served in a lively, unique atmosphere, this is the place for you.

By Samantha H.

Thank you to everyone at the Cork and Bottle who made our Christmas party so fabulous!!! 8 dear friends and I organised to have our annual Christmas catch up in the depth of the Cork and bottles basement. Not a first for me but was for some of my friends. The food, service and atmosphere was fantastic. We want be waiting until our next annual catch up to revisit the Cork. This place has always been one of my favorites but for the first timers & from our experience last week I think the Cork and Bottle has a few more fans!!! So much so that we plus a few more party goers have decided to celebrate the New year at the Cork and Bottle. We are only too confident that it will be another fantastic evening. Thanks again Samantha.

By Siobhan O.

A terrific wine bar hidden among the tourist traps, The Cork and Bottle will become your new sanctuary in central London. Just don’t go telling too many people about it, will you?

The Venue
Hold on to your hats, Londoners, we’ve got big news. Just 30 seconds from Leicester Square station – no wait, hear us out – nestled between two discount theatre ticket stands, sits an incredibly cool, tasty, completely un-Leicester Square bar and restaurant that you are going to love.

The Cork and Bottle is a basement wine and cheese bar on Cranbourn Street in Leicester Square, and it’s not easy to spot, particularly as it’s the last place you’d expect to find a fancy wine bar. Once through the door, you’ll descend a spiral staircase into the main dining area, which is quite small, dimly lit and often fully booked at lunchtime. In the room to the right are more tables, laid-out around a fully stocked cheese counter and bar. The décor – red floors, green and yellow walls - feels distinctly French and fashionable, and the exposed bricks and low lighting puts you in mind of a wine cellar. Despite the sophisticated vibe, the walls are covered in fun, colourful art and the menus and signage have a funny, chatty tone of voice.

The Atmosphere
Though the venue itself feels rather fancy pants (it is a wine and cheese bar), the vibe is relaxed and friendly, and the staff couldn’t be nicer. As for the clientele, they’re not your usual Leicester Square crowd. You’ll find mostly suited and booted 30-to-50-somethings having a liquid lunch or popping in for a bite to eat after work, as well as couples and groups of friends who really know their wine and cheese. They don’t take reservations after 6.30pm, but tables during the day get booked quickly, so it’s worth calling ahead to save yourself a seat.

The Food
Obviously there’s lots of cheese. Behind the counter you’ll find a huge, changing selection including Brie, Camembert, Morbier, Manchego, Blue Stilton and Smoked Cheddar. You can order just one portion for £4, or three for £9.50. Not a dairy fan? There’s a full hot menu on offer, with the likes of prawn croquettes (£6), green pepper and mushroom tart (£8.50), pork belly with white beans (£11) and seared rabbit with cauliflower (£11.50).

The Drink
It’s all about the wine and Champagne – they even sell them through their online shop - and there’s a huge selection available here, with colourful blackboards full of suggestions. You can perch at the bar and chat to the staff for recommendations, or opt for something on the ‘wines by the glass’ menu. The house Chardonnay and Merlot are a reasonable £5 a glass, with the most expensive (an Ara Pinot Noir) going for £8.25. A glass of Champagne will set you back £9.05.

The Last Word
Most pubs and restaurants in Leicester Square are places you visit just because you’re already in central London. Seeing a play? 'Let’s get a drink somewhere first.' Want lunch before the cinema? 'Oh, this place is nearby.' But The Cork and Bottle is worth a trip in its own right – book a table, and stay as long as you can.

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