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Curzon Soho is one London's premiere independent cinema specialising in European and world cinema. Their facilities offer today's cinema goers so much more with their own bar and licensed screens.

Ranked #3 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 22 Mar 2019 to Thu 28 Mar 2019

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Curzon Soho reviews

By Diogo C.

Now, the ticket prices were alright, but £3 for a pack of wasabi nuts and about £6 for a glass of rosé is just a bit too ridiculous! It was the first time I actually had alcohol in the cinema and I probably won't be repeating it anytime soon. The choice of wasabi nuts in the bar instead of the usual popcorn was curious, but at these prices, I'm not that sure.. The screens though were nice and spacious and me and my boyfriend had fun, but I wouldn't say this is my favorite cinema and with that many cinemas in Central London, I don't know if I'll be coming to this one anytime soon.

By Jan T.

Watched Drive here last night - a wonderful cinema and an even better film. Okay, the ticket prices aren't cheap but you're paying to watch a film where you're not going to get idiots kicking the back of your seat or playing on their phones during the film. A very good experience overall.

By Ak D.

Absolutely love this cinema chain. Cheap and quiet but doesn't feel unloved and like people don't go because it's rubbish. My best friend and I have a standing date every few weeks to see a movie at the one in soho and we're never disappointed. We go during the day and it's a fiver (student discount). Staff super friendly but still efficient. Bar is lovely and cosy with good variety of drinks. Could go on for hours but I have to get back to work. I'd recommend you go but we love having the cinema to ourselves! :) xx

By Manu G.

Worst cinema experience ever. The room was way too hot. Seats are the most uncomfortable I ever had, it almost broke my neck. Let alone the fact that the seats are pretty much all on same level so if you are unlucky enough to have a tall guy in front of you your movie is ruined.

By Liam R.

An ok cinema, seems to bag the more independent films then charge a bit more for it, hmmm fair enough, but no ticket price should be the same amount as it would cost to eventually buy the film once it is released! I think they need to trim there overheads a bit/better advertising/more showing that way more customers and lower price and less elitist film snobs quaffing all the coffee like a third rate french cliche.

By Mike T.

Smug, self-satisfied staff, ridiculously expensive, "own brand" snacks and even more brutal ticket prices. £12.50 to see a film on a Monday evening? No thanks.

By Joon G.

i recently paid £13 (inc booking) to see a film at the curzon. those are crazy prices even for central london. how are you going to get in a younger, enthusiastic film loving crowd or encourage people to take a punt on a film they wouldn't normally go to see? the curzon is a great cinema, it's just a shame that nowadays it's quite an exclusive one too.

By I P.

Quite a bit pricier than a normal cinema and no concessions on weekends. No significant difference in quality except slightly fewer adverts and less popcorn smell.

By Sarah D.

I have been here a couple of times and liked it. I disagree that the staff are unfriendly: i went last week and one of the staff said hello and was very polite. I went in the afternoon and it was cheaper. You do not get irritating people in there who talk during the film etc, so for that reason alone i prefer it it the multiplexes. The seats were comfortable and the toilets very clean and airy. A thumps-up from me.

By A G.

A welcome change to the norm - so what if they're a little more expensive; it's a nice place to watch a movie. What do you want, identikit cinemas? Plenty of cheaper options out there. I for one welcome our Quinette overlords ;)

By Ada V.

I agree with this post, and the very same happened to me, I was with a friend, I don't have a regular income and I was hoping in the Wednesday 1 for 2 with the Orange promotion, but at the Curzon they are not a corporate kind of cinema, they do not offer these sort of reductions ...

The stuff is not friendly at all, the girl who was cleaning the floor indicated us the right door for our film... she looked tired and sad, I don't think they earn much, most of the £12 goes to the bosses and owners... and the seats look quite worn out.

Well, I don't think the Curzon is going to be my first choice anymore.. sorry

By Paul C.

This is my favourite cinema in London. Fantastic bar and cafe, comfortable movie experience and friendly staff.

Good value overall. Highly recommended.

By Robert K.

I am sorry that you find our ticket pricing not to your liking but regret that we have to match our ticket pricing to our costs. By way of compensation, when we raised our ticket prices, we also increased the offer on our membership option, so that our most loyal and frequent customers, who are constrained by budget, could find a way of reducing the average cost of their visit. Please note that we also have reduced ticket pricing at non-peak times. We often receive comments about the plushness of our seating and use Quinette of France to supply these....unfortunately these seats are expensive but as we prioritise comfort we opted to install these instead of cheaper alternatives. We have just finished refurbishing the bar, with new sofas, new carpet and a lick of paint. At the bar, as well as our own branded snacks we have invested in a coffee machine which is producing a superior beverage than previously, and have just a struck a deal with Berry Brothers and Rudd to supply some excellent quality (and value for money) wines. We show a wide diversity of films and we have a head office team of five people devoted to special events, the programming and marketing of festivals and Q & A’s. All of this comes at a cost but on balance feel that it is the right way to go in trying to give our customers what they want. At the end of the day we are a small independent company without the economies of scale of the major chains, so forgive us if we aren’t the cheapest. I hope that we haven’t lost you forever as every customer remains valuable to us Robert Kenny Operations Director

By Paul L.

Curzon Soho now charges £12.00 for a ticket. No matter how nice the bar is or how great the film program is, having to pay £12.00 to see a movie at the cinema is plain wrong. I would expect being ripped off like that from the huge state of the art mega screens in Leicester Square but not from an art house cinema. Some people accept this and think it's fine, saying "this is what central london is like". I don't think it's fine and won't stand for it. I surely have 12 pounds to spare, but handing over for a movie ticket last weekend simply felt like being robbed. Had I been on my own I would have just told the person at the till to keep the ticket, but I was with friends and didn't won't to spoil their night. Won't be going back.

By M.

Standard ticket price and discounts: £8 (usual concessions, plus £5 all day on Mondays and weekdays before 5pm).

Capacity: Screen One (250), Screen Two (120) Screen Three (133)

Facilities: two bars, concession stand, bookshop, food served.

Special Features: Sunday double-bills (two films for £5), optional member’s scheme, occasional guest presenters.

The Curzon Soho is the best arthouse cinema in the West End, combining a central location with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. It has two bars: a Tabac Café-Bar at street level and a Mezzanine Bar downstairs for ticket-holders and members only.

The Tabac Café-Bar is fully licensed and sells coffee and a variety of sweet and savoury snacks, as well as housing a bookshop, selling film magazines and screenplays.

The Mezzanine Bar is also fully licensed and combines standard tables and chairs with more comfortable sofas and armchairs. In addition, it features a bistro style menu, and serves a variety of different dishes. The Mezzanine Bar also includes the more traditional concession stand, serving popcorn, sweets and soft drinks.

The sound quality in each of the screens is excellent. The seating in screen one is good, with ample leg-room – arrive early to nab yourself a seat on the ‘stretch-out’ aisle. However, screens two and three have slightly more cramped seating, and it’s advisable to avoid the front rows as they are too close to the screen.

Where the Curzon Soho scores most highly is on its regular programme of Sunday double-bills. These range from recent arthouse hits to classic films and works by particular directors, and are usually thematically linked. Five pounds buys a ticket for both films. Overall: 4 out of 5

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