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Dalston Superstore on Kingsland High Street is a friendly gay bar with stylish decor. The venue is split over two floors and offers a range of food and drink, a vibrant atmosphere and occasional DJs.

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Dalston Superstore reviews

By Michael M.

Totally brilliant and miles ahead of every other bar up the Kingsland Rd. The Dj line-ups are always amazing and I went to see Optimo DJ's play here recently and had one of the best nights out in ages. Soundsystem is killer too - ignore the disgruntled types that didn't seem to have got in - this place is well worth it for a guarenteed great night dancing!

By Greg L.

I must disagree - I was a regular customer at the Superstore since it opened and always had a great time. It was a fantastic neighbourhood bar that finally had the feel of everything that Shoreditch lost. Regrettably Italian Vogue's piece on Dalston went to the Superstore's head and they refused to let a group of friends in with me. The cute Scottish man (questionable depending on your type) Lerug speaks of was a ghastly queen to my guests and I was faced with embarrassment as I had hyped the venue for months - it was my favourite local bar. Is the bar still fun? Truthfully yes. But this attitude will not serve it well. The last thing we need is another place with an undeserved Mayfair attitude. Isn't that why many of us moved to East London to begin with - cheap rent and to escape that horrible class system?

By Mark T.

I couldn't disagree more! I think it is fabulous!!!

The people are friendly, everyone is like your friend whether you know them or not. I think the guys (gays) on the door are so adorable I want to take them home, especially that little Scottish one, he's so cute and friendly.

Plus the security there are just delicious!!!GO, just go! it's great. Because it's so good, don't be surprised if it gets busy, be prepared to queue later on in the night.

It's worth the wait!!!

By Matt T.

Who would have thought that you could get this in London? ..

..a total breath of fresh air and made me feel like I was in Berlin!

Great venue, friendly staff, briliant music and a totally refreshing night out away from the horrors of Shoreditch.

Just don't tell too many people and ruin the secret!

By Betty S.

Terrible place where everyone has a stupid thin drawn on tash, their grandad's clothes and a smell of musty old cool that has seen better days.

try it at your peril or go to a proper place in dalston and leave this one for the select smelly and very sad old crowd!

By Ali B.

This place is fab in the day too. The veggie breakfasts are to die for and it's one of the few places we don't feel stared at in for being dykey!

Check it out Dalstonites. The staff are great and the place deserves to do brilliantly as it's so relaxed!

By Vivienne E.

A typical, achingly-trendy E8 hangout, Dalston Superstore is a nicely presented gay bar with a penchant for the arts.

The Venue
Deceptively shabby looking from outside, Dalston Superstore’s long and narrow upstairs bar reveals itself to be a smart, bright and airy space decked-out in quirky chic. Memorable features include the brightly painted pipes and papier mache sculptures that adorn the walls, and the private, raised booth accessible via a small flight of stairs at the back of the room. The venue plays host to a number of art exhibitions in its basement level, which thankfully consist of more than just the ‘edgy’ photography of a Hackney arts student that one may expect. The remainder of the time, the space is occupied by the venue’s various weekly club nights – the majority of which are disco and electro in theme.

The Atmosphere
Here it is East London hipsterdom all the way, and those who are not part of this select clique may want to approach with caution. Bar staff are efficient, if a little cold, and – as with the majority of the clientele – preened to perfection. Somewhat grating image-consciousness aside, the cheery, brightness of the space during daytime service encourages relaxation, and, despite being a gay bar, the venue is welcoming of those of any persuasion – as long as you’re wearing the right trainers, of course!

The Food
A menu of relatively uncomplicated but nicely put together fare is available from midday to early evening , and includes a sizable selection of brunch dishes such as scrambled eggs, toast and pea shoots with smoked salmon (£7.50) and a bacon, egg and maple syrup toasted bagel (£6.50). Burgers also come highly recommended, and include a tasty pork and chorizo option (£8) as well as a halloumi and aubergine ensemble (£7) for the (unsurprisingly abundant) veggies in the crowd. Homemade cakes are displayed temptingly on the bar, and for £2.50 you can nab yourself a generous slice.

The Drink
Cocktails are a main feature of the drinks selection, and are generally of the sweeter and more flamboyant variety. Quality varies from your standard Smirnoff and Jose Cuervo based concoctions to the more appealing Stoli vodka and El Dorado rum options. However, at £7.10 a pop, you may not feel you are quite getting your money’s worth. A fair range of bottled and draft beers to suit most palates are sold – from erdinger (£3.80) and desperados (£3.90) to the locally brewed Hackney Gold and Bethnal Pale ales (both £3.90) – as well as a succinct list of wines of a decent quality (with prices starting at a reasonable £3.90 a glass).

The Last Word
If you’re prepared to face the fashionistas in their full-force, Dalston Superstore reveals itself to be a fun and interesting place to while away an afternoon or evening. Art fans may want to do a bit of research before paying a visit in order to gauge the best time to check it out.

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