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Daly's Wine Bar serves a wide selection of European food and has a large choice of wines, champagnes, beers and spirits. Food includes burgers, nachos, jacket potatoes, fishcakes and other snacks.

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Dalys Wine Bar reviews

By Andrew M.

Dull Daly's Wine Bar. They need to liven this place up. No one seems happy to be out drinking. Daly's you should get in a dj or something.

By Kelly H.

With a fantastic location on The Strand and a solid choice of wine and champagne, it’s easy to see why Dalys Wine Bar is more than just another tourist trap.

The Venue
Dalys Wine Bar certainly stands out on The Strand, which is no mean feat given there’s so much to look at on this stretch of road. The sign is huge and in your face; it makes a big point of its champagne and fine wine selection on its signage and huge canopies hang low over the street, covering a few outdoor tables. The period windows are pretty and allow glimpses of the good-sized space within. And inside it’s light and airy and has a cafe-like appeal with plenty of cute little tables that fill the space without feeling sandwiched in. The wine emphasis is obvious, with bottles lined up in neat little rows on shelves and behind the bar. They're just waiting to be drunk. Better get started, then.

The Atmosphere
Dalys Wine Bar attracts plenty of business types from the many offices nearby – mainly legal offices – and the expense accounts are clearly open for business as tables are lined with champagne and wine. And it’s not cheap as a result. After all, what do these people care about a couple of quid here and there? But the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is true and the staff are incredibly friendly and the service is very good – as you’d expect when forking out for an expensive bottle of vino.

The Food
Burgers, steaks, hot sandwiches and salads mix with a few more unusual options like venison, Welsh rarebit, and bubble and squeak. However, the prices are on the high side, although they are in keeping with one of London’s most famous streets. You can expect to pay well over £10 for what amounts to little more than a snack. And that’s before you even factor in the wine...

The Drink
Wine and champagne are the focus of the drink menu at Dalys Wine Bar – no big surprise there. But the selection is excellent and above that of many other central London bars that claim to serve a good choice of wine. The selection is lengthy and covers new and old world bottles and a huge selection of grape varieties, plus they offer a solid choice of more unusual bottles including some nice choices from Argentina and Chile.

The prices range from £15 and work their way steadily upwards to the dizzying heights of older quality bottles, but this allows you to choose something to suit your own budget. And the choice is incredibly well described with the staff extremely well versed if you’re unsure about what to order. You certainly won’t be made to feel stupid for asking questions. Impressively, they have four roses, which is unusual with most bars offering just a couple, and the champagne selection is very solid with Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot and Laurent Perrier all making an appearance with tackier bottles like Cristal refreshingly absent.

The Last Word
Dalys Wine Bar is a good option for enjoying a nice bottle of wine if you don’t fancy crushing into one of the many over-subscribed bars nearby.

By R P.

This is a rather lovely old bar opposite the Royal Courts of Justice with a wide and varied selection of wines by the glass and bottle, as well as draught beers etc. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the owner is clearly taking thousands of pounds across the bar on a good night (Thursdays and Fridays are particularly busy - and the wines are definitely not cheap) customers are forced to make use of absolutely disgusting lavatories. The toilets are so small that one practically has to climb into the sanitary bin in order to shut the door, at least one toilet is always blocked, the surfaces are always dirty and covered in used tissue and other unpleasant items, the floor isn't clean, the taps don't work and there is never any soap. The tiles on the walls are cracked, there is often no toilet paper and the whole place smells awful. Dalys - do something about these dreadful loos and stop treating your customers with such contempt!

By B.

I think the last reviewer rather misses the point of Daly's Wine Bar. It's a well established haunt for suits from the surrounding legal and financial firms who go there to enjoy a glass of fine wine or two. I agree that it's not exactly raucous, but if you want DJ bars then you can head up to the West End instead of coming to Daly's Wine Bar.

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