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Davy's Wine Vaults offers a full range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails and boasts an extensive dining area serving classic English dishes. The venue's location next to Greenwich railway station makes it handy for a quick drink or snack after your journey.

"Wine has been at the heart of Davy’s since it opened its first “wine house” in 1870, so it’s unsurprising to find a treasure trove of wine related artefacts on display in this welcoming, characterful wine bar and dining room handily situated next to Greenwich DLR and British Rail. The perfect place to escape the cold, you can enjoy everything from a quick glass of wine or refreshing Meantime beer to a light bite or full Sunday roast. Our head chef Eduardo compiles British inspired menus offering delicious, fresh, seasonal foods. The 19thcentury backdrop and vintage touches deliver an original setting for the numerous wine tastings that take place, as well as weddings, parties and dinners. We are now open for Weekend Brunch from 9am-11:30am. Book your table now."

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Davy's Wine Vaults reviews

By Chris B.

A great spot to eat/drink near the DLR station in Greenwich

I popped into Davys for a quick coffee after a slow journey over to Greenwich on the DLR and I was really impressed with the venue. The staff were friendly and attentive and there was a really relaxed atmosphere. I will definitely be coming back to try the food soon.

By S.

Davys Wine Vaults are a really good place to get some quality bar food accompanied by an impressive selection of wines. The bar staff at this venue really seemed to know what they were talking about and were able to recommend wine, which I did not expect.

The setting of the place is great too, it really is authentic and adds to the enjoyment. I regularly pop down in my lunch hour to get a hearty meal - with bangers and mash being a particularly good example of what Davys Wine Vaults have to offer.

By Elsie M.

Appalling service.

This is the only restaurant I have walked out of.
My husband and I went for an evening meal on 5 February 2017. We arrived at 7.20pm and had not been served by 8.30 - despite being the only people in the restaurant.
Members of staff, about four of them, were congregated around the bar and were more interested in their own conversations than catering for customers.
When we complained about the delay the excuse given was that the half roasted chicken that my husband had ordered was "too big". It really beggars belief.
We left in disgust.
If I could give a minus star I would.

By Kelly H.

Greenwich is full of beautiful old independent pubs. So why go to a chain bar like Davys? Well, the wine is pretty good...

The Venue
Davys Wine Vaults is one of the less instantly appealing pubs in Greenwich with its dull green exterior and large, rather run down sign struggling to compete with many of the more stunning pubs that fill this area of London. Inside, however, is a different story with lots of nooks and crannies to explore, shining wooden panelling on the walls and borderline ornate wooden tables and chairs. Huge beer barrels also act as additional ‘tables’, which lends a feeling of authenticity to the chain bar, and the neutral colourscheme adds a lightness to the swathes of wood. It’s well pitched and far from the cold aesthetic you may expect.

The Atmosphere
Although it’s located close to Greenwich rail station, Davys Wine Vaults doesn’t seem to attract too much in the way of people traffic, with many people walking off in the opposite direction. A lot of locals seem to have embraced it, however, making it a more acceptable choice if you don’t enjoy the hubbub of the more touristy pubs in Greenwich. The staff are particularly welcoming and seem - to their credit - keen to encourage repeat business.

The Drink
Whilst many of the pubs in and around Greenwich concentrate on draught lager and real ale, the clue is in the title of Davys Wine Vaults. It’s the grape that’s best represented here. Budvar, Asahi, Corona and Whitstable Bay do fly the flag for the beers, though. But back to the main event. There are almost 20 bottles of red and white wine apiece (over 40 bottles in total), well described with prices running from £15 to £70, catering for all budgets. The collection of old and new world wine covers most grape varieties and you’re sure to find something that catches the eye.

The Last Word
Fine if you like wine but with so many proper pubs and independent watering holes nearby, Davys Wine Bar suffers in comparison.

By Arthur F.

I recently visited Davy's Wine Vaults on a Sunday lunchtime with a couple of old friends, having heard positive things about their winebars in the past - and I have to say I wasn't disappointed. We arrived to be greeted by a very entertaining jazz ensemble and equally amiable staff, who seemed to possess a genuine knowledge of the wines on offer and of wine and food pairing. I plumped for a starter of roast pork belly and a main of a ballotine of turkey which was accompanied with exceptional stuffing. It is very difficult to find much fault with the food whatsoever, although there was a long wait between courses, and a slightly larger menu would have been an large improvement. However, for the friendly service, ambience and quality of food and wine, I will definately be returning.


We thought we'd try Davy's out this week having heard from our neighbours that it was good...well, it wasn't! The service was pretty dire although the staff nice & friendly, but we were left without a food or wine menu for about 10 mins. Bread was given but was stale. Almost as soon as we were given the stale bread our starters arrived. I had a pathetic little fig with a minuscule amount of stilton, at an inflated £6. My husband had the pork belly terrine which was good but the toast that accompanied it was burnt. I then had the salmon en croute, which had potential, but was only okay. The mustard sauce which accompanied it had obviously been left out for a while and had a lovely skin on it, how could the chef and the staff let that go out to a customer's table?? The potato dauphinoise was okay but my plate really could have used some greenery on it. My husband had the fish and chips (as his original choice of venison casserole wasn't available but the waitress hadn't told us this when she read out the specials) which was okay. Mushy peas, chips & tartare sauce were, we think, all homemade, but the fish was a rectangular shape straight out of Iceland's freezer, or so it looked. The whole meal was quite a disappointment, which was a shame as we really liked the set up of the restaurant which had lots of rooms and alcoves. It had looked so promising but, we won't be returning.

By Lauren D.

A nice setting with a great selection of wine but the food selection is very limited, overpriced and in our experience pretty disappointing. I didn't want anything too stodgy and the starters looked fairly unsubstantial and there were no sides on the menu. I opted for the bell pepper stuffed with risotto (£9.95!!) as did my friend, my sister opted for the salmon encroute. The pepper was basically a raw pepper with the top cut off filled with what tasted like risotto rice cooked in vegetable stock and with a few bits of swede dotted about, it tasted of nothing. My sister's salmon encroute was ok but the sauce was too mustardy and it lacked seasoning. We told the waiter at the end of the meal what we thought of the food and he actually let it slip that it was food for tourists! Shall never eat there again.

By Clive B.

I'm a fan of Davy's and , as I was in Greenwich on Sunday , thought I would drop in to their Greenwich bar for a spot of lunch . I was delighted to find that they had a jazz trio playing live and when I mentioned this to the Manageress she said that it was a new venture and had been running on Sunday's for the last month . They offer a 2 or 3 course Sunday lunch which does include home cooked Roast Beef ( which was my choice and was delicious ) . A decent glass of Rioja and a small glass or port rounded off the day before heading for home to see my beloved Arsenal lose to Chelsea .

By Rebecca S.

Although the evening started off quite pleasantly with a knowledgeable and friendly barman, myself and my friend were appalled to be literally thrown out of the pub at 9.30 on a Monday evening because "there's no point in keeping the place open when there's only two of you". We were enjoying a quiet drink and asked if they usually close so early. We also asked if we could stay and finish the bottle of wine we had purchased just 15 minutes before. We were told that although they normally close at 11 we could not stay as they wanted to go home and that they "would call us a taxi and we could have the bottle else where". We were also erroneously berated for having purchased the bottle "an hour ago" that we should "drink faster". We did not fancy drinking the bottle in the street and were pretty sure that other pubs in the area would not accept us bringing our own bottle onto their premises, so we left. What a thoroughly crappy experience.

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