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Devonshire Terrace provides an informal yet stylish New York style ambience within the heart of the City. Here you can enjoy a delicious meal from the varied menu, or relax with a drink on the terrace.

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"Just five minutes from Liverpool Street station, Devonshire Terrace is a highly original destination in the heart of the City. Inside: a spacious, relaxed restaurant and four private dining rooms. Outside: two balconies in a courtyard terrace, one covered by a high glass roof."

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Devonshire Terrace reviews

By Stephen F.

With sensational design and an extensive wine list, Devonshire Terrace looks set to be a popular choice for City workers. It’s just a shame the food doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

The Venue
The Devonshire Terrace is undoubtedly an impressive venue, boasting an impeccable use of space that fits the Bauhaus design spec perfectly. Two equally impressive outside areas are great choices (if you can get a seat), with one enjoying a sumptuously choreographed view of the Gherkin, visible via a high glass ceiling, and the other offering the feel of continental al fresco dining, even if the view is only of the corporate world of Devonshire Square. Inside plays host to immaculately positioned lines of tables that lead to an open kitchen and a stylish bar, flanked by private dining rooms with Japanese sliding doors. It’s certainly a very impressive introduction, and when it’s this easily visible to the hordes of City folk passing by, it works well as a sumptuously enticing visage.

The Atmosphere
Boasting a location that’s just about perfect to attract City workers, it’s pretty clear the types who are likely to be seated next to you. There’s a nice sense of exclusivity that no doubt keeps the suits happy, given that Devonshire Square is a nicely secluded enclave, hidden from the less attractive areas of the City. Although this is certainly a boon, and a good selling point for a restaurant like this, the somewhat precious attitude of the burly doormen manfully guarding the Square’s entrance can come across as a little unnecessary. However, the staff inside the restaurant itself are, for the most part, courteous and efficient, and relatively up to speed on what’s on offer. The general atmosphere is relaxed and informal, especially on the terraces, with a design that’s orchestrated well enough for tables to feel nicely intimate.

The Food
With such an emphasis on what’s a very appealing design, it’s a real shame that at times the food doesn’t quite live up to expectation. Starters are okay, the best being a rich foie gras (£9.25) that’s nicely paired with a delicately toasted brioche and sweet plum chutney, followed closely by a superbly prepared, if slightly bland, grilled asparagus with poached egg and truffle vinaigrette (£6.95). Equally well prepared is one of the mains, the plump, fresh tiger prawns which go well with a lime and chilli dressing and some deliciously al dente red rice, yet they remain a little disappointing for the price of £14.50.

Even more disappointing is the sirloin of black Angus beef (£14.95) that appears to be suitably medium rare, but which doesn’t take to the knife. Instead of it sliding through the medium rare meat it’s forced to hack and tear, causing the flesh to fray and suggesting either a poor cut, or poor preparation. Even some tasty fries and a very well balanced grain mustard jus can’t rescue it, though on the up side it does enable you to leave more room for some very fine desserts. The best of these is an impeccable chocolate fondant (£5.50) that’s beautifully textured on the outside, deliciously runny on the inside, and served with a very complementary honeycomb ice cream.

The Drink
The Devonshire Terrace has an enormous wine list, a list which only a cynic would suggest was to take advantage of the fat wallets bouncing through the door. There’s a whole host available by the glass, with prices being more than acceptable for decent options such as the Devonshire Terrace house red (£14) that’s light and fruity and with surprisingly good legs. If you’re looking to spend a little more then you can certainly do so, with a bizarrely priced 1995 Clos d’Ambonney at £3,333 offering the perfect opportunity for a little ostentatious showboating. More reasonable options include an excellent couple of Bugundys and a superb New Zealand Suavignon Blanc, on what’s a well thought out, if at times overwhelming wine list.

Cocktails are good, and not unreasonable, with classics like the Rob Roy and the Woodford Sour (about £7) nicely complemented by some great house options, such as the fruity, sweet and moreish Devonshiretini (£8.50) or the Devonshire Sling (£7), a nice take on the Singaporean classic. The cocktails benefit from a superb list of spirits that offer an impressive choice, and the bar staff seem more than capable of helping you out, lest you get confused.

The Last Word
The magnificence of the venue can’t be argued with but the food unfortunately can be. But whatever its shortcomings, Devonshire Terrace is sure to be a hit thanks to a great location and an incredibly enticing design.

By Sally H.

Horribly small starters. Ordered two as it was lunchtime & didn't want to be over faced. Shouldn't have worried, souffle barely larger than a canapé. Crab salad which I know is a more expensive ingredient bit skimpy too. A tiny ramekin size white meat & chopped apple. No bread was offered or brought, don't know if it's an extra. Too engrossed in conversation to notice at the time my order was put down - both dishes together! Wasn't asked if I wanted one with the mains. Salad being a spoon of micro greens I was effectively left hungry even after pudd (4 melon baller size scoops sorbet) Staff otherwise on the ball. Place busy & quite noisy in fact. Location excellent imagine terrace great for summer.

By Caroline D.

Our office recently had our annual office bash at Devonshire Terrace. We received unbelievable service and the venue itself is the same. The covered outdoor terrace was great and even though it was raining we could still party the night away! Giantini's are a must - they certainly take office parties to a new level!!

By Graeme P.

After reading several reviews and knowing that the venue had undergone a refurbishment and under new management I wanted to see what they changes were all about. A friend and I went for lunch and were very impressed at the location, the terrace area proved all year shelter and fantastic surroundings. The staff seemed happy and the food was great. I am now booking my Xmas party here - defiantly the new place to be seen

By Alastair P.

Went to Devonshire Terrace for the first time last Thursday, the place was packed and the vibe was brillant we were greeted by a very friendly hostess who found us a table in the restaurant and took our drinks order straight away, these were delivered shortly by Martina who was attentive to us all night even though we could see that the staff were rushed off their feet they were all very friendly and the smiles never faded. The food was amazing it was nice to have something to nibble on to soak up the cocktails definite recommendations Devonshiretini and the mini fishcakes were mouth watering along with the very yummy truffle chips. Looking forward to our next visit

By Richard T.

I booked a private dining room for a buisness lunch, from the first moment I walked in I was greeted by a lovley hostess who directed me through to the private dining room which was beautifully arranged with our own private balcony!!! we didn't pre- order our wine which the host pointed out by reccomending Meerlust Merlot from South Africa to acompany our steak as a main, I did not hesitate as she seemed to know alot about her wines. Our waiter introduced himself by name and told us he would be looking after us he was very attentive through out our meal, he made sure we wasn't short of wine which I cannot complain about! The food arrived we had cornsh dressed crab to start with which was mouth watering which left you wanting more (you can never have too much of a good thing) accompanied with a South African Chardonnay from Stellenbosch which went down a treat, our 28 day aged steak arrived which was beautifully cut served with seasonal vegetables and new potatoes, WOW! we had cheese boards to follow to finish off our lunch served with coffee! Fantastic and a memorable experience defintley would reccomend Devonshire Terrace to all my friends and I cant wait to go back.p.s Our hostess, who recomended our wine, later admitted she was from S. Africa and that its wines were often overlooked. She was right!Richard Turner.

By Stephanie W.

My girls and I were walking through Devonshire Square on our way home from work when we all thought "Why don't we pop in for a drink" as we have heard they make amazing cocktails!! We were welcomed by a smiley hostess who showed us through to the bar area, the waiter came over and introduced us to the menu, which consisted of wine, cocktails and tapas perfect!!! just what we needed after a hard days work. we ordered these gorgeous spring rolls, and the best ever home-made pork scratchings with a range of well thought out cocktails the devonshiretini is their signature cocktail which is to die for!!! will def go back good food, great cocktails and fantastic SERVICE! 10/10

By Melanie W.

We have been to Devonshire Terrace on two separate occasions and have been very impressed both times. The food is very good - on both occasions tables of 4 were very pleased with their meals and members of our party commented that it would be a good place to take clients. The staff were attentive and friendly and made helpful suggestions when asked about the menu. Devonshire Terrace with its lovely outdoor area is a hidden gem in the square mile and I will definitely be going back!

By Jack S.

Went to devonshire terrace last week and frankly was hugely disappointed (why can't I put less then one star?). The decor reminds me of an army mess hall, with straight lines and feels very cold. There was no one there apart from misersable staff, who looked like they had better places to be and the bar supervisor (??) who walked like an Italian gangster refusing to make eye contact with any of the customers and generally flirting with the floor staff. It was empty apart from a few tables dotted around the place which comes as no surprise!They have a lovely outside area decked out with ikea (??) plastic furniture which pretty much undoes all their hardwork on the nice furniture they have inside (does the menu change from fois gras inside to sandwiches outside to suit the outside ambience?)For somewhere that has a £3000 bottle of wine on the menu and being surrounded by high earners I would have expected more but the company owns a couple of 'pubs' so this must be their debut into fine dining.Personally I believe they should stick to what they're good at!Really disappointedThe lighting is nice though

By Jane C.

Pete and I went to the Devonshire Terrace yesterday for the first time. The staff were lovely, the atmosphere was good and the attention to detail in the decor was unique especially the coloured little glass ornaments! The food was lovely and very filling. Pete had the crab to start with and I had the parfait fois gras. Then he had the duck and I had the salmon fish cakes which were delicious. The chips were lovely and he enjoyed the new potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Absolutely full up after that but then I saw there was honeycomb ice cream on the menu. I've had that at the Admiral Codrington in Mossop Street which is the owners other pub in Chelsea so we decided to have one between us! Many thanks to our waitress Margo for being so accommodating and congratulations to Ella and Alex for doing such a good job in such a great place. Regards Jane and Pete

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