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This is strictly members only. You will not get in unless you're a member or are accompanied by a member.

The Dining Room at the Playboy Club creates an interesting selection of dishes inspired from around the world and made with seasonal ingredients. There is a fine selection of wines to complement your meal.

Ranked #511 of 5241 restaurants in London
"Discreetly partitioned away from gaming activity, The Dining Room is an experience epicures will savour for members only. A Global Effort: The kitchen brigade works tirelessly to produce seasonal and international dishes to ensure all our guests are superbly catered for. Sourcing the very best ingredients, expect to find Meze next to Chop Chop salad, Lobster Thermidor alongside succulent Steaks, Lamb Curry besides Shish Taouk. A truly global choice passionately produced by award winning Chefs. The Wine List: An extensive and well considered wine and champagne list is the perfect accompaniment to your visit. Let us know what you like and we can have it perfectly chilled and ready for you."

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Dining Room at the Playboy Club reviews

By William G.

I came here as a member of American Express. I was really just interested in the bunnies. The food was top notch though. Had a brilliant dinner. Everyone in my group ate everything and was very happy with the quality. the wine list could be more high end, but it was thoughtful. Late in the night we ordered mini burgers which were absolutely moreish. I would say best in London. Bunnies were lovely.

By S J.

Just took another client to dinner here, and the night was a hit. The Dining Room is the best part of the club. Asian tacos & noodles, Hef burger, truffle mac & cheese, snicker dessert are just a few favourites. Sommelier is extremely knowledgable and always gives interesting suggestions to enhance the dining experience. Definitely coming back again.

By Kelly H.

The Playboy Club opened in London to considerable controversy. However, they have really pushed the boat out and there’s remarkably little flesh on show.

The Venue
Located in the heart of the Playboy Club's action - between the Playboy Club’s casino, sports bar and salon (yup, they have a salon as well) - is the Dining Room. It’s not large by any means but they’ve cleverly managed to make it feel separate from the rest of the venue thanks to sheets of luxury fabric on which are painted the silhouettes of dancing girls. You are still able to glimpse the rest of the club, so you don't feel too far removed from the action. Otherwise, the dimly lit venue is filled with simple – and masculine – black tables with matching leather chairs. The lighting is kept fluorescent.

The Atmosphere
The Playboy Club launched amid a lot of scandal, with feminist groups protesting loudly at the sexism behind the opening. However, if you actually head inside you’ll find a place that’s surprisingly upmarket and – dare one say – sophisticated. The flesh on display is more PG than 18 and the Bunny Girls are taught how to serve without risking wardrobe malfunctions: nudity is not on the agenda. It might make some uncomfortable but those in the club aren’t just men, with plenty of ladies looking utterly unfazed. The Bunnies are gorgeous and glamorous rather than sleazy and tacky, and the service is typical of any members' club (yes you do have to be a member... or a prospective member or friend of a member to get in) in that they really, really look after you - nothing is too much trouble.

The Food
The Dining Room isn’t an afterthought – far from it. Instead, they have hired celebrity chef Judy Joo (star of Iron Chef UK), who is known for working in Michelin-starred kitchens that include Heston’s Fat Duck. However, for a well-known Korean chef, the food menu goes (perhaps) surprisingly down the British/American route, with simple dishes that focus on flavour.

To start, the rock oysters aren’t cheap at £14 but they are fresh and meaty and – as you’d expect with this price tag – thankfully free of grit. Alternatively, the American shrimp cocktail (£18) impresses with huge jumbo prawns with a delicate sweetness served with a rich, creamy American cocktail sauce or a tangy soy vinaigrette.

For main courses the prices aren’t any cheaper and the Wagyu steak is a whopping £100. Alternatively, the Hef Burger – also made with Wagyu beef – is £42. That’s one expensive burger. However, it’s not all overly pricey. The Playboy Burger is also very good, even if it is made with just plain old normal beef, and comes in at a comparatively reasonable £12. The beef patty is large and cooked to specification, and you can add a range of toppings for £1 each, including a runny fried egg and tangy goat’s cheese. However, when you factor in this additional cost and the fact that the burger comes with no accompaniments, then the price soon racks up. Chips are £5 and onion rings £4.50, and although they are perfectly cooked, the price tags are on the high side.

The fish and chips (£16) represents better value, with a delicious piece of flaking cod covered in a non-greasy batter that's been perfectly seasoned. And yes, the chips are included this time and they are wonderfully crunchy with a soft, fluffy middle. Delightful.

The Drink
There’s a solid wine list at The Dining Room and, as you might expect, there are some obscenely expensive fine wines and champagnes to choose from. However, at the lower end of the list (still not cheap at £30) is a good choice of old and new world wines covering an impressive selection of grapes and regions. They also offer plenty of well-made cocktails, and premium whiskies if you have a few hundred pounds going spare.

The Last Word
The Dining Room ain’t cheap, in more ways that one. If you can afford the membership fee then chances are you can afford the food too.

By John R.

We went the other day for dinner. I had the pork buns too, and have to agree that they are one of the best things on the menu. Really delicious, big and juicy. the key lime pie was so good too. our sommelier was very knowledgeable. But, the wine list overall needs to be a bit more higher end. The bunnies are not waiters (slightly disappointing, but i guess it is hard to carry trays of food with heals on). The Casino is actually a small part of the venue. Dining room is not that big. Really mixed crowd of people. You could spend all night here. dinner, drinks, dancing, and eat until 3am. Fun place. I will be bringing clients.

By Jan K.

Had a great time here last week. The pork belly buns were our favorite along with the deconstructed snickers for dessert. We also had the noodles, which were very nice and the tacos. Noticed a lot of the other diners ordered more traditional "american" items such as steaks, but we decided to focus on the asian flavors and really enjoyed it. the dining room is adjacent to the casino so if you are there late enough you get a good view of the blackjack tables. the lounge downstairs is very nice, with a great ambiance, good crowd and wonderful service.

By Hanley B.

great fun on all fronts. culinary side is solid, wine list is great, even better sommelier, bunnies are not the waiters though, but you can see them from the dining room. had a delicious key lime pie. burger was nice and juicy, works with toppings.

By Adam G.

I had a great meal here the other day. I was invited by a member, and now I will join. Where else can you have a fine dining experience until 1:30am. Great steaks. I had some noodles as well, which were very good. Desserts were very also good indeed. Lovely time had by all. Sommelier is brilliant.

By Hunter M.

this is the best steakhouse type restaurant in london. Definitely has the best side dishes. juicy steaks. great selection of sauces. i loved the BBQ sauce. they bunnies don't hurt either!

By Eat E.

Great american food and desserts. we loved the Disco Fries (poutine), Hef Burger, Steaks and the decontructed snickers bar and key lime pie for dessert.

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