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Dirty Martini is a stylish bar and cocktail house in Covent Garden whose sophistication belies its 'dirty' moniker. With excellent service, fantastic mixologists and a friendly atmosphere Dirty Martini is proving a popular choice for those in the know.

Ranked #46 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"With a bespoke range of Martinis and signature cocktails, glamorous interiors and some of London’s best DJs, Dirty Martini Covent Garden is the perfect destination for after-work indulgence, pre-club cocktails, sophisticated celebrations or a stylish late night party."

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Dirty Martini reviews

By S.

Dirty Martini's a really cool little bar, I go there with my friends a lot. It's fairly modern without being pretentious (unlike some places round here!) and the barmen are really friendly.

Good cocktails too. Give Dirty Martini a go if you're looking for somewhere new.

By Jackie G.

I quite like this bar, good cocktails and friendly staff, I was only here for a few drinks to start my night but the time I spent here was nice enough.


We went to bishopsgate dirty martini 4 my friends birthday, I wud not recommend dis place t my enemies let alone friends, security guys r very rude, service slow, n music too loud; to add insult to injury when I left party was still in full swing n I cudnt find my cardi n Jacket. I told my friend's daughter, as she was busy gas bagging and I had t leave in a rush, to let her mum know so dat she cud take it home. It totally slipped her mind, so at d end of d night my friend came across my phone, cardi n jacket, not aware of d owner so handed it in to the bartender who promised to keep hold of it. To cut long story short dey r denying all knowledge saying "these items were allegedly left wid d bartender" in other words we r liars. Dey were very rude. Def not d experience I wish to repeat.

By Amanda S.

I went to Dirty Martini in Covent Garden with my best friend for my birthday last night and had a brilliant time! I decided to go after reading the reviews on View London, most of which were positive, but a few of which were negative about the bouncers on the door and the bar staff. I have to say that the bouncers were lovely and let us straight in, even though I had not yet changed from my trainers into my dancing shoes. Service at the bar was extremely friendly and very swift and inspite of the bar being packed, we did't have to wait long for service. My friend and I were cheeky enough to sit on the end of one of the couches surrounding a privately booked table and the waitress in this area still managed to smile at us even though my friend accidentally tripped her up. The crowd were young and friendly, security were brilliant and the bar staff and waitresses were great. The only downside to this place is that the air was stuffy and so they could have turned the air conditioning up. I did also notice that nobody danced, inspite of there being quite a lot of floor space, but then again it's a bar and not a club. All in all, I would recommend Dirty Martini because you will have a great time in a laid back and unpretentious atmosphere where the crowd are great and the staff are attentive and friendly. Great place.

By Shelagh M.

One of the worst bars I've ever been to in London. Booked a table for a birthday party. This was £50. When we arrived we were told that we had to pay to get in (even though it was a birthday party and we weren't made aware of this when we booked). The door staff were rude. Nobody showed us to our table. When we went inside, we were quite shocked to see that the table was already taken by the many riff raff who go there. When politely asking for them to move as we had pre-booked the table, it ended up that our "paid for" table ended up being the place where drunk people fell on top of, people spilling their drinks etc. The table was sticky and dirty when we first arrived. The people there were disgraceful. A warning to any gay couples. Stay clear unless you want to be in a position to have to defend yourself all night. On top of everything else, we also waited 30 mins in the queue to get a drink. Nasty place, I wouldn't go near there if somebody paid me. Small minded, ignorant, over priced shithole.

By Monika M.

This place is the worst i've ever been to in London. They've complatelly ruined out New year's eve. The manager and the Guy at the door wanted to take additional money from us even despite the fact we bought the ticket earlier. they wers extremealy rude to us and eventually we ended up Young to a different place. Never ever go there unless you want to be treated as a trash and be cheated at the entrance.

By Brenda K.

Fun place but the manager,,,Marco,,,,is a horrible person and so I cannot recommend the venue. I was there for less than 3 hours and saw him get involved in 3 put it mildly,,,,

By Andi B.

Booked a table for the 09/04/2012 - they said they were open on the bank holiday, turns out they wasn't - suprise suprise. Owner/manager must've been too lazy to work that day and called it off. Ruined birthday plans - completely unprofessional.

By Sarah E.

I've booked a table for my Birthday tomorrow night and have been given table number 406 in my email confirmation. I noticed on the website they have a 360 degree video which shows the venue and where all the tables are etc, but there is no booth that says 406?? Anyone know?

By Lolly F.

Well it does smell rather dirty! I felt overcome with the smell of sweaty feet when I walked into the club, so I didn't stay long enough to try the Martini. The security seemed unfriendly and rude and I would never go back.

By Frances R.

6 cosmopolitains £52!!! I think not. Oddly dark as you walk in for 6pm on a Saturday. Staff seemed OK but we waited a long time for our very uninspiring drinks!We had spent the day at an amazing cocktail place 2 minutes walk from here, go there!!

By Hannah N.

Do not waste your time to even visit this bar let alone spend your money!!!!Me and my friend were Just there tonight, and the bar staff (if you can call them that) were complete rude and arrogant, they made us the wrong drinks which had no taste of alcohol in them, when I asked to speak to the bartender he said 5 mins, I waited 15mins and he still didnt even bother to look at me.This is a shit place, me and my friend wanted to try something new ( and now we know why people dont like thisplace)If you want a fabulous place for cocktails go to LAB BAR-SOHO AMAZING, GRAPHIC GOLDEN SQAURE, FLORIDITA,MILK & HONEY

By Artisian A.

I was there with some friends last night, great cocktails & lovely venue. shame about the rude & abusive security tho with no respect of others. would not have stayed & spend money if it wasn't my friends bday party. don't think I will ever go back.

By Artisian A.

totally agree! nice venue but shame about rude bouncer. went there last night and encountered some of the rudest & abusive bouncer, would not have stayed or spend any money there if it wasn't my friend's birthday. I will NOT go back there again!

By John J.

visited this bar on Friday night in two couples, bouncer who we encountered had all the people skills of a mountain gorilla. I am sure this bar spends a lot of time and money on promotion. When you do get the punter inside why allow a paranoid half wit to ruin the evening. Come on Dirty Martini, you know who is he must have done it before, up the stakes on your security quality. After reading other reviews on this site however seems it is a cultural thing. Spend your hard earned cash somewhere that will treat you with respect

By Louise F.

We went to Dirty Martini for my friend's hen do and had a brilliant time. We were extremely impressed with the venue, the drinks (especially the chocolate martini!), the music and the staff. We pre-booked a booth and had our own waitresses - well worth it. The bar isn't huge but we had plenty of space to dance and it was great that we had somewhere to sit and leave our bags. We didn't need to queue at the bar all evening as our waitresses were attentive and very professional. Our waitresses were great, they looked after us impecably and also had a word with the DJ who adjusted his music to our taste. The bouncers made sure that our space was kept just for us. I would thoroughly recommend a night out at Dirty Martini - a great venue for a Hen Do or a night out to celebrate a special occasion. Easy to find and very accessible - great management who were flexible and tailored their hen do package to our requirements. The only criticism is that it was very hot so bring a hair band to tie your hair back! Thanks for a fab night out - I'm sure we'll visit again!

By Peri W.

I recently held a surprise Birthday party at Dirty Martini and was very impressed by how welcome we where made to feel and how attentive the staff where, particuarly the staff that where assigned to our table. The team where extremley helpful from beginning to end and did not seemed phased by how busy it was. The Dirty Martini team made our evening very special and i would highly recommend this venue if you are planning to hold a party or any other type of celebration. A great night all round with fabulous cocktails . What more could you ask for!

By Julia W.

The most famous Martini cocktail drinker in the world is Mr 007 himself, preferring his drink “shaken, not stirred”. Dirty Martini, a cocktail bar dedicated to producing James Bond’s favourite tipple in many variations, is situated in the centre of Covent Garden’s arts and cultural district, with the Royal Opera House less than 200 yards away. Its impressive design imitates New York-style bars that attract a trendy and professional clientele. Upstairs is open for daytime drinks, lunches and nibbles whilst downstairs appears to be one of Covent Garden’s most popular, fashionable hangouts. The dimmed lighting, a large mirror and lavish chandeliers contribute to creating a stylish, urban yet modern feel. Dirty Martini’s cocktails will rarely let you down. A thorough and well thought-out range of cocktails are available, designed by experienced mixologists who are passionate about creating interesting and imaginative cocktails. The Irish Sour contains Jameson’s Irish whiskey shaken with lemon juice, syrup de gomme, a dash of Angostura Bitters and egg white for a sharp flavour. Another concoction is the signature Dirty Martini cocktail. This consists of Ketel One vodka or Plymouth gin, served with drops of Noilly Prat, fresh thyme and pressed Kalamata olives. For the health-conscience cocktail drinker, Dirty Martini innovated an exceptional solution to enjoying cocktails guilt free, serving fruity delights that are under 100 calories a cocktail. Every Wednesday evening cocktail lovers are given the opportunity to design their own cocktail to enjoy. The management’s ambition and energy to consistently explore new and exciting cocktail creations and methods adds to the lively and uplifting atmosphere at Dirty Martini. The pleasant nature of the staff, eager to entertain customers with tricks adds value and a personal touch to your cocktail experience. All in all - one of London's best cocktail venues... definitely a must!

By Ann W.

Dirty Martini is one my favorite places to go in Covent Garden! It is very elegant and has an A-MAZING happy hour. A bottle of wine starts at 7.50! They also offer delicious cocktails and there is a huge selection so there's something for everyone. I also enjoy the music they play! It is really fun to place to start your night in London :)

By Adam H.

Booked a booth for a Thursday night for a friends birthday and had a great time. Half price martinis and bottles of wine with attentive staff and bouncers, definitely a great night out in London. Atmosphere downstairs is also great so if your looking for a place to start the night out Dirty Martini is definitely the place.

By Alyx M.

Dirty Martini is a fantastic venue for a few quiet drinks with friends. The happy hour deals are fantastic value (4 pounds before 10pm on weekdays). It does get busy and finding a table is sometimes difficult but that's easily overcome just by booking in advance- which is free. The location is particularly good for taking friends to that don't live in london- right in the heart of covent garden. I go to dirty martini frequently because I think it's the best value cocktail bar in central london.

By Sue R.

I went to Dirty Martini for my hen do in December and it was fantastic. We were very impressed by the cocktails (especially the Chocolate ones!) and the food was really good - definitely a larger amount than we expected to get in our Hen packages which was great as we needed to soak up the alcohol! We found the staff to be very friendly and helpful and I am really glad I chose to go there to celebrate my hen.

By Lorraine H.

Went here as a group of 4 for a post theatre drink and we could only stomach staying for one. The smell when you enter is horrendous. A horrible combination of vomit, cleaning fluid and dirty dishcloths. Cocktail was ok but it was hard to enjoy with the smell of the place. Shame as the location and decor were fairly good. Don't think we'll be returning.

By Rob W.

Average venue, overpriced drinks and below average bouncers. I can cope with the first two but all three was too much - it wasn't enough that one particular bouncer was particularly rude to one person and told her no more to drink (when it was their first drink for the night) but then walked straight in to me when I was trying to leave the place and gave me a mouthful of abuse for not watching where I was going. Avoid.

By Annie D.

Avoid at all costs-I had a lovely meal in the main part upstairs at Tuttons. But then went to start my hen night thinking it was a classy cool cocktail bar but oh my good god. We arrived having reserved a booth, to which each person had to spend a minimum amount on drinks etc, this would have been fine-if we had been served! We walked in to what could only be described as a health and safety hazard waiting to happen-a tiny room down some stairs with a bar, jammed with people- we had to ask for a certain waiter -we were told by the security guy upstairs-in order to get our booth as others had occupied it-so my friend asked for this person was greeted with a dirty look from the head barman. Nice! Anyway we got the booth sorted in the end, and the 1st thing that hits you is the smell, seriously Dirty Martini-I am telling you this for your own good, clear up your act-it smells of either sick or stail urine-and trust me you don't even get used to it no matter how long you are there! The booth only fit 6 people and there were 12 of us so half were left standing-and you cant dance as there is no dance floor?? I have no idea why they play the music so loud if you can't dance? Ok so we thought lets try out a drink-40 mins later and the people who had arrived after us had been served b4 us-we waited and waited and they said they had lost the order, fantastic! So not only were we sat in a place smelling of sick, there was no air con so we were roasting, and we couldnt have a dance or a drink-very dissapointing so we left and moved on to Road house down the road-which was far far better made up for it all!

By Leanne M.

I don't work there....I just understand how the English language works. Do you often go around posting pointless reviews?

By Greg R.

This review is so clearly written by owner/member of staff! Name dropping....then ticking all the boxes of 'busy, but good' is SO obvious! Worst of all, you've capitalised the names of the drinks, which only staff of bars do on reviews. If you're going to write a fake review of somewhere you work to balance out from all the terrible ones the public have written, at least TRY and hide that its by someone with a vested interest!

By Rob M.

I am from out of town, after reading the reveiws , I am not looking forward to me lasses birthday bash , Don't hold your breath on the bag . LOL

By James B.

Don't go to this bar! The bouncer is a moron. He told me to drink my beer before I left. I raised the bottle to my mouth to drink it and he snatched it out of my hand and threw it on the floor. Claimed I was trying to bottle him. Come on! The freak of nature was about a foot taller than me and double my weight. Obviously someone with only 1 GCSE and half a GNVQ in how to look stupid is not clever enough to understand the difference between drinking a smashing a glass bottle into his face to improve his looks. On the other hand for any football fans the other bouncer shows a canny resemblance to Carlos Tevez, and if your wondering... yes he is as ugly as the footballer! Just stay away from this place its an over priced tourist trap and if you have not guessed from the rest of my review - it sucks!

By Natalie M.

I love Dirty Martini, the cocktails are fantastic (make sure you try the Honey Punch Martini) and the staff work really hard to serve everyone quickly as it does get very busy on a friday and saturday night. My only complaint is that the security guards are a little grumpy, but I guess you get that everywhere!

By Sarah H.

I love Dirty Martini's. Drinks are good and are fairly priced.

Always a good night out whether your there during the week for drinks date or at the weekend with a party of friends.

By Jen R.

I went here for my hen party and I'm sorry but I have to agree with the person who said the drinks were a bit rubbish! If your name is dirty martini bar pleaseeeee know how to make one.....and pleaasseee don't run out of green olives!! The other hens however loved their lychee martinis. We also loved our waitress who was just so attentive and sweet and took my feedback on the martini, although she couldn't do anything about it unfortunately! Also, one more bad thing (sorry) the DJ was very arrogant (a DJ arrogant...shock!) and wouldn't play ANY of our requests as apparently the past 10 years of R&B has been pop and not traditional R&B so therefore it would obviously be far to below him to play. It was my hen party and you're playing in the middle of tourist trap Covent Garden mate, understand your audience and get a life!

By Lucy S.

As a regular to Dm find it very difficult to understand why people regularly come on here just to spit there dumby out.

I have never had a problem with any of the staff here they are all very polite and very helpfull when ever i have asked for advice or something i wanted in particular that was not on the menu.

This bar is one of my favourite bars in london and recommend to anybody who is visiting or living hear.

I really dont mean to be rude jimw100. Firstly i personally think that the only thing you got correct in your review was that Stolichnaya is russian.

If you are to ask any decent bartender which vodka is crap im sure their responce will not be Belvedere if you search for reviews on Belvedere you will find nothing but good ones far better than ones of Stolichnaya.

Im sure you have fantastic personal tastes but i cant see how a premium vodka which is one of the longest produced can compare to a recent russian vodka which you can find in pretty much any everyday bar especially "chavbars" which you may visit but im not one to judge.

So i would say the bartender you ridiculed for not knowing anything about cocktails and being a chav which i can personally never say i have never seen work in DM clearly knows more about cocktails than yourself, otherwise they would probably wouldnt be working in a cocktail bar in the west end.

I have drunk and will drink many more vodka martinis in Dm but find it difficult to understand your statement about the martini floating on the top if the bartender sprayed the "martini" which is actually "nolly prat" if you actually read the menu as they state thats what they use it would not be on the top of the drink and for you to then say "over priced" £4 for a a Belvedere martini is unheard of.

Personally i think your the one who should get a grip and give these guys a break i have never had a simple cocktail in Dm you should try somewhere lik

By J W.

Awful awful awful. I ad expected a bar which has the word "Martini" in its name to at least know how to make a martini...not the case.

The bartender (who clearly knew nothing about cocktails and was a bit of a chav) gave me a stupid reply when I deigned to ask for a nice Russian vodka in my martini rather than the crap belvedere that they normally use,

and after telling me that belvedere was "just better" then said it would be 7 quid instead of four if I had Stolichnaya (despite the menu saying that during happy hour "all martinis are 4 pounds").

He then proceeded to make the drink by spraying the martini directly into the glass before adding the vodka...what the *£!*?

So the first taste you have of your (very small) cocktail is a mouthful of pure martini that is floating on the top because it was never mixed into the vodka, and the rest is of pure (rubbish over-priced polish) vodka.

On top of that when I asked for a piece of lemon peel in it he took a slice so thick out of the lemon that it had half the rind on it and made the drink bitter, rather than lemony.

Come on, this is a simple cocktail, I don't know how you can make so many fundamental mistakes with it unless you're doing it on purpose.Get a grip guys.

By Louise J.

Possibly no no definatley the worse club (if you can call it that, its the size of my sitting room).... in London, in fact the UK.....Nothing too much to say about this place apart from its just awful!! Please, for your own sake (especially as its a credit crunch) DO NOT go to this venue, of all the places in London to go this is one to take off your list. I am going to make a formal complaint to the higher realms regarding management and security staff for something i do not wish to go into , but this place shouldnt even be open!!! Overpriced and tacky!! trying to be cool and trendy but seriously just give up!

By Hu5ler X.

First impressions are lasting impressions, the bouncer (if you can call him that, the guy was very small as bouncers go) needs to be educated. I needed to call someone to get me, then he quizzed my friend who came to get me in. He then insisted on searching me. It gets even worse, he even searched girls' handbags. My next encouter was the cocky barman. My friend insisted on buying me a drink. I asked for a glenfiddich, the bar man fetched a 12yr bottle and a 15 yr bottle, he told me the 15yr was better, I replied "the 12 yr was fine" he then tried to ridicule us for buying only one shot and choosing the 12 yr, one of his replies was "its just that the 15yr is better if you can afford it!" I asked him if he was on commision or was the owner, to which he replied "No", I felt obliged to show the wad of notes in my wallet. Top marks for the cloakroom attendant.

By Duncan H.

I Lost a paper TASCHEN shopping bag on Saturday 22nd, after leaving the club (2-3pm), if you have any knowledge about it please reply

By Reality C.

This place is deceptively small, drinks are insanely overpriced for what you get and the service is exceptionally slow. A better use of your time would be to get a £100 and chuck it into a fire. At least it will keep you warm...for a bit

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