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Dirty Martini is a glamorous bar and cocktail house with an effortlessly cool interior. Dirty Martini on Hanover Square brings incredible cocktails and a friendly atmosphere to Mayfair.

Ranked #430 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"With a bespoke range of Martinis and signature cocktails, glamorous interiors and some of London’s best DJs, Dirty Martini Hanover Square is the perfect destination for after-work indulgence, pre-club cocktails, sophisticated celebrations or a stylish late night party."

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Dirty Martini reviews

By L G.

Really great bar! I organised a party with a large group and the staff was efficient, patient, very professional. Amazing choice of drinks, and reasonable prices for the location.

By Jess B.

Was told that they could not switch gin for vodka in my martini because it would mess up stock levels. Because of this I got a glass of white wine which was horrible. Absolutely ridiculous, no apology made just a response from the bar man that made me feel stupid for even asking!

By Lorraine I.

My partner & I wanted a venue to celebrate our engagement with friends from in & around London. After searching several venues in Central London we came across Dirty Martini on recommendation of a friend. We spent that evening in the bar soaking in the atmosphere & drinking their delectable selection of cocktails. We decided upon DM for our party. From organisation of guest list to deciding which food platters to have out for our guests, the process was seamless and all the staff we spoke to from Head office to the waitresses were professional & friendly. On the night, all our guests had no problems getting in to the venue or finding our reserved area where they were comfortable & danced the night away. The cocktails are fun & tasty for cocktail lovers and for everyone else there is a wide variety of drinks to choose from. My favourite cocktail is the Mango & Chilli martini. All in all a great venue. We had a great experience & can only say so. ET

By John P.

Avoid at all costs. The staff were rude and arrogant. They took a friends drink and poured it away before it was finished. After they complained the barman replaced it with a tiny measure. The barman then refused to serve that person to prove a point. Generally the staff were deliberately unhelpful and the bouncer was extremely aggressive to all customers. The only thing they were good at is ruining peoples evening.

By John S.

I was a regular of the Covent Garden branch for a good few years and i recently returned to London from being in the States and thought i would give the "new" site a go. I have got to say it was a great evening, we were looked after superbly by the waitress who was attentive without being over the top. The cocktails were excellent value and the food was very tasty although i felt there could have been more. Great night had by all and i will be back!

By Georgia X.

Bar staff friendly, food good and cocktails were great. SHame about the loud music. If you want to spend all night shouting at your friends above the music with your ears throbbing as you leave the venue, then this is for you! Louder than a rock concert plus they raise the volume as the evening wears on - 112 decibels - according to my app. This is on a week night too! Sorry but have to give it a miss in the future. Huge potential but ruined by lack of business savvy. Should have been more packed than it was, so that proves my point.

By Soni S.

What started of to be a great night out turned out to one of the most disgusting one ever.Beware of the racist, rude, uncouth and arrogant bouncer.He was rude to all my guests (just to the asians). Easy to look out for him - white, ugly, tall, ugly, rude, ugly. I would suggest you to go to the Covent Garden if needed coz the bouncer here will make sure he ruins your night out! Also, the place is cramped and much smaller than the Covent Garden one...Trust me, Babble is round the corner - MUCH better drinks, better crowd, super music and no ar*ehole bouncers there! Giving them a 1 is an overstatement

By Simon J.

Worse lychee martini I've ever had. Watery and no taste. Bar staff were chaotic and badly disciplined. There are too many good bars in the area to waste time and money here. Would score ZERO stars if possible. One to avoid. I certainly won't be going back..

By Robert John D.

Excellent Place to go. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The bouncers were very inviting. The venue itself was small and intimate. The cocktails were amazing, best I've ever had. Me and my friend were he first to order from the classics list, so we caught the attention of cocktail waiters. After chatting to a man called tom who seemed to be the manager we tried quite a few more. Iain the cocktail waiter made me a Rob Roy that wasn't on the menu. They go out of their way to please! Highly Recommended for a night out with friends!

By Samantha J.

A tidy list of delicious cocktails in a cool, luxurious setting, Dirty Martini is a tucked-away bar that’s worth seeking out.

The Venue
Tucked right in the corner of Hanover Square, just a short walk from Oxford Circus Tube, the latest Dirty Martini (the original one is is Covent Garden) looks exclusive even from the outside. Walk down the staircase into a basement-level bar and you’ll see sleek seating, green leather and lots of dark wood in a dimly lit setting. The bar is in the centre of the room, with lots of different styles of seating to each side. To the left are low stools and tables and, through the heavy velvet curtain at the back, a whole separate room with loads of space and its own bar, too – ideal for private parties. To the other end of the bar are more low stools and tables, with booth-style seating and two particularly cool areas; one large tunnel-like area, with funky lighting, green leather seating and tables in the centre and a second, smaller area almost bed-like, with enough seating to lie down (not recommended – even after one too many) and a small table in the centre. Although there’s plenty of space here, it’s easy to find yourself a secluded spot.

The Atmosphere
Dirty Martini is usually buzzing, and seems to draw in the crowds even on early weekdays. This probably has something to do with the happy hour that runs every day – 5-10pm Monday to Thursday, 5-8pm on Friday and Saturday, and all day on Sunday. A laid-back atmosphere helps people to relax, but the cool decor helps to maintain a feeling of style – you’ll feel better if you’ve dressed up a bit to come here. Smartly dressed staff are attentive, with the deal mainly being table service rather than ordering at the bar.

The Food
A succinct list of bar food includes olives (£3.50), calamari (£5.95) and fried chilli button mushrooms (£5.75), as well as charcuterie and deli boards from £14.95, and hot platters at £15.95.

The Drink
As the name suggests, there’s a good list of martinis here, all priced at £8. The lychee martini is a refreshing drink, with gin, lychee liqueur and lychee juice, but for a real indulgence, try the chocolate martini – vanilla vodka, hazelnut liqueur and crème de cacao shaken with cream and cocoa. If martinis aren’t your thing, never fear – there’s plenty more to choose from, too. The passion royale (£9) is a mouthwatering blend of fresh passion fruit, passion fruit syrup and vanilla vodka, topped with prosecco. If you’re trying to watch the waistline, there’s even a list of skinny cocktails, priced at £9 each, including the skinny blackberry and tarragon martini – gin shaken with fresh blackberries, tarragon, apple juice and agave syrup – at just 110 calories, you don’t even need to feel guilty. You can buy a select number of spirits by the bottle, from £90 each, and beers are £3.95. And if wine’s your thing, glasses start at £4.75 and bottles at £16.25.

The Last Word
Well priced for the area with a good range of drinks and a secluded spot for everyone, Dirty Martini is as sleek as the drink it’s named after.

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