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The Dog House is an intimate, cosy venue with a wide selection of dishes available across its food menu. The venue also has a full range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails on offer.

Ranked #320 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 12:00-23:00
Sat: 18:00-23:00
Sun: 12:00-22:30

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Dog House reviews

By Joel U.

Taking food to eat into a pub that sells food is just stupid. Next time why not go for a picnic in McDonald's?

By Tim B.

I couldn't agree more with your last sentence after an unpleasant incident this afternoon, if you are referring to a very loud Antipodean gentleman (i think Australian). But, sadly, it's not just the 'manager' or 'landlord', the remit for rudeness appears to extend to the 'manager's' regulars also. I have always enjoyed visiting the Dog House for food and drink over many years, not as a regular but occasionally. However, never again after today. The 'regular' in question stood in the doorway chatting to the barmaid leaving my friend and I sitting in a howling draught. When I (politely) asked if he would mind coming inside and closing the door he used some very offensive language and took his time to go outside again. When I pointed out to the barmaid that this was not a good advertisement for the pub she said that the man was a friend of the landlord and it was more than her job was worth to do anything about it. The landlord then appeared and regaled his friend, who had come back inside and was now lolling on a bar stool with his feet up on the bar edge, with some complaint involving much effing and blinding. We finished our drinks and left. If this is your ideal of the behaviour of a genial mine host then I highly recommend the Dog House. If not, do as we did and cross the road to the Tommyfield for a much more convivial atmosphere.

By CK C.

We ordered 4 rum and cokes. One had a grass hopper in it. We wanted a refund to go somewhere else. The manager was really rude wouldnt give us the money back for the drinks. Only refunded one and said the grass hopper came from outside. Btw it is october and we saw it before we put the drinks down! Dont go there the manager is rude and agressive!

By James Z.

Phenomenal! If I had a pub and some ignorant people brought their own food I would be a lot more 'rood'it sounds to me like they made light of it. Take it as a lesson in British pub culture and don't make the same mistake again. By the way this is easily the best pub in the Kennington area, relaxed, eclectic, with a good atmosphere and very good pub food which doesn't claim to be gastro and doesn't cost the earth.

By Em C.

How about you learn how to write before you go bad mouthing a very reputable and great establishment? It's RUDE not ROOD.

By Sam W.

As others have said the service can be slow, but I didn't mind when I was there, because the atmosphere was great, the clientele were eclectic, and the place was just generally enjoyable.

Want to come up with reasons to make the trip over to Kennington again.

By Anthony L.

Yea good vibe, great crowd, cool laid back staff, but be patient ,you will have to wait to be served, the staff are so laid back they work in slow-motion.

4 stars for pub

2 stars for service

By Liviu D.

I find the services very poor.I would not recommend it to anyone.

I went there to have a pint with my girlfriend who had something to eat(NOT FROM THE PUB!!!!) and she was told in a very rood why that she should not eat there.

I have no problem with the fact that they have there own Kitchen , but I believe that the staff could have been much much more polite in the way they addressed us.

I feel they were very rood!!!!!you don't tell a costumer''hey love this is not a dinner party ''and she is not welcome

By A.

Agreed with the review of Dog House, a very nice pub with good atmosphere. There was a really nice Acoustic Sunday session too the last time I went down to the Dog House.

By T.

As your reviewer says - this is a great spot to spend a Sunday afternoon lounging! Well worth a drink or two, but not somewhere you necessarily need to go out of your way to visit.

By Vivienne E.

Recently opened under new management, the Dog House is an understated yet characterful boozer located in the heart of Kennington, serving a decent range of drinks to accompany an array of evening entertainment.

The Venue
Situated on an eye-catching junction between Kennington Lane and Kennington Road, the Dog House is a medium-sized venue comprising two floors, the lower of which is split into two sections surrounding a central island bar. The décor is decidedly weathered, with graffiti etched into battered wooden tables, and scuffed flooring and wallpaper that have definitely seen better days. Features such as the warm lighting, black and white photographs, and a cut-up Persian rug dressing the side of the bar, however, serve to soften the scene, and elevate the décor to charmingly scruffy, instead of a dodgy, dive bar look.

Further lounge-like seating can be found in an upstairs room, which also plays host to some of the venue’s entertainment evenings, such as comedy and quiz nights. Outside, a number of picnic tables frame both sides of the venue’s grand corner entrance.

The Atmosphere
The atmosphere is almost horizontally laid-back, making this a perfect place for a relaxed catch-up in a smaller group. Bar staff are very pleasant and accommodating, and strive to make everyone feel welcome – despite the crowd being largely in the 20-to-30 age bracket. The live music on Thursdays ranges from acoustic indie rock to jazz and folk sets.

The Food
There are definitely no delusions of grandeur when it comes to the menu, the list consisting of large portions of no-frills pub fare. A starter of fried, spiced calamari with lemon and garlic mayo (£5.95), whilst a little greasy, definitely falls under the bracket of satisfying comfort food, although the salmon and cod fishcakes (£6) are disconcertingly smooth and very heavy on the parsley.

The fish component of the pub’s beer battered fish and chips (£9.50) is surprisingly fresh, and a substantial cajun chicken breast burger with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce (also £9.50) is served with the same pleasing, crispy-coated chunky chips. For dessert, apple crumble with custard (£4.50) is a mini oven tray of sweet stodge. For those seeking solace after a heavy Saturday night out, Sundays see a full roast and Bloody Mary on offer for £14.

The Drink
Both ales and lagers are served within a large range - Bombardier, Doom Bar, Thwaites Wainwright and Black Sheep bolster the ale line-up. London Meantime and Hoegaarden are other recommendable options. A relatively large range of wines is also present (available by both litre and half litre carafes), and a house Campo Nuevo Tempranillo is very pleasant and on offer for £10.95 a bottle during the pub’s happy hour (5pm-6pm on weekdays).

The Last Word
All in all, the Dog House definitely has more charm than its name might suggest, with a quirky vibe that feels endearing rather than contrived. It is definitely a good choice for whiling away an evening in the Kennington area.

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