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By Ani S.

Great music

I was there last Saturday with my girlfriends. It was crowded. We had a great experience, definitely we'll be back!

By Daniel T.

Amazing place to be , it's the best club I've been to in the UK Hands down . I'll Defo be going agai

I absolutely love it , me and the lads are regulars , the club to the restaurant is just superb , the door staff were so professional , i had a fantastic waiter for my VIP table , the music was fantastic and the Vybe was just awesome ! Not to mention there incredible restaurant

By Charlotte S.

Best Lounge

Out of all of the clubs in London I always end up back at Dstrkt. Always have the best time; amazing atmosphere, great music and great people! Highly recommend this place for a night out and for food before hand!

By Doug W.


I had the opportunity to party in the most exclusive venues in the world and I must say DSTRKT is probably one of the best if not the best club, great atmosphere, good music, beautiful people, unique shows, friendly staff and a modern decoration.

Vallet parking is a bonus specially that location.

The restaurant food is also amazing.

I have been few times and I highly recommend.

By Conor S.


Has two exceptional facility's both restaurant and luxury lounge for after dining. Highly recommend a visit

By Malakai L.

Highly recommended

A club frequented by global celebrities with good music and a nice diverse clientele! Recommended

By Michael C.

New Chefs Fab New Menu

Great new chefs with a cool, well priced menu. Eaten here a lot as I am local and it has had ups and downs but its back to being pretty good again. The food is smaller in portion than some local restaurants but the quality definitely hundred times better. The star of the night is dancing next door on the catwalk. It was fantastic and yes it was a little pricey but this is a place for special occassions rather than popping out for a drink with a mate.

By Rob S.

Poor food, worse service

I attended Dstrkt on Saturday night as part of a pre-theatre package. It was my mother-in-law's 60th birthday so we were planning on treating her to a great evening. The show part of the evening was amazing let down by the poor food and service at Dstrkt. Our waiter, was middle aged and seemed like he had some good experience in his field. Not So! Initially waited over 10 minutes for a waiter to come round and take the drinks order. I then requested the wine list which was taken away from the table 3 times before I was able to order. He constantly seemed in a rush and we felt rushed as a result. On ordering (remember, there are only 3 of us), he had to come back to check which one of us had ordered the fish!? Great memory and attention to detail.
When ordering the meal, I ordered the starter of a "selection of sushi" only to be presented with 2 pieces of sushi - one with cucumber in and the other with avocado. I had the rump steak for main and I can tell you the quality of the meat was appalling. My wife had the fish which she enjoyed but the portion was miniscule. My mother-in-law had the beef stroganoff which she said was ok but is generally one to never complain. Shocking value for money and I certainly wouldn't recommend for the food.

By Steve P.

We had a grand time. Right good team and all the people inside the place were rocking and never saw any bad practice. Not a bad thing to say

By Gab B.

Great music, very nice crowd.. Went last Thursday and there was a model contest going on, really fun.. Unless you go late, queue is moving really fast so no problem if you have reserved a guest list or table. Bar staff very friendly.. Restaurant under refurbishment, looking forward to see the upgrade they did..

By Sophie H.

AWFUL TERRIBLE CLUB!!!!!!! Never have I been to a club were they not only charged up £510 to a bottle of Vodka but then tax off a further £100 on top!!! THEN give us a side table instead of a proper table THEN are so rude and refuse to let us pour the £600 bottle of vodka we have just bought!!! The waiter tried ripping the bottle out of our hand it was overall a terrible experience DONT GO THERE

By Debra W.

This place is awful! Came here recently for a birthday with my friends. One particular member of staff was so aggressive and rude. Music is ok but place is overrated and very overpriced, You can expect to see loads of orange pretentious females! Chav city.

By Ashanti A.

Beautiful place where I've been partying many times with friends. Most of the negative feedbacks a probably from people who are have not been let in the club or similar. Be smartly dressed and well behaved with few more bucks in your pocket and you will have the night of your life.

By Dd D.

I suggest you give this place a miss. The staff at the door are rude to everyone, and for some reason they close the guest list entry before 12am. This is a club that wants groups to hire table service only and spend silly amounts of money on the night.

By Saeed A.

Restaurant very nice, food is quality, staff are welcoming and polite. Club interior is lovely and they play cool music, again staff in the club are polite. overall i enjoyed my experience and i would go back again.

By Kara M.

Music very good! Staff beloe par. my sister and I went on a wednesday, so we werent expecting too much as it was mid-week. First of all it is super pretentious.. they make you feel like your not good enough to go In. It says on the website that ladies go free before 11pm, however they tried to charge us a tenner each, and only after I said that we will go somewhere else that they said we could go in. Then when we got there the bouncer barked at us to put out cloaks in the cloak room. Then it was completely empty. I was told it would get busy around midnight though. I went to ask a worker who was sranding around if we could sit down on the reserved seats as no one was there and he just kwpt claiming he couldnt speak english. Extremely unprofessional and by this point i was very annoyed. Wouldnt go there again at allllll.

By Ina S.

Worst restaurant/club ever. The bouncers very rude, starting at the door, the prices to high, the meals looked like snacks, the service horrable. Charge at the door plus service charge. At the club if you don't buy bottles which costs £500 plus the chuck you out of the club. Absolutely horrable and disgusting. I would not recommend it no any one at all

By Ghita J.

I went to the DSTRK on saturday night with 3 friends. It's a very sophisticated and classy place. Located near Piccadilly Circus on Mayfair in Central London, this nighclub is very selective but once inside we don't regrete ! They sell cocktails which are really delicious and also high-end wines. There is a crazy atmosphere in a futuristic setting! Thanks to Lux Guest List we really loved this nightclub because we had free admission and the free drinks. This promoter makes us go on "guest list". Good music (House & R&B) and An incredible evening ! We will return, I suggest you really this club and the right plan with Lux Guest List!

By Louise O.

worse club ever! Got there early and was made to wait 25 minutes despite being on the guest list. Had to stand outside and endure the bouncers who were SO rude particularly the muppet in charge! Once we got in there was only a handful of people. Expensive, overpriced, un-friendly the list goes on....save your money and go somewhere else

By Lily S.

I went here for a night out for my housemates birthday. We had all bought tickets for the event and we were refused entry. The bouncers were the most horrible bouncers I have ever encountered; they pick and choose who can go in and on deciding we weren't allowed in, despite having paid for tickets, they were so rude to us. They way they looked at us was horrendous, so so rude, it was as though they thought they were so much better than us. It completely ruined my friend's birthday. I'm a student in London and I can guarantee anywhere else in London is better for a night out!

By Bob 1.

One of the worst restaurant I have been. Service was inadequate and the food was extremely over priced, especially with the "service charges" that was unreasonable. I would not recommend this place to anyone. You have to be naive to think that this place is any good; go to anywhere else, it is better.

By Bob 1.

One of the worst restaurant I have been. Service was inadequate and the food was extremely over priced, especially with the "service charges" that was unreasonable. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

By Iveta G.

great place for celebrations or just another night out. Had my birthday recently there because I am regular and even thou you might have a special occasion or want a casual drinks with friends - dstrkt is the place.

By Adrian A.

If you are interested in joining me on my table, wondering about buying a table or guestlist, contact me on 07908046980

By Jenni F.

Amazing place to be... a group of ladies went there last minute and the door staff was very polite as we entered after about 15 minutes waiting but this is normal for west end clubs. The music was fantastic and from now on this is my favourite club in London.

By Michael R. L.

I quite can't understand like-to-be-posh places serving totally overpriced drinks in basic plastic cups. By having hired the whole venue for an event, they still let properly paying VIP's in. And if you like to be monitored by their impolite security staff you may enjoy this club. I simply didn't felt comfortable at all.

By Rosen K.

Been there loads of times and surely can say it's one of the best places I've visited not only in London but around the world. Classy people, beautiful interior, great music.

By John S.

We were bunch of guys who wanted to have a fun night last moment. Called and booked a table which was a bit pricey. Even though it was absolutely worth it... great interior, awesome music and beautiful people all over the place.

By Evangelina S.

Me and my friends had dinner at the restaurant with amazing chefs menu. Great service and the food was just soo delicious. Afterwards we were offered to join the nightclub which we did and had a great time till 3am. Make sure you are dressed properly and make bookings in advance. Most of the people who post low rating reviews probably are used to go to local pubs.

By Richard L.

We visited DSTRKT on a £48/- (equivalent) livingsocial voucher. Not sure how one would describe our visit, one expected something more substantial. It was more like a drink with a good quality snack served on a small platter for two people. My wife could not stop laughing when she saw the quantity served for £48. We were seated in a lounge seating area, a passage way next to the bar, which was the waiting area for guests. Fortunately 2 of our group of six were not able to make it. We recommended they bin their voucher as it was not worth the trip.

By Ceco A.

Great club with amazing atmosphere! Had an amazing time with my friends the other Friday night. You won't be disappointed!

By Ivan G.

went to dstrkt few times with random friends. everyone loved it because of the amazing design and fantastic music. the bartender made us special custom cocktails as we asked and was really friendly. one of my best spots in London.

By London N.

I was out at Dstrkt last Saturday and still, it does not fail to bring out the utmost party animal in me. Was with the London Night Guide team and that was a blast! Will always come back.

By Joan H.

I don't know about the last review but we were there last weekend and our friends are mixed - asian, european and black. We didn't have any troubles except one of our friends was too sporty. He went home changed and they let him in afterwards. Probably you weren't dressed appropriately for such a venue. Inside the atmosphere was amazing and all of us absolutely loved it.

By Axel R.

One of the best Clubs in London second only too Project, Cirque Le Soir and Amika if you want something smaller and more exclusive.

By Charlie C.

had my friends birthday here last week, we had a great night such an awesome atmosphere, the club was rocking! Cant wait to come again! x

By Jan L.

Booked a party with my friends at the weekend, was expecting a good place but never expected such a beautiful club and beautiful crowd. The staff were wonderful, friendly and fun and made the night run smoothly start to finish. Drinks are fairly priced in London so no surprises with the bill. My male friends enjoyed the dancers ! music was well mixed and current. Overall, one of the best nights in London and have already recommended to friends to visit. I will be returning ! See you at the bar soon :)