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By Sb6 B.

Went to Dstrkt on a friday night, was such a good night! When we arrived it was raining so while we queued up the bouncer kindly let us borrow an umbrella. I usually get really fed up of queing to get into places but I didn't even mind as it was such a relaxed feel and everyone seemed to be a good bunch of people. Once we got in to the club I thought the decor was brilliant and it was surprisingly spacious for a london club. Wasn't too overcrowded and great music! Wouldn't change anything and danced the night away. Well done Dstrkt!

By Preslava M.

I can't describe how good this place is. Yesterday I partied next to Will Smith, Rihanna, Conor Maynard and loads of other celebrities in one place. If you want to be near A list stars and party in style this is the only place! Totally loved it

By Li P.

Restaurant ok-ish for the price, the bar in the Restaurant is right beside the toilet which lacks of then cosiness or any class. Club itself is fun, however bear in mind that till about 11:45 there are a lot of women in it, and then it changes to 80% men. Crowd mostly wanna be towies

By Kay K.

A huge thank you to all of the Dstrkt staff including the doormen, for you'r hospitality. What a fantastic club! i have never been to a place as great as Dstkt. Will defiantly be returning! thanks x.

By Jizel G.

With friends bought tickets for New Years Eve to celebrate at Dstrkt and the surprising thing is that they are quite cheap. Starting price from just £50 is nothing compared to the experience we are gonna get on NYE.

By Lin L.

I've been there a couple of times and had such a great time! I am planning to celebrate nye there and the prices are quite nice. Tickets price start from £50 which is quite cheap for such an amazing venue! Nye at Dstrkt is my next stop. See you there

By Yuliana N.

A place where you can enjoy both creative and very delicious food as well as party till late with your favourite hits - love this combination!

By Deniz J.

I made a reservation about a month ago for dinner with my family with my birthday and I had a fabulous time. All the staff were so warm and welcoming, the venue breath taking, the food was like nothing i've tasted before!

By Yoana G.

The best place in London. I know a lot from the staff and they all are so nice. Love going there with my friends even when I am bored I go alone as I always can find someone to talk to or have a drink. The DJ is amazing as I also know him and the music is fantastic!

By Geri Y.

The best place for girls night out. gathered with my girlfriends and went out to have some fun and a couple of drinks. Had one of the most amazing night in our live till 3am. Can't wait to go there agin

By Adrian S.

Gorgeous interior - one of a kind for London! The music is awesome and amazing crowd! this is what describes best Dstrkt London!

By Xavier G.

me and my girlfiend joined the club after dinner at a restaurant near by for few drinks, it was recommended by the waiter so decided to check out. Apparently thre was a big celebrity coming on that night DIDDY and the queue was massive but we got inside eventually as they managed the crowd very fast. Anyway inside the club has never seen interior and lighting system - very impressive! As already mentioned had a couple of drinks and went home but am thinking to celebrate my bithday soon there. if you have never been - if you are in London you should definately visit dstrkt.

By Xavier G.

me and my girlfiend joined the club after dinner at a restaurant near by for few drinks, it was recommended by the waiter so decided to check out. Apparently thre was a big celebrity coming on that night DIDDY and the queue was massive but we got inside eventually as they managed the crowd very fast. Anyway inside the club has never seen interior and lighting system - very impressive! As already mentioned had a couple of drinks and went home but am thinking to celebrate my bithday soon there. if you have never been - if you are in London you should definately visit dstrkt.

By Milyova V.

Went with couple of friends for a drink at the lounge bar few days ago. We were quite impressed by the interior and the music which was good mix between rnb and house music. The doors between the restaurant and the club opened later on and we joined till late. Definitely will come again when I am available.

By Milyova V.

Loved both restaurant and club! Exciting place with very cool crowd. If you have any problems with any of the staff then you are probably not suitable dressed or have bad behaviour.

By Keval G.

We had booked a table at Dstrkt. Our group knew the manager and the Doormen very well and therefore were let in swiftly, however I found the Blonde woman very rude, but I didn't want her to ruin my night, so I let it go. The crowd was filtered quite poorly in my opinion. The crowd was overly pretentious even for "west-end" standards. Fake tanned Girls would go on a hunt for free-drinks. However, I let that slide in a quest for an enjoyable night by sticking with my group. The worst part of my night came, when I went to the bathroom leaving my jacket on the table. I did not have my wallet. I went to the toilet and was walking out, when the toilet attendant literally leaped at me, insisting on a tip of 10-pounds. I said no! I had given him a tip in my previous trip. He attempted to push me out of the bathroom. I am about 5 inches taller than him, so it wasn't going to happen. I walked out and left it. It ruined my evening. I am a student and thus, do not go to expensive clubs usually, however, I have been to a few and after spending 150 pounds, I came out with a feeling of anger and unhappyness. I usually would go to Proud or Lock 17 and they are nothing like Dstrkt. They do not have a pretentious crowd, but a young and innocent one. Also, the toilet attendants are much nicer and less greedy. On a positive note, the music was very good. I went on a saturday, where they were playing Hip pop/house. Also the dancing was quite entertaining

By Jane G.

Amazing attitude towards customers. I love that they don't allow random tourist who can't deal with the reality that they are not suitable for such an exclusive venues as you can clearly see from the last few reviews. If you are not dressed properly or behave appropriately of course they won't let you in. Anyway let's continue inside the club as you walk down a staircase and enter this beautiful place combining lines and lighting system I have never seen in my life and believe me - I've been to a lot of places. The bartenders prepare drinks quickly so you don't have to wait ages. the music is mix from quality house music and the usual hip-hop and r'n'b hits which is amazing. And again: be dressed appropriately and you won't be refused to get in.

By Reena D.

The place was beautiful, but how do you call a club without a dancefloor? For a 20 pounds entrance, making people dance in the middle of the way wasnt the greatest idea.The doorman and all security inside the club were extremly rude. Understand you have be to strict to do crowd control but this was way too much. Would recommend people to put money some where else.

By Lou B.

So strange to see below reviews - I came on here literally to say I loved the club itself and the restaurant but found the door girl to be shockingly rude. With clubs like this of course you expect an element of this but having spoken to her briefly we too got a hand waved in the face and a 'deal with this' to another member of staff. My boyfriend and our group of friends regularly take tables in various clubs and are used to better treatment than this. Pretty poor performance on their behalf. Bring the tall guy back he was much more charming.

By Aimee G.

Had a pretty good night once we got inside but door girl was extremely rude. Got a hand waved in my face and "next" shouted at me. Wasn't impressed. Manners don't cost a thing as they say.

By Marina G.

Was there on Wednesday night in the restaurant where with friends celebrated my birthday. The food was very delicious and everyone enjoyed the friendly and very helpful staff. Then we joined the club where we had reserved table as well and the night was just unbelievably good... gorgeous people, nice music and one of a kind design! Love it, recommend it to everyone who wants to celebrate his/her birthday there.

By M G.

Dstrkt London? The best club in London? Love it. That's right. My favourite place for parties lately. Me and my girls are going there really often. Last Sunday and Monday were amazing. I saw P. Diddy, Vin Diesel, thank you Dstrkt! I am looking forward the next parties you have and for sure we will be there!

By Milena G.

An amazing venue with classy service and elegant atmosphere. This is two main things you have to expect if you are planning to go to Dstrkt. I loved the 7 course meal we had with my partner and now we are regular clients there. The club is open until late so if you are on a mood after dinner a pleasant waiter is going to escort you inside the jaw dropping nightclub.

By Sal C.

Loved the club, but the door staff make a big difference to your night and the blondish mid thirties lady on our way in (we are table customers) was rude from the get go and left a bad taste in my mouth. If you're going to turn me away, understandable, if you're letting me in I am a paying customer and deserve some kind of basic manners. If Dstrkt wants to compete with other London table clubs they need to up their customer service front of house.

By Sd T.

Club-wannabe. Organisation - horrible, security - horrible. fire safety -horrible, drinks- horrible and overpriced, quality of sound worse than horrible, avoid at all costs. Be careful, I have warned you. :-)

By Lucy F.

I used to like Dstrkt just because of good music but this is the only good thing, I'm afraid. I went to a concert of Ivan Dorn at Dstrkt. Organisation was so poor as if it was a pure money making event, we spent hours and hours in queues. There were terrible problems with security for no reason whatsoever, they spoiled our evening and made me cry (!). We were dressed just like everybody else was. The security staff were so rude and there was no reason for being that rude, pushing us and shouting at us. Eventually they let us in (we had to apologise for them to let us in although I have to stress that we didn't do anything that would be offensive in any way), by that time the ticket was 50 pounds although when I called Dstrkt they told me the ticket would be 30 pounds all night. The cloak room lady gave me wrong change and I missed 5 pounds (thanks God I noticed it). We had to wait for another hour inside the club. When the concert started, I was so upset I wished I'd never decided to visit it. The sound system was poor as well. We wasted a lot of money on an extremely poor, rude and overrated service. I have to say Dstrkt spoiled our night as much as it possibly could. I will never, never return to Dstrkt and I definitely do not recommend it to anyone. There are far better places, trust me.

By Serg I.

Really enjoyed the food, service was good. Gets very loud after 11pm, the club is just curtains away. would recommend to anyone

By Lin L.

was there last weekend for my birthday. my friends and i had a fabulous time here. the restaurnat blew me away. the venue is amazing, stunning looking. the food impressed me even more! comparing to other club restaurants Dstrkt is on a complete different level. we had the chef's menu, it was just course after course, by the end i was so full. great velue for money!

By Melinda G.

One of the most amazing experiences I've ever had for a very long time. The food is incredibly tasty and can satisfy probably the most sophisticated taste. Loved the atmosphere and the service. Had a £55 set menu and had like million dishes coming all the time. Definitely recommend Dstrkt as one of the best places to eat and enjoy until the late hours.

By Nicola M.

They are trying to provide a fancy tapas menu which doesn't work. When the food reached the table it was below standard and expensive - £30 for a steak which tasted like cardboard! We couldnt understand any of the waiters and they were extremly rude, they just plonked the dishes down on the table without letting us know what was what! We had different dishes being brought out at random times over 2.5hrs and it was as if they had fogotton a dish and decided to bring it out and then thought about making a few more.. there was no logic to the food service. This isn't suitable for large parties that have chosen their own dishes for starter & main. Everyone left starving hungry as not all the dishes were brought out even though still on the final bill! I really would not recommend and will not be planning another visit.

By Jilly R.

Wow. Dstrkt What can I say! A faultless evening. From a warm welcome by the hostess at the door, escorted into the stunning ambience and decor to my reserved table in the restaurant laid with fine cutlery and crystal glasses. The restaurant manager so accommodating welcoming and polite making me a my party feel special and relaxed, what a breathe of fresh air from a top nightclub and restaurant in London. We ordered the set menu with wine pairings. The food just kept coming and it was delicious. I have had the honour of eating in many of the top restaurants in London and this food I can honestly say with hand on heart beats them all! The service continued to be excellent. Nothing was too much to ask. Finally an excellent restaurant with mouth watering food within a top London nightclub! By the end of the meal the atmosphere was building for the opening of the nightclub (we didn't want to leave!) so our hostess kindly arranged a table for us where lets jut say we partied the night away! ;)great value for money and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dstrkt to anyone for an awesome night out! X

By Merian F.

Gorgeous venue providing everything you need. I went there with friends and had an amazing time till 3am. Definitely will get back there as soon as I can. Recommend to everyone who wants to party in style without dodgy randoms around like most London clubs. They know how to filter their crowd which is awesome!

By Chris G.

I went to the club on a Saturday night for my friend's birthday. The decor and the food were fantastic. I was also pleased with the value, I was expecting very high London prices! We had a taster menu of around 7 meals with great wine which the waiter suggested. Then we were granted access to the club, without cover charge. We danced the night away, but we felt the dancefloor was needed to be bigger to show our skills lol. The staff were actually surprisingly polite considering the reputation of London clubs. We had a great night :)

By Sally J.

This is the best club and restaurant in London at the moment, the food was mouthwatering and in particular the restaurant manager was a pleasure and very welcoming. We partied until the early hours in the club and the atmosphere was rocking! Highly recommended 5stars and I cant wait to have my birthday there! xx

By Munisha S.

Fantastic night! Great music, very spacious and treated very well by staff and manager. We had a table booked, which was an adequate size and everything was just perfect. Not too over crowded and very well air-conditioned! Definitely going back!