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By Vik K.

awful club. the service is terrible, the prices are way to high and over priced, poorly designed, the dance floor sucked cuz its so small, the tables are very small, the managers are awfully rude,stuckup,ugly,foolish,and i dont know how they got this job i am bvery dissapointed never go to this club

By Dont W.

Utterly awful club. Incredibly rude doorstaff (who might want to check that they people they are being rude to aren't invited by media), terrible music and an awkward layout that makes both navigation and dancing difficult. Not impressed.

By Shadow J.

I went here for a friends birthday on a Saturday night. Really impressed by the look and feel of the place, though its clear as soon as you enter that it isn't going to be a cheep night! Myself and a few friends left to find a cash machine and the door men were excellent about it, letting us straight back in. My friend, who's birthday it was had a couple of tables and, though the service wasn't really hands on, there was honestly nothing to complain about. Had great banter with the bar staff, even managing to talk them into giving us a cheeky discount. Like an idiot I ended up slipping over on a wet floor on the way into the ladies and badly twisted my ankle just an hour after being there! The toilet attendant was lovely, even pulling plasters out of her pocket and bandaging up my foot! Ended up having to be carried out of the club by my boyfriend. The doormen were fantastic helping me out through the crowds and find me a taxi. Couldn't have been nicer towards me. On the whole, a great night. Yes its expensive, yes there are the usual pretentious people there but its London, go with great friends and you'll have a fab night!

By N K A.

If I could give Dstrkt a minus I would! Initially, I was impressed. It looked good and the music was alright. However, you quickly realize that it is very badly designed for a club. If you have booked a table, people continuously shove their way through it to get to the dance floor. Not only that, they say the table will seat a group but to be comfortable I don't think they seat more than 4! Anyone booking a table better be careful about their host as I swear they bring drinks to your table without you requesting more drinks so that you have to pay more. They then took it upon themselves to escort one of our party outside, after only two hours, claiming he was too drunk and needed some air (totally not the case as I could see more drunk people inside!). After agreeing to take some air, we were refused reentry! Even though our friends were still in the club and we were the ones who were paying! So we went home only to get a call an hour plus later from our friends saying they were being asked to pay a bill of £1980 and for me to go back and pay. I told the host that he can forget about getting any money from me and instead should take it from the salaries of the three doormen who refused me entry despite me letting them know in no uncertain terms that if they did not let us in the table would not be paid! They even refused to let us get our own jackets from the cloakroom even though we had tickets. I would not recommend Dstrkt to anyone.

By Barbara R.

Super exclusive,super amazing. It rocks! Beginning with the drinks on the bar, followed by a lovely dinner in the cozy restaurant, finishing with an amazing night at the club. What else do you need, I know I don't. It's all in one place! Go and see for yourself, as an artist after my first time there I decided that this is the place for me,you can not possibly go there and not appreciate it!

By Deni Z.

Dstrkt was recommended to me from a friend of mine and I decided to visit the venue as I heard amazing things about the food,the decor and the club. I have to say that entering that place was breathtaking! An amazing experience, especially for young people, lovely music and the service we received in the restaurant and the club was 10 out of 10. Unfortunately I can't say anything negative about Dstrkt as we've been treated like a vip in every way.5* from me and they are all well deserved!

By Melissa N.

I went there with some friends last week, restaurant first then the club, it was so amazing. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a night out in London!

By Michelle F.

Me and few friends went for cocktails in the lounge bar and joined the club afterwards. everything was just fine and people were definitely filtered by the door management which should be in such clubs. You don't want to find yourself in the middle of bunch weird people.

By Mr Kalin J.

Very nice place to party with friends, the food is very nice, bartenders are polite and work fast. The one thing i didnt like was the was ok in general but a little bit too commercial. overall - great venue ;)

By J J.

This a great club with a great ambience. A must stop destination either for a business trip or a get together. Amazing design. Worth the five stars

By Merian G.

I had my birthday recently at dstrkt and i can't say anything else than - great job! I love the music they play, nice mix between commercial, rub and house mixed up so well. All of my friends had a great time and asked me already for contacts to book their birthday parties as well.

By Kalin L.

I do not agree with last few bad reviews. Last week I went with my girlfriend and friends for a dinner at Dstrkt and we all were absolutely mesmerized by the whole atmosphere and elegant design, the meals were amazing, prepared in timely manner and served by very friendly and professional staff. Definately will get back again and highly recomend it to everyone!

By Beth H.

I regularly go out in London and really enjoy the club scene. Before visiting Dstrkt I usually visited Maddox (which is going down hill) and Luxx (which isn't what it was). Dstrkt is my new favorite club. The music is up to date and the club has such a good vibe. This is really important I feel when going to a club, Im a regular here now and the staff since day 1 have been so welcoming towards my friends and I. One of the (many) nights I have visited was for a friends birthday and it fell on the night that Drake performed, it was such a crazy night and I will never forget it! Dstrkt never fails to dissappoint and I would recommend Dstrkt to anybody!

By Beth H.

I had such an amazing night with my girls here. I was out for a friends birthday and we started off by having cocktails in the lounge bar, I was the really awkuard customer that asked the bartender to make me something up as I love passion fruit, he had such a good knowledge of spirits and flavours and whatever he made me was beautiful. We were then seated by the lovely hostess and the waiter was so welcoming and really took care of us throughout our experience. The food was suprising (in a good way), it was so beautiful and fresh. Simply delicious- the chefs really know what theyre doing. I will definately return. Dstrkt = more than 10/10

By Alex C.

This is the worst club I've ever been to. Door staff are so rude, they let only who they want to. We went there with 5 of my friends at 10 to have some drinks at the lounge and then go to the club but was told it is too late to enter! What is that? I never had this before late is after 12 or 1! It's managed very poorly, they are gonna make 50% of their clients upset as I heard many complains re various matters from people who have visited Dstrkt!

By Melissa S.

Myself and 6 girlfriends went to Dstrkt on a Saturday evening for dinner with intention of carrying on into the club for the rest of the evening. On arriving with a pre booked table we had to wait nearly an hour to be seated at our table then of course we then had to buy drinks at the bar. Once seated we were all impressed by the fab decor and eagerly awaited for some bottles of wine for the table another 20mins and the wine arrived our waiter had no urgency whatsoever when ordering our food he seemed more interested talking to a fellow waitress. The food was ok small portions as expected. We asked for the bill 3 times as we wanted to go through to the club. The service was the poorest I've ever witnessed and the manager didn't seem to see how bad it was? Going through to theclub staff were still slow it wasn't even busy. Very disappointed and treated poorly upsetting for us all don't waste your money. Doorman were very polite though!

By Monfort F.

The place is beautiful, but how do you call a club without a dancefloor? For a 20 pounds entrance, making people dance in the middle of the way wasnt the greatest idea. The cocktails are perfect although the price is above average. The music is very commercial. I would only go back for a drink but would not stay in the club.

By Neill J.

Was looking for something different for our anniversary...found the special theatre dinner offer of 20 pound/head...sounded good...arrived to find a distinctly sparse number of diners...about 8 in all...found staff attentive food tasty though portions small but what can one expect for 20 pound/head...had a twenty minute wait for dessert....then came the rub down ...14 pounds charged for a rum and coke...shades of a clip joint ...anyone who feels they should pay those kind of prices to be trendy needs their head wonder it was empty and as to the mugs waiting to go to the night club...they must have more money than sense...pity 'cos the decor etc looked quite rip off sadly...never again...

By Amit S.

Walking into this club initially, I was impressed with the decor/style etc - but those pleasant thoughts only continued until I got to the bar to get the first round! This place is EXPENSIVE! (and so are the rates if you want to get yourself a 'table', which in most cases I think means seating against a wall and a coffee-table sized table!) - You better make sure the bank balance is stocked up to enjoy yourself here! I think the problem with places like this is that they're a little bit pretentious. You've got rich people, wannabes and other's who've lost their way and those who are just trying the place out for the first (and last) time... i.e. myself!You've got the usual sparklers on the bottles going to tables, with bar staff making their way with the kind of urgency usually reserved for escorting a dying patient to hospital! (or more probably before the tacky sparkler runs out of oomph!) And you've got a few hot dancers on the sidelines titillating the male of the species.All in all, the atmosphere of the crowd is what counts, and it's not really my kinda thing at this place. Too much style - minimal substance, too loud, no place to chill out... give it a miss.

By Matt P.

Distinctly average. Arrived on a Saturday night and after the door staff created a fuss over nothing about letting me in, they then let me straight in. Such self aggrandising pretentiousness is better off avoided. Inside, the venue was certainly impressive but also quite small with way too few staff meaning you wait an age for your expensive drink. It strikes me as somewhere the crowd is more interested in congratulating each other they're attending then getting on with the job of having a good night. I'd go back to try it again but on first impressions, London has better to offer.

By Sri K.

booked last minute for 2. On arrival, they couldn't find our booking, but did accommodate us after 30 mins during which time the bar staff did not even take our order in the lounge bar! Once seated at our table, the staff were attentive, friendly and went out of their way to ensure we enjoyed our evening. Food sounded great; tasted average. We eat at Michelin starred restaurants often, so we're used to impeccable service, food and attention to detail. Cocktails were lovely. A coco Chanel was visually stunning; a baby pink with crushed Rose petals on the side. Smelt wonderful too! Music was good, both whilst eating and at the club. Only pockets of dance floor to dance, unless booking a table. Fun crowd of people. We didn't find them pretentious at all, despite their being well turned out and looking lovely. Overall a fun venue and definitely worth at least one visit for the experience. Notes to management: need more bar staff on a Saturday night, who also need to be more attentive to how long people are waiting to be served. Up the game in terms of food standards. Needs to taste better. Dancers were good, but where were the men, dancing for us women? A bit dated and tired in this day and age to only have women dancing!?

By Kate G.

amazing food with so friendly stuff and welcoming, i was so impressed with venue , i recommend you guys to taste wild sea bass it was best best best! def will go there again!

By Kate G.

great venue, you can have your dinner with releasable price with best quality FOOD, my best was bread salad with pesto however after you can move to club where is amazing crowd, you have to beware of meet with celebrities there and GiRLS make sure you all put your channel bag and louboutins! there is big competition :)

By Mark S.

In the many years working in the west end and going out with clients and friends after work. I have never experienced such an amazing welcoming service and staff. The food was delicious and so many dishes we were all so full. Great wine selection and ambience, didn't stay to long in the club but good music selection.

By Dave C.

Went to the club on Saturday. Looks great and you can tell that 25m were invested to get this place shiny. People seem very pretentious and I couldn't feel the great vibe you can at some other mayfair clubs. The ratio wasnt as good as at other places, quite a lot of men, but def gorgeous women in between. Finally, you need to understand that this club does basically not have a dance floor as it is surrounded by tables and you can access it only by going through the tables. I saw people calling bouncers few times because others wanted to pass through to the dance floor. Also it felt like almost half of the club is "VIP" only for which to enter you either have to throw some bills around or better know a promoter. Make sure to book a table if you want to check it out.

By Gary B.

I went for dinner at DSTRKT last night. I can honestly say this is my new fav restaurant in London, the food was amazing, The yellow fin tuna cubes for the starter where amazing, and the Duck! wow! I cannot recommend this place more! Great modern food, the service was the best i have experienced in London, The chef was amazing. Oh some amazing after dinner cocktails too. Well done guys! just what London needed.Gary

By Laura H.

This is a really lush venue, the place is just full of the most glamorous people and staff. Our table with Capital A List was right in the middle of the club next to the VIP area by the restaurant, so could just chill out and chat or go over to the main dance floor. The staff are so polite and the even take you down the stairs to your table and introduce you to the hosts. This place really stands out from all the touristy places in picadilly circus - more like a Mayfair club actually. Definitely reccommend.

By Laurain P.

What a place, exactly what London needs at the moment, beautiful, chic and modern interior, friendliest staff I’ve seen in a very long time. Loved the food, its quite different from other top restaurant I’ve been, I think the chef is American from LA and, definitely brought something unique into London, recommend to anymore! Had a quick look at the club behind the curtains, which I think opens at 10 and been told that diners can join the party after they had their food! 5 star place, will be back for sure.

By Patrick J.

I went to DSTRKT last Thursday for the first time and wanted to write a review (my first) to let everyone know about the great experience I had.The place is lovely, with a very elegant decor and we were given a very cosy table for the 2 of us.It is a little unusual but the dishes were presented in smaller portions which gave us more choice and we could try and share more dishes my girlfriend and me.Overall we had a good night, enjoyed the food but what really made our evening was the maitre'd able to recommend the best dishes for us, very caring and always attentive.We were also recommended the perfect bottle for the 2 of us, the perfect choice to match our dishes and it was also a delicious wine.I would strongly advise anyone to drop by for a dinner... We finished out night in their club. Definitely a place worth a visit.

By Kate A.

I took my clients last Wednesday night to Dstrkt for dinner after hearing the head chef is from 'The Bizarre' in LA. Incredible food, 5 star service and great atmosphere with incredible music in the club afterwards. Beautiful people and friendly staff.

By Sarah L.

Came here for dinner on Saturday night- food was amazing - service was great. Stayed on for the club, it was free entry as I was a dinner which was great. Discovered this club by complete accident but it's an absolute gem. Great music, such a unique venue. Will be coming here again for my Birthday

By Patrick J.

Incredible service. Amazing venue, food and wine were superb. It is not cheap but worth every penny. I would recommend this place for everyone who knows how to enjoy a night out. Unforgettable experience.

By Jannet S.

Dreadful place! 15% service charge; everything is super overpriced; very unfriendly staff; will not visit again!!! Avoid