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Duck and Waffle is on the top floor of the Heron Tower. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and offers dishes including fois gras all day breakfast, British seafood pot roast and fourme d'Ambert Eccles cakes.

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"Located atop a 40-storey skyscraper at 110 Bishopsgate in the city of London, Duck & Waffle offers a playful take on traditional British cuisine with broad European influences emphasising local, rustic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. Dishes are designed for sampling and sharing and are complemented by an iconoclastic cocktail experience served in a vibrant atmosphere that welcomes guests 24/7. Breakfast, brunch, late night, desserts: “all day” dining is redefined at Duck & Waffle. We serve from sunrise to sunset to sunrise again -- and every hour in between."

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Duck and Waffle reviews

By Chris B.

All-in-all, Duck and Waffle was a great experience and I would recommend visiting.

I visited the bar at Duck and Waffle last Saturday for a few cocktails and to enjoy the views of London. The first impressions were great; it really is a beautiful venue and the staff were attentive and helpful. All of the cocktails were delicious, but be warned - they are pricey. We tried a few small plates, the crispy pigs ears are definitely worth a mention but the meat and cheese platter was slightly underwhelming. All-in-all, Duck and Waffle was a great experience and I would recommend visiting.

By Anna G.

Wowwww!!! Came to Duck and Waffle Saturday night after a few bars and the restaurant is incredible! The views are our of this world with all the city lights twinkling away! We had the scallops, oysters, bread, pigs ears, duck and waffles and the brownie sundae, topped off with champagne and it was the perfect way to while away a few hours!! Not cheap but you expect to pay more when you get the views, plus the restuarant is open 24/7! Would go back in a heartbeat and next time try out of the bar too!

By Latifah L.

Duck and Waffle was an interesting experience. The views were stunning, service at the entrance was very friendly and polite. The food was nice but as for the customer service, it was awful. Waited for 1 hour and 15 minutes to get served the food we ordered. Service wasn't all that great, for what it is. Although, the manager was very apologetic and didn't charge us for the meal. However, I wasn't impressed overall. I'd go back simply for the view.

By Mark M.

Views are amazing and food is good. Recommended place if you want to impress visitors, though I would not go back, having been there twice now. Need to book (well) in advance and usually nobody seems to pick up the phone. Reasonably priced.

By Gary R.

The Duck and Waffle is definitely one to add to the list, and I’d also consider spending more time in the cocktail bar as long as your confident you can handle the lift back down.

By Petra S.

I was so excited when I secured a reservation for Mon night dinner (18th Sept) at the D&W. The glass elevators ride is pretty impressive and once you get through the “maze” of corridors and turns, you are welcomed by a funky and chic bar area with amazing views. The restaurant itself is mix of old and new but it works. Once we were taken to our table, things started going wrong. We were told at 7:30pm that they don’t have 2 dished on their menu?! I thought that was a bit early for that. We had waited so long for our wine that one of our starters actually turned up before our wine did. We had not been informed that food was going to come out at different times so it was quite a shock that our 3 starters came all at different times as well as my main course was served before my partner’s! The food was nice, I very much enjoyed the signature dish duck and waffle with maple syrup on top. The food prices are appropriate but the service just lets the place down. The restaurant was packed and there just was not enough staff. We would have ordered another bottle of wine should the service been quicker and better. After our dinner, we proceeded to the bar to have a drink. I was told there were no Pina Coladas, Baileys, Havana rum or Prosecco, I settled for a whisky based cocktail which I didn’t really enjoy. The drink took ages and when they finally came, the waitress spilled it all over my legs! All in all, I must say it was a very disappointing experience. I would not recommend this place or return. Great views and location but I think they still have quite a lot to learn about customer service.

By Frog S.

Hi. I'm Leo, one of the Cocktail Barman from Duck and Waffle (currently a team of four). I'm very dissapointed to hear you've been offered a Talisker (10 years old, single malt, Scotland) as a based spirit for an Old Fashioned instead of a good American Bourbon like Woodford Reserve (House Bourbon) or Four Roses. I assured you that my team workers and I, We have had a vast training prior opening the Bar, regardless the experienced we had before joined the company. To be short We would like to re-welcome you to Bar Duck and Waffle and I promise your next old fashioned will be second to none.

By David W.

I don’t normally write negative comments about restaurants or bars, I would simply not return there. However, on this occasion I was so unimpressed I felt I must say something- partly due to the arrogance of some of the staff. Firstly it must be said that the view is incredible and the initial feel up there is funky and sheek but what really lets it down is the service. The cocktails didnt warrant the price (regardless of the setting) as they were mixed poorly and served at the wrong temperature. When we complained we were given alternative drinks but not without a fuss. When asked which bourbons they would recommend for an Old Fashioned we were offered Talisker! It got worse but we still managed to enjoy out evening although I cancelled the table I had booked for the following week. A real shame but perhaps it will improve.

By Padraig C.

It’s not just the altitude or the views that make dining at the top of the Heron Tower such an experience. Duck and Waffle is serving some of the finest and most inventive dishes in London.

The Venue
The Heron Tower in Bishopsgate is one of the more recent additions to the London skyline. Situated between Houndsditch and Camomile Street, the tower lies in London’s historic and financial heart. Elevators ferry patrons up 40 floors to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the capital imaginable. On the level below, its sister restaurant Sushi Samba is extremely vibrant, while Duck and Waffle provides a more relaxed way to experience London from such a great height. The decor is contemporary but quite minimal, as the panoramic views are obviously the main draw. Leather booths, marble topped tables, and a modern interior architecture imbues the restaurant with a relaxed sense of style.

The Atmosphere
Duck and Waffle has a vibrant and up-beat feel to it. The waiters are warm, attentive and extremely well drilled by manager Gavin McGowan Madoo, who also happens to be one of the capital's finest mixologists. The open kitchen, under the careful direction of head chef Dan Doherty, adds to the ambience, giving Duck and Waffle a real sense of bustle. The clientele is well-heeled, as you might expect in this part of London, but thankfully the restaurant is refreshingly unstuffy. There's a palpable informality to proceedings - patrons tend to mill about, taking in views from different sides of the restaurant (apparently the first thing Londoners do is try to locate their house in the distance), as their ears are bathed in the sounds of South America, blasted out by a particularly good sound and speaker system - so expect a party.

The Food
Despite London’s (debatable) reputation as the new centre of the culinary universe, there are few restaurants doing something genuinely interesting. Thankfully, Duck and Waffle is one of them, and it's serving a unique suffusion of British and continental styles at very competitive prices.

The menu blends the best of British, Spanish and French cuisines to outstanding effect, and uses the season’s best to ensure deliciously fresh plates. The traditional starter/main/dessert format is replaced with an altogether more informal approach to the dining experience. Patrons choose from snacks, small plates, brick-oven dishes and large sharing dishes. From the snacks, the ox cheek keema with chilli (£5) is finely executed, and the BBQ-spiced crispy pig's ears (£4) are far tastier than they might sound to some.

The foie gras all day breakfast (£10) is among the most innovative and delicious dishes to be found in London. Home-made 'Nutella' style spread on batch loaf bread is topped with a deep-flavoured pancetta and a delicate (and delectable) quail’s egg.

The signature dish of duck and waffle with duck egg and mustard maple syrup (£12) demonstrates that it is possible to get a decent confit in London. The meat retains its moisture beautifully, while the mustard seeds lend a glorious kick to the maple syrup. The duck egg is arguably surplus to requirements, but the waffle is as good as any to be found in Belgium or Holland.

From the brick oven, the roasted Essex beetroot with goat’s curd and honey (£7) has one struggling for superlatives. Beetroot is often perceived as lacking in real flavor, but there must be something in the Essex soil that produces such rich tones. The goat’s curd provides a creamy balance to the endorphin-releasing power of honey solids.

The spiced herdwick lamb cutlets (£12) strike the perfect balance between a charred exterior and moist centre, and the accompanying smoked aubergine lends a beautiful contrast in texture while complementing the flavor.

The Drink
Cocktails lead the charge in term of libations, and whilst they don’t come cheap, there is a clear effort to provide something distinctly better than the standard. For instance, the Manhattan (£13) is infused with malic acid and bottled cinnamon smoke, while the Whisky Sour (£12) contains rosemary and truffles - very fancy. The wine list is well considered, and keenly prices, with a Mendoza Malbec (£25) a fine accompaniment to any of the red meat dishes.

The Last Word
The view is a reason in itself to visit Duck and Waffle, but the outstanding gastronomic experience will ensure you return.

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