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Eat 17 is a stylish bar and restaurant that uses locally sourced produce to create their dishes. They also bake their own bread on a daily basis and created bacon jam.

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Eat 17 reviews

By Jenny B.

Tried this place again for breakfast and very disappointed.

Tiny portions at West End Hotel prices, dreadful inexperienced waitress without a clue, uncleared tables, staff rowing, all the ingredients of a place to avoid.

I could not give it no stars as the system does not allow this.

By Jenny B.

Had a dreadful pile of mush which was apparently one of there special breakfasts. It was either over cooked or underdone ingredients and I refused it point blank. They wanted about £10 for this rubbish. The whole place is filthy and the staff were arguing throughout this terrible experience. The deli is so overpriced that I doubt that they sell much.

By Abby M.

I have never found the staff rude or arrogant. They are always friendly and welcoming and the food is lovely. Best burger in London I would say, and I have sampled a few. I think they could do with some competition, only because they are always so busy it's a wait for a table and Walthamstow could do with some more nice places to eat. But I love eat17 and will continue to go there.

By A B.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to give one star. My husband and I used to love this place a couple of years ago but we have seen the quality of service and food go downhill. The staff are rude and arrogant which leaves a lingering bitter taste. Please support other local restaurants in the Village that are appreciative of your custom and avoid Eat 17.

By Laura N.

Also find staff rude and arrogant. Someone else needs to give this place some competition, so that they step up their game. Food 'meh' and overpriced. Bought choc brownie from their Spar shop next door today and they were inedible: fell apart into floury dry mess - no goo, no indulgence.

By Dan T.

FIrst time I've come across such arrogant management in a restaurant. Went for a Christmas lunch date with my wife and she was served a fish dish that was inedible. Despite saying we weren't happy with the meal (having not eaten it) the full bill still turned up. When we asked for the fish to be taken off the manager came over to tell us that everyone else liked the dish but that he'd be prepared to take half the cost of that dish off the bill, as though doing us a favour. Isn't it the first rule of restaurant customer service that if people don't like you're food you don't charge for it?We paid the full bill and left. Arrogant manager + prima donna chef = me angry, wife upset (and waitress, who was lovely, embarrassed)

By Jacqui L.

I can honestly say that I have eaten at Eat 17 on several occasions and portions have never ever been small. Food and service always excellent, to a point whereby I dropped my knife on the floor and the waitress immediately replaced it without even being asked (over a busy pre xmas evening). The Sunday roasts are enormous and I always recommend the place to friends. We went on a Sunday with a table of 12 in November 2011 and my brother (who loves his food and eats at all top restaurants in central London) was really impressed, stating" It was the best food he had all year". I can't believe any poor reviews, these people must have been very unlucky on that day and its a shame they had that experience. I will always recommend and think the prices for the level of cooking is really reasonable. It's nice to know we have a decent local restaurant. Thank you.

By L P.

Quite expensive place for a Sunday roast!! For £12 spent on a roast, i wish there was more food on the plate!! Not recommend if you have a good appetite for food.

By Kate S.

I am really surprised to see the negative reviews on Eat 17 on this website. It is my absolute favourite and my husband and I dine there regularly. The staff are friendly, the food is excellent a breakfast, lunch or dinner and I really don't think that it is that expensive. I would highly recommend Eat 17 to anyone.

By John B.

Great food! Attentive staff. I had to blink twice to make sure I was in Walthamstow, not the West End

By Rebecca G.

My husband and I bought pizza from the Eat 17 pizza section of the Spar to have at home last night. I had no concerns about it as I like the restaurant and think the quality of the food is good. But the pizza was awful. It was so greasy we had to wring the fat off it. I had one of the vegetarian specials and the ingredients seemed to be of a high standard except the cheese was clearly really cheap. I would never recommend anyone buy a pizza from this place and we won't be getting any takeaways from there again. I'm so disappointed as I was looking forward to supporting this local venture.

By Dan B.

I agree with Kelly. The restaurant is my favourite in Walthamstow. Excellent value (for the commenter who said this is expensive, compare with a similar quality restaurant in central London - you will pay at least twice as much). Pizza place in the Spar next door is also fantastic. We are so lucky to have outlets of this quality in the 'Stow.

By Barry 1.

This review is rather suspicious as the owners of Eat17 also own SPAR, I might beleive that the reviewer just happened to praise the shop next door were it not for the fact that both are ridiculously overpriced

By Kelly F.

I love this place and eat here all the time service is always good and the food is great. Tonight i went into there Spar shop next door which is also fantastic (The best Spar i have ever seen) and saw that they have added a pizzeria. I thort that i would give it a go with my hubby and ordered a pizza which was made up of parma ham basil and parmasan. I gave my order to the chefs and who were very friendly and it was ready in under 10mins even though they were really busy and i must say it was amazing the base was great (really hard to find these days) and the toppings very v. tasty :) whats even better was it was less then £7!!. once again guys well done i think this is a little gem in the village.

By D H.

This review refers to Easter 2010. I have put off writing it in order to give Eat 17 the opportunity to respond to the two letters of complaint that I wrote to them. I have had no reply thus I can review their whole customer service!! We chose Eat 17 for a special meal for the weekend of my wife's 50th. I ordered the steak and my wife the duck and a decent bottle of wine. The starters and the wine arrived quickly. No sooner had we finished our starters when the main course arrived, it felt really hurried. The steak was excellent but the duck was tough and chewy, eventually my wife gave up trying and informed the waiter, he said that it was not the first complaint about the duck that evening. She was offered another dish but as I was well into my dish this was pointless, she ordered a portion of chips. when the bill came the duck had been taken off but the chips added, when we pointed this out they were removed but no apology or offer of any recompense for the poor meal (a desert or glass of wine). We were too angry and disappointed to make a complaint there and then in a busy restaurant and decided to put our experience in a letter and give them have the opportunity to make some amends - unfortunately nothing was forthcoming to either letter. EAT 17 is eager to get your orders in but very poor on customer service, but I guess that the throng on a weekend mean that the tills keep ringing and who cares whilst the money is good. Some decent dishes, chaotic and at times very poor service, staff can seem indifferent. Be demanding of the service you expect there and then. We won't be going back anytime soon though.

By Bubba G.

DISAPPOINTING! Upon entry my wife and I were told there would be a 10 minute wait for a table and we could just wait at the bar. The bar staff were friendly and after 10 minutes we were taken to our table. We literally sat for 10 seconds when the waitress asked us what we would like to order. We said we would need a minute to decide and she took off. We didn't see her again to take our orders for another 15 minutes. When she came with our roast dinners she literally dropped them and left without asking to see if there was anything else we needed with our meal like MINT sauce for our lamb maybe or GRAVY with our roast as there was literally a drizzle of gravy on our plates. Took a bit more to finally get the ingredients to our table so we could begin to eat.

Food was good, very small portion but good. However our wine glasses and water remained empty throughout with nobody every asking us if we would needed more drinks. After the main came the pudding, which was advertised with the roast dinner for 12 quid. However you could not choose the pudding on the menu you had to have the pudding they wanted to give you which was a brownie... this was not mention on the website, which only stated that for 12 quid u can have a roast and a pudding; a bit of false advertisement; my wife wanted sticky toffee. Then came the bill and we noticed that that little stingy portion of "extra" gravy they gave us for our roast cost us 2 pounds, one pound per person!

I thought the whole experience was just disastrous. Good food but small portions, overpriced, horribly slow service... I can honestly say first time in and never ever ever will we step foot in that place again!!! 2quid for gravy to go with ur roast!!!!

By Jonas M.

Went to eat 17 for a meal last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Food was amazing - I had toad in the hole which looked and tasted delicious and my partner had fish and chips - cooked to perfection! Service was great and reasonable price. This place is a real find!

By Karen B.

Just wanted to say, I was sitting in the table next to you guys, and had an even better view of the kitchen from my seat. Its true I saw the chef double dip, and it was a bit gross. You did the right thing by asking to speak to the manager. I am sorry for eaves dropping, but I was really curious as to how he would handle this particular complaint. I thought the guy (who as it turned out owned the restaurant) handled it pretty well if I am honest. He was virtually on his knees for about 15 minutes explaining how sorry and shocked he was to hear what had happened, and went through the routine offer of free drinks and explained that the chef would be disciplined for his actions and so on. But I didn't hear him say anything about it "not being a question of hygiene" by the way. In fact, I heard him say that his brother takes great pride in his hygiene standards, and was very disappointed to just miss out on 5 stars on the scores on the doors scheme (which he said made his error all the more surprising).

Clearly this was not an everyday event. And don't get me wrong you were right to complain, and make the manager sweat, but after 15 minutes or so you could see he was running out of things to say, and was becoming increasingly distressed that he would not be able to draw a line under what had happened and convince you to give his restaurant a second chance (which is clearly what he was aiming for). I think by this point it would have been time to accept his apology and agree that this sort of thing doesn't happen very often, take him up on the offer of free drinks (I would have gone for the most expensive bottle of bubbly) and enjoy the rest of your night. But making a scene by walking away and telling the owner of the restaurant that you wanted to take it higher (how can you get higher than the owner?) was a bit childish in my book. Anyway for the record, me and my husband had a lovely meal, and will definitely be coming back! Karen, from Leyto

By Andy L.

Ate at Eat 17 tonight - 09 Nov 2009. Met my sis before dropping her at the airport so was looking for a quick bite and thought we'd try the refurbished Eat 17.

I was pleasantly surprised. The service was quick and the staff were very pleasant. I had pan-fried chicken, she had the game pie and her other half had beef burger with brie and bacon.

All the food was excellent and the service great. They've done a really good refurbishing the restaurant and for three mains and three drinks the total bill was £33 which is good value in my book.

The new Eat 17 is a vast improvement on the last time I visited before the refurb. Clean and modern and very spacious with good grub!

My only complaint is that they have temporary toilets outside as I don't think the refurb is completely finished. Other than that top marks! Keep it up and I'll be back.

By Ellen P.

We went to Eat 17 for a meal after our registry office ceremony.

The staff did know that we were a wedding party but we stuck to their normal lunchtime menu which was excellent and the champagne was delicious.

The service and staff were brilliant, particularly with the children - they helped make our day a really special one. Thank you Eat 17!

By Dominic R.

My wife and I had dinner at eat 17 on Saturday 13th Sept. '08. We were very pleasantly surprised - the service was excellent, the food very good and the wine too. We ate the rib eye steak and the jerk chicken. Both of these dishes and their accompanying vegetables couldn't have been cooked better. The wine we chose was the merlot (£17) which was very good (though strong). The bread and oil at the start were fresh and tasty - plenty of it. The puddings were very good: chocolate cake; and I had the mousse (bit too much cream on top, hope it was fresh and not UHT...). The restaurant wasn't crowded and felt quite relaxed. We read many of the reviews here and elsewhere, which made us think twice about going for this our first visit, but we thought we should give it a go. (We had been impressed that the manager had emailed some responses to these emails). Anyway, our experience was a very good one. I would say, on the strength of this (one) visit that this is - or has the potential to be - the best restaurant in the village (especially so when you factor in the inflated charges other restaurants in the village have). Advice: give it a go! Dominic R.

By Helen D.

This restaurant came highly recommended and it was with anticipation that I along with my colleagues decided to take lunch there, however my experience fell way short of the promise made on their website page. "eat 17 is committed to providing real food, the way it should be – sourced locally, made skillfully and priced reasonably." The menu was well set up and the prices were indeed reasonable and judging by the happy smiley faces of the other patrons one would deduce that they were indeed very pleased with the skillfully made dishes before them. I ordered a chocolate milkshake and the Scrambled egg with Salmon and toast from the breakfast menu. Then came my order. I had requested that the toast be substituted with a few fries as I am gluten intolerant and the waitress said that she would see whether this would be ok. She came back and informed me that I would be charged extra for the fries. On the plate was a very large portion of chips barely fried, one chopped up fried egg and two slices of salmon slung carelessly on the side with not a green garnish to be seen. A disappointing sight especially as my colleagues all had very good looking, well presented dishes before them. My colleague assured me that she had never seen a dish so badly presented. The waitress apologised, I refused the dish. The manager did not approach to offer an apology. offer "everything we sell is homemade – right here in our very own kitchen by our lovely, highly talented (and now very big-headed!) chefs Tom & Louie." Had I read that the chefs were big-headed before setting foot in the establishment I would have made a better choice of not dining there at all. "we aim to please! We hope to provide a prompt, friendly dining experience in a comfortable, relaxed environment" As for aiming to please this is only if the customer remembers who is cooking for them. I have no further comment on the above statement as it speaks for itself considering my experience.

By Anna F.

Just had a very disappointing lunch in Eat 17 and really hope the manager will give some attention to the problems, because it is so important for eat 17 to continue to be a good place to eat locally. The first thing I noticed on walking in was that the retaurant is looking rather unkempt and dirty. The floor needs a good wash and polish and the indoor tables are worn and damaged. This might be fine in a more rustic place, but the furnishings are of a smart style, so this is not good. The tart I wanted for lunch was not available. My sausage in a baguette was grim. The baguette seemed raw and doughy inside, as if toasted from frozen, but not cooked through. The sausage was seriously underdone -very pink in the middle -fine for beef, but never for a pork sausage. The cappacino was cold. Loud pop music in the garden - maybe ok in the evening for young singles, but I wouldn't have thought it is what the young mothers with children, or the older couples and friends lunching together at the time I was there would want on a sunny friday lunchtime. Is it really necessary to serve mustard, mayonnaise etc in those hideous plastic packets - seems out of place in a restaurant that bills itself as wholesome etc. These comments are made in the spirit of hoping to see things improve, as I have had some good meals here and value somewhere to eat with friends. The tapas bar is great and standards of food and decor are as good to-day as when the bar first opened, but it is nice to have a change of places to eat in the village. I wouldn't want to bring friends to Eat 17 for a meal, the way I found things to-day. Anna

By Alex B.

Nothing but love for this place... What did we do before it arrived?? (Mosaica and VK of course!) Great food, good wine, good service, warm, relaxed atmosphere. Nice decor, good music, attractive staff. We come here a lot, whether it's a 'yummy mummy' get-together with the little ones, breakfast on the hoof, a quiet dinner for two or a special occasion group dinner. The staff are always accommodating and friendly, the chef always flexible, the food always good, the deli always mouth-wateringly stocked. Kids meals are wholesome grub - no chicken nuggets or microwave pizzas here - and freshly squeezed juice available too. Organic baby food also available in the deli. Finally, a business that appreciates, and strives to please the young family market. Service can be on the slow side when busy, but hey, what's the rush?? The waffle thing was fun for a while but I know I'm not just speaking for myself when I say the novelty wore off a bit. Glad the menu has moved on, but nice to see a few favourite waffle options remain. Perfect venue for al fresco dining too with a nice covered outdoor space with seperate bar. Keep up the good work!

By Tracie R.

I went in Eat 17 for lunch on Saturday with my partner and have to say that the Stilton and Broccoli Soup was just superb !!!! My partner had the Sausage & Mash (which I of course sampled !!) and that was also excellent. The place was full and they even had to turn people away as there were no tables. Service was quick and staff were friendly (well the 1 waiter who served us was anyway !!) Would certainly go back.....

By Sandy D.

We have eaten here several times, and have always had very good food and very friendly service. We know they had a hitch recently but it was explained to us and they worked round it really hard. 100% for effort. Maybe it is not Gordon Ramsay but at least we have never been made to feel anything but a valued customer, and if Dan (the manager) has only had a short career in hospitality then I think he will go a long way. I hope their problems are sorted now and we all look forward to our next visit.

By Daniel O.

Hi, my name is Dan, and I am the restaurant manager at eat 17. I just wanted to apologise to sblubby, as I remember her quite clearly, and the circumstances surrounding her bad experience. I hate to make excuses, because there are none good enough for poor service when you are parting with your hard earned cash, however, I feel I must explain. That night was the same night our head chef walked out during service, due to reasons of a personal nature. That particular evening and about 2 weeks either side, when we were struggling to cope with this massive departure, were devastating for eat 17 and probably the most testing time of my short career in hospitality. We are getting back to on track now, although we are still way off my personal target of getting eat17 to fill the potential I am 100% confident it is capable of achieving! If sblubby, or any other reader who has had a similar experince, wishes to get in touch, then please do so, as I would appreciate the opportunity to appologise on a far more personal level than over a review site (
On the subject of the main review on this site, we are no longer the waffle house, whilst still serving our classic and most popular waffle dishes, our menu has expanded to more typical modern british food, such as burgers and chips, fish and chips, sausage and mash, and so on! to see our full menu, please check out our website

By Sophie B.

Sadly there are no stars for an appalling performance this evening. Myself, husband and step daughter went for a simple plate of cold cuts and main courses; two of burgers and one of chicken. It took 25 minutes for the cold cuts to come; 25 minutes to plate up already sliced meats from the deli next door and another few for me to walk back inside and request the bread. After this we waited another 40 to be told, without apology, that the 'chef had a problem with his eyes' and one of the burgers had been missed. Would we wait for all the food to come together? Yes please- is that really a question?! 10 minutes later we were told that it would be 5 minutes. 15 minutes later we walked. On our way out we were waved off with 'Do you want that to go?' and not a hint of an apology (we left £20 for drinks and starter - we are not that graceless). We have tried to love this place; we have patronised it many times, breakfast, lunch, tea, jces on the way to the gym, latttes on the way to work - there's no community spirit when you get treated like that. Frankly if the fantastic Irish maitre d' isn't in charge (not to mention the even more industrious juice queen) this place just falls apart. The maitre d' hopefully will read this and make amends to future customers. Long live the Village Kitchen, Orford Tapas and the absolutely faultless La Ruga - Eat 17 you have become far too complacent with hollow adoration from hangover casualties and young families that aren't welcome elsewhere by failing to look after the people that will really keep you going in booze and 3 course meal covers. Wise up.

By Brandon R.

Eat 17 is an excellent local restaurant, considerably better than the quality of the pun might suggest.

The Venue
Situated in the conservation area of Orford Road, in the heart of what locals fondly like to call Walthamstow Village, cheek-by-jowl with two pubs, an antique shop and half a dozen other restaurants, Eat 17 presents a colourful, cheerful double frontage; one side is a deli, the other a restaurant. There are two tiny pavement tables outside - but like the Tardis, it’s considerably bigger inside than you’d expect. It goes back a long way and at the rear is a spacious, decked garden area. The sunny, feelgood decor – menus and special boards on the walls, a large artistic graffiti mural of the restaurant’s name, and racks of wine from the deli next door are likely to cheer you up as soon as you set foot in the place.

The Atmosphere
This is a bustling, busy restaurant and at lunchtimes it is particularly child-friendly. The clientele tend to be the yummy mummies and dishy dads of Walthamstow, with babies and children in tow and the latest Mamas and Papas four-wheel drive buggies. In the evenings the scene is very different - expect to see young couples and young single friends sharing a bottle of wine. Staff are very friendly.

The Food
Originally this was a waffle restaurant and this theme is still preserved in the dessert menu - but the main menu has widened considerably and there’s a tempting tange of classic British and European dishes on offer now. A starter of spinach and ricotta canelloni from the specials board is an excellent choice if you’re feeling particularly hungry - it’s a main-meal-sized, oven-baked dish of perfect pasta in a rich, creamy, sauce. The mussel pot at around the £6 mark gives you plump, juicy mussels in a flavoursome garlic and butter sauce - again, the portion is not for those who've forgotten to bring their appetite.

For main courses, a roast pork chop on a bed of bubble and squeak is a wise choice: the chop is large and succulent, pale pink all the way through - though some might find the bubble and squeak, pureed and formed into a neat disc, slightly lacking in texture. The sea bass at around £13 is superb: three snowy fillets, tasting as fresh as the ocean, atop a tian of crisp courgettes and floury potatoes. If you can spare room, do have the chips as a side order - they are hand-cut, crisp and golden, and though you may not intend to eat them all, you will. As for desserts, it would be a shame not to try one of the restaurant's signature waffles. The Zesty Waffle (about £5), a crisp pastry waffle with a light lemony cream sauce, is delicious and slips down easily, even after the generous portions of the previous courses. Also recommended is a rhubarb trifle with creme fraiche - an appealing balance of tart and sweet flavours.

The Drink
There’s a healthy range of juice, such as the Detox (carrot, celery, apple and ginger) or the Deep Purple (beetroot, carrot and apple). The wine list is short and simple, mainly New World wines with most under twenty quid a bottle. The house white is an Italian pinot grigio for about £12 and the house red is an Italian cabernet sauvignon at about £13. They also serve cocktails on request, which tend to feature freshly-squeezed fruit juice.

The Last Word
An easy, unpretentious but high-quality restaurant which is fun to drop into for breakfast, lunch or an evening meal. A welcome addition to the eateries of E17.

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