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Eclipse SW3 is a lively, upbeat venue popular among locals and visitors to the area alike, with comfortable seating areas and stylish, modern decor.

Ranked #184 of 5241 restaurants in London
Part of the Ignite Bar group

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Eclipse SW3 reviews

By Andrew M.

Eclipse looks lovely, drinks are fantastic, pretty much normal prices for this area BUT the last time I visited it the service was appalling. My boyfriend set up a tab, something they encourage you to do as it's easier...but then when the bill came there were extra drinks on the bill - that we hadn't ordered. The manager said a blonde girl had come up with the tab, strange seeing as it was in my bag the whole time.

They then proceded to lose my friend's switch card which was also behind the bar, and refuse to serve a journalist friend who was also with us saying the bar had closed, but then serve another girl 'because she was prettier' to quote the barman.

We're not plebs, we go out around here all the time and work in the media so know the score but there is a real difference between being a Chelsea bar and frankly taking the piss out of your customers. Perhaps their usual customers don't check their bills and don't mind the odd extra drink on them, or perhaps when they question the bill the staff aren't really rude and tell them it's up to them to sort it out. Either way it spoiled a lovely evening, when between the whole party we spent over 500 on drinks (you'd think they'd have been a bit nicer to us). The drinks, music, decor and everything else are fab.

By Yves D.

What a fun night!! Was not expecting such a lively bar, as was recommended by a friend to pop in for drinks before heading out to Boujis. So we were very surprised to find a Bongo player, with the venue rocking and everyone dancing. It was quite difficult to get in as we were 4 guys, but the doorman explained that they need to keep standing numbers equal. We then asked for a table which was found fairly quickly by a gorgeous waitress. Service was attentive, the waitresses are amazing carrying the trays through the packed bar. We bought a bottle for the table but once we saw the cocktails, especially the shots, we had to try them! Decoration was cool and classy, crowd were slightly pretentious but all having fun. Will be going back.

By D C.

What a terrible place! Super noisy and you are constantly getting hassled. Despite having and paying for a table,a part of my group could not get in and in the end I was forced to pay for both ordered, already paid for and non-existent drinks. Total rip-off. Oh yeah, the reason we chose them was tha they said they'd close at 2:30AM. Bullshit - lights were up and everyone out by 1AM. May they all burn in hell.

By Maria O.

Agree 100%!! Going in there is like burning your money.....never seen a place with so many rude people working in there!!

By Maria O.

Simply dreadful! Went there for a couple drink as i heard a lot about this place ,and it turned out one of the most horrible places i ever seen! The sofa are ripped and the bar is sooo sticky! For the price you pay you ca have amazing drinks and attentive service in any 5 star hotel cocktail bar and surely get served by professional people! From security to waitresses the place was a complete shamble! Save your money and if you like the area Nozomi in just down the road....where u find nice drinks amazing people that really look after you and the best sushi in London!

By Marie A.

Not a good night out! When 2 friends and I arrived we were faced by a very angry and aggressive doorman who just pointed at the pavement for us to wait. As we got in it was extremely busy and had to wait for a good 15min to get a drink. After one drink we left the bar and as we exited, I asked the doorman about direction to Boujis, the doorman very rudely said go and ask someone else and turned around. Not really recommended

By D.

Probably the friendliest and hardest working bar staff in London. This bar has been around for ages and really transformed the scene in London (I remember a time when only hotels had bars and everything else was a pub). I entertain quite often and have never failed to get a complement for taking someone to Eclipse. A bit of a shame it's so popular, but that's what happens to all great places.

By Lu R.

I had a great night at Eclipse and would recomment it to anyone. The decor is trendy the music is fab and the watermelon cocktails are amazing, we had so much fun.
The staff were really attentive and rembered all of our drinks.
We will be coming back here soon - if you have not been before it is a complete must.

By T.

Frankly, Eclipse SW3 is awful. But then again that would be why I do not usually frequent this area. I guess if it's where the 'funky' fulham crowd hang I would not rate this as synonymous with cool.

Eclipse SW3 is allowed to fill to beyond EU regulations, the staff are mostly very attentive although the odd exceedingly rude member of staff manages to ruin the evening.

Decor at Eclipse SW3 was nicely laid out when not overly full of people and the seating areas in general very comfortable. Music was rather similar to that of an elevator I was once in but if you like your music ambient and wouldn't want to offend your grandmother it will lull you into a sense of peace which will only be broken when looking at the receipt the next day.

Ok, so if you're a Shoreditch regular you will hate this place. You will wish unpleasantness onto all those who frequent it. If you have enough money, you like being surrounded by people who will spend the evening trying to see if there is someone more important they should be speaking to and staff who wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire - you have found a home.

By J.

Eclipse is a smart, elegant and really good fun bar. The prices are a bit steep but the cocktails and shooters are really worth it (Strawberry Kamikaze to name one). During the week it's normally quite chilled and not very busy but on Friday and Saturday nights it's packed!

The Friday night crowd tend to be more the city types but on Saturday it gets a bit more happening with all the funky Fulham crowds descending on it!

If you're up for a relaxed evening with your friends and some really gorgeous barstaff (ask for Will) then go there.

By C.

Eclipse - Funky, cool, great drinks, gorgeous staff who remember me, and bongo playing to die for. The other bars in the area are just poor imitations (including the Eclipse on Old Brompton Old).

By Ben D.

Visited Ecplise on Walton St for the third time last weekend and am still highly impressed.

We were in the VIP section so had space reserved for us. The table service is fantastis with the waitress's knowledge of drinks as astounding as her beauty.

Funky tunes all night, and at the perfect volume allowing you to talk to your friends whilst still getting in the vibe.

Highly recommended!

By I.

I have always heard lots of good stuff about Eclipse and I just visited it last Sunday. But that was only a week ago and I have been back! The cocktails are fantastic! Try the lemongrass, lemoncelo, vodka-lemon cocktail (cant't remember the name after 4 of them)!

The bartenders are very attentive and good at what they are doing, the music good (no dancing though - thank God the place is not that big).

Nice people, nice atmosphere, good vibes everywhere. If you go when it is not packed, you will have a fantastic time!

By Samantha M.

Situated in exclusive South Kensington (a Chanel boutique and a Lamborghini dealership within walking distance), this small bar is great for cocktails.

The Venue
The first thing you notice while walking in is the smell of fresh watermelon and, sure enough, there are a bunch of them on the bar. Decorated in a modern, minimalist way with leather chairs and sofas, the prevailing colours are red and black. A rather impressive large mirror adorns one of the walls and the futuristic, metal bathroom door is actually a pleasant visual feature. The space is divided into two rooms: the first one has the main bar, and the second has a DJ booth and lots of seats (it is available for private functions).

The Atmosphere
It can be rather pretentious as a lot of the clientele are young and rich, but the staff are fun and seem to enjoy themselves. The music adds a bit of a party feel and the dim lighting creates a cool ambiance. Everybody is dressed up and wants to show off but that’s not necessarily a negative thing.

The Food
There is a selection of nibbles, such as chicken satay, spring roll and dumplings. The food is very tasty if slightly pricey, but it works well if you want a bite to eat with your cocktail.

The Drink
The watermelon martini is an absolute must. Prepared with fresh watermelon, shaken with vodka and served in a tall glass topped with a slice of fruit, this drink is their staple. The mojitos are also very tasty and the vodka martini with orange zest has a good kick. The prices are typical for a trendy cocktail bar: £8 for a long, £6.50 for a short glass. Bottled beer is also available and there is a selection of wine but the cocktails are the main attraction.

The Last Word
Fact: this is a slinky bar with delicious cocktails and beautiful if slightly pretentious people. A good pit stop before a night of clubbing in South Ken or Chelsea.

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