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Central London's Efes 2 offers a selection of authentic Turkish dishes accompanied by live music and dancing every night in the downstairs area. Alternatively you can enjoy a more relaxed ambience in the upstairs area.

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Efes 2 reviews

By G.

I came to Efes II because I love their other restaurant. I wasn't disappointed - Efes II is just as good, with a real friendly atmosphere and great food.

By Monfort F.

The prices went up slightly lately but the staff is still very efficient and the food very tasty. I definitely recommend this place, although the decoration is not the most beautiful, the location is great.

By Kay V.

VERY poor quality of food, which was off, over-priced in the downstairs section and left me feeling ill for 2 days. I would not recommend this place to anyone as I was totally cheated.

By Kay V.

VERY poor quality of food, which was off, over-priced in the downstairs section and left me ill for 2 days. Having been completely cheated I would not recommend this place to anyone!

By Kay V.

Very poor quality of food, which tasted off and was over-priced in the downstairs section. This food made me ill. Having been completely cheated I would not recommend this place to anyone.

By Mo G.

This was one of the most horrible experiences of dining outside in my life. The food was not cooked well and tasted horrible. the portion sizes were ridiculously small for the price. definitely it was not value for money. Instead of Turkish bread, we were served pitta bread, the stuff you buy from tesco. I ended up having diarrhoea the next day and was left blaming myself for having gone to this restaurant. The music was good but a little too loud. Left me suffering from tinnitus for the rest of the night and the next day. All in all, this place really is substandard and needs to revamp.

By Chloe R.

We booked Efes Restaurant, but then released it was under construction. My friend found Efes 2. Who told my friend they are noting to do with the original Efes. I asked the waiter if they served Guvec... he went mad at me saying that they are not Efes and have nothing to do with them. It may be on there menu, but not there's. The service wasn't great. The food was mediocre at best. Turkish bread not offered. Was sadly disappointed. Oh and like others have said, when the bill come, the no service charge was scribbled out with a random amount written on it that was greater than the usual 10% tip. Found it a lot more expensive than other more tasty restaurants. I will definitely not be returning.

By Inland R.

Things haven't changed much then; this place should never have a restaurant license from Westminster Council; in fact it should not have had a license for the last 10+ years. I agree, it is a disgrace to Turkish food and hospitality; why is it still employing staff illegally and allowed to stay open? Even their web-site shows photos of illegal immigrants working as waiters in the place; what more can I say. No-one in Westminster Council seems to care or do anything about it (maybe because they are being paid-off - free food/drinks anytime they want, whole fillets of beef and turkeys at Christmas, where do I stop)

By Joanna N.

This is the worst restaurant I have ever been to! I am not a fussy eater but after being presented with a mixed meze starter that consisted of poor quality shop bought houmus and cold beans and having to ask for bread which turned out to be cold pitta bread, we promptly cancelled our mains - we then asked for the bill which came to £28 for inedible food (£2 for 1 piece of pitta!)and they had scribbled out 'service not included' and added it on! Bear in mind the waiters spent their entire time watching football rather than serving. Efes 2 is a disgrace to the restaurant industry.

By Tanya Y.

THIS PLACE IS A DISGRACE TO TURKISH FOOD AND HOSPITALITY.Upon arrival the first thing we encountered was the 'general manager' Erol reprimanding his staff waving his hands and shouting with absolutely no regard for guests. The very opposite of what the owner claims to be a 'restaurant full of hospitable staff'. This scowling little man was nothing but rude and borderline aggressive to all of our party.Myself and my 15 guests were gathered for a special occasion people travelled from out of London and hadn't seen each other for some 20 years!The 'Turkish' experience was ruined with OVERLY SALTY FOOD, and im not talking the odd dish. Everyones starter was INEDIBLE.The main course was slabs of unattractive left over cuts of meat that smelt bad and tasted like rubber..DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND SAVE YOUR LIVER, i was brought up with Turkish food and this place should be ashamed to serve such rubbish food and charge for it even when you tell them its not right. And then add on 'hand written' service charge! The wine was like vinegar and at 23.45 pounds per bottle you would expect something decent.The chef and the management were too bust watching the football to notice that we were leaving with a bad taste in our mouths, in fact the chef needs to get his taste buds examined or at least taste the food prior to serving.Please dont waste your money, this place is for the 'uneducated palate'. SHAME ON THEM.

By Steven S.

A large group of us were looking to have a nice night out but what a rip-off! The food was the inedible, The starters were disapointing, the fried calamari was dripping in oil and the meze platter was tasteless and salty. The Main course of fish was undercooked with no seasoning, the mixed lamb and chicken meal was overcooked and tasted like rubber. Our dessert was a fruit platter where the centre piece was a pinapple with no pinapple inside! just stuffed with melon pieces. The house red wine tasted vinegary and bottles varied in taste? maybe because they were re-filling the bottles? All in all the experience was very disapointing and left everyone upset and out of pocket, especially as it was our work Xmas dinner. Couldn't possibly recommend this resturant to anyone. From the team

By Nikita L.

We have been to this restaurant several times and have brought large groups of people. We have no complaint with the food, service or entertainment (except on each occasion the waiter forgets to bring coffee and needs to be reminded and the music, especially by the female singer is far too loud). However, on our last visit in November 2011 they added 4 extra set menu meals and 3 bottles of wine to our bill. Because of the noise, low lighting and the way the bill was set out we not see the error until we got home. It took nearly 4 weeks and several phone calls to recoup some of the overcharging and that only consisted of the 4 meals and part of the service charge. We never received a refund for the 3 bottles of wine that we did not consume.Efes 2 is a great restaurant for special celebrations but a warning - SCRUTINISE THE BILL VERY CAREFULLY before you pay.

By Samba M.

Hahaha.. Well, looks like we BOTH have to be in London at the same time for that visit to Efes I to occur!! I now live across the big pond in South America where I am appreciating the Brazilian BBQs and Argentinian Parrillas.. Unfortunately we don't have much (in fact any) Doner Kebab in these parts :-(

By Samba M.

EFES II "authentic Turkish restaurant" !! If you had said EFES I then ok as it has been there way before II. The food is always great and the stuff friendly but I would agree that the decor is now a bit outdated and the bathroom sare in need of an urgent ugrade to keep up with the times BUT I can not take away anything from the quality of the food where it has always been consistent year after year...You should try EFES I and post again ;-)

By Humaira A.

Was quite excited to be going with friends to an authentic Turkish restaurant. What a disappointment it was! If thats Turkish food then I wasn't at all impressed. Starters were passable but the main was inedible. The dessert was disappointing too. Won't be recommending Efes 2. Sorry!

By Gill R.

Terrible restaurant. Entertainment is so bad it's good - but other than that comedy aspect there is not much positive to say. The £20.50 vegetarian option is actually a total rip off given the plate comes with taramasalata. The main course is poor. The staff make no effort to meet even simple requests and are actually very rude to you if you dare to explain something they've got wrong. If you don't care about the food, price and being forced to pay a 15% service charge for no service (yet hundreds of waiters walking around) then it's ok for big groups who want to laugh at bad singers and bad dancing. Otherwise, avoid at all costs.

By Barry C.

Absolutely amazed at this review of EFES II. We've been eating there(upstairs) for the last ten years and before that we ate at EFES I.

EFES II has without exception always been excellent. The starters are always excellent and plentiful and the main course, we usually have special mixed kebab for two which is always served on a large oval plate and a table burner, is alway an absolute banquet.

As long standing customers the owner Kazim often gives us fruit desert on the house. The care and attention to detail never fails to impress, and compared with London prices it is relatively inexpensive.

Thoroughly recommend this restaurant, and find it hard to understand what other review writers have said.

By Amy J.

Efes 2 is an average Turkish restaurant in terms of its food although the portions are large the flavour does not hit that high note.

I pretty much did enjoy the lamb chops simply because it was nicely spiced and tender. The starters of spicy sausage and hummus with plenty of bread were lovely.

The accompanying cheese pastry was too greasy and lacking any flavour. Overall cant really complain we did enjoy the atmosphere and had a fun time at Efes.

By JC J.

The worst restaurant ever I have been to in the world.The people who work there have no manners. What they do comes out natural.

The food is bad and not worth the money.The waiters do not know anything about customer service.

Drop staff on you while cleaning the tables, pushes the dancing customers and the ones sitting at their tables to make their way to the kitchen.

Keep shouting around and telling of each other. They even make a circle around dancing people as if they have never seen people dancing.

The singersflirtst each other and forgets about the customer and even say you guys should leave in a very rude way (not joking by the way).

They laugh at customers who are there to have fun and have a good night out while paying a lot of money for the food and the entertainment which isdefinitelyy not worth money.

STAY AWAY from EFES 2 if youdon'tt want to be treated badly after paying a lot of money.

By Sandeep M.

On the whole I was extremely disappointed with this restaurant. I am a huge fan of Turkish cuisine but there were a number of reasons why I can't in all honesty recommend it.

i) The food took too long to arrive (after repeated attempts to accelerate proceeding from our party). We sat down to dinner around 7.30pm and the main course arrived just after 10pm. We were unable to wait until dessert since The London Underground closes around midnight.

ii) I believe that the Set Menu does not present good value and for a vegetarian, the starter and main were a real let down (so much so that I was unable to eat the vegetarian main even though I was pretty peckish by the time it finally surfaced).

The cold and hot meze had little to no merit (Veg. Cold Meze: A few dips and a small piece of watermelon mushed up on a plate including Tarama which the last time I heard was not vegetarian though the waiting staff were too harried to pay it much attention, as nice as they were. Hot Meze: One salty, cheese overly fried parcel. Both accompanied by luke warm pitta bread).

The non-veg equivalent for the hot meze including the same salty cheese parcel and a few cubes of liver which my wife didn't appear greatly enamoured with.

Vegetarian Main: Two small scoops of plain rice, a hunk of ice berg lettuce on the side, two grilled onion slices, three thin slices of grilled aubergine and a couple of grilled chillis.

I realise that we did visit around the festive period but if a restaurant is unable to cope then they should only allow as many diners as they are able to serve properly.

Though as I have mentioned, the waiters were trying to be as pleasant as possible, on the occassions that we did see them followed shortly thereafter by an appearance of the Yetti and a flock of dodos.

If you're dining in London then I would recommend any other Turkish restaurant (including your local kebab shop).

By J.

Having grown up in this restaurant I have to recommend it to anybody...great food, great music and belly dancers to die for, although I could show them a move or two!

By D.

Efes II has the most incredible Turkish food I have ever had in my life!!

By Ben N.

From the food to the decor to the live entertainment, Efes 2 is authentically Turkish in every way. It’s also generous, reasonably priced and extremely good fun.

The Venue
As its name would suggest, Efes 2 has a sibling restaurant – Efes 1 just a stone’s throw away on Great Titchfield Street. Though not well known amongst the masses, this has become a favourite amongst London’s Turkish population, prompting this second opening. They differ in only one way – Efes 2 has a basement offering live entertainment. Halfway down Great Portland Street, Efes 2 won’t jump out as a first choice amongst the myriad of other, slightly more polished restaurants. It’s not that it’s inconspicuous - ornamental statues and neon lights make it anything but – it just has an air of ‘70s throwback to it. Stepping inside, though, this old fashioned-ness is soon redefined as authenticity. Turkish lamps adorn the ceiling and the walls are decorated in intricate Ottoman Turkish style. Even the menu is written in Turkish as well as English.

The Atmosphere
Efes 2’s set menus are a few pounds more if you chose to eat downstairs, but what you get in return is well worth the money. At first the dim lights seem to lead into darkness, but once you’re seated and the table’s candle is lit, it becomes more atmospheric. If hanging lanterns, patterned walls and intricate mirrors aren’t enough to mentally transport diners into Turkey then the laid back yet dramatic entertainment surely will be. Live music and singing comes as an accompaniment to a main course of belly dancing which is topped off, quite literally, by the dancer balancing a sword on her head whilst gyrating around the tables. Fun is clearly paramount, and if diners are apprehensive to join in the dancing, then the waiters certainly aren’t – it’s all about having a good time.

The Food
With an extensive menu of meze and kebabs and little explanation of what these Turkish delicacies actually are, a set menu seems to be the way to go. With seven of them, there’s still a bit of deciding to do, though they differ only in which type of kebab they offer (chicken and lamb in varying combinations, plus vegetarian and fish options). Meat is clearly the way to go and at about £22 (about £20 upstairs) a mixed kebab meal eliminates the need to choose.

The starters are split into hot and cold meze, with the cold arriving within minutes of ordering. Plates are piled with delicious, albeit somewhat random, combination of olives, beetroot, watermelon, sheep cheese and borlotti beans along with assorted dips including a pleasantly salty tarama, a garlicky yoghurt and a nutty hummus. A basket of warm pita-style bread is also provided. About 15 minutes later, the hot mezze are added. A cheese-filled pastry (muska borek) and spicy sausage (sucuk) are crisp if slightly greasy whilst cubes of fried liver (arnavut cigeri) are deliciously more-ish and incredibly tender.

The main course kebab platter is just as generous. Lamb chops are charred to perfection and still ever-so-slightly pink inside; doner kebab meat is spicy with paprika and cumin; chicken breast is moist and lemony; lamb fillet is full of flavour and virtually melts in the mouth whilst fried liver is just as delicious as it was with the starters. Grilled onions, tomatoes and plenty more bread accompany the meat on the plate whilst a lemony parsley side salad included in the price of the set menu is pleasantly refreshing, as is a slightly spicy peppery tomato dip which comes to the table in a large bowl.

The pudding is next, and also comes in two parts. First is a fruit platter of melon, pineapple, watermelon, grapes and banana. This comes complete with a hollowed out orange with a candle inside and another with a sparkler inserted into it. Whether this is common in Turkey or not, it certainly adds to the fun. Accompanying this is the second part of the pudding – baklava. Though slightly greasier than many, they are clearly homemade with honey and walnut flavours standing their own against the sweetness. Though small, after such a generous meal they are perfectly adequate.

The Drink
The drinks list is as authentic as the rest of the restaurant and although French and New World wines are available, it is Turkish wines which take pride of place at the top of the menu. A selection of at least five are reasonably priced for under £20 a bottle (about £5.50 by the glass). The house wines come in a couple of pounds cheaper, but inexplicably are French. The traditional Turkish spirit Raki is also available. A kind of clear brandy flavoured with aniseed, this comes served with ice and a separate bottle of water to be added as required.

Though no alcohol is included in the price of the set menu, a traditional Turkish coffee is. Served strong and black like an espresso, it’s the perfect way to round off the meal.

The Last Word
Efes 2 is hugely authentic and generous with it. Considering the quality and quantity of food provided, it is also really good value – especially if you opt for one of the set menus.

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