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Close to King's Cross, Egg London is a stylish London club featuring five main areas split across multiple levels, an outdoor area with four open air terraces and an impressive central courtyard encouraging revelling until the early hours. Some of worlds best DJs have played at Egg London, playing the best in house, deep and techno.

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"One of London’s most established clubbing venues, Egg London, has recently undergone some major building works, turning into one of the capital’s most exciting multi-media spaces. Spread out over three floors and now incorporating a large loft space and one of London’s largest open-air terraces, the North London venue is perfect for any occasion. Friday nights is all about the new-school, with a focus on emerging DJ talent controlling things in the basement and terrace, putting the custom-built, bespoke flipside sound system to the test. With a young, energetic and friendly crowd ready to see the next big star in the making, Friday’s always start the weekend with a bang. Saturday sees a vast array of international DJ superstars grace the exposed brick walls, with house and techno the main agenda. The loyal crowd are treated to a who’s who of both existing and fresh talent, with names such as Laurent Garnier, Solomun, David Morales, Matthias Tanzmann, Guti, Dennis Ferrer, Nicole Moudaber, Matador, Lee Foss, Loefah, Amine Edge & Dance and Juan Atkins all to have played at the clubbing institution recently. Whatever your preference, a good time is guaranteed, and with a 10am finish, those with enough stamina can party long past the sun has come up. What sets Egg London apart from other venues is the ability to adapt. It’s beautiful, spacious garden, exposed wooden loft and vast main rooms enable the venue to host a number of different functions; fro awards ceremonies to art shows, wedding functions to gaming conventions, the private hire facilities are excellent. And with the recent launch of their internet based radio show - Egg London Radio, you can catch exclusive performances and interviews from world famous DJs, and all the latest Egg London news."

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Egg London reviews

By Andrew M.

Coming out of TDK Cross Central Sunday morning with my mate Paul, we started chatting to Bobby, Mandy and Barry who, without having to try too hard, persuaded us to join them at Egg. I am glad they did because it was a great way to start the day. This club is excellent. We had a great time, the atmosphere was fantastic and the outside area is amazing. As for the bouncers at Egg, much like any other club, you only really see them on the way in. I hope to return soon.

By Andrew M.

Had a fantastic night at Egg, hadn't danced so much in ages. However I did buy two drinks that cost me about £60, but that was two quadruple vodkas each mixed with two bacardi I think I deserved that one!

By Andrew M.

If I could, I'd go to Egg every Saturday night. I've been to most of the nights there including Prolougue + Fallen Angels, all the nights are as good as each other although some tend to be slightly messier than others and a Sunday afternoon leaving time can turn out to be quite tiresome on oneself. Just take dark sunglasses to wear on departure. The cream of funky house, breaks and hard, dirty house are all on offer and there is something for everyone, although I'd say the more passionate about the music, the dancing and the vibe the better time you will have. I've met many a friend sitting outside and you will too if that's your scene. I love Egg!

By Stephen F.

Went to Egg for my first time on Sat 5/5 and had an absolute blinder. Loads of random people really dressed up and loads of lovely girls dancing all night. Drinks were cheaper than most places in town too. Our group got to Egg at 11pm and had to leave at 3am to go to another party and I was really gutted to go, especially after meeting the lovely Caterina in the garden. Top, top night. Cheers Egg!

By Stephen F.

"Review is minus 10. Egg is an absolutely shocking place. I had an altercation with a bouncer and laughed at by all staff when I asked to speak to the manager. Everyone was on ecstacy - an absolute disgrace.

By Sean A.

Have to agree withe this review. Been to Egg a couple of times. In fairness, the first time I went it was a pretty good night musically and the crowd was fine. The security were shocking though. I never really expect the security to be friendly but it seems that the job goes to their heads. Second occasion was even worse, music was poor, club was empty. Wouldn't surprise me if this had more to Muppet's on the door putting people off rather than anything else. Got the general feeling from other people that the club has gone drastically down hill lately. This I think was confirmed this Saturday (17th April) when I turned up relatively late to get a pretty hostile reception from the clowns on the door. First of all we were told that they were not letting people in but with no explanation as to why or whether it was worth waiting. For the next 20 mins we were chatting to the hoards of people leaving telling us how terrible it was inside. If it had been earlier in the night or that the club was better located we would have moved on but instead held out. Finally they started to let people queue but then rejected them as they got to the front with the usual excuses, "no women in your group" or "wrong dress code". It seemed that this was down to chance though. I myself was relatively well dressed but was refused entrance because of the t-shirt I was wearing underneath my jumper. No explanation as to why. This didn't overly bother me but it was just more the manner in which we were then manhandled out of the queue. Thought it was just me but the group behind us got the same treatment also. Jumped into a cab and went to Fabric. Had a good night after-all. So, not sure what sort of high society club Egg thinks it is but it really isn't. Waste of money and I wont be going back.

By Colum W.

I came to Egg on a whim, was a lil bit of queue to get in but once in i had a banging night with some top tunes being played.


Went there yesterday for my flatmate leaving party. We arrived quite late. First we where waiting around 40mins(which is ok) but after a quite long wait we where told that there is too many guys in a queue. They kick out around 30 people out of the queue, even tho there where 2 girls and 4 guys in our group we where not allowed to get in. horrible horrible! I would never ever recommend this place! AVOID

By Tori J.

Admittedly I havent been for a year or two, but The Egg always brings back fond memories of my crazier clubbing days. Those daytime parties in the summer are pretty hard to beat.

By Robert F.

I have been clubbing in England for 16 years and have to say that my visit to Egg on Saturday 13th March 2010 was by far the worst clubbing experience of my life! The security on the way in are not only unfriendly, but aggressive, unreasonably rude and threatening. Upon entry my girlfriend was 'searched' by a groping male bouncer who then made several sexual remarks. I was next to go through and was pushed to one side forcefully because someone wanted to come out. I was then sworn at several times for not emptying my pocket (which only had money in it) when i hadn't even had the opportunity due to being man handled in an extremely aggressive way. To make things worse, we were no exception. Everyone was being treated like dirt. What a welcome....

Things didn't get better once inside (which was one of the worst ordeals i've ever had). Unfriendly, unhelpful and seriously aggressive security were everywhere. Barging people out of the way. Shouting at people to move from various places and even grabbing them without warning and throwing them across hall ways. I've never seen anything like it! This is the sort of way i would expect to be treated if i got put in prison!!!! Seriously!!! The club itself looks ok with good lights etc, but is looking pretty worn down and needs a face lift. Obviously the owner is only interested in making money and not in looking after the clubbers. There is no way anyone would employ security staff like that if they cared about how customers were greeted or dealt with. EVERY single member of staff (security, bar staff, etc) was rude, unfriendly and looked bored out of their minds. Never once did i see a single smile from any of them! We ended up leaving after just over an hour as the atmosphere was hostile and (this is a first for me) we actually felt unsafe in there!!!! I can honestly say i wouldn't go back even if someone paid me! The worst clubbing experience of my life

By Leonard K.


Awful this place, the security are very rude and seem to enjoy pushing people round for no other reason that to have fun being a bully. As soon as you walk up to the venue your made to put a red sticky dot on your phone camera without anyone explaining what for. If You get your phone inside for anything the security are on you. The drinks are expensive as well. More a bad trip than a soulful experience

By Nigel B.

EGG fantastic night out,never been before but will deffo come again . great DJ's , open spaces for smokers and chilling but best of all me and my mates got shit faced and bouncers were called , here we go we're gonna get thrown out .Nooo was taken to a garden area , given water (bottles,free)and time to recover before going back to party. Best part was they have a medic on duty all the time and he was great,gave good advice and made us feel at ease and more to the point Safe . . Bank holiday this weekend so we will be back , Promised Land here we come.

By Christian M.

Went to Steve Lawler and was so impressed! I'm from Manchester and didn't think anywhere in London has a scene like this. Great music and have to say the soundsystem was amazing as well.

By Luke B.

Went again for the first time in a while, the place is much bigger and much much better now! great vibe and stayed till the lights came on.... looking forward to steve lawler :)

By Christian M.

Hadn't been out in London for a while, after getting bored of Fabric and Cable shutting down, so wasn't sure what to expect when I went to Egg the other day for my friend's birthday. Have to say I was very impressed by what I saw. Took no time to get in, staff were friendly and most importantly the music and sound were great. Quite a lot of rooms but that just spread the crowd out nicely, and it was way easier to get around than Fabric. I'll be coming back!

By Giada T.

I have only been in London for a few months and had some bad experiences the first few times I went out, until I came to Egg a couple of weeks ago. The music was just as good as back in Italy, with really good minimal all night! I love Egg!

By Luke W.

No better place in London for serious house and techno - highly recommend to anyone, you will be hooked!

By Jasmine L.

We had my leaving party last weekend and most of us ended up at EGG London to dance and drink the last few hours away. My boss even came with us and he’s never been out clubbing in London! It was hilarious, the music was so good, the crowd were all amazing, it was such a good end to the night. Thanks EGG London! Hopefully I’ll be back one day!

By Larry S.

We went to EGG London last weekend and I was pretty impressed. The sound and light setup is one of the best I’ve seen. The garden was pretty sweet, the only bad thing was the smell in the toilets but I guess that’s the same with most London clubs.

By Kalvin W.

I really love going to Egg London. The crowd is always on a good vibe and the staff are friendly. The garden terrace is a really cool place to hangout later in the morning.

By Janet J.

I love going to Egg London after a house party! Such a good vibe and the garden is awesome. One of the only London clubs to still allow entry at 5am. The managers are always really friendly and even bought my friends a round of drinks last week :)

By Shirely S.

I’ve had many an all nighter at Egg, the music and atmosphere just keep you going and being so close to Kings Cross you then can take yourself home!

By Timmy R.

Had a proper good night out at Egg, all the floors playing quality tunes ended up dancing the night away till close and then got the train home! Love that this place is close to king cross so you can do that!

By Lisa L.

All the different floors at Egg offer up something different and i like that on a night out as you can go where your mood takes you. Quality night had here till the earlier hours.

By Laura J.

Egg is an amazing night out, however getting a lil lost over the floors and losing friends and then finding them again made this place all more fun!

By Nora P.

Mind the pun but Egg is a cracking night out! I left with my body feeling scrambled! it was Egg-streme!! I had a cracking night out at egg london, being near kings cross was handy to get to and also to get home! The music was banging, all round a good place to go

By Max K.

All about Tuesday night at Egg, Paradox is a crazy nite and a Tuesday, If you are not working the next day or you are a machine then try a messy mid week session

By Frank P.

Egg is awsome!!! I am normally a clubber at the big boys like Fabric but this gives a completly different option and one that I thought was fantastic

By Josh A.

King Cross is now worth the visit as Egg ticks all the boxes when it comes to a night of Clubbing, easy to get ho from to boot

By Max K.

Egg London is almost as good as the Cross was (god rest its soul), and makes King's Cross at least worth thinking about for a night out. It's especially good in the summer when the Egg courtyard is filled with nice people - just make sure you get a decent line up as they can be a bit hit and miss.

By Sam S.

I love Egg, it really is the best club in London! I have been going regularly for the past 8 years and in my opinion it just keeps getting better. They have had a recent refurb and the new roof terrace is fabulous, especially now the weather is good. I seen they have Danny Tenaglia playing soon and I couldn't think of a better venue to catch this legend. Everything from the staff to the music to the crowd makes Egg London a cracking night out, you really should check it out ;-)

By Rob J.

Huge night this past saturday with 2 of my all time favourites... Layo & Bushwacka and MANDY!... needless to say both smashed it and the crowd was brilliant.... busy on all floors and good music throughout, cant wait for the next one!

By Luke B.

Egg went off on Saturday!!... this year keeps getting better at my favourite club in London... highly recommend to all music lovers and general party lovers alike!

By Luke W.

Went to egg last saturday. Epic night, great music, great crowd and great vibe all night long!. Thank you layo & bushwacka for making my birthday!

By Gary N.

Had a great night at Egg last weekend! Prices were decent compared to the West End, where I normally go out and everyone was so friendly. More of an international crowd which was cool, got talking to a lot of different people. I'd never heard of the DJ's playing that night but the music was great and people were dancing all night. Definitely going back soon.

By Just D.

Great night at EGG! Music is constantly pumping, nice crowds of people, alot of good looking birds and a good location! A night at EGG never dissapoints! Saturdays always tend to be better than Fridays for the music but Fridays the night for the ladies! Witnessed girls giving brains in the club which sums up how ghetto it is.. If you want a messy night that will leave you with good memories, go to EGG.

By Simon T.

Well seeing as your some sort of authority on nightclubs why dont you tell us all where we should go instead..??Also why if you dont like House music did you bother going..??

By Mouth G.

Worst place I've ever been!, over priced we paid £20 to get it I would say its worth £5 if that. The place is filthy and full of druggies clearly high. The music is the same in all 4 rooms repetitive and boring. Wouldnt go back if I was paid!

By Jodie M.

Went here after work on Saturday with a group of people, we arrived and they were only letting couples in, luckily there were 3 girls and 3 guys with us. We got in, paid £20 entry and were told 'no re entry' if we went out we were not allowed in. We were metal detected then the rude security woman said 'bag!' to indicate she wanted to check inside my bag. We put our stuff in the cloakroom then waited for our other friends to arrive. As there were 4 more of our guy friends coming they wouldn't let our guy friends in without girls but wouldn't let us out to get them in. I even offered to go out and come back in and pay another £20 and they said no. So we had to leave straight away! So annoying and such rude staff! I would never go back here!

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