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This is strictly members only. You will not get in unless you're a member or are accompanied by a member.

The Eight Club is a stylish and sophisticated members club set over two floors with six private rooms, a cinema and two bars.

Ranked #71 of 225 clubs in London

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Eight Members Club reviews

By S.

I'm lucky enough to be a member of Eight and it really is a treat. The staff are very attentive but will leave you alone if you want some privacy or space. If you can get in, definitely give Eight a go.

By Matt P.

WitneyLou, it's entirely fitting for somebody to share their experiences of their time at your club, and the somewhat aggressive undertone to your response leads one to suspect that there may be some truth to the review in question.

By Ansour A.

For someone who visited the club for the last 4 years, I can say that is a lie. And about the management, what type of contact did you have with them? If you only went once and were too bitter because it was out of your price range, then please go to a pub. Us, members, appreciate the hard-work the staff and management are doing, and we are happy with the services.

By Paul B.

Having used the Moorgate restaurant for just under 1year I decided to take membership. I took my wife and student daughter to both venues and we were well looked after at both Moorgate and Bank. Staff were friendly and helpful and we were even offered complimentary drinks after we had finished a purchased bottle of wine. The venues are very different from each other and I look forward to spending more time at both in the future.

By Marc W.

This is the perfect place to meet friends for cocktails or play pool after work. I frequently take clients here and the lounge area offers a relaxing atmosphere to entertain or the private rooms for card games if you want organise it. Food is better at Moorgate largely as that's mainly a restaurant and much better in the summer. The downside of Eight is that its a few floors underground although that kind of adds to it in a strange way.

By D F.

Please stay away from this club, especially if you are a woman. I met some lovely people, but our evening was ruined when a group of clearly drunk, aggressive men where let into the club. They staggered around, insulted people and I was grabbed by the neck at the bar. The staff did nothing. Eventually for another reason the police where called. About 5 police officers and the men blocked the only exit. Eventually I and my friends left, with no apology and had to force our way past the aggressive men, police and silent staff, then clamber up the stairs and back out an unguarded door that leads into a narrow dark alley way. Awful and scary.

By Alex W.

As a representative of Eight Members' Club I am of course disappointed with the experience you had at Eight Bank; however, in response I do want to make it clear that the design of both the clubs is of impeccable quality and totally unique given that the owner of the club - an Interior Designer - designed every last detail. In regards to the toilets I can obviously understand your frustration at what was a temporary problem, however I have noticed 'splashing hand basins'. I would also disagree that the layout is upside down (unless you are confused by the club being underground?), you first reach reception, then the lounge, then on the lower floor are the private rooms. If you are concerned about people slipping through into the privates rooms, I would highlight that they have to be booked to allow use, the staff are regularly down there and would instantly spot if someone was in a room they hadn't booked, additionally the service area is in the lounge, so again they would have to go past reception. There have been times when the receptionist has been extremely busy, but as someone who calls this venue on a daily basis I would say that 'no-one ever' picking up is an over reaction. In the cinema room in Bank phone signals do not always work perfectly, but since having a booster put in place, phone signals work perfectly well everywhere else. As a non-member of Eight Club I think it is totally inappropriate of you to have posted this review as clearly you do not really know either of the clubs. Like any business I am certain that Eight Club wants to grow and improve therefore criticisms like this would be better directed at them where they can action it as opposed to cowardly posted online.

By Jim S.

I am a member of several exclusive venues throughout London and have to say after visiting this one, i would highly advise staying away. The club is small in size lacking any real quality in the design and the designer features are obviously for look rather than use. The toilets leak on the floor, the hand basins splash, the layout is upside down pretty much allowing anyone who slips in to wander freely as reception is halfway down the staircase. Finally on having to attend this club for meetings with colleagues who are now leaving after experiencing some of the other venues I have taken them to, no-one ever picks up the phone when trying to call ahead or to reach someone as phone signals don't work inside the venue and when asking staff on arrival where to go they just point. I don't usually write on these review pages but feel i need to warn others away.

By Gabi L.

Recently I visited Eight members club, the one in Bank, for some drinks with my colleagues. Even though the club was busy, we were very well looked after. Staff were really helpful and knowledgeable about wines and cocktails. The Lounge food that we ordered was great too. I was not expecting this quality in a private members club of food and service. I have joined as a member.

By Ollie H.

How long has this been open?I have been working in the City for 11 years and I went to Eight Change Alley for first time last night.

What a place! They have a cinema, huge lounge bar, pool tables, plasma screens and some wonderful works of art.

This place has such a great feel, and obviously knows how to stay exclusive.I'm signing up before the secret gets out...

By Andy J.

What a surprise!Very discrete entrance and not so easy to find but worth it.

Service is very friendly yet professional. Drinks are excellent and food is what you expect in a sophisticated cocktail bar.

Ideal if you want to impress.

By Nicola L.

Horrific service compared to other members clubs and even any half decent bar - which is a shame because the facilities are great.

Arrogant and unpleasant management. Definitely don't waste your money on the joining fee.

By L C.

Hi MD. I'm also from the States and I'm new in London. I'm looking to enjoy my experience in the UK to the fullest, and to that end, I'd love to find out information on joining members-only clubs here. Some of my colleagues have said that members-only clubs only allow people in if they are referred by other members. I would love to hear any suggestions from actual members of this type of club. Thanks!

By RJ D.

Without a doubt my favourite place in London. Always a great atmosphere: busy but you're always able to get a seat with a table and have a conversation without yelling. No complaints about the bar menu. A place where I recognise the majority of the music and where the staff are attentive. Never had a problem with stuck-up staff - Even when it starts to empty out in the small hours they never linger around or try and make you feel unwelcome. Bar staff are friendly too and have the guts to suggest new drinks or new takes on old ones. Feel entirely at home here. Would love to have one of the hidden poker rooms as an apartment and live there! Ideally it would be further West but I guess the location is part of its charm.

By Annabelle G.

I can not be agree with the precedent comment .I 'm member since almost the opening and can say than I see a professionnal improvement to the service and food. The club organises different activities trough the week.I do use and will use the club again and again.

By Nicola L.

Interesting suggestion raised by the American member: I tried doing just that and was insulted and treated with the utmost disdain. The management have the same attitude as the waiting staff, are rude and are entirely lacking in manners. There are plenty of places in the City that you can have a drink without being surrounded by loud city-boys where you can also have perfectly reasonable service at a reasonable price. There is no reason to pay to be a member of a club which treats you as poorly as Eight manages. I have not renewed my membership.

By Shay S.

I'm afraid I have to agree with some of the previous negative comments. The facilities are great but the service is terrible. The level of arrogance that exists in the attitude of the staff is unbelievable. Don't they realise they get paid to do a job? Also management don't give a damn once you have joined. I've been to Shoreditch House a few times as a guest and it is far better, less staff but better attitude and more fun to hang out in. If you don't really care about service, which to be honest is not that great in London anyway, then the facilities on its own makes joining Eight worth it. Hope this helps.

By Mark B.

Perhaps my outlook on Eight, as a members club, is somewhat different than others here, due to being an American residing in London. For one thing, I've never found the service, or staff, to be contrary or lacking. That said, if I did, I would ask to speak to a member of the management team, in private, and firmly express my dissatisfaction. Does no one any good to do so here without addressing the issue where it would do some good. Comments about cocktail prices makes me believe that a couple of the reviewers are perhaps comparing a private members club to a pub. People, you get what you pay for. I'd rather pay top dollar to sit in comfortable, well decorated surroundings, with nice music in the background, and like minded people, than crowded into a noisy, smelly pub, with loud obnoxious City boys and their mates just out to get pissed. I have been a member since the club opened it's door, and have thoroughly enjoyed the evenings spent there as well as hiring the club on occassion for private parties. Again, in this day and age you get what you pay for. I say good job to management - I'll keep paying for the privilege.

By Nicola L.

Completely agree with the last poster: the staff are so far up themselves they forget what they're there to to: provide a service to the members who pay their wages. Whatever you do, avoid being a member here and avoid patronising somewhere that provides a deeply unpleasant experience all round. This place is a bit like the "failed model staff" mentioned below: the only thing going for it is the way that it looks, and scratch the serface and you find something truly nasty.

By Tony F.

Eight, what a bunch of arrogant idiots. I spend £10K on a poker event, and today with 2 hours notice get told my next event will have to be dispersed at 3pm. What a joke venue, nice pool tables and decor but staffed with up themselves failed models, yes failed, so climb out your own backsides and offer some service. My membership shall not be renewed. Rubbish. dont join.

By Mich M.

Amazing Place, first class service in a first class place. We had a memorable night and would really recommend, only downside its hard to get in unless your a member but well worth a visit if you can

By Chris W.

Do not be seduced by the slick appearance, this place is awful. The service redefines incompetence, the food is limited to say the least and the drinks are overpriced.

Staff and management are astonishingly rude and unpleasant to deal with. Its' strictly for aspirational Essex types with far more cash than class or taste. I've been a member since its inception and I can't wait for my two year membership to expire.

By Nicola L.

If I could give no stars at all for this venue I would.

I joined as a member over a year ago, hoping that Eight would be a convenient club for post-work drinks. However, service has been consistently abysmal. It is virtually impossible to get the attention of staff who have perfected the art of walking with their eyes firmly on the ground. The food is average and drinks are expensive.

Worst of all, any complaint about service is met with defensiveness and rudeness. If you are able to become a member of practically any other club than here, do so. This should be a place of last resort.

By Lauren T.

This slick and stylish underground members’ club in Bank has it all, from impressive business facilities, to a luxurious lounge bar offering quality cocktails. The elder sister of the equally exclusive Eight Moorgate.

The Venue
Hidden behind a discreet black door on Change Alley and down a couple of flights of stairs is plush members’ club Eight. Decked out in reassuringly expensive-looking furnishings, the lounge bar has a dark and masculine interior, with large leather sofas, thick carpets and shelves decorated with nostalgic toys and gadgets. The overall look is very sophisticated, as you would expect, and the large area grants enough space for a well stocked bar, three full-size pool tables and lots of comfortable seating areas. Despite the obvious luxury, the look of cosy armchairs set next to a bookcase gives an added touch of homeliness that you want from a members’ club. Past the lounge bar, Eight extends deeper underground boasting a cinema, library and meeting rooms, all ideal for wooing clients.

The Atmosphere
All of the bars around Bank attract an inevitable City crowd, but Eight’s regulars probably come just that little bit more suited and booted. Expect a business-like working environment during the day where members use the venue for meetings and working lunches, but come the evening there is a much more relaxed vibe with people settling into the bar with some cocktails. On Wednesdays and Thursdays there’s a slightly livelier atmosphere with a live band providing some entertainment and with a Prohibition club night, Blind Bee. While the staff are perfectly polite and knowledgeable, the service as a whole can be slow and sometimes slightly confused. Granted it can get very busy, but you do expect more from such an otherwise slick establishment.

The Food
There is a brassiere-style selection of food served throughout the day, covering a nice range of fresh salads, sandwiches and bagels. Available all day and night are the lighter lounge snacks, an American-inspired menu, which includes succulent mini burgers, sticky ribs and chicken wings. Whilst they don’t sound like the type of thing you want to be tucking into in such classy surroundings, they are of course served up with Eight’s trademark slick presentation, so you can get away with a few guilty pleasures on the food front.

The Drink
Naturally, the exclusivity and surroundings are reflected in the price of both food and drink at Eight, but thanks to the extensive cocktail list and incredibly well stocked bar, bartenders can pretty much whip up any request. From the Blind Bee cocktail list – a selection of drinks inspired by their Prohibition-themed nights – comes Little Sister, a fresh mixture of vodka with cucumber, mint, coriander and lime, and the Queen of Hearts, a delicious and sweet blend of rum, Cointreau and berries with a sparkling finish. All of the cocktails are well balanced and taste incredibly fresh, with the menu including many of the classics. Aside from the impressive cocktails, Eight also stocks a number of premium spirits and a wide selection of fine wines.

The Last Word
If you’re not lucky enough to be a member (£800 a year plus VAT and a £75 membership fee) or know someone who is, tables are sometimes available for non-members, but of course this is subject to management’s discretion and a minimum spend. Well worth a look-in if you’re after a luxurious and discreet meeting place.

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