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The Electric Ballroom boasts a varied line up of DJs for funky nights out in Camden.

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Electric Ballroom reviews

By Georgi S.

I had some old friends down from the North for the weekend and decided to take them to Propaganda at Electric Ballroom in Camden on the Saturday night. As we all had student cards, we got in for £6 and had really cheap drinks all night (well, for London anyway!). We had a great time dancing to music that has greatly been replaced by cheap house music in most clubs, dodging the cheap remixes that we had to endure on Friday night in Soho! Make sure you check out upstairs – there’s a completely different room with a totally different vibe upstairs! Indie/brit pop downstairs with hip/hop/pop/r&b upstairs – something for everyone really! I’ve now liked their Facebook page and will be putting my name (and my friends’ names) on the guestlists every week for cheaper entry and to follow what events they’re running. Such a great night in such an incredible location! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone – whether you’re a regular or one-off visitor to Camden nightlife.

By Debbie L.

We were expecting a night of 60s 70s 80s and 90s music. We were very very disappointed!! The doormen and women were very rude especially the women when they search you I know they have a job to do but it could be more pleasant. I am going to phone the ballroom to complain about them. The music was more up to date than any earlier the only time we heard 70s music was at the start of the night which was 10pm till about 10.30. I'm sure that's false advertising. Plastic glasses are a good idea here as people were throwing them in the crowd and one hit me on the head, im sure the crowd upstairs were throwing them too. The drinks were watered down and the bar staff didn't have good people skills either. I will not be returning here!!!! Electric ballroom take note of most of your reviews!!

By Rebecca L.

I'd bought a ticket for an event a month before and still hadn't received a confirmation email so wrote to them requesting one, as I didn't get a response and knew that a few others hadn't had their emails either I went along anyway expecting there to be a list on the door. When I arrived I explained what had happened and said that I had my ID, the card I'd paid with and the email address I'd paid from but they told me that I couldn't come in unless I knew who I bought the tickets from (it was directly from their website). The door staff apologised and said repeatedly that I would get a refund if I wrote to them afterwards, so I paid another £22 to get in. Afterwards I wrote to them twice before getting any response and was then told that they don't do any refunds unless an event has been cancelled, although their own staff had told me that they would?

By Jamie W.

Door staff were incredibly rude, they turned down a group in front of us and when asked why completely ignored them as if they weren't there. They then ushered my girlfriend, her cousin and her friend through however I, along with my girlfriends cousins boyfriend and her friends boyfriend were told we couldn't enter. We adhered to the ridiculous dress code of no trainers. We were dressed smartly which is rare for Camden, however were all told to leave. I think next time they should check their postcode; Camden not Mayfair :)

By Paul J.

I've never been treated with so much disrespect as the security staff at Electric Ballroom. My friend was having a birthday night out there and we tried to go in. The staff could not have been more rude and didn't let us in for no reason-we are all 24, wearing the correct attire (which is ridiculous-no trainers in Camden?) and had only had 3 pints. Its the kind of thing you'd expect from a really upmarket place in Kensington, but this is Camden on a saturday night- who do they think they are?

By Svs S.

I used to love this club, and went there dozens of times on a Saturday night. Alas I am now slightly too old for this place - it is a studenty venue, otherwise I would still be going. I am not a goth or alternative type, and can only comment on the Saturday commercial night not the metal nights. The club is reasonably large (no cramped Mayfair basement here) and on several levels with an outside terrace. So why did I love it so much? The answer is that this was a place where you were guaranteed to pull - me and my mates pulled virtually every time we went. The girls are unpretentious and up for it, the staff are friendly. It's one of those typical, unsophisticated WYSIWYG Camden places. If you are a youngster aged under 25 I heartily recommend it. It may have changed since I last went a couple of years ago (and felt so old I decided not to go again).I still walk along Camden high street to this day, and look over longingly at the rowdy teenagers queuing outside the Ballroom on a Saturday night with a tear in my eye remembering those good old days when life was so simple... sniff, whimper... Oh stuff it I'm going again even if I am 29!

By Sam C.

I LOVE THIS PLACE! It's one of the best clubs I've been to while staying in London. Cover is not super expensive and the drinks aren't that expensive either. It's also in Camden, so it draws a cool crowd. I've been to both Sin City night (rock and heavy metal) and Shake (pop/hip hop/70s and 80s) and they're both great. I was told by a regular of Sin City that it's not what it used to be, but I still found it fun. The people that go there are a lot more chill and it just makes you feel more comfortable. Loads of cute guys, too! (And hot girls...) Security on Saturday night is a bit of a downer, but just follow the rules and you'll get in without any problems. (Bring your ID, don't wear trainers, unless they're Converse apparently) It sucks that a lot of people seemed to hate the Electric Ballroom, but I personally LOVE it. I plan on going back on all the weekends I still have in London.

By James D.

I personally would like to give this place no stars. I been attending the Electric Ballroom for a number of years and as time progresses its gets worse and worse. As an avid heavy metaller, it would be safe to assume that rocking out, headbanging and moshing would be perfectly acceptable, but no, it isn't nowadays, as a result you get kicked out for what looks like having a slight bit of fun. I dont know whats happened to this place, it used to be a great laugh with a great crowd but now like most music these days, its souless. So, if you like your drinks nicked by the staff, your jacket emptied when you hand it in, and the bouncers to physically assault you (yes, this did happen to me, and no I didnt start it) then this is the place for you. I was worried years ago when this place was going to be shut down, but now, I hope it does!

By Nicola B.

No stars, went here 14th December 2010 traveled from cumbria, found the lady bouncer rude and pushy, we paid money to see the Noisettes but lady boucer wanted to watch and she did, when she was challenged by my partner, she called 2 other bouncer, that were just as rude with no manners, never again will i go back there.

By Nicola B.

No stars, went here 14th December 2010 traveled from cumbria, found the lady bouncer rude and pushy, we paid money to see the Noisettes but lady boucer wanted to watch and she did, when she was challenged by my partner, she called 2 other bouncer, that were just as rude with no manners, never again will i go back there.

By Stylish M.

If I could put no stars then I would, they are lucky to get one. I have to agree with a previous reviewer about the door policy, it's one of the worst I've ever experienced. A mixed group of us went last night but two of the guys weren't allowed in. No reason was given, what kind of place doesn't give you a reason and to make things worse, its their door policy NOT to give you a reason. We weren't even drunk, dressed smart, over 25 and to be told you cant come in without any reason is a joke. They need to seriously review their policy because it's B.S. The bouncers have to much power. I definitely wont be going there again on a Saturday night. By CamdenMassive007

By Mark L.

Excellent you won't find a better metal club in London. DJs play awesome music and are arguably the best on the scene currently. Top night out!

By Maya B.

The door policy is ridiculous and the bouncers extremely rude. (i) My sister (who is 24) was ID'ed four times on her way in (ii) A friend was barred for wearing indie trainers. Do the bouncers realise how ludicrous it is to bar people for wearing trainers in Camden? They then proceeded to let in about 7 people wearing converse and when questioned (politely, I might add, by us) they said "oh, it's no trainers but converse are allowed". Er - on what planet are converse not trainers? (iii) Another friend was barred for talking on his mobile phone in the queue (the bouncers bearing a striking similarity to those "disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" people who tell you off if you accidentally forget to switch your phone onto silent in a "quiet zone" train carriage) I can categorically say that I will never, ever be going here again.

By Sophie G.

The music and the people at The Electric Ballroom are great and I would recommend it if they didn't have such frustrating people working for them. Unfortunately the behaviour from the staff last night managed to ruin a great night out and I don't think I'll be returning. A lot of the favourable reviews on here seem to be from regulars who, from what I can see, get treated like royalty if they're chummy with the security staff. I don't appreciate security bringing the people they like to the front of the queue while everyone else has to wait. I don't have a problem with people and bags being searched but it really was excessive. We had a friend joining us a bit later last night but she was refused entry. When I went to the doors to find out why I was told she was too drunk. Our entire party of 9 people were in a worse state than her when we arrived. I explained to security that there was a whole group of us in the club and would he rather she came in with friends or went home alone, if she was so 'drunk'. He thought the latter option was the safer of the two and suggested our entire party left the club to escort her if we had a problem. Fine for them I guess as they'd already got a good 60 odd quid off of all of us. The bar waters down drinks and I resent having to buy the bottled drinks if I want any alcohol. The bar also closes suddenly at around 2.30am, way before the club closes and the shutters were pretty much slammed down on people who were asking for a glass of tap water before it closed. It's a shame the staff have the power to ruin a completely good atmosphere, The Electric Ballroom would be great otherwise.

By James R.

hen night - that says it all! I guess i'm too ridiculous to even be wanting this but 86/87/88 was its best time for the alternative scene. Days of Kit Kat Club/Slimelight; Scream; Afterlife; Beauty and the beast; Catacombs; Another Excess etc etc etc...

By Matthew S.

Went to Electric Ballroom for the first time to their Sin City night and I have to say it's my best night out I can remember! Defiantly the best club I have ever been too! The music was awesome. The last half hour had me saying to myself "they can't play a song better than this" after every single song. But they kept getting better! A huge dance flooe, very nice surrondings. It was an amazing night. Don't know why everyone's complainning about the drinks, they were fine for me! Yes you are body, bag and wallet searched. But that didn't bother me.

My only critisim was that the bar closed at 2:30 without warning. Since the club closed at 3:30. It was rather annoying. A wanring or a later bar closurer would've been nice! They've just lost a good £10 from me on drinks! Recommended. Even if rocks not your thing!

By Smelly C.

I totally agree with Tomspetch here - my vodka and coke contained very minimalistic amount of vodka if any at all and I almost told my boyf off for getting me a straight coke! The bar and door staff was quite rude and that's why we simply stopped going to the E. Ballroom, shame really because I remember having great times there about 8-10 years ago, well - decline of goth times? I say - definitely, and with all the "oxford street" style shops sprouting everywhere, Camden has been taken over just like Kensington High Street Market and Carnaby Street by Chinese junk / clothes and other ridiculous shops. So if you are planning a visit there - avoid weekends where hoards of sheepish tourists would definitely make your blood boil.

By T S.

I've never written a review for something in my life but I came home so annoyed tuesday night I felt someone must say something! I like the electric ballrooms location and it is a decent venue but when you buy a double vodka and coke that has absolutely ZERO vodka in it the normal response is to have a joke with the barman and get another, but no. The barman was incredibly hostile almost to the point where I thought he was joking. I asked for the manager but he was equally obtuse. Rant over, don't let this put you off going, just don't buy anything that you actually want vodka in.

By Jackie P.

Who is responsible for the decline of Goths attending the Electric Ballroom on Friday nights.

Is it the aggressive cloakroom guy, who likes to antagonise the customers? Or is it the door staff deliberately making the place so unwelcoming, that anybody alternative can't stand the nonsense to bother going any more.

Everybody going in has a body search, a bag search and a wallet search. For me the final straw was being asked for photo I.D. When I asked the doorman if he was joking ( as I'm over 40 and have been going there for over 20 years)

He replied, "It's not about age. It's about the new rules- the clubs in Brighton are operating this door policy." He let me in but told me to bring some photo I.d next time. What a laugh!

Another woman was upset because the door staff wanted to take her insulin off her. Also I think I can offer an explanation as to why the Camden people are choosing to drink 'Red Stripe,' at £3.30 a can, it's because the draft lager is so watered down, you really shouldn't risk drinking it.

That's why the bar, which used to so busy on a Friday night, is now empty. Maybe the Ballroom might save time if they used metal detectors and sniffer dogs, because all they manage to achieve with their intrusive searching is putting customers off of going.

Let's face it: they haven't yet got the powers to put their hands down your pants.

By Ursula G.

i have always stayed away from the electric ballroom on a saturday night, for as a fan of Sin city, i stick to the friday nights (if its not broke then don't fix it). the atmospere is sociable and lively and the music is terrific! its location is only a tube ride away and the surrounding bars are great, therefore securing a night of carnage! camden at its best, although i am waiting for the day camden's alternative spirit reclaims the saturday nights so i can give it a try.

By Helen V.

Electric Ballroom is hot! I had such a good night out there on a Saturday night and it's much bigger than it looks on the outside. The music was fab if you're going for a cheesy night somewhere and just wanna dance and get drunk with some mates.

By K.

Had one of the best nights out in London on a Saturday night at Electirc Ballroom! It's great for group bookings such as hen nights, I had my hen party there recently and had a wicked night so did all my friends...I go to Electric Ballroom every weekend now!

By V.

Its seems that the people that have a problem with Electric Ballroom are the people that go to any other night besides Sin City. Yes, it is a bit pricey and the front door staff can sometimes be a bit unneccesarily rude but other than that I'm there nearly every week. I think Electirc Ballroom has a fun, friendly and social atmosphere, it's easy to end up knowing anyone you didn't by the end of the night. I have found it's the sort of place you could leave your bag somewhere all night and come back and it would still be there, it's a cool group of people.

By A.

What a fantastic night at the Electric Ballroom. With music ranging from the 70s to the modern day, it suits most tastes. The DJs were brilliant and took many requests and played as many of them as they could.

Yeah, it's a little pricey to get in and at the bar, but do your drinking before you get there! Still worth the money anyhow and I will definitely return to Electric Ballroom sometime in the future. It's the getting home which proves to be the only problem!

Great night out and a massive recommendation!

By N.

Electric Ballroom is a dirty, tacky joint in my opinion. £10.00 on the door could get you into a better, more upmarket club up in the West End. Don't bother going to Electric Ballroom unless you like sticky dark places with cheesey music.

By N.

Electric Ballroom is by far one of the best and most fun nights out on a Saturday. It is not full of tacky, cheap girls at all. Everyone is just there to have a good night.

There are two rooms at the Electric Ballroom - a garage room and the bigger room which plays all the old cheesy stuff.

The drinks aren't too badly priced, it's about £3.50 for a vodka, lemonade and lime. Best of all, the Electric Ballroon closes at around 3am. I would definitely recommend it.

By S.

Electric Ballroom is really good at the weekend. The chicks are great and there's good music. Electric Ballroom is a great night overall.

By N.

All I can say about Saturday nights at the Electric Ballroom is, stay away! I live not far from this venue and its once great name has been tainted by packs of chavs frequenting its Saturday night disco / RnB events.

It's quite pathetic, full of spotty 18-20 year olds shouting at the top of their voices, as for the ladies (if you can call them that I believe ladettes would be a better term), it's not at all appealing unless you go for the type who drown themselves in cheap and tacky gold sovereigns and Pat Butcher type earrings.

The ambience at Electric Ballroom is poor and the interior just looks awful when the venue is filled with the wrong crowd.

By Paul B.

This venerable Camden institution is still (just about) going strong.

The Venue
Conveniently close to Camden Town tube, it also proved to be perilously close when the Electric Ballroom was recently threatened with demolition to make way for an expanded underground station. That danger has abated for the time being, but with several parts of the market undergoing a Council-approved makeover, combined with the Labour government declaring the building dilapidated just a year ago, its future remains far from secure.

It’s a far cry from the halcyon days when 184 Camden High Street was the first ballroom in London to have electric rather than gas lighting, which, interestingly enough, is how it acquired the name that now blazes from above the doors in a gaudy neon blue and silver.

The Atmosphere
Dilapidated may be a bit harsh, but dingy probably wouldn’t be overly critical. This is Camden though, it revels in shabby chic, and a little dinginess doesn’t deter the hordes of goths and emo kids to whom Camden is a mecca and the Electric Ballroom one of its holiest shrines.

By day, Electric Ballroom is an indoor market hosting up to fifty stalls selling a variety of fashion, lifestyle and music-related goods (so pretty much indistinguishable from the Lock and Stables markets, but with a vast capacity and three floors it is a bit more spacious). At night it becomes a live performance club, which enhances Camden’s reputation as a centre of musical credibility - except on Saturdays. On this day, the Ballroom inexplicably goes chav and turns into a bit of a meat market. The majority of the time, the weekend high-jinks are perfectly good natured, but with different social milieus colliding the atmosphere can occasionally become hostile, not helped by the bouncers and their nonsensical door policy (no trainers in Camden? Pur-lease!).

The Music
On the above-mentioned Saturdays, going by the name of Shake, the main room DJs play pop classics from the ‘60s to the present day, throwing in a little indie-lite to appease the locals, whilst the side room throbs to the sounds of noughties RnB. Fridays, known as Sin City, are more in keeping with Camden’s alternative ethos, playing hard rock, metal, ska and punk, a guitar-centric sound capturing what is delightfully described as ‘the very latest brutal riffs’.

As a midweek live venue, the Electric Ballroom tends to attract bands that have enjoyed a modicum of mainstream success without reaching the higher echelons of the charts. It can be a good place to catch the arena-filling bands of the future, with Hard-Fi, The Killers and The Raconteurs having played here in recent years, although it’s not as intimate as neighbours such as the Barfly or the Purple Turtle.

The Drink
Red Stripe rules in Camden. More than £3 for a plastic-glassed pint of this swill hardly represents good value, but it seems to be one of those incontrovertible rules that gig-goers are happier to swallow far worse than trendy nightclubbers ever would. Not exactly spoilt for choice with quality beverages, and given that a good portion of your pint is likely to join the various other substances stuck to the floor, shorts could prove the best buy.

The Last Word
It’s certainly not pleasant but there’s no denying that the Electric Ballroom has a certain creaky charm and Camden would be all the poorer without it.

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