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Mon-Sat 19:00-00:00

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Electrowerkz reviews

By Illtud M.

Lovely organisers, great clientele, interesting music ... shit, aggressive door staff

The general atmosphere was very nice and you could see that the people who and organised the event for Sat 6 May 2017, were doing their best to please everyone. On the whole they succeeded and the groups and the atmosphere were great.
Unfortunately the door staff were not so convivial, and I am amazed that one of them didn't manage to manufacture a "situation" which could have ended up in violence.
He was aggressive from the start; his lack of English language nuances made humour a no no,; and his definition of the law, laughable (apparently it is illegal to leave a club and smoke on the street) if he had not been so threatening. A real A-class wanker who ruined , what would have been a nice evening.

By Joe A.

The silent disco is their only selling point. Other than that: drinks were very over priced, even for London (and you don't even get the full drink, its poured from the bottle into small plastic cups). The main room has little or no air conditioning so the temperature is ridiculous, I was needing a break outside every 10-15 minutes. And the staff were rude, the bar tender had a go at me for making a small joke that was not in any way at her expense or meant in a bad way (and that was obvious, she didn't misunderstand that). Overall I would not return to this venue and would strongly advise finding a different silent disco, there are a few around and I'm confident the majority will be better.

By Liz I.

Slimelight still has it. A great club - dark noisy and still very crowded most weeks. Bar 'til 5am and open 'til around 7am - handily after the tube opens on a Sunday. Music is variable with some really good new music and the old classics, mixed with some really awful stuff - but at least its interesting. Less goth than there used to be - but then again there are less traditional goths too - top floor is having a trad goth or ebm/industek old skool revival (alternate weeks so check out the website) - but it is too cold, quiet and light up there. Middle floor (although there are only 2 floors at the moment as major building work is taking place) plays a mix of stuff, but emphasis on industrial - hits by Combichrist, Faderhead, Suicide Commando & VNV Nation to name but a few.Slimelight is still members only - although you can get signed in, but only if you look the part. Don't turn up in blue jeans and a white tee-shirt as you will not get in - even on a slow night. Plus if you do get inside wearing chav gear ("I bought a black dress today to go with my white trainers, does that count as goth?") everyone will point and laugh 'cause you will look stupid and out of place. Basically you need to dress up - one way or another - or don't bother coming.

By C.

I went to a drum 'n' bass night at Electrowerks on Friday. It was absolutely wicked. Wicked crowd, atmosphere, wicked music to say the least. I arrived at Electrowerks at 12 and stayed till 7am, it felt like I had only been there an hour. I can't wait to go back.

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