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The Empire Cinema in Bromley has four screens and shows the latest Hollywood and British blockbusters.

Ranked #26 of 89 cinemas in London

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Fri 19 Oct 2018 to Thu 25 Oct 2018

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Empire Bromley reviews

By Diogo C.

Went in to see a movie by chance once and was very surprised. Not posh and full of it, like the one in Leicester Square, which makes it a lot nicer. Staff was competent and the locals seem nice too, so you will not be disturbed while enjoying your movie in the nicely sized screen rooms.

By Donna P.

The staff were great, it needs a update and toilets need looking as wasn't very nice....carpets throughout could do with a clean or new ones :)

By F T.

Went with the kids on a Tuesday (£2 seats all day) and have to say I was not impressed. The cinema had a slight stink in the air (not foul but not clean either), the seats were comfortable- for my 8 and 5 year old kids, for me they were too small and again seemed unclean. The screen had a stain on it (slightly brown) and I will second the other reviewer that random unescorted kids made a lot of noise all the way though the screening, and walked in and out during the movie, and it seemed like they only had 3 members of staff on duty (projectionist, and 2 doing tickets/food). I usually pay £56 pounds for a family ticket at Odeon Greenwich or Cineworld and think I will skip trying to save money next time. This is exactly the type of venue that pushes people to wait for the Blu Ray, or even (dare I say it) downloads.

By Justin A.

Extremely disappointing cinema for such a great area. Firstly there was no service, no one selling tickets, I walked around the cinema looking for someone just so I could buy a ticket, ended up walking in the venue that was showing the film I wanted to see, no one there, decided to walk out. Is a bit worrying that anyone can just walk into a cinema screen and not pay for a ticket. Finally someone came out of the back room and was able to then buy a ticket. But alas, this isn't the reason why I was disappointed. The reason why I'm so disappointed was because of the experience while watching the film. Firstly you can see a light stain on screen throughout the whole film, this was were the light was shinning directly onto the screen through a crack in the doors. This was extremely annoying and distracting. Secondly to the right of me there was a group of kids talking throughout the whole movie, and kids talking throughout the whole movie on the left. They talked, throughout, walked in and out the the cinema screen, used their phones, and the near end of the movie, 5 minutes before the credits they decided to leave. I find it hard to believe these kids paid good money to talk through a movie and not even watch it to the end. Thirdly the seats are ridiculously bad. They are tiny, hard and squeaky, it was agony to sit in them, I almost wanted to just sit on the floor after a while. With all this happening, the film was ruined.

By Carl J.

By far the worst cinema I've ever been to. With a good price of £7 on a Friday night I wasn't expecting comfortable seats or the best sound equipment but I was shocked by the state the small screen theatres are in. As we entered screen 2 there was a musty stench, the carpet hadn't been vacuumed for at least a few days and was uneven / stained. It got worse...the seats were old, tatty, squeaky and basically falling to bits. We heard other people complaining to each other as well. When the film started it was out of focus and flickered badly...and as you could imagine the sound was poor. Maybe the other screens are in better condition but I would avoid this cinema if you want a good experience.

By Joan F.

I am quite an old person who rarely uses the internet but just came to my daughters house and she was looking up cinema times so I thought why I'm here i should comment on the Empire in Bromley.In my opinion it was a great experience! I went and watched James Bond with my other elderly friend on Monday and it was such a friendly atmosphere in a cosy cinema. Firstly the man serving me in the purple shirt who i believe was called Chris was very nice as he served us and then a young man called Andy was who took us personally into the screen and was talking to us. It was just a nice touch because most establishments tend to take your money and then ignore you, but in Bromley you feel like you are actually getting service for your money, and they are one of the more decent priced cinemas around as well! Both of the members of staff we spoke to were very polite and just made the whole experience better. We saw Andy again on the way out and i actually thanked him for being so nice, i felt obliged to say thanks as it was such a nice touch to my cinema trip!I remember the last time i went to Bromley was for the Wednesday morning feature (which mostly old people attend!) and their friendlyness was still the same then, i cant remember the guys name i just know he was from Holland, but was one of the managers, he was also very friendly and keen to help.Overall, the cinema is a nice environment and regardless of which film you see i think your experience can completely depend upon the service you are given, and in this cinema it made my experience great! Thankyou Bromley!

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