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Empire Casino offers a taste of Las Vegas transported to the heart of London's Leicester Square. As well as numerous gaming facilities, the Empire Casino also features restaurants, bars and clubs.

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Empire Casino reviews

By Katherine P.

EXTREMELY RUDE STAFF. False advertising for the club in the casino.Would not recommend this venue to ANYONE.I want a refund.

By Stephen F.

Casino at the Empire is a great venue. I went for the launch last week and it's such a plush affair - definitely worth a visit, especially if you love a gamble.

By Stephen F.

Casino at the Empire is a great venue. I went for the launch last week and it's such a plush affair - definitely worth a visit, especially if you love a gamble.

By Tony R.

I totally agree with this person's review has I also experienced a horrific time with the door staff even though we were allowed entry into the casino the staff still treated us in a very similar way. I am going to write a full review and my experiences however please take notice of what this reviewer has said. The Empire casino is not a good experience. Please wait for my review to follow

By Zaya B.

Absolutely terrible customer sevice, security guy/ manager is terrible! Does not know how to speak and had made his own policies! Shocking terrible service. With no reason he wouldn't let us back in. We were inside and came out to smoke obviously we are 2 girls and these 3 guys came over to us and start chatting with us then when we wanted to go back inside security guy wouldn't let us back in because he didn't like the guys who were talking with us! So socking and won't even let one of us go inside and call our other friend. Absolutely terrible service. Horrible horrible door man.

By Sam S.

Absolutely terrible door policy. A friend and I went there Saturday night and we were refused entry straight away. They gave us no reason at all. We were smartly dressed and were sober as neither of us drink. I would strongly advise against anyone going to this casino. The door staff are on a power trip and seem to get some kind of sick pleasure from refusing entry to harmless looking guys in their early thirties.

By Morgan C.

I went there for my Birthday last October and I had a bottle of Champagne with a friend. The staff were quite friendly and the gambling facilities are good. However by spending 3 days in a row at Leicester square I could not really leave the place apart from eating somewhere out Good for a short visit. Maybe not the best casino in London.

By Lisa G.

Nice place, good food. It is like a mini las Vegas. We loved it. Definely going back again next week. Staff so nice! Very welcoming!

By Dan S.

I have been to this casino a couple of times on my visit to London, it is like vegetable marked, loud music, people shouting, more people looking then players as it is close to central tourist place, this casino is only for tourists and not at all for serious gamblers. Staff are rude, toilets dirty,you have to pay for sandwiches also, if you are tired walking central london, you may go for a free coffee or a free cold drink. People who want to gamble stay away from this casino as there are many many casinos in london.

By Bobby J.

Everything in this place seems to be going downhill, I think after a couple of years trading the realised most gamblers don't care about food or drink, just gambling! When you walk up to any restaurant or bar you are never greeted, then you notice they are working with a skeleton staff. It's still a good place to get a cheapish drink early in the morning.

By Z M.

I visited the Casino with my husband last night as part of our Valentines weekend. From the minute we walked in we were completely underwhelmed. The casino is misrepresented on it's website and the food and service in Fulushou was diabolical. We waited ages for food which we ended up sending back and the staff were unattentive. We decided to try the casino and check out the entertainment and disco advertised. There was no entertainment and the disco was closed. I would certainly not recommend this place and would advise anyone planning to go there to seriously reconsider.

By Jim B.

This place, if it can be called that, is a **** place. I visited it 3 months ago, and what I witnessed is beyond belief. They were refusing to pay someone who won £1100 on a terminal!

By T C.

Good night out even if you don't gamble if you wand a drink in a funky atmosphere with gambling around you this is the place. Great for people watching some real characters about if your willing to sit back and watch. The food was good there was a problem with one of the dishes as they had a new computer system. But they were quick to get out the new dish. Do agree with other reviews some of the staff can be rude when its busy. Reasonable pricing for the centre of London, as long as you can resist the temptation of the tables.

By Janey F.

Hi Anonymous - a little more info would be useful rather than just beating the place. Try and be constructive! I've been there a few times - I don't gamble but the bars are great and the club can be fun (love the disco flooring and the silhouette dancers). I've also eaten at both restaurants and found the food to be delicious (the Oriental one is my favourite) and the staff extremely friendly and helpful. It's great for private parties too - a bit different from the normal run-of-the-mill places in London. All in all a fairly cool place to have a couple of drinks and a bite to eat.

By Keith H.

Theres no doubt this casino has everything a gambling man could ask for; everything to put your money into, decent food and beautiful ladies swanning around all over the show! but my experience here was tainted by the posh city types filling the floors and the way over the top vegas effect. when i want to go to las vegas i will, and when i want to bet in london im not sure ill do it at the empire.

By Samantha W.

We went to Casino at the Empire last night. We were very impressed and we ate in Flame; the food and service was top class and we would thoroughly recommend everyone goes there to eat. The manager was excellent at his job and very attentive and friendly.

By Chloe C.

Really quite surprised by Casino at the Empire, in a positive view might I add. Although recently new, was quite impressed by the layout of the whole place. The entrance especially and secrurity performed. Very well done up. Visited on a Tuesday evening so didn't expect it to be overly busy but it got quite an atmosphere towards late evening. The restaurant Fu Lhu Shou is lovely and the food was top notch.

Can't say I had a gamble but will definitely go back for one and particularly on a Saturday night when I expect it will be quite a buzz! Overall the place is quite impressive and a credit to Leicester Square. Nothing quite like Vegas but it didn't feel like the usual London venue. Just hope it doesn't become a place of chavs! Highly recommened.