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Equinox is situated in Leicester Square and over two levels can play hoost to 2180 people. There are 8 bars including a VIP Bar, and the Empire lounge. There is also a purpose built stage and dance floor and a diner with an American theme.

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By Ronald Armando B.

I sang/Performed there with Groupo Africando a number of years ago and I Hope tto perform there again, but this time with Orquesta Broadway from New York. I am sure they'll dance Charanga Salsa again.

By Andrew M.

Oh my god, what a place is Equinox. They have some attitude. Equinox, Leicester Square - no thanks. Try this club at your own peril.

By S.

Equinox is not bad. I had an average night out here and there are plenty of girls and blokes. But don't get this mixed up with the real club - Equinox is wicked.

By S.

Equinox is rubbish. There were so many men and they let in anybody. The music is rubbish, trance and what not, and the girls at Equinox are stuck up. Don't go there.

By S.

Equinox is a crazy club! Fantastic place, it feels as if you are on holiday. I found everyone friendly but the drinks are pricey at Equinox.

By Andrew M.

Oh my God Equinox Disco-Tec! For anyone thinking of going to Equinox I'd just say no, don't even think about it!

By C.

Luckily or unluckily, which ever way you see it, I got in Equinox Disco-Tec with a free ticket as it was my friends birthday. Equinox is potentially the worst place to go out for the night, I left after 30 mins! The place has no atmosphere, the girls have too much attitude for their own good and the place is so naff, it seems to be stuck in 80`s styling. Lastly but no means least its in Leicester Square...cant really get much worse. I can't believe the cheek of the west end clubs demanding smart dress, as if that is likely to deter the morons that go to these clubs! I suppose we can be grateful that if people are attracted to these places it keeps them out of the many lively, respected clubs where people actually go to enjoy themselves, what a crazy thought?!?! Avoid Equinox Disco-Tec!

By T.

Equinox Disco-Tec is no club to take your girlfriend to. It's full of middle aged men trying to pull the twenty or girls who are in the club. Equinox Disco-Tec could almost be a gay club as there are so many men. Most of the people there can't speak a word of English and it feels dodgy. Stay away .

By N.

Listen what you have to see is that Equinox Disco-Tec is probably one of the few great superclubs but even as a bloke I have to admit that there are too many men! Personally I'm not one for trying to meet a girl only to find 20 more guys decided to compete. Ladies - if you are looking for a good time go to Equinox but just remember to book into VIP (better atmosphere, balcony overlooking the stage) in advance and stay off the dancefloor.

By Andrew M.

I was in London last week and really ended my trip on a happy note by going to Equinox Disco-Tec on my last day before I left to go to India. I think it's the most happening place in London. At Equinox Disco-Tec you get no hassle from the bouncers. It has 8 bars and can drink a lot too. I really had the most fun of my life dancing with unknown girls. Interested? Make sure you don't miss out on Equinox Disco-Tec!

By D.

My night at Equinox Disco-Tec is honestly the worst night out I have ever had in London. The men in this club are like vultures. They are very disrespectful and expect more from the girls than they are willing to give. Me and my friends had to keep moving around all night, we were actually stalked inside the club and did not get the chance to relax and dance and enjoy ourselves at all without being approached. Equinox Disco-Tec is in the minus stakes for me!

By G.

Equinox is one of only a few cheap clubs in London, the prices are not that bad usually 3 for around a tenner. The place is nice and big, and the music is r'n'b with dance, however the guys are so sleazy and don't like to take no for an answer.

By A.

Don't go to this club!! It was very scary! The men there do not know what 'no thanks' means!

By B.

Equinox is a beautiful disco-tec! I have been going there since 1997. I am also a member. I like that place very much!

By B.

Equinox is a great location to meet people from all over the world. Saturday night is the best, guys there are some nice looking girls too! Dress code is casual to smart, but be warned; they like the guys to be with girls to get through the door. Usually it costs 10 pounds to get in, look out for flyers to get in for money off. Music is a mixture of pop, dance, soul and hiphop.

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